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(generated from captions) Live. Tonight - Libya's rebels have a fight on are mounting a have suffered losses since on civilians. Middle Yesterday Moammar the way of Libya's rebels. forces hit artillery.

hoping to keep pushed The be brought out were lines. This was the what's happening now is front, When fighters did leave for the will be prepared to die rather Gaddafi. And the there were reports of some fighting inside too. saw in their That hope now appears all but gone. A British captured by contact

leaders. was a surprise return to now control national transitional able to intervene to misunderstanding. In another apparent apparent misjudgment, the SAS

unit is reported to have of multiple nationalities. protesters have to a between Christians and North Africa are doomed in Beijing after anonymous Around 100 people gathered

Security in the capital gathering of bananas at pro-democracy protesters tossed officer. They called jasmine revolution sweeping the China. It was car accidents seen in China. It was one of the worst

pursuing police officers from police on near an intersection coincidence, The only survivor of the crash knew she was in a Williams had paramedics tried to reading of 0.15. When

he said paramedics tried to help him, Investigations by the NSW Police have cleared won't assess the NSW police

by the NRL to play with assault over involved in an fate. Benji takes his role

on the field but a player a guilty finding Minister will hold Abbott's predicting Ms Gillard Simkin reports. The off to a slow the case of Julian eyebrows in and trade legislation think it will be interesting if very excited by the access reflects she's been given. They say it reflects a good personal

relationship between alliance. Overnight, Julia express confidence in process. There would be no basin expected to recommend a draft long-term financial hardship. the decision to stay financial situation. them had returned to the their they couldn't survive well on The latest Africa correspondent its workers have dramatically in the past few even though that's who it wrong. blames for all that's gone Government knows heavily and the local share market fell

oil. Here's Alan below 9% and it's unemployment rate in the US

in three months. So it's 10 years. It's obviously still for the hills because of the oil price. The 0.7% and the big markets Asia today followed even bigger false, except in Beijing. In Australia, the percent, with near 2% performance, you can see February, after which the share

a strong finance. To two Angus & them There's been probably a year, downturn this last calendar course, is once people go come back to bricks and shops unless we can get them to come back with new from another front reinvent themselves. Peter month or two, we presence for years now Some of those changes will be positive. For the are being invited to come to Canberra to plant Today some of the Capital's Canberra rooting their legacy in imagination years. It takes a fertile potential of the national arboretum. All getting the celebrity touch. the course of this week we'll a hoop pine. I hope plenty of space. From highest vantage season to play The ACT Government is backing a corporate push to sign Jackson think Australia, in Canberra. I

again in the future. for Canberra. Brumbies head have a tough assignment on their hands. They squad has now been called into the made his delighted to be Excited to be going over there

and one step closer, I guess,

to getting back into the Hussey is possibly at the expense of Dirk nanis will his side home. Johnny Warren medal in A-League. The boot, young front of 16-year-old little sunshine with him. good day for a burn, Mark". I'm sure those TAMS blokes

what they're doing. They did. Tom was Up close it looked spectacular. controlled burn with Yass dropping to eight generating heavy rain to Melbourne, Hobart and for Canberra tomorrow, there will be some patchy thing, and there'll be a bit of of 27. Sunrise our top suffered their that killed four people on told an that's the news for now. You 24 hours a day at ABConline. Closed Captions by CSI Tonight - Australia's rust

bucket armada. Did the navy

brass mislead the Defence

Minister? The whole nature plan for navy

for navy appears to me to be

institutionalised chaos. And Westpac's carbon trading but says three

years is too long to fix a

price. A year. I don't want to

give a particular time frame

but certainly as quickly as we

can get to an actual trading

scheme we think that would be

best. Welcome to the program.

Great to have your company. The

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