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Live. Tonight - Egypt at a

crossroads, protesters continue

president clinician to to rule the streets as their

power. He should go. We don't

like him. He's the

problem. Battening down again -

North Queensland prepares for

Cyclone Anthony. The Queensland effect - Canberra's

grocery bills hit by flood prices. And, the Australian

Open title and an honorary one, too, for Kim Clijsters. I

finally feel like you guys can

call me Aussie Kim, because I won the title. Good evening,

Siobhan Heanue with ABC News.

The streets of Cairo are ruled

by protesters tonight. The

the riot police have withdrawn and

the army is doing nothing to

suppress the demonstrations. President Hosni Mubarek has

tried to quell the anger by appointing a vice-president for the first time in his 30-year

reign, but it seems nothing will satisfy the protesters

except his resignation, and so far that doesn't seem forthcoming. The ABC's Middle forthcoming.

East correspondent Ben Knight reports from the Egyptian

capital Cairo. As dawn broke

in Cairo, there was an eerie

quiet in the city after the

rampages of the night before.

People driving to work dodged

the burntout shells of police

cars and trucks. The fire at the ruling the ruling party's headquarters

was still burning, but most

unusual of all the ubiquitous

Egyptian police had simply

vanished from the streets.

They were replaced by army

tanks, but only in small

pockets of the city centre. It

seemed as though the protest

was over, but slowly with no

police to stop police to stop them, people

once again began heading for

Tahrir Square. They showed

trophies and wounds from the

help us, please. But Hosni night before. Please help me,

Mubarek is showing no sign of

stepping down. His Cabinet

resigned, but he's about to

appoint a new one. He's

appointed a vice-president for

the first time. His long-term

security chief Omar Suleiman -

and that did nothing to calm

the anger on the street. yesterday these people were

protesting, demanding the right

to freedom of assembly. Today,

for now, that is exactly what

they've got. This is Cairo's

main square. The crowd is building here and protesting.

It's surrounded by the army,

but the army's doing nothing to

stop it. Not only that, that

is an army truck giving

protesters a ride around

square. The police are nowhere

to be seen. People are demonstrating freely, but without police the city is

becoming ever more lawless and

dangerous. Outside the main

city centre beyond the tanks,

looters and criminals have free

rein. They even broke into the

national museum. It's now

protected by the army and a

ring of protesters. The chaos

has hardened positions. People need

need bread and butter, people

need freedom, people need

dignity. The earlier that will happen, the earlier we'll be

able to save Egypt. This is

not just me, this is 85 million people saying others here who fear that will

only bring more anarchy and

chaos. And the people of Cairo

have gone from protesting to

patrolling their neighbourhoods

from armed looters. Ben Knight

filed this update from Cairo

just a short time ago. Well,

it's morning in the main

square. A lot of the

demonstrators have been here

all night and there is a large number. They're telling us

there is a sniper on top of

this building. We haven't seen

it ourself, but behind them are

the army tamption. They're

still there, but the problem is

what is behind those tanks and

that's pretty much nothing.

Jond this area where the army is maintaining control simply

lawless. We've heard reports by being here, it is completely

of people being bashed,

attacked and vigilante groups

are forming in neighbourhoods

to protect people's property

and homes.

Australia's ramped up its Egypt

travel warning saying there's a

there. high threat of terrorist attack

there. With Egypt Government is now advising into chaos, the Federal

Australians not to go to the

country. The travel warning now

says do not travel. It's a

very clear message to

Australians who may have been contemplating travelling to

Egypt - do not travel. 800 Australians are

the country, but the actual

number could be in the

thousands. So far, none are

reported to have been caught up

in the violence. The

Government says people

concerned about their security

should leave. The Taliban has

again stepped up its attacks in

assassinating one of the Afghanistan, today

country's top politicians. The

Deputy Governor of the Kandahar

province was killed by a

suicide bomber on his way to

work. The politician's driver

and several body guards were

wounded in the attack. TRANSLATION: A suicide

bomber on a motorbike blew himself up near the Deputy

Governor's car as he left his

house. I rushed over and saw martyred instantly. Kandahar's the Deputy Governor had been

