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Tonight - 12 people

confirmed dead as Queensland's

flood crisis reaches new heights Queensland has already

faced some dark days and there

are dark days still ahead. An

eyewitness from grz tells of

the inland - ground zero tells

of the inland tsunami. When of the inland

this torrent swept over the

railway bridge, it carried cars

with it with people clinging to roof tops. And the State's

capital labelled a ghost town

as Brisbane braces for the

flood peak. Good in Brisbane with this special

edition of ABC News.

Australia's third largest city

is a disaster zone, the central business district of Brisbane has been evacuated, along with

20,000 homes. The death toll

from the floods across

South-East Queensland this past

week stands at 12, with 67

people still unaccounted for. Recovery operations are

under way in the Lockyer Valley

which was hit by a wall of

water on Monday night. Today

another body was recovered in

Grantham. Another man's body

was discovered at Lyon's Bridge between gotton and Lowood. In

Toowoomba, the hospital is

preparing to take the bodies ahead of coronial

investigations . On the Darling

Downs to the

centres have gone under for the

second time in a fort night. In

Chinchilla, 66 homes have been

inundated. The town of

Condamine where residents were

forced from their homes have

been evacuated again and in

Dalby 200 families have been

forced out. A third of the

is flood affected, with 1,500 major regional hub

residents staying in the city'

evacuation centre. In Brisbane,

thousand of residents have left their homes along the Brisbane

River. At least 2,000 to 3,000

are expected to seek shelt pler

from the evacuation centres in

Brisbane. Lisa Millar is at the

show grounds. Just describe for

us the situation there. Joe,

people have been trickling in

here over the last 24 hours: But now there are about 600. They're expecting more than

1,000 by the time night falls.

A lot of them have been coming

from the inner city areas that you've Graceville and New Farm. you've been speaking about -

They've been telling some

pretty horrivic stories

including someone family on the

fourth floor of n apartment

block who saw the water wise so

quickly they were evacuated by boat.

though they were urged to boat. A lot of people even

ignoring these evacuate early ended up

ignoring these messages. The

to get, to come to this police moved in and told them

evacuation centre. So they're

arriving on city council buses. The elderly, children, families, and families, and just trying to

put aside the distress they're

feeling because they don't

know, a) how long they will be

here or b) what is going to

greet them when they return home. So, Lisa, how many more people are expected there

tonight? Joe, this is just one

of two centres that have been

other one is on the southern set up here in Brisbane. The

side. Of course the city is

virtual ly split now because of

the rising waters. This is the

area where the Brisbane Ekka, the abling

the abling show is held.

Aboriginal show is held.

Tonight they're expecting mover

than 1,000 and as the days goes

on possibly more as people

realised they can't stay in

their homes, that say have to

get out. They're coming from

quite some distance, and

they're turning up with their

own pillows and towels and sheets hoping to be here for very long but

no-one can tell them when the

water still hasn't weak peaked what lies ahead for

them. They're talking about the

flood peak tomorrow morning at 4am. Authorities seem to be

concerned about the fact that

it's happening in the middle of

the night, it will be dark,

they will not want to be out

there res queuing people. - -

rescuing people: No, Joe, and

that's what's already happened.

The Red Cross were telling me

that many of the people arrived

last night after 11pm and only

after the electricity was cut to their to their homes. That is really worried them that the same

thing will happen again tonight

and why all the warnings have

been put out to get people out early. But still they're early. But still they're being

ignored because people want to

can protect stay in their home, hoping they

can protect them and grab their essential belongings but most of the

of the people here are just

turning up with a small bag, if

anything, and I saw some very

elderly people arrive before

using walkers to get into this

centre and carrying nothing but

hand bags. There's a up where loads of volunteers

are helping hand out clothing,

there are people cooking meals

for them, trying to supply them

with tea and coffee, there are

there is now a playground so many children here

that's been set up in the

corner as well, trying to keep

them distracted while their

parents are busily watching the

television, trying to work out

just what's happening in their

suburb and what might lie

ahead. So, Lisa, they're

definitely still is a sense of anxiety? Absolutely. It's pretty hard here, apart from the children

who are playing their games

because the grown-ups have been

live in the same homes that through it before. Many of them

they were in the last time this city flooded. So they know what

might be ahead. That is what is

the scariest thing. I spoke to

someone whose home and yard

flooded just over the last

month or so because of storm

water. So she didn't wait at

all. She cleared out and got her to this evacuation centre.

The distress is quite

tantamount hire, that they with worried not

they will be here, worried also

about what will face them when about what will face them

they get home. They all know

this is going to be a massive

disaster, no-one is trying to

paint a pretty picture here,

they know that there are tough days ahead. We've seen some

amazing images of the city of

Brisbane today and the reality

is the water is going to rise,

we're looking at another metre

on top of what we've got

tonight. The residents there

are very aware of that, that

this is going to last not just

this 4 o'clock peak last all day and they're

talking about Brisbane being

like this for a couple of days

afterwards as well. I've seen

some of those pictures, Joe, it's quite extraordinary.

People here were showing them

to me on their phones, the

pictures they had taken before

they arrived here. They know

just how hard it's going to be.

