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country. The their work Canberra's weather and Sydney 32, More news in an hour. This Program is Captioned Live. # Theme music best possible help for this child. We're trying to get the she desperately needed. for the life-saving treatment he felt And did she have a family? But who was the baby? Welcome to Four Corners. over the past week The scenes from Christchurch have been heart-wrenching, of nature's fury another awesome display of fate, and the indiscriminate randomness as if we needed reminding. in Haiti seems a long time ago, Suddenly, the devastating earthquake 300,000 people lost their lives but it's just over a year since in the tiny, poverty-stricken nation. amidst the mind-numbing destruction impacted by the disaster, Of the 3 million people half were children. plucked from the ruins of a hospital Our story tonight is about one infant clinging tenuously to life two days after the earthquake, and evacuated to Britain. wreckage of Haiti's destroyed capital A subsequent search through the for dead? Was this the child she had given up now? And what should happen to the child of kindness Here now an account of a simple act with English filmmaker Inigo Gilmore, with profound consequences when shown on Britain's Channel 4. which sparked a spirit of debate devastated Haiti. a massive earthquake 300,000 people died. Many more were injured. pull survivors from the wreckage. Rescuers did what they could to lost their homes Tens of thousands had and were living in makeshift camps. With hospitals collapsed were being treated on the streets. the wounded Some of the more seriously injured to an emergency field hospital. were ferried David Nott is a surgeon been a volunteer in disaster zones Over the past 17 years he's all over the world. Within days of the earthquake charity - Medicins Sans Frontieres. he volunteered for the medical severe crush injuries For weeks, his skills in treating proved invaluable. surgery, lots of flaps, I've done a lot of reconstructive and special microvascular flaps - cover bones and injuries and so on. we did all those this morning to This hospital is quite amazing. we did 200 surgical operations, Last week alone, 30 operations per day. which on average is about Paco and Trinity Hospital, were to this area here called St Louis, all the patients were transferred a football pitch, which was basically enormous district general hospital, which has now been built into an care unit, two operating theatres. with 48 tents with an intensive extremely distressing. I find the whole experience Going round the wards, amputated arms and legs, seeing children with aren't any mothers and fathers, screaming for their when there in the earthquake. because they've died experiences I've ever had. It's one of the most emotional under David's care However, there was one patient at this makeshift hospital. who could not be treated old... who is three months old, We have a baby who was three months at Trinity who was involved in the hospital when it collapsed in the earthquake, but not only that, in fact lost its arm, the top of its head. had a major burn injury to

The problem is... what we feel... itself is in fact dead, is that the cranium because it won't actually heal. so it probably needs to be removed, really do it in this environment My thoughts were that we couldn't because of the equipment because of the sterility and neurosurgical, and because we don't have

plastic surgeons. or we don't have craniofacial

the baby could die And the problem is that if we don't do anything about it. His time was running out in Haiti she suffered before the earthquake. because of the burns injuries get her to London - He was determined to hoped would save her life. for an emergency operation that he unconventional move - This was certainly an from her homeland. to evacuate a lone child And it wasn't going to be easy. Landina Seignon, All he had was the child's name, from where she'd been rescued. But Landina had no known family. charity, Facing the World, David was helped by a children's a medical visa in London. who obtained the matter of a passport. But there was still Unfortunately. It's completely closed. or they would miss the helicopter Landina's evacuation. specially arranged for The next day, the Emigration office finally opened around the block. but there was a queue into the offices. David was eventually swept Five hours later he emerged with a passport for Landina. hazardous journey safely To undertake this long and expert assistance of his colleague, David needed the Francois Barbotin-Larrieu. pediatrician, How's the little one? a bit sleepy, which is good. Little one's fine. She's obviously As long as her hat stays on. across the island A helicopter would ferry them Dominican Republic - to the far side of the flight to London. connecting them with a scheduled David, Francois and Landina arrived 24 hours after leaving Haiti, Children's Hospital - at Great Ormond Street volunteering their time, where surgeons, carry out her operation. were standing by to A team of craniofacial and neuro surgeons that was impossible in Haiti. undertook the vital operation when you're ready. Let me have a trimmer, please, So what we're doing now bone that we think is not viable, is just taking off that bit of and the fact that it separates so nicely, it's not got a blood supply. suggests that, in fact, This dressing and what that does is keep it nice and clean, and hopefully create an environment where the bone will heal and the scalp will heal. The black sponge dressing is a charcoal sponge, that doesn't stick to the wound

but it allows a negative pressure which sucks out the infection and the microbiological content of the wound. Great. It's nice when things happen the way they should. The operation was a success - Landina was transferred to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where David works. She's now a healthy, young child who is doing really well comparatively to three or four weeks ago, when she really did have a few days to... you know, to live. If the infection set in, she would have died. But a mystery remained - just whose baby was this?

The charity, Facing the World, who had arranged her evacuation, for Landina's long-term care and all her medical bills. To raise the funds needed, the charity brought in the press. Leading this publicity campaign was the charity's chief executive, Sarah Driver-Jowit. But all this exposure led to some pretty wild rumours. One of the things people are saying and we intend to keep her in the country come hell or high water. The present rumour is that David's going to adopt her, which... Yeah, that's my reaction. News of Landina's story had even filtered back to Haiti, leading to confusing claims from possible relatives. We need to go back now to Haiti ourselves of trying to find out who her family is rather than these outside influences. People making up rumours and discussions, Twitters and so forth, and find out exactly who her relatives are. Three months after the earthquake, with little of the promised international aid arriving in Haiti, the rubble had still not been cleared from the streets and the hospital that Landina was rescued from still lay in ruins. Somehow she survived its collapse even though 25 other patients, eight nurses and a doctor died. Journalist Inigo Gilmore began the search for her family here. But no medical records remained to help identify any of her relatives. claiming to be a relative of Landina Seignon had come forward. These pictures are taken recently of Landina in London. Do they look like Landina? Mm-hmm. She has the same last name as us, Seignon. Uh-huh. And then... ..Landina has the same nose as me. It would be my niece. She has the same nose as you? His claims to be a relative of Landina's turned out to be mistaken. So was Landina yet another orphan of the earthquake? As a last resort, Inigo made a radio appeal to see if there were any of Landina's real family out there. It wasn't possible to find the family at the time, so we're trying to find the family to see if there's a family for her to come back to in Haiti. Back in London, having made good progress, it was time for Landina to move in with the host mother appointed by the charity, Chain of Hope, Najma Latif and her family. I have three daughters of my own and we live in Buckinghamshire. And we've been a host family for about 10 to 12... children from developing countries, so we're used to having children staying with us. We'll take you home and look after you until you're well enough to go home. Hey, Landina. What's the matter? What's the matter? (Hiccups) Oh! That was a big burp. Meanwhile in Haiti - a breakthrough. Inigo Gilmore finally received information and to a woman who was about to be stunned by some incredible news. (Speaking French) Bonsoir. Bonsoir. Inigo. Marie. Nice to meet you.

This is the document This is the mother of Landina Seignon. She was born on December 25th. That's when she went into hospital. Yeah. This is the document they gave her, and, at the time, she was one month. And this is her record. This is the document. It's the same number. Is that Landina? What would she like to happen now? Marie Miracle lives in this overcrowded slum which has for years suffered from poor sanitation The tiny shack that was Landina's home was left intact by the earthquake. Her mother, Marie Miracle, still lives here It was here on Christmas Day last year that Landina suffered the burns that put her in hospital in the first place.

Landina was here?

Landina's life was saved when she was pulled from the ruins of La Trinite Hospital. But how was it that Landina, two weeks earlier, had been left here all alone? A day after the accident, amid confusion and high emotion, Marie Miracle's mother told her that Landina was dead - clearly a mistake. A DNA test finally confirmed that Marie Miracle was indeed Landina's mother and a Skype call was arranged so she could see her daughter for the first time since they had been separated. Can you see your mother? Look, there's your mummy. There's your mummy. There's your mummy!

She's getting teeth but she doesn't have any yet. She'll laugh very soon and then you can see. Very good! So she has... arm. Oops! She's got a burn. There you go. Can you see that burn?

This is Najma. so Landina spends most of her time living with Najma. Hi. Hi!

I would love to be her godmother. That would be fantastic. Tell her she is a very loved baby. The charity, Facing the World, now offered to fly Marie Miracle to London, for a reunion with her daughter. There will be difficult questions to discuss about Landina's future.

And this is our wonderful baby and mum. Bonjour, bonjour.

(Speaks French) David Nott, returning from another medical mission, this time in Afghanistan, finally met up with Landina's mother. Its uncle David, come to see you. (In French) Very beautiful. Merci. (In French) Comes from you. Oh, no, no. Oui, oui. Whoa. Incredible! Hello. Remember me? Yes. It's your Uncle David. You look very pretty now. Don't you? Very happy. Now that David had met Marie Miracle there was much to discuss about Landina's future. There is a lot of work to do, and she mustn't feel anxious or anything at the moment. She should just enjoy being with Landina. Enjoy being her mum. he now had responsibilities for her future. You know, sometimes I think to myself, if we let this baby go back, and the baby died, through an infection, through lack of hygiene, then it's a fundamental problem that right from the very beginning we should not have taken this child and brought it to Great Britain That is the issue. Marie Miracle had spent a few weeks bonding with her daughter. Before she returned to her other children in Haiti, she wanted to have Landina baptised. I baptise you in the name of the Father and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. It was five o'clock the following morning and Marie Miracle had to say goodbye to Landina, not knowing when she would see her again. Say bye, Mama. Merci, merci. Bon voyage. With Landina's medical needs being taken care of, those involved in her life met to set up a new support group called Friends of Landina. It would try to devise a plan to help her family's social needs back in Haiti and pave the way for Landina's eventual return home. When we found her in Haiti, which I'd never really got into at all before, never knew very much about, and now realise it's very complicated really - extremely complicated. And I'm glad I'm going to Haiti next week to see for myself exactly what's it all about really,

and to get a feel for what we're really going to face.