governor and the US ambassador

have condemned the attack which

took place in Taliban

heartland. Violence has been

despite a major effort by on the increase in the province

US-led troops to Central Banker

the insurgency. Queensland the insurgency. Queensland is

a saturated State and it's

about to get wetter. Tropical Cyclone Anthony is expected to

cross the North Queensland

coast in just a matter of

hours. And if that wasn't bad

enough, a second more

destructive cyclone is coming

in behind it. Along much of

the North Queensland coast,

there are plenty of signs

coming. Tropical Cyclone Anthony is

coming. Residents between Ayr

and Bowen are bracing for winds

up to 130km/h, and up to 400

millimetres of rain. Further north, Townsville could be

spared, but people aren't

taking any chances. Still

cyclone bears filling sand bags as the

will find some trees with

branches broken, perhaps a power line down here and

there. Shops are running low on

bread and milk and other basic

supplies. I went through Tracy

in '74. I don't in '74. I don't like

cyclones. Lurking is a second bigger storm off the coast which could hit Queensland

later this week. They say the

next one is the one to worry

about. Somebody has a grudge against us . Early modelling

suggests the next cyclone could

be a Cyclone 4 or 5. It's got the right environment, computer

models are developing it and so

on. Queensland is still recovering from the worst

flooding in its history. Now

the prospect of twin cyclones

bearing down on this State -

all within a week - is almost

too much for people here to

fathom. In Western the cyclone warning has been cancelled after Tropical

Cyclone Bianca weakened

overnight, but the Weather Bureau is warning the low-pressure system could still cause higher than normal tides

and strong winds. People are

also being warned to keep away

from fallen powerlines after a

teenager was killed in

Geraldton north of Perth after

a storm yesterday afternoon.

The 17-year-old was

electrocuted when she stood on

a live powerline and two

teenagers who tried to help her

are in hospital. And east of

Perth, the towns of York and nor that many are counting the

cost of a storm that damaged

more than 100 properties.

No-one was injured, but the damage bill will run into the

millions. There have been heartbreaking scenes in Victoria's flood-ravaged

north-west, as farmers return to their properties to survey

the damage. For some, the full

extent won't be revealed for

weeks. The floodwaters which were very slow

take even longer to recede.

Kerri Ritchie reports from

Benjeroop, one of the State's

hardest hit areas. The

floodwaters are right through Mick Prentice's 100-year-old

farmhouse. We farmhouse. We filmed the

father of two 10 days ago.

Today, he's waist deep in

water. The kids are finding it

hard. We've got a couple of

other kids coming over later

and I know they're going to be very

very upset. The smaller kids

are just... they don't know what's going on at the moment

and want to get home. It's going to be a while. Mick

Prentice has been told the putrid floodwaters will be

around his place for at least

another two months. Using his

excavator Mick Prentice battled

to save other properties. When

he returned to his place at

4:30 in the morning, it had

gone under. The water is up 30

centimetres inside his house. He says Governments must do more. He

desperately needs about a dozen

pumps in here. Steve Hawken who lived nearby didn't know

Mick Prentice very well before

the floods, he says he's proud

to know him now. The only way

into Steve Hawken's place is by

boat. I guess I'm probably too

angry to be sad. Everything,

but the house went under on his

dairy farm. He watched some of

his cows drown. He has a

massive mortgage and couldn't

get flood insurance because his

farm is classed as a commercial

business. I never saw a

concrete trough float before.

I did this time. Steve Hawken

says politicians, SES bosss and

government officials have got

in the way and made things harder for

harder for the locals. It just

makes me blood boil and I'm not

the only one. Steve Hawken says

his daughter is having

nightmares about the flood.

Mick Prentice is worried his 10

children will also

coming months. Canberra

shoppers are feeling the pain

of higher prices and lower

quality after the devastating

crop losses caused by

Queensland's floods. Shops and

restaurants are making the most

of whatever they can get, but there's concern that Canberrans will cross

nutritious food off the menu.

Kathleen Dyett reports. At Canberra's Fyshwick markets, there's still Queensland

produce to be found. We've got

the supersweet pineapple from

Queensland, if anybody want to

try... As farmers count their losses from the State's

devastating floods, the short

supply of fresh food is

starting to show on price

tags. Just got to shop around

and get the best price we can

and buy Australian. I've still got my house and everything I

have, so I can pay ?2 more on fruit and vegetables. For grocers, grocers, it's a worry. Now is the worst it's ever been and

the problem with it is it's

water through all the products and they're not going to last.

