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Tonight - growing international unease about how

Moammar Gaddafi died. Pomp and ceremony galore presents Duntroon cadets with

their new colours. I'm very

pleased to present these new

colours to you in this the 100th anniversary

for the rest of my year. Something I will cherish

life. Champions or chokers, the

weight of the world res on the All Blacks' shoulders. And surprise, surprise, the Cox

Plate is taken out by an

outsider. Pinker Pinker in

front and she wins it. Good

evening, Craig Allen News. Libya's interim evening, Craig Allen with ABC

government is under increasing

pressure to reveal exactly how

the former dictator Moammar

Gaddafi met his end. The

official claim that he was

killed in cross-fire seems to

be at odds with videos that

show him being set upon by a

street mob. There's also debate

should inside Libya about how he

should be buried and while

that's being decided his

that's being decided his body

has been put on public

display. From the Lybian

capital Tripoli here's the

ABC's Michael Vin vent. And a some graphic images. The day

after the death of a after the death of a dictator,

there are plenty of ways of

celebrate. Gaddafi's palatial

residence used to be off limits

now they're the ideal venue for

a burn out. The guns were put

aside for Friday prayers but

the jubilation resumed as soon

as worship was over. We cannot

don't think there's something express our feeling. We are I


better than this happiness, you know. Many other Lybians

spent the day queueing to view

the body of their former leader and his henchman. The macabre

some. ritual was disturbing for

TRANSLATION: He looks a little frightenings, it's

indescribable. Others felt they

needed to see the body to bring

home the reality his brutal

rule was over. The official

line is that he was killed in

videos that cross-fire. But the various

final moments seem to show a

man set upon by a crazed mob.

inhumane His life ended in the most

cooperating with international government says it's

calls for openness. Yes, and

today the file is going to be

sent to The Hague. The US for

one is not too concerned about

an investigation. It's really

up to the Lybian people to

decide. He decided his fate

when he refused to step down. NATO says it will end its Lybian operation on 31

October. NATO will monitor the

situation and retain the

capacity to respond to threats

international community scales to civilians if needed. As the

back its involvement, the work

of creating a new government is

just beginning. Here in Martyr

Square in a few hours time the

formal liberation of Libya will

be declared. The interim

government has to draft a

constitution, it has to hold

elections and build an entirely

fresh administration. The Ma -

against Ma Lisch yarkss who fought

against Gaddafi will have to be

disbanded and it will be a

whole new challenge when they

build a new nation. The US

President has announced that

all American troops will be out

of Iraq by the end of this

year. Barack Obama has rejected

calls by the Iraqi Government

for 5,000 troops to stay in the

country. All 39,000 will be

withdrawn in the coming months.

President Obama made the pledge

to end the conflict during his

bid for the White House in

2008. As promised, the rest of

our troops in Iraq will come

home by the end of the year.

After nearly nine years

America's war in Iraq will be

over. Since the invasion in

March 2003 almost 4,500 US

troops have been killed, 32,000

have been wounded. The war has

cost $700 billion. A man has

been killed in a suspected

shark attack off the West

Australian coast. The attack

happened at the popular destination Rottnest Island.

About 19 kilometres off the

coast of Fremantle. It's

understood the 32-year-old US

citizen was diving alone at Little Armstrong Bay 500 metres Little Armstrong Bay

off shore when he was attacked.

He surfaced from the water with

extensive injuries. It's the

in less than two weeks. The second fatal shark attack in WA

Royal Military College has

hosted a very special guest as

part of its centenary

celebrations. For the 4th time

in her reign Queen Elizabeth presented new colours the next generation of elite

officer cadets at Duntroon. The

monarch also paid tribute to

past cadets who have sacrificed

their lives in service to

Australia. Andrew Australia. Andrew Greene

reports. The weather forecast

was threatening but there was

to be no raining on this Queen's parade. Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied

by His Royal Highness, Prince

Phillip the Duke of

Edinburgh. As Canberra turned

on a balmy spring day for Her Majesty's return

Duntroon. Queen Elizabeth II hip, hip, hip Ra. Spectators

lined the parade ground

watch a tradition dating back

to ancient Roman times. Call royal salute. The Queen

presented her new colours to

the college praising cadets for

their service and sacrifice

around the globe. I have been

most impressed with the discipline and determination of the College's graduates. This