From the air, the Brisbane

River could be seen spreading

its tentacles into the its tentacles into the heart of

the city. Throughout the day it

rose more than a metre,

swamping everything in its

Southbank is already filling up

with brown water. The main

riverside expressway is going under. The city was shut,

workers were told to stay home

and power was cut as a safety

measure. We expect the central

business district of our

capital city to be looking and

feeling a lot like a ghost town. Riverside rest rabbits

were inundate and the floating board walk is being dismantled.

Engineers say large part s of

it would be a disanger if

sense of horror and awe about

the power of the river. Boats

an pontoons river ripped from

their moorings have floating down the river. I saw

one goes past my house. Many

were languishing on bridge

piles on. All the ferry

services were Cannes elged. &

the council says all the terminals have been destroyed

and could be out of action for

months. what do you think of this? Not very good. Camp el

Newman says he is prepared to

tr worst. It will go to

around 4am tomorrow. 19,000 -

19,700 residential properties

would see flooding. So too 3,500 people will bed down for the night at the RNA showgrounds. We just got

evacuated from the Yamba

hostel. I was panicking when I

was at the Yamba hostel because

we're living there at the moment and very scary. It's

just one of five evacuation

centres set up across the city. Alan Johnson is thankful

but not exactly happy. It's

nothing like home. It promises

to be a long night ahead.

Especially now thousands of

other residents in low

suburbs have been told to leave

their homes too. So, at

least 30 suburbs in Brisbane

have been affected. This is one

of them. For many older

residence it's horrifying case

of day gentleman view. They

were told the Wivenhoe Dam to Brisbane's

Brisbane's west would stop a

repeat of 1974. Clearly that is

not the reports from the suburb of

Rosalie. It was a bright summer

day but the flood just couldn't

be stopped. Rosalie was one of

the first affected by the river

coming up and the power coming up and the power going

offer. The water rose so fast

business owners couldn't get

vehicles in and had to move out

their stuff in lines like

ants. Stave food. Some locals

came for a look and then joined

the human chain. All these

people standing around

watching, you just have to help. It's as though they

forgot 1974 when many houses this Rosalie this Rosalie were completely

submerjds. In 1974 we lived

there where the chicken place

was. It got up to the roof. Meanwhile at Norman Park

it was my name is Kevin and I

am here to help. The former

Prime Minister hand land ing -

lending a hand to some in his

electorate. At that stage the

water was a metre below the '74

peek peak. Many thousand of

people will br displaced be by

the flooding but in every

statistic is a story that su

neek. I only just bought the

property. So I expected Friday which has been a setback. Until then, neighbours

who are already flooded are using

using the verandah for storage,

including the owner for this

house who got a quote for flood

insurance just last week. I

thought the flood insurance was too dear last week and elected to stay with my current

insurer. Bad joke. He built the

house in 197 a and thought he

was safe for 100 years. By

midday the ground floor was

well flooded. It's just

unbelievable. So surreal, it's uncredible. Police went house

to house in vulnerable suburbs warning

residents about the

inevitable. Most of the

neighbours have already taken

off. We're worried about Bill

across the road. Most people with water at the end of their

street needed no prompting to

take their favourite things and

go. At Fairfield police used

jet skis to patrol the streets looking for people and

obstacles like cars that may have been submerged

unattended. I think there's a

car in the yard that they didn't have keys checked houses for friends and

kept moving possessions as the

flood rose. We are now ding a

second shift. Everything from

here including our stuff up the

hill to the school. Some people

came back from holidays

expecting the worst. Up to

about here and more. That was

'74. All over the city people

took out their essentials by

boat, truck and trailer. Sand

some had more to contend with

than the flood. You could call

this the lack of - luck of the

Irish. Buy your house a week

out of the to laugh. Now authorities are

still plan just how to cope

with this flood peak and then

recovery effort over the next

days and weeks. For now days and weeks. For now they're pleading with people to stay home and to stop panic buying

in suburban shops and petrol stations. The Brisbane River

will rise, no-one knows just

how high. But authorities are

bracing for the worst. By 4am tomorrow tomorrow we expect Brisbane to be experiencing flooding of

1974 proportions, and slightly higher. The military is considering sinking the Moggill

ferry and a floelting entertainment venue, the

Island, they fear both could become major has yards in the swollen Brisbane River. We

don't want to take the risk

that this ferry will become effectively a torpedo coming

down the river. Power has been

cut to 100,000 homes across the

south-east. Authorities are

switching whole suburbs off at

a time. Public transport in the

south-east has been scaled back, some trains are still operating. There are limited

Brisbane transport buses

operating. And we are trying at

the moment to keep some of them on so emergency people who have

had to come to work can get

home. Authorities are pleading

with people to play it safe, to

ease the pressure on stretched emergency services. We understand the temptation to

have a look at the Brisbane

river but we do appeal to

people not to be sight seer and

we ask people to stay off the roads un-Till less that's necessary. The weather bureau

is constantly re level the river will breach reach. They're hoping it will be lower than originally

expected. At this stage just

slightly less. We still have a very serious flood for Brisbane

and Ipswich. We're inundating a

lot of properties so the impact

is still very large. Emergency

workers from around the country

are now flying in to help exhausted personnel who have

been battling floods for 20

days now. The shocking reality

of this disaster has been

unfolding west of Brisbane in the Lockyer Valley. Authorities

know 12 people have died in the

area but there are grave

concerns for at least a dozen

more. No-one really knows just

how many people were caught in

the wave of water that swept through towns like Grantham.

From there, the ABC's From there, the ABC's Paul Lockyer filed this report. As

the water dropped in Grantham,

the grim task of searching for the dead intensified. The

number of people are thought to

have been caught in their homes

when the torrent swept through

the small town. There's a few

people that have gone

unaccounted for even up date and a few that we probably

know that are gone. So, yeah,

it's not a good thing. It's

feared other people were

trapped in vehicle s that were

picked up and carried huge distances by the flood waters. These dramatic images

were cap frurd the front ver

anda from the hotel in Grantham

before it too was claimed by

the raging flood. In the midst

of this disaster, there have been stories of great heroism.

When this week was turned into

a torrent and swept over the railway

railway bridge, it carried car s with it

to the roof tops. Norrie Bloom

wade out to the middle of the

bridge to trief try to save

young wo. The other cars hit

and tumbled. She did it

perfectly. She somehow hit the bridge

bridge and jumped off and I

grabbed her and we sprinted to

the other side. Straight into

your arm? Virtually. She did

really well. Norrie Bloom has

another story to tell. The

flood cut him off from his wife

and children and he had a long anxious wait before he found

out that they had been evacuated to a neighbouring

town. And there was another

piece of good news in Grantham

today - some pets were

recovered from the flood zone. Linda Weston zone. Linda Weston was reunited

with her dog and a neighbour's galah was found arrive the

debris. He be long s to the

people across the road whose

house has washed away. He is

the only thing they will have

left. At least we got him. It's

a very small step on the long

road to recovery. In Ipswich, a town of 160,000

people, are third of the city

is flooded. More than 1,000

residents have fled Nair homes

and are now being cared 10 evacuation centre. Report Erica Thi McLeish spent the

night in the - Cath Yi McLeish

sphent night in the evacuation sphent night in the evacuation centre. More than 1,000 people arrived in the evacuation centres. Very emotional: I

really felt - I think every one

of us is sad. An eerie descend on the city as the

residents watched the Bremer

River rise. The first light

revealed the extent of the

disaster. To see rubbish bins floating down your street. I

know the job ahead of us. It

will be a massive clean-up job. There is no shirking the

responsibility. We will all get

in there and clean it up. With

the flood peak still to come,

residents were preparing for levels higher than 1974. The house across cross-the road was

three-quarter under and this is

supposed to be a metre or two

higher. So it could devastate egg. Shops are close

and public transport is shut

down. This store, one of the

few open, was giving vital food

splice away. So we have more

than 10,000 worth of stock to

the other IGA we've given

88,000 to the people other. -

80,000 to the people here. With

many outlaying towns cut off by

flood water, rescue helicopters worked throughout the day ferrying splice and people from

isolated areas. Across the region, 3,000 homes are inundated. These signs belong to businesses in Brisbane Street in the city heart of

Ipswich. And scenes like this

are repeated right across the

region. It will be some time

before the full extent of the

damage is known. But it is

certain that it will be

enormous. It will be at least

36 hours before the waters begin to recede. And

reporter Ben Worsley joins us situation there right now? Joe,

that story mentions an eerie atmosphere around Ipswich and

it really is. The town seems full of people just standing

around looking lost. There must

be 20 or 30 people just behind

the camera as I speak looking

exactly that. Now I've heard

one local talking on the phone

just here a minute oolg saying,

'Mum, I'm staring at the water,

I simply cannot believe how

much of it there. Is' The number of homes completely swamped is estimated arounded

3,000. Add to that hundreds of

businesseses completely under

water, you can see a dozen or so behind me. The Coles is nearly nearly completely under water.

So imagine the damage in a shop

that size. But there are also

thousand of other homes badly

damaged by the flood water. Now

if relief came in any way to

Ipswich today, it was that the

Bremer River didn't peak at the

level first predicted. The

initial predictions were to be

around 22m. That was revised to

level of the 1974 floods. It

came in at 19.4m. Now to get some idea of what that mean,

that is about 1,000 homes

are thought to have been spared

from potential complete ruin.

Saying that, though, there are still 1,500 people in evacuation centres in Ipswich

tonight. Many more than that

say staying with family and friends on higher ground and,

Joe, they could be there for a

few days yet. So there's a bit

of a sense of shock there in

Ipswich at the moment. What now for them? The water has

mentioned is expected to take

about 36 hours to recede. It is

doing that as we speak, if you

like. Just behind like. Just behind me you can

tell that the water using the

line of debris as a reference

point has dropped about a metre

in the past hour. But one

town's relief is another town's

concern. The receding waters

from here are expected to join

receding flood waters from

other parts of this region and

moving, unfortunately, towards Brisbane and

the worsening conditions there

some time early tomorrow

morning. The local council here - Ben Worsley, thanks for

that. The Prime Minister is

keeping up to date on the

unfolding disaster and toured

flood affected areas around

Brisbane today. Julia Gillard

has pledged more helicopters and military assistance for the

State. And she wanted to re assure Queensland's flood

victims that the Commonwealth

and the military will be there

long after the flood waters

recede. Here is political

correspondent Stephanie

Kennedy. With her trade mark

greeting., the Prime Minister

wet meth the evac wees and volunteers now on the volunteers now on the front

line of this flood emergency. While officers from saifnt

John's ambulance patched up the

walking wound. You used the feet too much. The Salvos dished out the tucker. Everyone

has been well fed and watered. Congratulation on

what you're doing. Thanks for coming sympathetic ear, Julia Gillard listened as children told their tales of evacuation. And with

a simple touch she reached out

to those who fled their homes

as the tide of brown water

surged down the swollen

Brisbane River. There is an

eerie sense to it all in this

sense, that the sun is shining,

but we know that the flood

waters are there wreaking

damage at the same time and yet

here in this centre I think

there's a real sense of people

pulling together even as

waters. So it is a very, you

know, Australian sort of heart

warming thing to see people coming together. Centrelink

staff are also doing the rounds

here, ensuring people receive emergency assistance. Already 10,000 payments have been made,

costing 17 million

dollars. Queensland has

already faced some dark days.