They've got no shelf life. The

more expensive stuff we get the less we sell which is not good

for any business. With a question mark supply, restaurants are question mark over quality and

rejigging menus. Things are

of forever going up in the sense

of increasing prices, and

certainly it's put a bit of a

strain on our industry as a

whole. It also means sourcing

new suppliers. The advantage of

our place is that we can use a

lot of this produce that's locally grown. For some

Canberrans, the price hike is

much harder to take and it's an

added burden for those offering

help. That's a concern for us,

that the nutritional food that people are encouraged to eat

will be affected in price. 82%

request food assistance. And as of people that call us for help

more pricey food is left on the

shelf, volunteers are poised to

collect the leftovers and

deliver to those most in need.

The NSW Premier says she's

furious about the latest scandal to hit her government.

The husband of Education The husband

Minister Verity Firth is facing

a drug charge. Once again,

distracting Labor as it faces a titanic battle to be

re-elected. Just months ago,

the Education Minister Verity

Firth was handing out brochures

on the dangers of drugs. It's

advice her husband Matthew

Chesher allegedly didn't take. After being charged by police

on Friday night for possession

of one tablet of ecstasy, he

resign as Chief of Staff to the

minister for roads, handing Kristina Keneally another

headache. You could sum up my

feelings about his alleged behaviour in is I'm furious. It was the Premier and her Roads Minister

who fronted the media today to

finally launch the duplication

of the Iron Cove Bridge. Did

you have any inkling of this sort of behaviour? Of course

not. The new bridge is in

Verity Firth's the Premier says her Education Minister was given the day

AU The minister Verity Firth

was not involved in this

according to the reports, and I

say this, what this shows is

that nobody is above the

law. The Premier acknowledged

the public is tiring of the

string of scandals afflicting

her government. My patience for self-indulgent behaviour is

wearing very thin. Verity Firth

only held her seat by 3.7% at

the last election. While it's

not known how this incident

will affect her prospects,

ironically her own opponent -

The Greens - support

use of ecstasy. Verity Firth

was seen as one of Labor's

brighter talents, with the party hopeful she could survive party

the expected swing. I would

like to be part of that renewal

process. Rather than part of

the turnover? That's exactly

right. Matthew Chesher faces

court on 1 April. If you're a

chronic smoker, a hacking cough usually goes with the

territory. Now, it'll be the

target of the nation's most

expensive anti- tobacco

campaign. The $61 million

advertising blitz links the

smoker's cough with lung

cancer. Health groups hope

it'll make the most at-risk age

group, teenage women, pause for

breath. It's no laughing

matter. Smoking kills, and the

Federal Government has coughed

up $61 million for the nation's

biggest anti-

yet. This advertising blitz links smoker's cough with lung

cancer. This is just another

simple message that every

cigarette you smoke brings you

closer to cancer and a reminder

that there is help if you

choose to quit. Lung cancer she started smoking. They sufferer Win Menzie was 20 when sufferer Win

didn't have things out what they've got things today like

telling you not to smoke. It

was the in thing in those

days. She lost her husband to

lung cancer six weeks after he

was diagnosed. If they want to

see their children grow up,

they'll have to give up the cigarettes. Smoking kills 15,000 Australians 15,000 Australians and costs

the economy 31.5 billion each

year so it's no wonder experts are backing the blitz and

they're hoping it will shock the country's group. Particularly young women the country's most at-risk age

between 17-19 are taking up

smoking and smoking heavily and

that with girls is a bad

time. The ad campaign is one of

a raft of measures in the Government's anti-smoking arsenal and it coincides with

the introduction of nicotine

replacement therapy onto the

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

for the first time from

across television, print and Tuesday. The ads will run

radio all year. Wrong

continent, wrong season, it was

even the wrong date, but that

didn't stop some intreped

ex-pats in Moscow celebrating

Australia Day by going for a

swim. It took courage given

it's the middle of the Russian

winter. It's a long way from

the sun, sand and surf, so for the Australians and others who gathered for a delayed

Australia Day dip in Moscow, first there was local know-how.

