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(generated from captions) has told ABC News Breakfast

that over all Australia has had

a positive impact on Indonesian abattoirs. Joe Ludwig abattoirs. Joe Ludwig has

ordered abimmediate inquiry and

he's already banned one of those restraints shown so

graphic I will in the program,

Mr Ludwig joins us from Canberra, Minister, good

morning. Good morning. Why has

it taken the Government so long

to do? What I've done is first

of all move for an

investigation by the Department

into live animal exports into

Indonesia. In addition to that

I've put a moratorium on what's

called the mark 1 restraint

boxes. You would have seen

those depicted in the images

that I saw last night. In

addition to that I've asked the

chief vet to have a look at

both the mark 1 restraint boxes

and right across to the mark 4

boxes as well just to assess

how they operate. In addition

to that I've asked the

Department to look at all the

regulatory options that are

available to me so that I available to me so that I can

consider whether to ban into

individual facilities or not.

In other words, what options

are in fact available to me. Why has it taken a 'Four

Corners' program to prompt this

action? How haven't Australian

trainers who we've been told

are involved in these 3

abattoirs in question not known

about these practices and

industry and the reported them back to the

Government? The animal rights

groups provided me with a copy

of the image yesterday and of

course I had an opportunity of

seeing the 'Four Corners' show

last night as well. But can I

say that I've been concerned

for some time now about the

animal welfare outcomes in the

live animal export industry.

I've asked industry back in

January to look at what they

can do to improve animal

welfare outcomes. They

indicated to me and provided an

action plan back to me. But can

I say I indicated to them at

the time that it hadn't gone

far enough or fast enough and

of course this latest footage

that I've now seen demonstrates

we do need to investigate, we

do need to look at what we can

do and what regulatory options

are available to me. Again I

get back to the point why has

it taken this video from animal

right activists to prompt this

government action. What have

industry figures and Australian

government officials I'm sure

who oversee the industry been

doing all these years regarding

these abattoir s? As I've

indicated I've only just been

provided the video footage

myself. What also I can say

though is that that video

available I was hopeful that footage as soon as it was

the animal rights activists

could have provided it to me.

We could have started the

investigation a lot earl ier. But Minister if your officials were doing their job

properly you would have had

this information months if not

years ago? And what I can say

is that I have been concerned

about animal welfare outcomes,

right across the live export

industry, and I've asked

industry to look at what they

can do but of course it's clear

now that industry hasn't done a

sufficiently good job. What I

now want to do is provide an investigation into this and of

course put a moratorium on the

mark 1 boxes but in addition to

that, I do want the Department

to look at all the regulatory

available to me to ensure that

I have the best available

information to me so that I can

act. Now, just to clarify,

you've put a moratorium on

those boxes we all saw in the 'Four Corners' program we saw

last night, I assume you're

going fo ban their use in the

abattoir sphwhs I've put a moratorium on them. I've asked

the chief vet to assess their

use and how to operate. Why not

put indeed a temporary ban on the use of these boxes while you clarify what has gone wrong? We all saw so

graphically how these boxes are

being misuse ed. That's what a

moratorium is. It's to ensure

that we do put a moratorium on

the restraint boxes, that we do

ask the chief vet to assess the

restraint boxes, what's called

the box number 1 but also the

mark 4 box as well. I think it's important that we get the

chief vet to do an independent

investigation about the use of

those boxes because what we do

want to do is improve animal

welfare outcomes. I was shocked

by the image I saw last night

and many Australians with me

would have been deeply appalled

at the scenes they saw. That's

why we've moved to have the

investigation, that's why we've

moved to put a moratorium on

the installation of those mark

1 boxes and that's why I've

asked the chief vet to assess

those boxes but in addition to

that it's really important that

I get the Department to provide

to me a range of regulatory

responses that are available to

me so that I can look at how we

can ensure animal welfare

outcomes. As you know

Independents Andrew Wilkie and

Nick Xenephon today are pushing

for an immediate ban on live

exports to Indonesia, why not

adopt this practice while you

assess all those things that

are going so horribly wrong

this these abattoirs? Private

senators are entitled to move

bills as they do. What I'm

investigation through the doing is starting an

Department, I want the

available information that's Department to assess the

from the animal rights groups

plus 2 - the footage pand

examine what reg will trark

options I have available to me

including banning individual facilities. Minister, thank you