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(generated from captions) (Taps played). pictures of You're watching live

pictures of the September 11

memorial service at New York's

Ground Zero on this the 10th anniversary of the terror

attacks on the United States.

Hello, I'm Ali Moore. We now

welcome ABC1 viewers to our

coverage of 9/11 Remembered.

Our Our correspondent Scott

Bevan is in New York above

Ground Zero. Scott, there are

those who would like to see

that name pass into

history. Indeed, Ali. Good

morning or good evening there. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has

said in comments, press

comments, that he would like to

special place in New York and

known as to all around the world, to be

known as the National September

11 Memorial, not as Ground

Zero. For those who have lived

with this every day for 10

years, that will be hard to

change, to take out of the

vocabulary and out of their

hearts. The ceremony in which

that memorial will be officially dedicated has begun.

We saw the papers come in a moment ago including fire

York brigade papers from the New

York fire department and a of those guys along with two

Australian firefighters and

there was also going to be

coming up moments of coming up moments of silence,

including Bloomberg holding a citywide moment of silence.

There will be a success of moments of silence acknowledging each moment that the tragedy unfolded, this succession

succession of tragedies. There

will also be speeches,

readings, readings from

President's Obama and Bush,

George W Bush, who of course

day 10 years ago. There will was presiding on that

also be musical performances ranging from a cello performance from Yo-Yo Ma to performance from Yo-Yo Ma to a

proud New Yorker Paul Simon who

will be playing the sounds of

silence. That's probably a

silence that will be pervading very appropriate song given the

here during the ceremony.

Let's have a look at some of

the pictures that are coming in

ceremony. from Ground Zero with this

(Sings) # Oh say, you can

see by the dawn's early light, so proudly see by the dawn's early light, so proudly we hail that the twilight's last

Oh, say, does that star

spank gelled banner yet wave.

Over the land of the free Over the home of the brave. Of the brave.


Quick march.

Scott Bevan in New York, you

can take us through what's

happening now and what we can

expect during this service?

Ali, we just heard from the

Brook lend youth chorus with an extraordinary rendition of

National Anthem and the spans r

strains of the Star Spangled Banner washed over The World

Trade Centre site and came up

10 stories to where all of us

were. It was just

extraordinary. The pipes and

drums have marched in and led

around the site and in a moment we'll be hearing from Mayor

Michael Bloomberg and he will

be calling for a citywide

moment of silence.

and most significant will be at

8.46 and 40 seconds, precisely

the time the first plane hit

the tower. Morning turned into the black questions of nights.

Since then we've lived in

sunshine and in shadow although

we can never unsee what

happened here, we can also see

that children who lost their parents have grown into young adults, grandchildren have been

born and good service have taken root to

honour those we loved and lost.

In all the years that Americans

have looked to these ceremonies we have shared both we have shared both words and

silences. The words of writers

and poets have helped express

what is in our hearts. The

silences have given us a chance

to reflect and remember. In

remembrance of all those who

died in New York in 1993 and

2001, at the Pentagon, and in the fields Pennsylvania, please join in the fields near Shanksville Pennsylvania,

observing our first moment of

silence. ( (Bell tolls).

God is our refuge and

strength. A very present help

in trouble. Therefore, we will

not fear even though the earth

be removed and though the mountains be carried

midst of the sea. Although its

water roar and be troubled

although the mountains shake with its swelling, there's a river, the stream shall made

glad the city of God. The holy place of the tabor in of

the most high. God is in the

midst of her. She shall not be

moved. God shall help her just

at the break of at the break of dawn. The

nations raged, the king

documents were moved, he

uttered his voice, the earth

melted. The Lord melted. The Lord of hosts is

with us. The God of Jacob with us. The God of Jacob is our

our refuge. Come, behold, the

works of the Lord who has made

desolations in the earth. He

makes wars cease to the end of

the earth. He breaks the bow

and cuts the spear in two, he

burns the chariot in fire. Be

still and know that I am God.

I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in

the earths. The Lord of hosts

is with us, the God of Jacob is

our refuge. They our refuge. They were our

neighbours, our friends, our

husbands, wives, brothers, sisters children and parents. They were the ones who rushed

in to help. 2,98 3 innocent

men, women and children.

have asked their families to

come here to speak the names

out loud to remind each of us

about the person we lost in New

York, in Washington and

Pennsylvania. They each had a