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for help. The last moments of a

Queensland mother and son. Barnaby's choice, Virginia Haussegger. The deaths. were playeded to the inquiry father John Tyson were surrounded by family as they prepared themselves ones. The calls were through floodwaters? heard yelling at her jump on the Rice pleaded with the call wasn't that I have to tried to drive home and Dalby tomorrow. the few southern Queensland 24 is set to Nationals and Barnaby Joyce is

hatching plans that could make in him the could-most powerful man my seat. going to go to House. Tony Windsor's like the choice. Not Barnaby. I'd family history Labor. Barnaby Joyce has long

Tony that Barnaby Joyce is a leadership when Warren Truss ready to be up to two years away but my hat in the ring. It could

Abbott going to go to that Barnaby Joyce would

would be a strong voice for part of Australia in the Senate or in the

by a Coalition eager to Billiton firms up plans think Watts. Both breached club rules notoriety. Self- confessed subject to advice we're in the breach of contract notice. awarded was convicted of drink driving. He escape would a The Canberra Raiders and in 2008. It's history that he twice was taken out and up. Hopoate was fined $1,000 Waterlow proper help. They everybody. Anthony Waterlow Mokbel's defence secret until this morning when 24 of them were pleaded guilty to end it was a jovial Mokbel

trafficking, large hauls of police officer murder didn't Mokbel of ordering

in 2008, having lost remained, were prosecution were abandoned by the

spend at

9-year sentence for trafficking cocaine. Sarah Farnsworth, ABC News, Melbourne . A Taliban gunman has penetrated ministry heavily fortified defence Afghan forces reports. The Government. A suicide bomb had targets in the past four days. The future looks bleak for promises a cold within nine months. all the information they way south to family it's inconvenient. There's month. Compensation is no comfort. I'm very angry. It not about life back. But for now this but at least the youngest markets have been rattled rating. The announcement puts more pressure on Congress to agree on losing its said today that the risk is only in the next couple of limit. The US is on the brink

of reaching its $14.3 impact on both the back its loans concerns also last peaked at 5,069 on April 11, fallen which was 4,008 74 points ratings States from stable to The only surprise about that was that it's taken so long, much more fac-European markets were down

before the because of bit, flight to safety which is that surprising. It shows what the credit resulting in began in a workshop and not cover. The force of all the blown through a needed stitches after being Prime Minister funds during a planting Federal Government to the timed to coincide Australian National he's credited with putting the advise the Prime Minister on The former vice chancellor he plans to work closely with his predecessor says out on. Professor Ian Chubb beginning his the recently retired ANU vice feather to his hat. He's a man of extraordinary leader of the speculation this was the been environment. but the athletics giving body athletics - fastest mor than athletics - fastest mor

to yet to result. The 29-year-old Mutai three minutes. Japanese athletes

weather was area but there wasn't any were enough for these two. Hi, dad. Welcome Like Sir Charles, the stop was Hawaii but while next, the pair had to Christmas Island, 14 hours compared to Smithy's 34 hours. They certainly did it hard, there's No Doubt. had three engines plane, we've any one of those three engines captured WikiLeaks north-westerly wind change came

break. definitely. Watts has also for 7:30 with Leigh Sales Chris Uhlmann. This Program is Captioned

Live. Hi, I'm Chris Uhlmann and

shortly I'll be asking

Australia's new chief scientist

how he'd view any budget cuts to research to research funding. Also

tonight - the deadly disease on our northern door

step. Counting the cost of

turning away our neighbours

suffering from TB. Not treating

these people runs the risk of potentially putting Australian

residents at risk. I'll have a

brand new kidney from my wife

so look out, I'll be on

fire. And in sickness and

health, the couple sharing the

ultimate gift. And then we'll

do your blood test. It is just

fantastic to be able someone life, it's just the

best thing you could ever do.

Welcome to the program.