is the 5th time a member of the royal family has presented their Queen Elizabeth has already

done it 3 times and her father,

the Duke of York, did so too

back in 1927 when he came to Canberra to officially open Old Parliament House. Although

this is likely to be Queen Elizabeth's final visit to Duntroon, the officer cadets

won't forget it. A bit of nerves, definitely a lot of

excitement,ing trying to do

your best out there. Excited to

see them obviously and the

thing to watch. A select group Queen was a bonus. A wonderful

of cadets were lucky enough to later

afternoon reception including later mingle with royalty at an

one proud granddaughter keen to

show off her one-time Duntroon

cadet grandfather. Reminded the

Queen that she had presented

him with p the military cross

in 1953 at Buckingham

Palace. Tomorrow the royal

couple will remain in Canberra

heading to a Sunday morning

church service. The first in

line for the Saudi throne died. Crown Prince Sultan Bin

Abdul Aziz died while on a

visit to the United States for

medical tests. He was in his

mid 80s. The Prince who was also Defence Minister

diagnosed with colon cancer in

2004. He was also believed to have been suffering dementia.

His half brother Prince Nayef

is now next in line to rule

after King Abdullah. Rupert

Murdoch has faced off with News Corporation shareholders at the

company's first annual meeting

since the

scandal. Dozens of protestors

gathered outside the meeting

while inside the News Corp

chairman battled disgruntled

shareholders over his handling of the affair. North America correspondent Jane Cowan

reports. News Corp moved the

meeting from New York to LA but couldn't escape the

protestors. We are are the 99%! Amid 99%! Amid unprecedented security shareholders were

bussed into the gated con-Fiennes of where the News Corp boss began

on a contrite note. We cannot

just be a profitable company,

we must be a principled company. 3 months since News

Corp was forced to shutter its 'News of the World' tabloid over revelations it hacked into

the voice mail of a murdered

British schoolgirl there were

calls for the media mogul and

his sons to be ousted from the

board. You are the chief

cheerleader for the calls.

You're suggesting I'm a bad person. No I'm not. The British

MP Tom Watson used the meet ing

to tell of fresh allegations

that the hacking extended

beyond phones to beyond phones to the computers. I wanted to know if

the board were aware of it.

They refused to confirm or deny

which is telling in itself. The fact that these fact that these allegations can

be made at all shows a failure

of leadership of corporate governance . Some of the

testiest exchanges were between

Rupert Murdoch and Stephen Mayne. You're security is saying this is your last question for the meeting. It's anti-democratic and

embarrassing for a media

company that trumets free

speech and accountability. I

think we can stand that

embarrassment. It was a

undemocratic performance by Mr

Murdoch today. He was shutting

down debate, he didn't want to

answer questions, he refused to

disclose the votes and clearly he's under enormous pressure at

the moment after 59 years

running the company. With the

Murdochs controlling 40% of the

voting stock in News Corp, all

the angst won't necessarily

translate into trainge - change at the top Murdochs can hardly miss the

message. There are claims that

a new federal agreement will

result in teachers fleeing some

States in search States in search of higher

wages. The deal struck last

week will see full recognition

of teacher qualifications

across State and Territory

borders. More than 100 years after federation teachers

across the country are about to

be recognised as equal on the

back of a national curriculum

and literacy and numeracy

standards, teacher qualifications will be standardised and made consistent across the country by 2013. But there's a

potential downside for some

States. Teachers will start moving around. We literally

have a situation where in some States teachers are States teachers are being paid thousands of dollars less than in neighbouring States. It's something the Federal Education Minister acknowledged when launching the launching the new agreement. We've got mutual recognition recognition of teacher standards for teachers wherever

they are living and whatever

decisions they decide to take

in terms of moving and seeking employment in other States. According to teachers union salaries between

States can vary by up to

$11,000. For both newly

qualified teachers and those at

the top of their classroom careers, the Northern

Territory, WA and NSW will be

more attractive than places

like Queensland, the ACT and Victoria. State Governments

cannot continue to suppress

teacher salaries and accept

that they will retain teachers

within their borders. The

question of pay rates is a

matter for individual

jurisdictions. This is not about arrangements of teachers. Education ministers

have also agreed to develop a

plan to standardise the recognition of students with

disabilities. A break through

Australian study has busted the

myth that cycad plants were

around at the time of the

dinosaurs. Biology students all

around the world are taught the

plants have been around since

the Jurassic period but new

research reveals cycads are

much younger. Cycads are after the world over. As much

for their distinctive fronds as

for their link to an ancient

world. If you go to botanic

gardens such as this you will find signs saying cycads are

dinosaur plants and it's in the

text books as well. I think

anybody who has gone anybody who has gone through

any sort of botany class or

even done biology in the HSC.

