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(generated from captions) happen now. It's nice to see a

happy family. Seems like a devoted

dad. What is it about holidays and

petrol prices? It does seem every

time we're about to hit the roads

for a break the cost of fuel goes

up. True to form it's happening

again this week.

(SINGS) # It's beginning to look a

lot like Christmas everywhere you

go. If motorists feel like prices

have suddenly gone up at Christmas,

they're actually right; they have.

What do you think petrol prices -

of program prices going up just

before Christmas? It's got to be

some sort of scam. It makes me

angry because I want to go on a

holiday, but if I don't buy an air

fare I have to pay more for petrol.

Ridiculous. It's nearly Christmas

and, surprise, surprise, petrol

prices are on their way up.

Outraged. We're being fleeced by a

monopoly that the government will

not control.

Prices have soared in some places

by as much as 18c a litre since

Sunday, reaching as high as $1.50 a

litre today in Melbourne. Other

cities aren't as far behind. It's

the great holiday petrol price rip-

off. Do you think the prices always

go up at holiday time? Especially

at holiday time. Obviously people

are going to be driving around a

lot more during the Christmas

period and I think the service

stations put up their prices just

to take your money. They'll blame

the cold weather in Europe, the

strengthening US economy, what's

going on in Singapore, even the

regular weekly cycles, anything to

justify what we all know, when it

comes to holiday time here in

Australia, petrol prices seem to

skyrocket. Unfortunately for a long

time the holidays were landing on

weekends and weekends were part of

the weekly price cycle when prices

would go up to the highest levels.

Peter from the. In RMS explains

we're paying more for petrol this

Christmas because there is more

demand from oil around the world.

Hang on, don't we always pay more

every Christmas. There were

definitely instances in the past

where we saw prietss go higher than

they could. I can specifically

recall a Christmas holiday period

two years ago. Yes, it was

happening back in Christmas 2008.

Unleaded has jumped from around $1

a litre on Christmas Eve to as high

as $1.30 today. Then there was the

Queen's birthday that weekend.

Across Sydney petrol soared 1 cent

overnight. Again at Christmas time

last year. Warnings tonight that

petrol prices may jump over

Christmas. Anzac Day this year.

With prices set to soar by up to 20

c over the Anzac Day long weekend.

And Good Friday. They will be back

to 1.25 after the easter break is

over. So if you haven't filled up

by now you'll get stunning. I think

Aussie drivers feel like they're

getting taken advantage of it.

Petrol prices are pretty high as

they are without being slugged when

you need it the most. I'm from

channel nine. I want to speak to

someone about why my petrol prices

have gone up for Christmas. She

weren't talking down at the Shell

refinery. Do you know petrol prices

go up every time we go on holidays?

No idea? Caltex and BP wouldn't

speak to us on camera. But Peter

Short from Coles Express which

sells Shell petrol, did. One of

those rumours, every Christmas,

easter there is a lot of press

interest on whether price does go

up on the verges of holidays. All

sorts of reports and studys have

been done into it, there is no

correlation. Independent Senator

nick Xenophon doesn't buy that.

People are going on big road trips.

The petrol companies know that.

We're being price gouged. It

happens time and time again,

doesn't matter whether it's

Christmas or easter. Petrol

companies are getting away with it.

If motorists can wait until Monday

or Tuesday she should be able to

buy petrol around $1726 or $1.27.

So if you can wait, please do so

because you will get a cheaper

price at the bowser. For the record,

petrol companies maintain petrol