To be honest with you, I'm quite shocked. All this stuff - none of this has been cleared, has it? What's the general mood of the people here now? in a long time, since this earthquake. Is this where I'm staying? Yes. This is Park Hotel. It doesn't look very safe, Bruno. It held together, it's OK. You'll be safe. Let's hope so. Francois Barbotin-Larrieu, the French doctor who took Landina to London with David, joined him in Haiti to help him assess the situation. it's probably the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen a food market next to a sewer, open sewer, with a pig eating, you know, excrement basically, next to it all. You know, the place is so unhygienic, its full of bacteria. And, it's not far away from where Landina's mother lives, so it doesn't bode well. I was in Afghanistan, Pakistan, even in Gaza. It's not the same dirtiness as here. It's very difficult to say can we send Landina back to this - something like this. Open sewers and muck and filth, and excrement. If the streets weren't shocking enough, David was about to find the state of Haiti's hospitals no less disturbing. We're in the government hospital, so we're going to have a look at the pediatric services here. The children's wing had been badly damaged in the earthquake. David wanted Francois, an experienced pediatrician, to assess the state of the medical facilities in case Landina ever needed treatment here. This little girl has actually a psychiatric disorders. It's like autism. here that she struggles with? What does she find working Francois has just discovered IV lines several times over that they probably use the same for the patients. That is a potential huge problem. I think she's blind, actually. Yes. She probably has cerebral palsy. infection or something like that, If Landina came back here with an it would be a problem.

Marie Miracle at home. place to which Landina might return. He wanted to see for himself the around here so watch your step. Be careful. It's a little slippery here is not clean? And this water running through No, it's sewage water. So, like an open sewer then, really. Yeah, pretty much. Marie Miracle, bonjour. two or three or four days ago. Yeah, we... I saw her Have a good sleep. That was something else. with absolutely zero electricity? Ever been in a place, David, No. I've worked in, Well, I suppose the refugee camps with no electricity. but not a township, so to speak, lot of running sewage. It's filthy, there's a She can't possibly go there. appalling conditions in Haiti, David, already shaken by the a no-less-stressful matter. now had to deal with at the moment. You see, I'm out of my comfort zone Well out of my comfort zone. I'm not a social worker. And that's why its difficult for me. management of... certainly refugees I've never been trained in and how to work out the social aspects of children. And how to understand the family structure, and all this sort of stuff - I have no idea. I'm well out of my comfort zone, Part of David's mission in Haiti This had already become an issue because some of the money David had sent to Marie Miracle to buy her children's school uniforms and other necessities, had already been spent.

David was feeling the strain of being responsible for a family with so many needs. All we're saying is It's nothing to do with her as a person. It's just that I need to make sure that she is responsible.

The bottom line of it is that we all love Landina to bits and we just want the best for her. And, at the moment we're just trying to sort out her family with a proper place to stay, schooling and everything. All I'm saying to her is, So that's what we're doing. me that she is a responsible person I just feel that she needs to show and that's all I'm asking. to do that, with Marie Miracle Having patched things up home to his patients in London. David had to return Thank you, very much. and with fees paid for by David, In their new uniforms, her other children off to school. Marie Miracle took brother and sisters are educated Raising funds so that Landina's is part of the plans in the Friends of Landina group have David and the others a future that would include Landina. for securing the family's future -

Landina's first birthday party in her story gathered to celebrate. and many of those involved Can you do your lion roar, Dina? Roar. had received, For the all devoted care Landina her future uncertain. she still faced years of treatment, Landina has a unique injury, to be better tomorrow. and so we can't plot that it's going next month. in six months. We can't say it'll be better

I guess, is what happens then. The question, For David, was a moment to reflect Landina's birthday on the consequences of saving a life. for the next 25 years. She's going to be part of my life mission and brought a baby back, If every time I went out on a I was a bit strange. I think people would think For Landina's mother, Marie Miracle, reunited with the child she had and now separated once more, Landina's future. it was time to consider her heartstrings a little bit. That must have pulled Some raw questions still

left hanging from Haiti. after that remarkably human story The latest news of Landina is to receive medical care, that she continues fragile. Her condition is still described as about her return to Port Au Prince. No decision has yet been made the harder it's going to get. Of course, the longer it takes, in Australia's water wars. inundated, Eastern Australia may have been still strong. but the need for reform is survive the pressure it's under Can our most important river system to produce food for the cities, going to find the ticket to save it? and where are the politicians

Until then, goodnight. (Closed Captions CSI)

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