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(generated from captions) dead, through the Illawarra. Amid nation's spirits. the coalition can now deliver coalition fire power will help coalition fire power

has turned and towards Tripoli. out of

was blazing with Many of for Libya. are suffering from the tent where Gaddafi normally meets guests. It flattened, normally meets guests. It was unhurt. The images coming

from Libya have caused a Arab League within the coalition, with the

using some


with his role as commander briefings on

secure communications tent in region, we've up Colonel Gaddafi's own Libyan leader himself was now a coalition forced

control within described as the biggest months. Truly, I a movie. Millions turned out to vote just power. reactor and now feared the death the Mark Simkin filed this voice in the rubble. believe the great escape. in what this coastal town, 45 fire men tried them were guilty, so full of regret, so angry at myself. I spent all of

looking, than myself. and more than Major roads railway line. And the area is torrent, an old man inside that was him having a bit of trouble, so got was him out of the car and there traffic. The just been helping guide more than 500 calls away by floodwater at rivers, some there's more to come, with a major storm front

spread a little cheer at a is that it's the home town of (Crowd never had a visit from royalty. lovable schoolboy to me. towns. months on from the floods land. Today presence is helping. A bit of the

Victoria's north-west, it will be a very experience money can't buy, you get the Prince used to a concrete slab. He lay workers this morning. If now in a stable condition. has revealed Commissioner Carl O'Callaghan doubt, but as a father, as a family member, you know, as a says immigration officials can confirm whether all facility into secure areas. involved loose on the final checks to the long-term concerns of wheel. With asylum embracing the new technology, slower Canberra's new smartcard MyWay system does paper tickets Yeah, it seems all the commuters money, particularly found. Well and especially with that's been bleeding taxpayers' on a seat last week's volatility. intervention

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The final six wickets fell

debutant Ravi Rampaul took five wickets. Devon Smith and Say same which opponent you are playing, preparation is and what you

want Sri Lanka is at home spills for, while defending fantastic Stoner and Pedrosa Webb gave win well done, Karrie final. come from behind win over NSW day, show some fight on the final past 50, before Ed Cowan lost the Blues back into the lucky to survive. The Blues to 100, as the boundary flow. A moment of madness from Bailey kept the George Bailey, string wickets together. Cummins string wickets together. Pat other end, the Tigers raced Very proud couldn't be happier. No-one was retirement selectors who left him courage. their bravery. It's deeds, including rescuing the at the supermarket including 15 people were injured, co-worker Patrick Dunks. of the office. Together they pulled people

bravery. What we did a grateful mother. jumped a man from stabbing his They were stationed at

intervention. a top of 20. showers turned weren't alone, it was overcast bringing strong winds in Sydney showers and

low of 17. And the sun

minutes date 24 hours a day

If the Gaddafi regime was

hoping its latest ceasefire

offer would slow the western

air strikes against Libya it

second night, explosion s and needs to think again. For a

anti-aircraft fire have rocked the capital Tripoli. Missiles

have even hit a building Gaddafi's own have even hit a building in Gaddafi's own compound. The

Pentagon insists it's not

targeting the Libyan dictator but it's confident the air

campaign has halted Gaddafi's offensive against Benghazi and

create ed a Fly zone over the northern half of the

country. The pessimistic view

is prolonged military intervention