One of the things drummed into

them is cycads are the dinosaur them is cycads are the dinosaur

plants. Now a Sydney botanist

has proved the plants are much

younger. Looks like we're going

to have to change the sign anyway. Instead of emerging 260

million years ago, today's

plants evolved long after

dinosaurs had died out. Cycads

in Asia, cycads in South

America, cycads in Africa they

all evolved at the same time so 10 million years ago. Nathalie

Nagalingum spent 3 years

testing DNA from cycad samples. There

samples. There were cycads back

in dinosaur times but

everything we see today is not

from dinosaur times. So

everything back then has just

become extinct. Her findings

have now been published in the journal excited that the research has

been accepted in such a prestigious journal,

particularly for one of our

newest employees as a

botanist. The cycad study also looked at the plant's future

because cycads grow so slowly the report concluded they're

uniquely threatened by climate change

change and are the world's most

endangered plants. It's

something tens of millions of

people use every day but until

now there's been no alternative

to the GPS satellite system operated But that's about to change.

Europe is launching its own

global positioning network and

for the first time it's using Russian rockets to get the

satellites into orbit. Moscow

correspondent Norman Hermant

reports. For the last 4 years

in the sticky jungle of French Guyana, hundreds of engineers from one of the coldest

countries on Earth have been

building this, a launch site

for Russian rockets to blast

off in partnership with the European Space Agency, ESA.

It's the first Soyuz rocket has ever lifted

off from outside the former

Soviet Union and the first

cargo - the first 2 satellites for Europe's answer to

America's GPS the Galileo

satellite positioning system.

In Moscow they watched

anxiously as Russia's Soyuz

work horse carried into space

the beginnings of Europe's global positioning

independence. Because it is a

political and strategic asset

which we need for ourselves. The European Union's

Galileo plan calls for as many

as 30 satellites. ESA has one

of the most powerful rockets in

the world but it's expensive.

To save money they turned to

the tried and true Soyuz to get

mid sized cargo into orbit.

TRANSLATION: They're getting

quite a cheap rocket that's already operational. They don't

need to develop a rocket for themselves. Galileo joins an

increasingly crowded field of

satellite positioning systems.

Russia has spent billions launching its own China's space ambitions also

include a satellite positioning

system. Galileo is now relying

on the EU to foot its nearly $7

billion budget. And I think it is more is more important really to have it than to count the money

you would get in with it. But

this moment was about

celebration from South America

to the EU to Russia. The only

time New Zealand has won the

rugby World Cup was in 1987

against France. Since then the All Blacks have become known as

chokers. But the men in black

have the chance to change that

reputation in tomorrow night's

final against the French. Jennifer Browning Jennifer Browning reports. Some would say New Zealand already

has one hand on the William

Webb Ellis trophy but All

Blacks captain richie McCaw isn't one of

isn't one of them. I don't

think you should touch it until

you earn it. He fronted a

massive media contingent on the

eve of the finals. The All

Blacks have the weight of a nation on their shoulders as

they try to recapture the cup

on home soil. I got to not let it get on top of

you. If you get too anxious and

wound up then you will waste a

lot of energy. As for the unfancied French they just want

to get on with

TRANSLATION: To be honest I'd like it all to be over at this

point and to end well. The

World Cup trophy wasn't in the photo but the Wallabies

finished the tournament on a

winning note. The much maligned

Quade Cooper made a promising

start setting up the opening

try. But Cooper's cup and his year came to year came to a shuddering halt.

I think he has hurt himself.