TRANSLATION: If you're cold

now, don't do it. Warm up yourself. Not so easy in minus

8 degree temperatures, but it all depends on your state of

mind. Refreshing? It's fresh,

just like Bondi Beach in winter. There was reason to

this madness. The local

Australia and New Zealand Group wanted to do something to raise

money for Moscow's estimated

100,000 homeless. It decided

on a so-called Polar Bear swim,

in bone-chillingly cold water. I suppose it's something in bone-chillingly cold

I wanted to do, but I wanted to

have a good reason and a

purpose. I put two and two together and this is what I

came up with. There were plenty

of people willing to brave the pain and take the plunge. It's freezing, takes your breath

away. It's crazy. But

for a good cause. So can't

complain. Others were convinced

there'd be other benefits. I'm a bit apprehensive, but I'm sure it's going to cure my

hangover. As predicted -

mission accomplished. And in

case you were wondering if your

correspondent was going to participate, I am. belated Australia Day. Whoo!

Very, very brave. Well, what

could have been a historic day

for Australian soccer turned

into heartbreak for the

Socceroos. A goal in extra

time was all that separated Japan and Australia in the

Asian Cup final. The Japanese

were crowned Asian champions

for the fourth time, while the

Socceroos were left to rue a

string of missed opportunities. This was the fatal strike to

the heart of Australia's Asian Cup ambitions. It

disappointing, and I'm sure a

lot of the guys, especially the

young guys will remember this day for a long time. They'll

remember a match the Socceroos

had enough good chances to win.

Kewell was a constant Kewell was a constant threat in

front of goal, but couldn't

break through. Australia

looked the more dangerous side

in the second half. Japan,

too, squandered clear-cut

opportunities to take the lead,

determined to press forward the

Socceroos delivered cue el the

best chance before extra time. -- Kewell.

COMMENTATOR: Is this the moment

for Australia, and Kawashima

makes a terrific save. The Japanese keeper kept the

Australians at bay. Again, he's the the hero for Japan. Until the tiring Socceroos left a rare

hole in their defence after 108 minutes. This is the moment, it

is Japan have scored. I suppose it was only fatigue

that cost one of the teams and that team was us. The final

whistle goes. Japan are the

champions of Asia. Full-time delivered a fourth Asian Cup

title to the Blue Samurai, and

ended the Socceroos' hopes of bringing home a major tournament trophy for the first

time. We create opportunities,

however, then it's crucial to

convert them. At least the

Socceroos will have home ground

advantage when Australia hosts

the next Asian Cup in 2015.

The Australian Open is edging

closer to what tennis fans hope

will be a spectacular finale.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic

will shortly contest the men's

singles final. Murray is

seeking his first Grand Slam

title and Djokovic his second Australian Open

night, the women's finals was

an entertaining affair, with Belgian Kim Clijsters coming

from behind to defeat China's

Li Na . The first half of Kim Clijsters's career was largely

littered with runner-up plates and

and semifinal appearances. But since her return to the court

in 2009, the 27-year-old is far

more accustomed to holding the

winner's trophy. I never

expected things to be going so

well so quickly. You know, I thought it was going to take a little bit more time to get

into the rhythm. The Belgian

has won three of the last five Grand Slams she's contested,

but early in last night's final that didn't look likely. In

her first major final, Li Na

came out swinging. Recovering

from an early break of serve to

win the first set 6-3. The

second set was punctuated by top-quality rallies and both

players traded breaks of serve

early. Before Clijsters went

up a gear, claiming the

second... and securing a

crucial early break in third from which Li was unable to

to recover. Clijsters securing

her fourth career Grand Slam.

Delivering a legion of Australian fans the moment

they'd been waiting for. I just

want to say that now I finally

feel like you guys can call me

Aussie Kim because I won the title. While the equally

popular Li ensured one of this tournament's double acts went

out on a high note. To my

husband, doesn't matter if you

are fat or skinny, or ugly, I

always follow you, always love

you. There'll be a lot less

love in the room, but the heat

will be turned up tonight when

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic

battle out the men's final.

After temperatures soared

across Melbourne today, Murray

waited until very late this

afternoon to add finishing

touches for his preparations

while Djokovic went behind

closed doors for his final


Michael Clarke broke out of his

form slump to leave his side's

batting line-up to a

competitive total in the fifth

1-day international against

England. The Australian top

order all made starts, but only

Clarke went on with it. The

tourists needs 250 to keep the

series alive. Shane Watson has

been on the front foot since

floodwaters hit his home town

of Ipswich. He apt adopted the

same approach from the first

ball at the Gabba. Team-mates

went to work raising more money

for flood victims. The

Australians rode their luck in

the middle. Haddin reaped the

rewards, but Watson's day ended rewards, but Watson's day

on 16.

COMMENTATOR: Well hit from

Watson. Haddin tried to keep

the scoreboard ticking over,

but used his feet once too

often. The out of form skipper

was cheated by cheers and boos

and set about winning fans. Cameron White followed a

short time later. England

reined in the Australians,

David Hussey's boundary was the

first in nine overs. The new

balls suited Michael Clarke. He looked on song when he

blasted Steven Finn through midwicket. A bowling change

worked again for the tourists

when Hussey was removed for 34, but there was no denying

Clarke. He brought up a

much-needed 50 and was back in

favour with the crowd. The

celebrations didn't last long.

The skipper was out for

54. Gains have been made, but Michael Clarke and Australia want it more. Mitchell Johnson

looked to make the most of the

batting power play, but the

approach backfired on 16.

Steven Smith took over where

Johnson left off. The young all-rounder pushed Australia

towards a competitive total,

but his team-mates fell around

him and Australia was all-out for 249. 6 wickets were

claimed. Australia's bowlers

gave England a hostile welcome

but Matt Prior found an

unorthodox way to record his

first boundary. It was a grand

final replay without the

winning result for the

Capitals. Bulleen have pulled

off a double victory on their

Canberra road trip beating the

Capitals and the AIS and taking

their winning streak to 16.

With top spot on the ladder up

for grabs, there was no love

lost between the sides. The

Capitals took an early lead and

led 26-14 at the first break.

Suzy Batkivic put on a show for

former Capital Lauren Jackson,

top-scoring with 24 points.

But Canberra needed - conceded

29 fouls during the game and

that haunted them in the final

quarter as Bulleen surged home

in the final 30 seconds of the game. That hurt

game. That hurt us, the amount

of free throws we gave them and impacted the result. We had a

few people not quite up to it tonight and others that stepped

up. The win all but guarantees

Bulleen top billing for the

finals. Amateur golfer Ashley

Ona has surprised the field by winning this

Canberra Ladies Classic. Ona

held on to edge out America's

Alison Walshe by one shot, with another Australian a further

shot back. The young

Queenslander shared the lead with compatriot Frances Bondad

heading into the final round,

but a solid performance saw her

two shots up heading into the

final few holes. It was a

tight battle down the 18th. A

birdie by Walshe saw her edge birdie by Walshe saw her

within one shot of the lead and

play looked like heading to a

playoff after Ona ended up in

But she made par winning her the trees on the final hole.

first professional event. I

think someone needs

me. I'm very overwhelmed and I

don't think it's going to sink

in until maybe I'm going to get on the plane tomorrow. Ona

takes home the trophy, but not

the prize money. That instead

goes to Walshe who was the

first-placed professional.

It's an icon among Canberra's

classical music lovers, but after 35 after 35 years Abel's Music

Shop in Manuku is closing its

doorsborough under pressure of

a changing industry. The

shelves once rich with music

history are being emptied. It's another nail in the coffin, I

guess of independent record

stores. Over the years, the

small record turned CD store

has always offered music lovers

something unique. Just the way

it's presented and the way they

talk to you, let's have a go. A person with an interest outside the normal record, it

was a mecca. The album of

well-known customers. Paul well-known musicians lured

Keating was a regular customer

in the shop. He used to spend

hours in the shop, actually. Kevin Rudd has been a more recent Prime Minister we've had. But the online market has

turned the industry on its

head. With lower sales, Abel's

has struggled to compete and stay profitable. The cost of

maintaining a shop front go up

and the prices of CDs go

down. No longer able to keep

pace, they're closing the shop

front in favour of their own

online store. We just have to

move with the times. It's very

sad and disappointing. Times

are changing. Bob Dylan's words

a fitting testament to change

in the music business. Time

for a look at the weather now,

and it was hot and sunny, although it

warm as expected. We reached

34 after an overnight low of

11. Cloud around Tropical Cyclone

Anthony off North Queensland

causing showers for coastal Queensland, while cloud near Tropical Cyclone Bianca is

causing gusty showers for

south-west WA. A high is keeping NSW and Victoria clear,

with very hot northerly winds affecting South Australia and


That's ABC News. Virginia

Haussegger will join you

goodnight. tomorrow. Enjoy your evening,