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Tonight, the teenager shot by

police at his own Western Sydney

home. Lucky escape after a crash

landing at Bankstown. A warning

from the CBA over mortgage interest

rates. The common household item

putting kids in danger. Red carpet

glamour, the WAGs out for their

night of nights. Good evening. A

teenager is tonight recovering in

hospital after being shot by police

inside his own home. Officers say

the 19-year-old was stabed with a

knife. His family says he is

innocent and is not a violent

person. It began with a routine

dual reports of a woman being

threatened with a knife and ended

with police shooting a 19-year-old

man in the stomach. Teenager Justin

McMaster was rushed to hospital. He

is a quiet kid. He was at home with

his 16-year-old sister, her four

children and their mother when

three men burst in at about 1 am.

Said give me all your money and

everything you have. They grabbed a

baby, put a knife to his throat.

Police were called and when they

arrived they were met by Justin on

the front lawn. Originally police

said Justin was carrying a knife

but his family maintains he in a

curtain rod which he had used to

defend his family against the men

who attacked them. A shot was fired

and a person received a wound to

the stomach. At the end of the day

he was coming to help his family.

Justin has under gone surgery and

is in a serious but stable

condition. He has never even been

spoken to by the police. Just one

of those freaky things, I suppose.

Justin's mother suffered a cut to

the head. A critical incident

investigation team made up of

police officers from outside the

local area will now look at all of

the circumstances of the shooting.

The role of the investigation team

will be to establish the facts.

Very scary. Simon joins me from

Collerton. Simon, a very complex

investigation? Not only do police

have to investigate the home

invasion; they have to find out why

the 19-year-old was shot by one of

their own. It's been revealed that

the two officers who arrived here

had about two or three years'

experience and one also had a taser.

So the question will be asked why

it wasn't used instead. As for the

suspects themselves, police say

they will be issuing descriptions

of the menace part of the ongoing

investigations. It began as a

routine training flight but ended

in a dramatic crash landing near

Bankstown airport. Incredibly the

pilot and his passenger walked away

unscathed. You wouldn't know these

men had just survived a plane crash.

They appear calm and without a

scratch. You weren't scared? No,

not at all. We were all trained so

it's fine. They took often just

before 9 am and quickly got into

trouble. Mayday, mayday, mayday.

The Cessna crashed and flipped into

a paddock at the eastern end of the

airport close to businesses and

homes. We just had a crash landing

and the clearance won't be

available. You can recall what

happened? No, I can't recollect

what happened. How refeeling OK now.

Bas Air operates the plane. Air

crash investigators will now look

into whether this incident was the

result of pilot or mechanical error.

Either way it has prompted new

calls to reduce air traffic at

Bankstown. It's a business that is

going to happen. At nearby Casula

in 2008 a plane crashed into a home

killing two women on board. Last

year a pilot and passenger were

killed when they crashed in a

suburban street. This afternoon the

pilots returned to the scene, their

plane even returned to the air

albeit with a little help. A global

economic crisis could provide

mortgage relief for home owners and

small business with the Rment BA

under pressure to cut interest

rates. There is a sting in the tail

with the country's biggest bank

hinting it may not be able to pass

on the demuts full. The business of

banking has certainly changed. The

CBA is celebrating turning 100 but

it's not handing out any blank

cheques. At this stage it's hard to

make a really strong case we should

see interest cuts. But that's not

what others are saying. The

critical issue is to get costs down

for business and families. An

interest rate cut would be of

enormous help. We need cuts as soon

as possible. Even worse from the

CBA boss he hinted even if interest

rates are cut the bank might not

fully pass them on. That's because

by the end of the year the bank

will be paying more for its own

loans. Enenyou have volatility it

causes an increase in funding costs.

Greece's economic worries have

speaked the world. The Treasurer

admits if the world slows we will

be affected. We're in a better

position to handle the fallout from

these evens than just about any

other developed economy but we're

not immune from them. The world

economy is a skwient bubble and if

it bursts it may be left to our

children to fix it. The kids need a

future. If the economics go bad

they won't have the future would

you hope for them. But if the

crisis is snot fixed quickly it

could all end in tears. Who another

bleak day on the market. The All

Ordinaries closed 50 points lower.

Our dollar is buying 96c. There was

some extraordinary in evidence

court today about the fraught

relationship between Belinda Neil

and her husband's ex-lover. Kate

Neill says she freaked out and got

scared when she spotted the former

federal MP outside her home. The

mistress, the political power

couple and the court battle

bringing them all under the same

roof. What's it like seeing Kate

Neill again? How is Belinda holding

up? John Dellla boss ka is foirplly

in his wife's corner. Kate Neill

told police Belinda Neil was

stalking her when she saw her

sitting outside a park two years

after the affair. Her eyes were

flickering and I was skwiet scared.

She told the court Belinda Neil

folded her down the street in

Newtown tending up at the Chill

cafe. She said she was so close she

could feel spit on her face when

the former MP yelled at her. My

husband only liked you because you

lay open your legs for him. Kate

Neill said she didn't know what she

was capable of, that she was scared

she could have got a knife in her

back at any second. Kate Neill told

court it's still a fear she holds

on to, that Belinda Neil will hurt

her. Bell ka Neil's legal team has

cast doubt over her story,

questioning police over CCTV

showing Kate following Belinda in

Newtown. A 20-year-old accused of

killing a man in Bonnie Rig is

pleading self-defence. He told the

court the victim shot first and

that the client was terrified for

his life and that of family members.

Court heard a drive-by shooting

took place at the same location

three months ago. Bail was refused.

Tony Abbott says he is ready for an

election. He claims the Labor Party

is on the verge of politically

assassinating Julia Gillard, while

her deputy says she will win at the

polls. In Washington Wayne Swan was

officially aannointed the world's

best Treasurer, recognised for...

Miss swift response to stimulate

the economy in 2007 and 2008 despite strong opposition at home.

That opposition is getting more and

more confident. We're always ready

for an election. The government

could collapse tomorrow or go for

two years. Julia Gillard is doing

such an ordinary job now that the

Labor Party looks to be on the

verge of politically assassinating

her. At this stage leadership

speculation is mostly coming from

the opposition but it has forced

frustrated ministers, who

acknowledge they are going through

difficult times, to publicly defend

their leader. We strongly support

the Prime Minister, she is showing

great courage and determines. She

will lead us to the next election

and beyond. We will win the next

election and win it because we've

got the policies for the future.

Kevin Rudd is keeping up his public

profile, hosting home videos of his

famous fans on his website. This man did great things.

Aerosol cans may be an every day

household item but add fire and

they can turn into bombs. There has

been a big increase in the number

of children burned while

playingwith the cans. A warning,

some of the images of their

injuries are graphic. This nine-

year-old and his five-year-old

brother are lucky boys. These are

scars from burns so horrific it

would break any parent's heart.

First we saw them and your heart

drops. Three weeks ago the brothers

were unrecognisable. They wanted to

see what would happen if they used

a drill on a can of cooking oil at

their home. The boys were meant to

be studying. No one saw them sneak

off until their older sister heard

their screams. It was frightening.

All I heard was screaming. My

brothers had been burnt. There

could have been potential for a 3

or 4m fireball. It could have been

worse. This is how violent this

kind of explosion can be. And

worryingly, more and more children

are getting hurt. We have seen by

the beginning of September the same

amount as we would have seen in the

entire year last year. For parents

there are simple steps to prevent

it from happening in your own home.

Be aware of what aerosol cans are

in the house and dispose of empty

ones. Make sure tools are packed

away where children can't access

them. If your child is burnt run

cold water over the area for 20 Mat

minutes. The Jacobs' burns are

healing although one may need a

skrin graft to his right ear. The

brothers have certainly learnt

their lesson the hard way. It's

educating them. Letting them know

what could happen when they play

with things like this. It's the

AFL's big awards night, but while

it's about the players inside, on

the blue carpet at the Brownlow

medal it's all about the wives and

girlfriends. The AFL girls are

usually more daring than the NRL.

Brin has arrived wearing a gold

dress with crystals. The favourites

are Carlton captain Chris Judd and

the Swans Adam Goodes. In the news

ahead - dramatic scenes as this bus

ex-explodes on the Hume Highway.

Plus cuddles and kisss for our Navy

crew heading far, far away. And... (SINGS)

This car uses ultrasonic sensors to virtually park itself. This isn't just a car.

This is the all-new Ford Focus Titanium, with Active Park Assist.

A group of tourists has had a very

lucky escape after their bus caught

fire on the Hume Highway at Willton

in the city's south-west. The

driver spotted the flames and

pulled over just in time. Screams.

The flame just burst from the

backside and then people panicked

and came out of the bus. None of

the passenger was injured but

traffic was delayed. Hugs and tears

as the crew of HMSA Parramatta

embarked on their journey to the

Middle East today. They will be

deployed for six months on maritime

security operations. I'm in the

Navy as well. Got expect it. It's

the ship's fourth deployment to the

Middle East. It's one of the great

chick flicks, now an Officer and a

Gentleman is being reborn as a

musical on the Sydney stage. Cast

members were getting in some

practice today but you will have to

wait till next year to seat

finished product. When it comes to

the great Roy hand particular

movies an Officer and a Gentleman

is right up there. Almost but not

quite in the same strats fear as

Dirty Dancing. The Patrick

situationsy classic became a wildly

successful stage show. Now

hopefully it's Officers' turn. With

two young Australians in the roles

made memorable almost 30 years ago.

Amanda Harrison becomes the young

factory worker swept off her feet.

It's an ee conic film. You have to

expect that the movie and the

writing - but you get a chance to

create a different persona. Sydney

will be the first city in the world

to host the musical which proves

that the famous ending is in truth

never ending. And now it's time for

sport with Ken. Good evening. Good

evening, Peter. The publicity shy

Sea Eagles threw open the gates at

brook veil today. And we tell you

why Glenn Stewart owes his

teammates so much. Plus how league

has crashed Rugby Union's biggest

party. Good news for

Grand final week is a 7- day

celebration of Rugby League. The

first big event is on at the town

hall tonight. We're recognising

league's heart and soul tonight.

We're at the One Community Awards.

The game's volunteers and good

people are being recognised tonight.

When it comes to good players Manly

say there is none better than Glenn

the Stewart, saying he will be the

difference in Sunday's grand final

against the Warriors. There is no

man more revealed - relieved to be

posing for a photo thaen Glenn

Stewart. His teammates have given

him a shot at redemption and glory

and didn't hide what a bonus it is

to have their best player back. He

probably was the form player of the

competition. To lose him was hard

but getting him back for this game

certainly puts a hell of a lot more

confidence into our side. The

eagles have kept Darcy's hopes

alive. It was reported he said

being in the brawl was the

highlight of his life. He copped it

from the NRL boss for that alleged

comment. The fight didn't enter my

mind. It painted you as a mug?

Exactly. But the thing is my family

knew what I meant and my teammates

and friends. Matter tie is a

concern for the eagles. He had

scans on his neck today. Are you in

any doubt? I'm not too worried.

Pretty happy with how it is but the

doctors want to make sure it's all

right. I'm sure if they tell me not

play I will convince them otherwise.

You'll play any way, won't you? For

sure. You would be at the scan

machine every week? I should have

one at my house. And Will Hopoate

won't be swayed from his Mormon

mission. To win the grand final

will be a dream come true and

something I will cherish forever.

And now we head across the Tasman

where suddenly the All Blacks

aren't the only team in town. Ros,

how much support have you seen for

the Warriors? They have been so

caught up in World Cup celebrations

over here it feels like only now

they have just remember they had

have an NRL team. But are very

proud, supportive and have been

giving it us Aussies and are

focusing on what they are calling

their double dream of winning the

Rugby World Cup and very first NRL

premiership in the same year. We

think of NZ as a one-eyed Rugby

Union country. Now Kiwis are

sharing their love. Warriors or All

Blacks? Warriors all day. They need

our support right now. The Auckland

mayor is a mad Warriors man and is

battling with World Cup officials

to get a league zone set up in the

middle of union's own party. We are

going for those guys. The Kiwis are

loving their footy dominance right

now. All three grades will play on

grand final day. We hate losing.

The Warriors biggest fans are

already starting to cross the ditch.

It's fantastic. The whole country

will rock. The Prime Minister is

coming. The mayor is coming. The

butcher is coming. Bring it on

Sydney. So now it's up to you Sea

Eagles supporters to get over the

Spit Bridge. David Pockock is set

to bolster the Wallabies' line-up

in the final pool game against

Russia, saying he is ready to go

after missing the past two matches

with a back injury. Should be

feeling training this weekend up to

selection. Pretty excited about

that. Never good watching from the

sideline. Pete, how about the

Kiwis? At the NRL grand final on

Sunday in all three grades, all

Kiwi sides? Very impressive. There

will be no one left over there.

Ivan Clearry, I'm impressed, a

great servant of the NRL. And now

he is going to More, tonight 6.30. Coming up next

on WIN News... Canberra clubs join

the growing anti-poker machine

reform campaign. And, reform campaign. And, Professor Ian

Chubb implores politicians to act

now on climate change. All the details next. Keith's doing up the spare room for our new grandchild.

They haven't actually told us yet they're having one, So over here is where the cot is going, bath will be there, change table there, the powder dispenser and the towel holder. And over there is the naughty corner. (EXCITED CHATTER) Well, not that we'll need it.

(LAUGHTER) What about the nappy-changing robot? That's unnecessary, Keith. (CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'W'. I won!

To celebrate Macca's 40th birthday in Australia, we're giving you the chance to win $50 million worth of prizes... Yeah! the country's biggest ever game of I Spy. Simply treat yourself to McDonald's, peel off the sticker and 1 in 5 will win instantly.

You could drive away in a brand-new Holden, win loads of cash, free fuel for a year and cool gear from Sony. Yes! You've won!

A mainly fine day for Sydney after

a very wet weekend. The city

received an absolute soaking. 54mm.

But the heaviest falls from on the

mid north coast with 120mm around

Port Maquarie and temperatures down

to 12 in the city and 10 to 19 in

the west. The low responsible for

the weekend's downpour has moved

offshore directing north westerly

winds off the east coast tomorrow.

Capital cities tomorrow, 26 and

fine Brisbane, warm northerly winds,

which will push up temps for

Adelaide and Melbourne. Partly

cloudy in Canberra. Wet and windy

in Perth. Top of 16 and a chance of

afternoon storms. A similar story

for us tomorrow. Partly cloudy.

Patchy fog tomorrow morning. 11 to

21 in the city and 9 to 24 in the

west. The week ahead: rain

developing on Wednesday, 22, strong

winds and showers expected Thursday.

Clearing Friday. Tops of around 19

across the weekend with a couple of

showers expected both days. In the

west, 25 the top on Wednesday.

Southerly winds keeping

temperatures well below average. 23

the top on Thursday. And temps

hovering around 20 for Saturday and

Sunday and more showers as we

approach the weekend. A rather damp

weekend on the way. Make the most

of tomorrow's sunshine. We will. I

like your new on screen information

as well. It looks fancy, doesn't

it? Very good. ACA is next. That's

Nine News for this Monday. From

Tonight ... Air quality testing to

be reviewed following the Mitchel

chemical blaze. Is it a "footy chemical blaze. Is it a "footy tax"

Local clubs echo concerns about Local clubs echo concerns about th poker machine reforms. And: Australia' s chief scientist -

pleads with politicians to act on

climate change.Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post. The way air quality

testing was conducted during the

Mitchell chemical fire will be

reviewed, as part of a post-

analysis of the blaze. Results

weren' t recorded at the time ...

because the device didn' t have the

capacity. At the height of the

inferno ... Nine fire crews were on

site. Even then - monitoring the site. Even then - monitoring the ai

to make sure it was safe. I am