The fly half faces knee

surgery and will be out of

action until next year's Super rugby competition. Some

improvisation helped the Welsh

snare the lead in the bronze

medal play off. But it was

short lived. Ben Mc McCalman

all but sealed the game with

less than 5 minutes to play. The Welsh had play. The Welsh had the final say with an epic 32-phase

consolation try siren. The win ended a 25-year

losing streak at Eden Park for

the Wallabies. I think the boys

showed tremendous pride in the

jersey and what it means to

them. The two teams will meet

again in December. The

Wallabies returned home a short

time ago landing at Sydney

Airport to a low key reception.

It wasn't quite the home coming

they'd hoped for when the

tournament began six weeks ago.

But coach Robbie Deans says his

players can still be proud of

their efforts. We're home earlier than we'd

But I think the group showed on

their last outing the spirit

that's within them. The next

game for the Wallabies will be against against the Barbarians in

London at the end of next

month. It's been a tale of two very

very different horses at Moonee

Valley this afternoon. Headline grabbing Black Caviar surpassed

Phar Lap's winning streak with

a 15th successive triumph in

its race while the rank

outsider Pinker Pinker emerged

from the pack to claim

age race the Cox Plate. Despite

the gloomy skies, race goers

came in their thousands. There

was the lure of the horses but

also milestones to be

marked. It's a birthday outing

which has been an almost 7-year

tradition. For some a day at

the races was a prelude to an

even bigger day. My brother I

assumed he was the best man, I

assumed he would put on an

outfit as well but no, he left

he high and dry. This marriage

suit I might have to cancel it

off. And everywhere you looked

salmon could be spotted. Because ahead of the Cox Plate

black caviar rr was to make its presence felt and the young

mare didn't disappoint easily

winning her 15th straight race

without the jockey using his

whip. But all eyes quickly

turned to the marquee event

with most money for the

favourite helmet. It turned out

to be money wasted as the 20 to

1 outsider Pinker surprised everybody. Then Pinker Pinker, Rekindled Interest. Pinker Pinker coming

down the outside. Pinker Pinker

has taken the lead, and she won

it. Pinker Pinker won the Cox

Plate from Jimmy Choux. I rode

rowed and my goal was to go to the Olympic Games and it the Olympic Games and it was

fantastic and I wondered if

anything would ever surpass

that. But I think today has. And last Cup winner a-Americain

impressed in its appearance in

the Moonee Cup.

Australian men's and women's

hockey teams remain undefeated

at the International Super

Series in Perth after victories

over India on the eve of the

opened the scoring in the gold medal matches. India

women's game but the

Hockeyroos hit back. India sponded but Australia held match for a 3-2 win. In the men's

match the Kookaburras had a

more comfortable 4-1 victory.

Both Australian teams have

already sealed their spots in

tomorrow's finals. Jamie

Whincup has regained the series

lead from team-mate Craig Lowndes with victory in today's

V8 race on the Gold Coast.

There was a moment of

reflection for British driver

Dan whel Wheldon who died in a

crash in week. When the race began Sebastian Bourdais took began Whincup's codriver

advantage of the pole position.

Whincup was rarely troubled at the front racing to an

important win. Jaim Jamie

takes the championship lead. Whincup brings it home and

The car was fantastic today

and seb did an awesome job. He

developed the car on Friday and

handed it over to me in the

perfect position. The newly

crowned Moto GP world champion Casey Stoner will start second on the grid in tomorrow's Malaysian grand

prix. Dani Pedrosa claimed

pole. In the women's soccer

thrashed Adelaide United 4-1 in league Canberra United has

the opening game of the season at Hindmarsh Stadium. Canberra

was on top early, Michelle

Hayman scoring her first goal

in the opening minutes.

Adelaide hit back though

equalising through Rachael

Quigley just before half time. But the deadlock was broken

midway through the second half

with Canberra's Caitlin succession to have the Lady

Reds in deep trouble. And it

got worse for Adelaide with

Hayman scoring her second to

put the game beyond doubt. week Canberra will host Perth Glory. Canberra Capitals remain

winless this season after going

down 74-63 to ladder leaders

the Townsville Fire last night.

Point guard Nicole Hunt top

scored for the visitors with 17

points. The Capitals will take

on the Logan Thunder tomorrow. World champion Paris cyclist

Susan Powell has been named ACT

sports star of the year. At

last night's sport stars awards

boat ck club the Ice Dragons

was named team of the year.