And there are dark day s

stillades ahead but Australia is standing with you, working with Queensland to help

Queensland through this

crisis. Another seven military helicopters help the rescue and recover y

efforts in Queensland, bringing

the total number to 156789 As

we go forward you will see more

and more soldiers out doing the hard yards. And there

was this pledge. We will be

there for the long haul. And we

will assist as much as we can

in the days and weeks

ahead. Now, it's a waiting

game. You're getting to put

your feet up but possibly not for

for long. Until the flood

waters recede and the full

extent of this unleashed by mother nature is

revealed. Now, the breadth of

this disaster is amazing.

Everyone on the western Down, people people are facing food and

petrol shortages. Chinchilla

residents have weathered their

second major flood in just 10 days with roads cut there's

difficulty getting essential

supplies into the town and to make matters worse residents are warned to boil their water

because of contamination

fierce. Here is yaem Pollard. Under again, just when

chin dhin residents thought they they were true the wocious of the clean-up, Charlie's Creek has engulfed the town for the

second time. Ice just come up

that quick this time, people didn't have any warn ing. More

than 60 homes and businesses

are under meters of water. It's

taking a big toll on the small

town's economy. It's not just

the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure either, #250i9s

the loss of business and - it's

the loss of business and the

cost to those businesses. And the problems are mounting.

Supplies of milk, bread, and vegetables are running

low. We're trying to organise

some urgent supplies and there

is a process to go through and

we're at the moment working through those processes. Residents have been

told to boil the drinking water

for three minutes because the

treatment plant is not working

properly. Making matter worse,

it's raining on and off and any

rain that fall in this

catchment is flowing into the

flooded waterways because the ground is just so sodden.

South-east in Warwick up to 200 homes and businesses were flooded when the River peaked joer night. Sarah

is one of the lucky ones - her

home is safe and so is the

family's menagerie. A friend of my joked I would have to built

Noah's Ark because I had five

horse, a cow, two dogs, four

Cats, six chickens and a canary! The town of Condamine

is deserted. All the residents

have been taken to safety. The

water z hasn't entered

buildings yet with the river

expected to peak on the weekend. The damage bill in

Toowoomba after Monday's freak floods is expected to run into the tense of millions of

dollars. The big clean-up is

now under way but residents are

still shaken by a flood they never saw coming. From Toowoomba, Kirrin McKechnie

reports. This pole is Noel rad in's new best friends. I love

this post. He and two mates

clung on, neck deep in water for two long hours. Freezing

cold, cars coming down, rubbish bins

a lot of emotions, one minute I

was screaming and then I was

scream ing trying to -

screaming to

screaming to keep my hences high. I thought I was alright,

but... The massive wall of water that tore through

Toowoomba has taken a huge

emotional toll on residents.

And has left behind a trail of

destruction. This This is an a

presence - apprentice training centre but luckry there was nobody here otherwise they would have stood no chance

of making it out alive. While

the clean-up job is huge, many

are grateful more lives were not lost. We feel really

fortunate. You're probably

hearing this all over the place

but we can replace the

safe. Tow truck drivers have

been working around the clock.

One company align has retrieved

180 damaged cars. We've been

flat out working 48 hours

straight trying to get the cars

sorted out. With roads still cut and the rail line many are now worried fuel and

food supplies will run short. I think people should be patient

about that. I wouldn't encourage panic buying. But

after this week's after this week's so-called inland tsunami, nven here is taking

taking any chances about -

no-one here is taking any

chances about anything. And

Kirrin filed this Kirrin filed this update a

short time ago. The sun

finally came out in Toowoomba this afternoon and that's

really boosted the spirits of

locals. A lot of city streets

are starting to reopen too and people turnaround city a lot more

freely. But for those who

weren't in the city centre when

the flash floods tore through

here, as they move around town they're really getting a sense

of the destructive force of

that wall of water. The mayor

is yet to put a dollar figure

on the destruction. However,

it's clear that the damage bill

will run to tens of millions of

dollars. Kirrin McKechnie reports there from

Toowoomba. Now, clearly 100 extra emergency personnel from

around the country

to Queensland today as the flood flood crisis worsience. Resources are being

concentrated in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Rockhampton and the Lockyer

Valley. Let's get a check. Across the country

emergency crews have lined up

to offer their support to Queensland. The specially

trained urban search and rescue

tbroe, Tasmania are part of a

contingent of 42 from across

the country. It's a bit

daunting the enormity of it is

everybody is seek the media

it's a huge thing. But that is

what we're trained

what we're trained for. Another l another 22 State Emergency

and 22 from SA flew to

Queensland today to assist with

sand bagging and evacuations.

Another 20 left Another 20 left for Brisbane from Adelaide last night. The

evacuation centre staff and

community members need support.

Obviously too the clean-up

empts will be enormous and

support in the communities get

over the initial inertia so

they can get on with their

lives, restore their businesses

an get back into their homes. NSW has sent a rescue team experienced in

water rescues and 20 SES volunteers will fly to

Queensland on Friday. We're

also going to be assisting the Queensland folks search for victims. We'll be look at

potential hazard ous

materialing in and around the

residential areas and. They will join other rescue crews from Victoria and New Zealand.

Let's get a check on the

weather now with Paul Higgins.

The good news I can tell you now now is that it is not raining

in Brisbane. That's terrific,

Joe. Yes, in fact there is good

news tonight for all of south-eastern Queensland and

the North eastern part of NSW. As you can see here, the

easterly winds that have been

moving into the State there

around a trough and upper low

are going to ease right off

tomorrow. Only a few showers on

the cards now for the next few

days but there are some new

flood threats on the way to

other part of the eastern

Australia. Y rain is on its way

to western NSW, much of Victoria, northern far eastern SA while across in

the west there's severe fire danger

danger in the south-west and

would you belief even a tropical

tropical cyclone off the north-west of the coast. But

that won't have that won't have much of an effect for a couple of days.

More monsoonal falls across the

top: More on the weather later. We

later. We will have another

check on the weather later in

the bulletin and I will bring

you the latest on the Queensland flood crisis. But for now here is Jeremy

Fernandez with the rest of the

day's news. We will go back to the Joe a little later. Elsewhere flooding has also hit

parts of Victoria with up to

160mm of rain falling in the

State's west overnight and lan land slips cutting the Great

Ocean Road. In a small town

near Horsham 12 homes had to be

evacuate ed due to flood

waters. More heavy rain is

forecast for the next few

days. Daryl and Rhonda Holden

have owned this milk bar for

over a year and they're not

of water right through. So can't

can't do anything else but sit

out the front and have a

beer. They had woke groan a

rapidly rising creek rapidly rising creek and was quickly divided. The water

didn't come in from the door,

it cape in up from the floorboards. The lockalsralid.

By mid- morning it seemed that

all the resident were either

filling sand bags or lay k

them. The pub remained dry and

a haven for people whose houses getting pretty bad so we've

packed some bags and we will

stay at a friend's place. An

hour north the torrent destroyed

destroyed sections of the Wimmera

Wimmera mallee, water supply line. You'd hope it would be

able to be repaired quickly but

I don't think there's any

shortage of water in the north-west at the moment. The

hefin rain also caused

landslides which close add 40km

section of the Great Ocean Road

between Apollo Bay and laun. In

this town they're looking a head. The street sits on a

convergence point of two weeks.

The smaller one normally fill s

first but the second one carry ing water down from Lake Natamuc. That has the loek ats

more concerned: It will be far worse than it is at the

moment. That is exactly what is

predicted. Thousands of homes

have been evacuated in NSW and thousands more people have been left isolated by the rising water. The worst hit around the north eastern town

of Grafton, with the Premier

flying in today promising help.

Matt wordsworth was there. The first glimpses from

air reveal the massive amounts

of water rushing down the

Clarence River tooshds Grafton. Nearby towns like Lawrence have

been swamped. Out lying problem

properties have been cut off and will

and will need supplies. As

the murky water rises, boats

Mingle with buildings and the

roads cut off it's the only form of transport and

escape. At this time with all

the rain on the top of the

catchment, it's just inundated. This is actually a This is actually a flood. Sugar

Kane field have been ruined.

Next year's crops can't be

planted - a double blow. The

SES has been tireless, notching

up 30 rescues. Not in the life

threatening yet. Those in low lying areas are getting

ready. Have you vac

waeted? Yod, we spend all day evacuating. But with the river expected to peak at 7.7m

tonight, it won't breach the 8m

Levese that protects the town.

While much of the focus is here

at Grafton, the flooding trechs

across the north-east of the

State. The SES these there are

5,500 people left isolated. The

SES has ordered evacuations of Ulmarra, Cowper and brush

depoef as well as doing doing

and tomb la. 3,000 people in

all. It's a been here since

1929. We saw a number of floods without any structural

and so forth. We will be OK

upstairs. Floods have put Kut the Pacific Highway of the

north and south of Grafton and

it will take days for the water

to drop and for cost to be counted. Before Christmas we

were certainly look at half a

billion dollar loss in terms of

crops in NSW. There's no doubt

it will be upwards it will be upwards of that. Assistance measures include grants of 15,000 dollars to primary producers

and small businesses. There are

also low interest rate loans of 130,000 dollars while council

also get help to re Thankfully the outlook is

clear. The good news for that

north-east part of NSW is the

rain has stopped falling. We

are not expecting any significant rain NFL the next

few days. But the SES is not

resting easy. We will be

standing in some other community between now and

March. In Grafton they will be

happy to site behind them. For

residents around graft yorntion

it's now a waiting game. More

people are now isolated and there have been further

evacuations later this afternoon. Philippa McDonald is in the town. The area around

Grafton is the worst affected

in NSW in this flood disasters.

The town of Grafton itself is

expected to escape tin undation

this even bug the river is

continuing to rise and

communities downstream of here

are cut off and hundreds have

had to evacuate their homes. In

this region alone, 7,000 people

are now isolated. 1,000 people

have had to evacuate their

homes and, despite the liver

River being so swollen people continue too three people had to be rescued,

clinging to logs just this

afternoon. While the material

impact of the floods often

town, buildings and roads is

there for all the see, the

personal toll is not nearly as

evident. Health authorities are

warning of the longer term

effects of the Queensland flood

disaster. They say there will

be delayed trauma and grief and an outbreak of infectious diseases. But family and

friends of those affected can

play an important

role. Conditions are ripe for

breeding and exposure and wiet pack s a punch. The

existing mosquito borne diseases in the region,

particularly Ross River virus infection may become infection may become more prevalent. Authorities are also

concerned about the potential

outbreak of a particularly

painful fever. It can be fatal,

but Australian deaths from

Dengue fever are rare. We are

concerned that the experience

with Dengue that we've proef oh previously had in northern

Queensland becomes one that

could spread to central and southern

potentially into more southern regions of Australia. The

spread of viruses such as

salmon el ya, e-coli and

hepatitis A is also expect and the most common ailments are

likely to include gastroenteritis and respiratory

and skin infections Clean

water is the single most important public health

strategy in a flood

situation. But there are plenty

of way s to prevent the fecious cycle of contamination. Following advice

and instructions regarding des

posal of human waste. And not

resorting to some, if possible,

not resorting to some temporary alternative measure. Authorities say the

emotional toll must not be

under estimated and survivor s

are not immune either. Intense

feelings of emotional distress,

of anxiety, occasionally of

depression, but nunltsz of

complete uncertainty. Just not

going what's gok on. That includes the often forgotten

victs who can also suffer exceptional support fast is the key. Ignore

the stigma. Know, the stigma

exists but what is much more

important is that these people

get help as soon as they can. 24-hour support is

available can Lifeline counsels

available.Parts of central

Australia also on flood alert

as low pressure system moves

into the region. That is not

the only weather related issue

plaguing the Top Darwin a truck driver has had a

freaky escape. The truck tit

hit two trees that had blown on

to the road. Police say a minnow cyclone looks to have

gone through the area. The surt

Highway remained partly closed

for most of the day as the

crane tried to put the road

train back on its wheels.

Monsoonal squalls and high

winds have per zisds across the

Top End since 2 start of the

week. On Monday two cranes

collided, one of them snapped

on to arm port. No-one was hurt. In

WA, residents of Lake Clifton

are coming to terms with their

loss after a deliberately bushfire raged through area

about 100km south of Perth. The

fire destroyed homes, killed

livestock and sent people

fleeing for safety. Some have

been allowed to return. Many

other s are waiting to face the

aftermath of the devastating

fire. The blaze tore throughant

2,000 hectares of bushland and semirural properties. animals were killed. Eight homes in the path of the flames

were current burnt to the

ground. After burning out of

control for two day s the fire

is now contained but the pain is just beginning for the rez

ents who had to run for their

lives. Air head is the heart

break of counting the cost and

picking up the pieces. It It

will go on for a long time yet.

Time heals everything but it will hurt for a long time. Some

have been taken through what

the flames left of their

properties but will others will

have to wait until the are safe stuff. Doe know Eno if

we have a shed, and we don't

know if they they're there. We can't

can't get to it. The arson

squad still trying to track down those responsibility for

start ing the fire. They know

it was lit in several places

along the stretch of the

Forrest highway. Those fire

scenes have been seemed as

being suspicious and are being

investigated until we can prove otherwise. The State Government

has offer $3,000 for people who

have lost their home and $1,000 for property severely

damaged: We will organise that

as quickly as possible in the

next few days an make sure that

they get that money as quickly

as they can. Emergency services

are working to ensure the fire

is extinguished completely and

to prevent any Clarups. -

flare yuption. Flurs Julian

Assange say they fear their

client will be sent to Guantanamo Bay if Swedish prosecutors are successful in

theired by to have him extradited from Britain. They

say the jl WikiLeaks will face the death penalty if he is sent to face justice in

the United States. He facing

vault charges in Sweden but vault charges in Sweden but

some mrn politician want to

incite him over the de lease of

thousand of diplomatic cables.

Julian Assange was in court

for just 10 minutes. The latest

appearance in a fight to avoid extradition to Sweden where he is facing sexual assault

charges. The grant granted

permission for the sense to show the media its

organisements, the documented includes revelations that one

of the women who claims she was

wraip raped sent a text message

saying she was half asleep when

she was forced to have sex with

Mr Sangakkara. D>> d>> Assange. The defence team will

argue that Sweden as a his oi

of sending people to the United

States who then face fortd

torture, des cite efrm

that that would not 457. The

real fear is if Mr Assange is

sent to the US he will face the death penalty. The death penalty. The weetish

authorities haven't given any

commitment that will allow him

to be rend toerd Guantanamo Bay

or somewhere else. Jaj is at

house arrest where she has

vowed to continue his work with

his blow ing website which has released thousands of

cables. We are stepping up our publishing for matters related

to cablegate anded other

materials. The 39-year-old

WikiLeak found er recently

signed a 1.5 million publishing deal to write hissem was.. -

his memoirs. The Prime

Minister's of Spain and

Portugal to be talking up their

economies and talking down

their need for bailouts. There

are concerned both countries

will need emergency funds to stay a lote and that has pushed borrowing costs to fairly sustainable levels. For

weeks, the speculation has been

not if but when. Now a defiant Portuguese Prime Minister, Jose

Socrates, says help is not needed. I

TRANSLATION: I'd like to spres

again that the Government will not request financial help. The

Prime Minister said slashing Government spending combined

with cox rises will help the

nation meet its deficit

market. 'The Government is doing its job and doing it

well.' With $30 billion to rise

this year, fears remain the

history will still need help.

Across the border in spairntion

different leader but the same

re assuring American. Prime Minister Zapatero

tonne bear ibly high iment rate

and the foundations for future

joet and job graetion were

willing laid . But with an unemployment rate stuck around 20% these Madrid-based job

seekers were less than re

assures. 'This is really bad everything the Government says

is a lie, a bunch of

lies.' It's just that that will

no job, not for young people,

old or middle aged, no jobs at all. Jose Ramon Pin questions

the Government's assertion it can create job also see unemployment worse en, not

shrink. As for the confidence

face shown by the Spanish and Portuguese leeters Portuguese leeters that's

exactly what happens in Preece

and yild before they relent and took the money. Financial

market pessimism is rise ing

with the flood flood waters as economists lifted their

forecasts of damage to the Australian economy. An

immediate hit of 1% of GDP or

$13 billion is now condition possible. That's original estimate. Despite the flooming news the market and dollar were higher. It's

Phillip Lasker. Believe it or

not it was the resources sector

to the rescue. The ASX 200

finished 123 points higher, thanks mainly to the miners.

Resources shares responded to a general pick-up in commodity

prices and Telstra continued

its recovery. Even some coal

miners recovered. Neighbour

this has ing to something to do

wt it - coal Hyam er prices an analysises predicting will rise above the 2,000 8

peek. Buttal Tex has said its

unplanned shutdown of its Lytton refinery will in

Brisbane will hurt

Virgin Blue was a victim of

talk people were cancelled

their days. At least investors

stopped pounding Queensland-based insurer kun

sorp. Here the Insurance

Council disaster lift. Every disaster has been costed in

2007 and as far as in sure ers are concerned the Newcastle earthquake is number one so far. Syke lane Tracy is two,

the 74 Brisbane floods are four

and Victorian bushfires eight.

The Australian dollar has able uzed despite piet upgrades to

the economic cost of the

floods. A member of the Reserve

Bank board says it could cost

1% of GDP or $13 million billion. But remember when

interest s went up in November north

north and the banks almost

doubled it and potentials had a

field day. Guess what the

number of home ept up as well, the most in six

months. But as you can see

there's been a pick-up in fixed

loans which are now 8% of fort

yaejs in March they were just

2%. They're the best of enmus

but an un easy peace held

inless night's Asian Cup clash

between Iraq and Iran. The

defendsing champs Iraqis were

updaijed 2-1 and they're now in

danger of becoming early

tournament casualties. For such

bitter off-field rive as there

appear to be a healthy respect between

between the two Democrats. The

Iraqi s handled the big match emotion better in the early stages and grabbed the advantage. Iran lifted the

tempo and found an equaliser

just before the break. The flag

has stayed down and Iran are

level. The match looked head

edfor a trau until Iran struck

again in the 84th minute, It's

a goal, the free kick. In last

night's other game a great late save helped North Korea hold on

for a 0-0 draw with a EAO. In n

the A-League the Newcastle Jets

have moved into the have moved into the top six for

the first time this season

after a 1-0 win over North Queensland. A swash buckling

half century from England

dresser Matt Prior save Victoria

Victoria from a y defeat in the

Twenty20 big bash against Tasmania. Prior hammered from just 29 balls. In the rain affected became the Bushrangers

were held to 10 in theirers of.

The Tigers are - Tigers opening

welts Wells tried to match Prior's big hitting performs. Wells and Tigers skipper George

Bailey helped Tasmania cruise

to victory with almost four overs to spare. Pakistani cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif

will find out if month if

they've been found guilty of

hearing the ICC tribunal has #r50u8d oilt needs more time to

decide the fate of the player.

The ryo is expected to The ryo is expected to se a range of incomes. In tennis

rain has played ok with the Australian open lead-up

tournaments around the country

with no play possible in Hobart

while the opening day of the Kooyong Classic was cut short. Lleyton Hewitt defeated Russia's Mikhail Youzhny in

three sets. Making his first appearance at the Kooyong Classic, Lleyton Hewitt started

strongly against the world

number 10, Mikhail number 10, Mikhail Youzhny,

taking the first set 7-5.

That is what should be done

with the short ball. Rain

delayed play for over an hour

and it was the Russian who

handlinged the distruption

better i, taking the second set before Hewitt rally, winning

the sird set 6464, to move through to the Kooyong has a reputation of one of the more entertaining event

of the tennis calendar and

Fernando Verdasco and Gael Monfils were determined to put

on a show. In a tightly

contested opening to the 2011

event it was the flashy

Frenchman who prevailed in

three tough sets including a

new champion will be crowned

this year. There were no

weather concerned s for world

number one Rafael Nadal who

took his first look at Rod

Laver Arena for the year under

a closed proof roof. The

Spaniard attempt ing to shake

off a virus. In Sydney, the

weather stayed fine but Australia's Australia's prospects remain guilt. Bernard Tomic was

eliminated in three sets by Alex Dolgopolov. Cricket

Australia will use the rest of

the sum store raise money for the Queensland flood relief appeal, starting with tonight's

Twenty20 clash with England in Adelaide. Many player an

support staff have family and

friends affected

devastation and they have

donated to the appeal, as have

the tourists, it's very

personal situation and bleez give generous

people who need our help. If I

know anything about qualders we

will be at the end. No-one is

more resilient. What can we

do other than get out the message that everyone needs the

help. The one-day game for

Brisbane scheduled on sawn 30

will be dedicated to flood relief. Indonesia a million dollars to Queensland's Premier disaster

relief appeal. The Minister

says the Government adviers the

redillience of the Australian

people. No doubt there will be

a long-term impact in terms of

crops, in terms of business

losses and there will financial

consequences to all this I am

sure. But you can rely on

Indonesia to be with Australia

in this very difficult time. On

that note let's go back to Joe

O'Brien for an update on the flood from Brisbane, the Bureau of Meteorology is saying that

Brisbane River behind me, which

is about 800m outside its

normal area. Is at 4.25 normal area. Is at 4.25 mother.

So we can expect it to go

another 25cms tonight. That's

what the residents of Brisbane can expect, it was looking

soggy but it was annain spiring

scene when everybody was able

to come together and get

everything out of the jobs.

Just before we go we might go back to Lisa Millar at evacuation centre. People I'm

guessing are settling in for a very long night there? Yes,

some of them have taken to

mattresses, to try to get some sleep. The masses are arriving.

Many more people are getting off

off them, they're coming with

very few belongses but they are

all anxioused and distressed

and what might lie ahead. This

sentd ler be open until every

last person is able to Hurn home. No-one knows when that

could be. It could be weeks.

The one thing they are certain

themselves for what is going to

be an extraordinary day in this

city's history. Lisa Millar,

thank you. And so 4 thank you. And so 4 System am

is that key time tomorrow

whenning when the flood peaks

hit. Let's gok baa to Paul

Higgins for the latest on the

weather outlook. Thank you.

Blue skies over Brisbane at

home times today and that is home times today and that is a

pretty good indication that

most of the rain has moved on

for now. That was it like in your state capitals. Apart from

a weak trough strigers,000er

and into north-easterly wind

- triggers. This This trough

will drag down a huge amount of

tropical moisture which will be

dumped as rain over the south.

Cyclone trince went impact the

coast for a couple of days now.

Around the states there, a shower or two for Queensland

and south-east, shower for Brisbane. Moderate

to major flood warnings are posted for many river systems

across the State, include ing

the Brisbane river and upstream and downstream of Wivenhoe Dam

limit be most ly fine across

the north-east of NSW but up to

100mm is expect ed in the fast

west of the State. There is a

severe weather warning for

possible ploj flooding in the upper and lower districts and

major flood ing on each of

those areas. I am afraid it

will be like a towna tomorrow.

In the west, there was 100mm

overnied and there will be more

of that in the west and north.

In Melbourne, up to 10m of rain

and heavy showers are lurking already. Renewed warnings of

possible flash flooding are

possible. And flood watches are

in place for many major river

systems. North's north is in

for 25 do 50mm of rain. Possibly more Possibly more around Burnie and

Devonport and possibly more in

the local spot. Damaging winds

as well north of a line from

Strahan to craidal mountain to

St Helens. In SA, it should be fine

fine across the West. But rain

will spread south from the

north of the north-east pastoral district to be east of

a line from line from Adelaide

to Oodnadatta. A flood watch

has been posted for north-east, pastoral, Flinders, south-east districts limit be

mostly dry across the southern

half of WA with a humid milder

change. Prix Across the

Kimberley, mostly five to 25mm

of rain tomorrow, but up to

100mm along the northern coast.

Hef heavy rain at times over

the year. Were fou, we have a

flood threat advice for darling

Daly, Solomon Barkly and the

Fitzroy catchments. Around Australia tomorrow

Extreme weather is not unush in Australia but rarely as widespread waez have it now. Recapping the main story

tonight today. Brisbane is

tonight facing some of tonight facing some of the worst flooding in its More than 20,000 homes are

expected to be swamped. Already

126,000 businesses and homes

are without power. The river is

expected to peak at 4 o'clock tomorrow tomorrow morning. Authorities

are warn ing anyone at risk to

get out of their homes now if

it's safe to do so. The city's

infrastructure is under press.

Major roads have been closed.

Petrol stations are under siege

and fears that the city will

run out of petrol. The death

toll from the floods across South-East Queensland stands at

12 at this stage. 67 people

remain unaccount regional city of itch switch

now lies in the immediate past

l path of the flood waters. Up

to 125,000 homes are already

under water as the Bremer

reaches an expected peak of

20.5m. There's been report of

looting an one bull shark

that's been spotted in that's been spotted in the streets. Residents in

Chinchilla are measuring their

second place in two weeks. To

add to the misery, residents

have been advised to boil their

drink ing water because of

s of con Tomination. That is

all form the national Britain.

More short by following by a

one-hour edition of the '7:30

Report'. There will be holing

coverage throughout the night

and at News Breakfast tomorrow

morning from 4am Brisbane time

with the Brisbane River is

expected to peak. For now,

goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI