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Tonight - Tony Abbott rejects

the Government's asylum law

changes. After the wet the

dangerous dry - warnings of a

bad bushfire season. The airport that brings travel

chaos. An Aussie Emmy, Guy

Pearce wins big on the small screen. Good evening, Craig Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. Julia Gillard

and Tony Abbott are tonight

locked in a high stakes game of

Brinkmanship and the future of asylum seeker policy hangs in

talks in the balance. The pair held

talks in the Prime Minister's office at lunchtime but have

ended the day further apart

than ever. The Government gave

Mr Abbott a new bill to restore

it, decided it was worse than

the first version and responded with his own plan to destroy Labor's Malaysia Solution. Here

is Mark Simkin. Julia Gillard

and Tony Abbott actually had

three close encounters - the first was uncomfortable. Hello.

The second was brief. He spent

just 15 minutes in the Prime

Minister's office. The third

was Question Time. I thank the

Leader of the Opposition for

thank him for indicating that

the Opposition is considering

the amendments that have been

provided to them today. They're

amendments to the Government's original amendments. The

Malaysia Solution, 3.0. The new

amendments have been provided

to seek some common ground. The

new amendments have been

provided in the spirit of not

pursuing politics as

usual. Instead of having wide

discretion to send asylum

seekers to a third country the

Government needs to be assured

they will be processed and

won't be returned to a country where they'd

The assurances don't need to be

legally binding How can she

ensure that obligations will be

honoured when they are not required to be legally binding

under the amendments that she

is proposing to the Migration

Act? Apart from being insulting

to our friends in Malaysia

there is no reason to assume that Malaysia would not honour

the obligations it has freely

entered into. Tony Abbott rejected the Government plan

and proposed an alternative.

signed the UN Refugee sent to countries that have

Convention. It's, in my

judgment, a much superior proposal to that which the Government has put

forward. Malaysia has not

signed the refugee convention so the amendment swap is almost

certainly killed off Labor's

proposed people swap. Unan

unlikely Coalition of the Greens and opposition will Greens and

block it in the Senate leaving onshore processing the most likely people are entitled to conclude

that the Opposition has one

object toive here, to stop is

the Malaysia agreement being

implemented because they are scared it will work. Forcing another change of direction.

Prepare and prepare now, that

is the blunt warning from the

authorities ahead of a potentially disastrous fire

season. The latest weather

outlook warms of warmer than Norm temperatures in both the

north and south of Australia.

Rapid grass fires

across much of the country. Environment reporter Sarah

Clarke. Last summer it was a

season of heavy rain, cooler

temperatures and floods in at

least three states. While a la

Nina event is again forming the

weather bureau says there is no need for panic. Definitely

looks like being much weaker

than what we were encountering

last year. Last year was a very

strong event. In it's latest

outlook the bureau forecast a greater chance of above average

rainfall across northern Australia. As for the mercury,

the tropics can expect hotter than normal temperatures and so

too with the far south The increased likelihood

warmer than average October to December period. With the heat

comes the risk of fire. After a

decade-long drought and heavy rain much of the country could

not be more lush. A thick tall

band of grass from coast to

coast plus drier weather has

brought this warning. The

science tells us that is

hypothe end shall for quite a

fires moving swiftly across the fire occur. They will be rapid disastrous situation should a

country. That high fire risk

area is huge. While some of the

big cities are included the

main danger zone is across large tracts of rural and regional countryside. We are actually

actually talking about a majority of Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New

South Wales. So - just the north-west part of

Victoria. While the official

fire season in most states

doesn't start until next month early advice - be prepared. these scientists have some

Qantas flights were thrown

into chaos this morning after a security breach at Sydney airport's domestic determine

natural. 2,000 passengers were

caught up in the disruption as

a dozen flights were delayed

while security staff swept the area. The backlog of flights took hours to clear. The

security breach appears to have

been an innocent mistake. We do appreciate your patience this

morning. 2,000 people standing around wishing

somewhere else. It is always frustrates because you think of

things you have to do at

home. I might lose patience if

they keep asking us to remain

patience. At 9.32am two people

walked the wrong way through

one exit and into the boarding area without being screened by

security. The entire terminal was cleared. All crew and passengers were screened

again. We have been waiting on

the plane for an hour and then

had to get off an come back to

annoying in I'd rather get here. Three hours is

there safely. It is best to be

on the safe side of course. Who were the people who came

through. All up 12 flights through. All up 12 flights were

delayed. Backed up from both

sides of those way through. People sides of those doors all the

everywhere. Most of them were

on their way within three

hours. Qantas has apologised

for the delays but not for its

security procedures. It is

never an overreaction when it

comes to security or safety. We

take it very seriously. Eugene Malone was one of those

passengers delayed. He also had problems on

flight. We had a bit of a

hiccup about eight hours into

the flight. The Air Canada

flight from Vancouver hit

turbulences and dropped suddenly. It was a shocking drop. It is more turbulence than I felt

than I felt in a long time. It

was like running into a brick

wall. Tea and coffee was being

served at the time. We got a wall of coffee because it hit

the roof. One of our other friends got second degree burns. Three people were

treated for burns but no one

was seriously hurt.

there will be more disruptions tomorrow for Qantas passengers.

Last minute talks over a pay

dispute have failed to avert

strike action by handlers and caterers at airports around the nation.

They will walk off for four

hours from early tomorrow cancelling or delaying almost

60 flights. Qantas had a very

consistent position for nine

months, don't offer anything,

don't prepare to negotiate

anything, prepare to stonewall

and organise others to do this on the table by the unions that and organise others to do this work. There are certain claims

on the table we cannot agree to. No company

would agree to. They are would agree to. They are trying

to effectively tie the hands of management behind our

backs. Engineers will also stop work tomorrow work tomorrow afternoon for an hour delaying more flights

while pilots will continue their campaign

their campaign for better pay by making inflight

announcements. It appears black

migrant workers in Libya are being subjected to a violent campaign of abuse by

anti-Gaddafi fighters. Many

have been rounded up and

imprisoned while they have been beaten and

raped. On the battlefield

anti-Gaddafi forces are stepping up their advance on

the former dictator's home town

of Sirte but they are still meeting heavy resistance as Middle East correspondent Ben Knight reports. Libya's revolutionaries are frustrated.

Having come this far they are

still unable to break the last

of the Gaddafi loyalists in the

hold out cities south of the capital.

capital. On Sunday fighters

entered the town of Bani but were quickly pushed back

out again. We just came outside because we didn't know the area. Some

area. Some of us were inside

and the rest of us are goes to step back step back a little bit and start tomorrow again. There has

also been fierce resistance

from inside Sirte. Some of the rebels' most battle hardened

fighters are inching towards

the city.But it is slow going.

They are coming under heavy fire from artillery and missiles.A pro-Gaddafi

spokesman says 17 foreign troops have been captured, including French and British

soldiers but NATO has denied

that claim. Bringing these last

towns under control is crucial,

not just because it would

finally put an end to the Gaddafi era but it would stop

them from becoming a base for a

terrorist insurgency which some

believe has already begun.Fear

and suspicion are still part of

Daly life in for black African migrants in

the capital Tripoli. Anyone

with black skin is

automatically suspected of

having been a pro-Gaddafi

mercenary. But many of them are

simply migrant workers who say

they are being horrifically

persecuted. This man says 20

armed men attacked his house in the night.

There, he says, the girls

were raped. Clearly Libya's fledgling Government mace more

than one battle on its hands rebuild the country.Security

forces in Yemen have opened fire on anti-Government

protesters killing at least 26 people and wounding hundreds

more. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of

the capital to demand the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. But as they

made their way towards the responded with water cannon,

tear gas and machine guns. Some reports say rocket-propelled

grenades were also used. TRANSLATION: to the cases that have reached

here the doctors and all the medical staff were Terry tied

of what they have seen. There

are cases where the head is

broken into two and in some

cases half of the head is

missing. The violence coincides with a stalemate on

negotiations for a peaceful

transfer of power. There are

now fears the crackdown could derail derail the talks completely.

The United Nations has launched an appeal for emergency funding

to help victims of the Pakistan

floods. The UN wants to raise $350

$350 million to provide for people in the southern

provinces of Sindh and

Baluchistan over the next six

months. It says more than 2 million people are suffering from flood-related diseases. This catastrophe at the moment, considering the

already poor health and

nutrition status, is really

extremely serious for the

the urgency of getting people and I want

assistance to them. The Pakistani Prime Minister has

been visiting those left homeless by the homeless by the disaster. More

than 650,000 homes have been

damaged or destroyed since the flooding began last month. The

family of an Afghan journalist

shot dead by US troops last

July is appealing for sanctuary

in Australia saying they are receiving anonymous thread.

Omed Khpulwak was killed near the main Australian base in

Uruzgan prove vines in what an

inquiry found was a xas of mistaken identity. Afghanistan correspondent correspondent salary Sarah reports from Kabul. Omed

Khpulwak was shot dead by US

troops on July 28th. He died

here at Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan

province, as soldiers responded

to an attack by insurgents. His

family is now seeking asylum in

Australia. I want it from the

Australian Government to give us to our family, the

safety because American shoot us. Omed Khpulwak reported for

an Afghan news service. an Afghan news service. He

worked for other media outlets

including the BBC and ABC. He

was well-known and respected in Uruzgan. The International Security Assistance Force

released its report into the

incident earlier this month. It

said that Omed Khpulwak's death

was a case of mistaken

identity. US soldiers opened fire because they believed the

young journalist was an

asylum in Australia because insurgent. The family requested

Australian troops have a large

province. Australian officials press sense in

have explained the relatives

can't be treated as refugees

while they are still in their

own country. Activists say the Federal Government should help. I

help. I think safety for a

journalist is sometimes equal

to safety for his/her family.

In both instances it will

affect the work of freedom expression. Afghanistan remains

one of the most dangerous

places in the world, especially

for local journalists. Teachers

in ACT public schools will stop

work again next week and

they're warning of a looming

crisis in school counselling.

Hundreds of teachers will walk

off the job for three hours on

Tuesday next week after another

breakdown in negotiations with

the government over pay and conditions. The teachers also

want greater incentives for currently 7 full-time positions school councillors. There are

untilled and more than 20

schools without any school

whatsoever. The ratio of Councillor provision


councillors to students is 1 to 918. It will be the teachers' second stop work meeting this

month. There were a record

number of operations in

Canberra hospitals last

financial year. More than

11,300 people had elective

surgery, 16% more than the

previous year. The latest surgery hospitals are working their way

through a backlog of cases. The

median waiting time has dropped

to 76 days. We can see the

waiting list coming down, the number of long-wait patients,

those who waited too long for

their operation coming down. We

still have if longest waiting

types for elective surgery in the nation. About a third of

the operations are performed on

patients from across the

border. It is almost back to

business in North Canberra's

industrial precinct. Most of

the encollusion zone set us around in Mitchell has been lifted. The

The latest tests show there

The latest tests show there has

been no contamination despite

the severity of the fire that

engulfed hundreds of thousands

of litres of oil. The chemical

fire put more than 1,300

businesses off limits over

businesses off limits over the

weekend, most of them were glad

to be back online today. I am

an owner driver so if I don't

work I don't get paid. It is

really good. It is good be back at work. We have heaps of work

on so it is good to get it out

of the way. We are relieved we were able to get back quickly. The weekend's 300 metre exclusion zone has been

now reduced to the area

surrounding the gutted oilry

processing factory. That means

some companies still some companies still can't get

in. If you can't get into the

workshop you can't get any equipment out of it. We have

had two fellas out of the four

of us unable to work. This

business estimates it is losing

over $1,000 a day and is

desperate to check for any

damages onsite We don't even

know if the building is intact or whether there are holes in the roof we have to try address before rain. If there

are people coming and going and

doing their own clean-up that

presents some challenges about

what is going out of the

sites. The chemical factory had sites. The chemical

been inspected by the

environmental protection

authority in May and was given

a clean bill of health. It is a

purpose built factory with fire

proof walls, a see cure roof to

keep rainwater out. You don't

want rain queert coming into a

process where you are dealing

with dangerous chemicals. Fire I vest see what caused the fire.

Nearby waterways are also being cleaned up and Lake Burley Griffin has been reopened.

To finance now. Both the

local share market and the Australian dollar fell back

today despite gains in the

United States and Europe last


Wall Street had five gains in

a row last week finishing the

week 5.5% higher than the week

before because of central bank

action to boost lick witty in Europe and the United States.

All share markets today traded

around 1% to 2% lower. In

Australia today the fall was

1.6% about the same as the

China market. It means China market. It means the All

Ords index is down 10% for the September careder so far with

less than a fortnight to go.

Here are some of today as

biggest moves. Westpac,

Woodside and Qantas were down

more than 2% each. Retailer Billabong was quoted

exdividend. Cochlear recovered

5.35% of last week's losses.

For us the bear market began in

months after the credit crunch November 2007, a

got under way. The point about

Australian the chart is to show that the

Australian share market has been underperforming Wall

Street since the start of 2010. That is when the

dollar began to really take off.

It wasn't just that. Australian companies have

performed worse than Americans

ones and the clue to that can

be found in the different

unemployment rates. It depends

a bit on your starting point.

The US bear market began in

March 2000 and the now 11.5

years old years old to. During that time

the S&P 500 fell and the all

ords has gone up thanks to the

huge China boom between 2004

and 2007 when Rio and and 2007 when Rio and BHP both

did five baggers, which means

they went up five times.

The gold price is on the move

again.The Australian dollar is

jumping around like a flee at

the moment. Up a cent one day

and down a cent the members

. It seems to live music

the right industry is not only hitting

as well. For the first time

number crunchers have worked

local music science. It is out the dollar value of the

hoped showing the value of live hoped showing the value of

music will encourage support

for venues. It is an industry

that employs everyone from

musicians and sound engineers to bar staff and ticket

sellers. But until now how much

the live music industry is

worth has been a mystery. I am

pleased to say it is a big

number so the economic contribution is $1.2 billion. It is a big

number. Close to 20% comes from

ticket sales with the rest from food and drink purchases. Compiled by accountancy firm

Ernst & Young. The report

examined pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. We wanted to know

what is going on. We wanted to acknowledge that there is an

important piece of national

cultural infrastructure. All up

almost 42 million people attended close attended close to 328,000 venues. The report revealed performances at nearly 4,000

that the industry supports

about 15,000 full-time jobs. We

have about 25 staff, some

casual, some full-time, plus

have the kitchen staff and door people, people selling tickets.

About 25 staff all up. Dozens

of venues like this one have

shut down over the last few

years and that has the industry

worried that the venue-based live music industry is in

decline. This report will be

used as a benchmark to exam the

inhealth of the industry in future years. Actor Guy Pearce

has struck gold at the Emmy Awards in Hollywood. Not bad

considering it was the Australian's first Emmy

nomination. Pearce took the gold statue for best supporting actor in the mini Series

'Mildred Pierce'. This was

really a delightful experience

making the show. I got to have

sex with Kate Winslet many

times and I didn't realise it

was going to result in this.

So, Kate, I share this with you.

you. He didn't

Winslet won her own Emmy for best lead actress in Mildred

Pierce. Down on the Abbie won four awards and the four awards and the big winner was 'Modern Family', the

commodity won all of its categories.

categories. Australia has

failed in its bid for a Davis

Cup promotion. Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka took three

minutes to serve out this

morning's fifth and deciding

rubber against Lleyton Hewitt. It means Switzerland in the world group in 2012 and

Australia will remain in the regional competition for

another year.

Lleyton Hewitt has been known

to pull off the odd tennis

miracle but as often has been

the case lately it was not only

the odds that he was

battling He does have some wrapping around his knee on the

right knee. He struggled to

move freely as he tried to

resurrect Australia's hopes of

winning a place in the elite

group of the Davis Cup. Down a break in the deciding set of

the deciding rubber against

Stanislas Wawrinka his weakness

was identified and the knock

out blow just as crippling. It didn't take long. Just three

minutes of tennis. Casey

Stoner's claimed his eighth win

of the month to GP season after

beating his nearest rival by 8

seconds in Spain. Casey Stoner

wins. The 25-year-old found

himself third after a slow

start but he regained control of the race before the end

the first happen. Casey Stoner

goes past Ben Spies as if he is

standing still. It was hard for riders to maintain

balance in windy conditions. It

is Capirossi on the inside. But

the Australian kept his and is

now holding a 44-point lead in

the riders' standings with four

rounds left. Manchester

United's season has gone from good to better in the English Premier League. Brilliant! Just

brilliant! The celebration

matched the finish. It was the

second of three first half

goals to put the Red Devils on

the path to a 3-1 win over

Chelsea. Just inside United

fans needed something to rub

salt into the wounds of their rivals' supporters... Oh my

word. He surely had to score

again. Connections of the

unbeaten 'Black Caviar' have

connected again. This time it was at Australia's race horse

of the year awards in the best horse by the people of Australia was probably the biggest award we could

get. 'Black Caviar', the 8th

mare since 2,000 to win the

crown and is crown and is likely to next

race in the skill skill stakes

on Caulfield Guineas day in three weeks. In Cricket

Australia looks increasingly

likely to avoid defeat in the third test against Sri Lanka and claim victory in the

series. Despite a century from Angelo Mathews Sri Lanka failed

to capitalise on its first innings advantage. Australia started well in its

innings. After resuming on 85 math math almost ran out of partyers as the Australian struck early before he

eventually reached his 100. was slow going as the hosts

increased their first innings

lead to 157 before eventually

being bowled out. In contrast

Australia took an aggressive

approach with the bat and

despite the loss of Shane

Watson the tourists appear on

track to win the series. Darren

Lockyer says he will ignore

medical advice and play in Friday's

The Bronco's skipper is out of hospital after surgery

yesterday on his fractured

choke bone. He told the Broncos

he will be back

tomorrow. Three metal plates

were inserted into his face to

hold his fractured cheekbone

together. Just 24 hours later

the Broncos' skipper says he

will be back to battle the sea

eagles for a place in the grand final. Doctors have told me not to play but the decision is entirely up to me. I will make

the decision this week but I am leaning towards will test his face for the

first time tomorrow and says he

is not worried about risking

his eye sight. Every time we

take the field we could loads

our eye sight. I have played

350 games and I have been hit

in cheekbone twice. He will be

offered added protection for

the match but has been warned

not to expect any favours from

Manly. He is fair game and it

is a final. We are all trying

to get to the last week. Lockyer understands

Lockyer understands those

the schedule has robbed him of an extra day to recover. The

Broncos get six days to recover

and the Warriors get eight. The

Storm is bracing Storm is bracing for the inconsistent Warriors but dismissed suggestions New Zealand is its bogey team Everybody seems team Everybody seems to think

they have the wood on us. This

year it was 1-all. The Warriors

beat the Storm in Melbourne

earlier this year. With a earlier this year. With a look

at today's beautiful weather

here is Mark Carmody. Good Evening. Now the average maximum temperature for

September is 16 degrees. Of the

19 days so far this month only

six days have been below that.

Today's 27 at the airport just

continued this run of warm,

sunny days and look at Tuggers.

10 overnight. That is warm too.

It was fine and sunny again today.

A large mass of cloud is

moving across the Bight and it

will bring showers, fresh winds

and cooler temperatures to most

centres across the south-east tomorrow but they will be short

lived. As that cloud mass is

associated with a cold front

but immediately behind it is a high pressure system that will bring things back

dry on Wednesday.In the state

capitals tomorrow:

And Craig, this And Craig, this isn't an

Australian native orchid but it

is a beauty Australian plant,

Hardenbergia, it is the while

form of the happy wander are. A

bit like you, the happy wander

are. Before we go a recap of the top story. The Government's

asylum seeker policy hangs in

the balance after Tony Abbott rejected

rejected the latest restore offshore fro cessing. You can keep up-to-date 24

hours a day at ABC News online.

Stay with us now for Stay with us now for 7:30 with

Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann.

Thanks for your company.

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