Powell, who only took up her

sport 5 years ago was the

night's big winner and she

wasted no time getting back out

on the track. Susan Powell was

just happy to be nominated for

the top award last speechless. The sort of winning, she was

athletes that we have in

Canberra and just being put in

that field, you know, is a real

honour. But based on her accomplishments, the should have come as no surprise. After just a few

years of competing Powell is a

multiple world record holder, a

world champion and shows no

signs of slowing down. Loves

winning, dislikes losing,

perfection ist through and

through, so she likes doing

everything as perfectly as she

can. It's a journey she never

thought she would take an a

4 years seemingly innocuous back injury

nerve damage in her leg. I have

very little function in my

right leg and that classifies

me in a group with people who might have below amputations. Fellow Canberran might have below knee

and Paralympic legend Michael Milton was a source of inspiration for Powell. Michael

road rode without a club and

when I came back from injure I

I thought if he can do it with

one leg I can do it with 1.5

legs. She was a natural straight away. She nearly broke

the world record on here on

training wheels the first time. She will be hoping she

remains at the top for

of gold at next year's Paralympics. I will be training

for the world championships and

then after that lit be a focus

on the Paralympics and hope to

get to experience it. Considering her success that experience is a virtual

certainty. Lake Burley Griffin

was less than serene this morning as

over the water. 42 teams took

part in the annual dragon boat

for breast cancer charities. challenge which raises funds

Western Park was alive with

colour as 850 paddlers in

various uniforms and costumes

took to the lake. The Pink Lady

Shield for the fast eest team

was won by the Hotel Ral m

while the dragon spirit awards

went to the Lympho Maniacs. And

a charity sprint in Brisbane has seen dozens of contenders

brave sky-high heels to vie for

the title of stiletto race champion. The competition was

fierce bru there were no broken

bones, just bruised egos.

Muscles were limbered, Muscles were limbered, ankles

support in the ankle. Ambitions strapped. Just a bit more

were varied. I hope to come out

of this without any broken

ankles. Requirements had to be

met. Heels couldn't be less

than 7 cm to go. This race didn't

discriminate. Whose shoes are

those? His mother's. I found

them in the shops. The men face

their own preparation

challenges. It was very hard finding a good pair of shoes

because my feet are so big.

This is the first time so it

should be interesting. The

Brisbane punters placed their final bets. His chances? Slim

to none. But his ankle's chances

chances of breaking, high to

moderate. The crowded Eaglefarm

eager for the heats to

begin. And there was

early casualties. There's one

down. With race day nerves

causing more than one

wobble. Oh, there's one

the grand down. It was only the pros in

the grand final though. Their

best stiletto-strutting skills

on show for a photo finish.

on show for a photo finish.

The gold stiletto going to

Britney McGlone for the second

year running. I'm a 400 metre year running. I'm a 400

hurdler, I train at the

Institute of Sport, I'm 22

trials in years old and I have Olympic

wasn't so easy for the

others. Very sore. I have a new

respect for girls now. But the

for breast pain was worth it raising money

for breast cancer research.

It's hard to top that. We'll

move on to the weather though

and it's been an overcast but

fine and warm day in Canberra.

Light winds and a top of 27

degrees. On the coast it was a

similar story but with some

afternoon showers and storms.

Nowra had a top of 25, showers

in the afternoon. Cooma was a bit cooler today.

The cloud overhead has been

courtesy of a trough that's

sitting over the eastern

States. There's also a cold

front over the Bight. The front

and trough systems will link up early in the new early in the new week bringing some unsettled weather to

A mostly sunny day with light winds

winds turning north easterly to north-westerly morning. Just a 10% chance of

rain and a warm top of 28 after

11 degrees overnight.

Before we go a brief look

back at our top stories tonight

and there's increasing pressure

on Libya's interim government

to reveal exactly how the

former dictator

died. Amateur videos show him

being set upon by a street mob. Those

Those images are at odds with

claims he died in claims he died in cross-foir. - fire. And there's been another

fatal shark attack in WA. Police say the man who's believed to be a 32-year-old

American tourist was diving off

Rottnest Island this afternoon

when he was attacked. It's the

second fatal shark attack in WA

in 2 weeks. And that's the news

for now. Thanks for your company, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI