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(generated from captions) fetched millions of dollars. Of course, all his other paintings I can't believe it. Mate, you've got 10 straight. I wanted to give you $250,000. I've given you $1,000. Enjoy yourself. Mate, take the $1,000. somewhere. Go and have a good night out Big night out. Big night. Big night. Give him a big round of applause. You've been sensational. Oh, man! (CHEERING) or anything like that, OK? Don't cut your ear off of our greatest-ever players Paul Simopoulos has been one in the Millionaire Hot Seat. and with our admiration. He walks away with $1,000 the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! We'll catch you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Peter Overton. Good evening.

Fear has gripped the Australian

property market, with the number of

home loans plunging to a 10-year

low. Rising interest rates are

scaring away potential buyers, but

there is some good news - lenders

your business. are now prepared to fight hard for

Australians have stopped shopping

for lots of things - among them,

houses. Rates going up, prices of

houses falling isn't a very good

recipe for entering right now.

Housing-finance approvals for the

last three months fell below $9.5

billion. It sounds like a lot, and

it's the worst in more than 10

years. It's more than $4 billion

less than the peak in September

2009. Things are noticeably worse since Christmas. The key reason?

Banks made it tougher for borrowers

to get loans. And that issue - the

banks' tightening - has prompted

the king of the cut-price home loan

back into the market. Well, I've

been frustrated for over three

years now where the GFC means

there's no liquidity. And consumers

have been hoarded to the major

banks. Simons linked up with his original financier, Macquarie, to

fund billions of dollars of home

loans - the rate, 6.99%, around

0.75% cheaper than the big banks.

He'll offer qualified borrowers up

to 95% finance - something big

banks shied away from until now.

But first-home buyers like Denise

struggle. There's no way she and

her partner can think about buying

her childhood home. My parents paid

about ?50,000 for this house in the

'60s. Today, I think it would be

worth $1.4 million. The fact that

loans are ease tee come by doesn't

mean rates won't rise in the future.

More fixed-rate loans are being

written right now. It also doesn't

guarantee that house prices will

rise. For that, you need confidence

- more buyers than sellers.

An eastern suburbs mother who

allegedly showed up at court drunk

with her baby has been sent to

rehab. Anthea Topp was arrested by

police as she drove away from court

last Thursday. Jessica Rich has

been following the story. The

mother faced court again today.

What happened? Well, Pete, Anthea

Topp has been issued with a very

stern warning - rehabilitate

yourself, or go back to jail. The

41-year-old mother checked herself

into a rehab clinic for alcoholism.

By her side was her husband and her

one-year-old daughter. The very

daughter who was in her car last

week when she was arrested for

being three times the legal blood-

alcohol limit. The events leading

up to her arrest were quite

astonishing - an Thea was in court

last week pleading not guilty to an

alcohol-related matter, but was in

fact drunk for her entire court

appearance. She was nursing her

one-year-old on her lap at the time,

and then attempted to drive home

with her one-year-old in the back

of the car. She was arrested, Pete,

just around the corner from here.

The magistrate in this case wanted

to show Ms Ms Topp the gravity of

her actions, and so jailed her over

the weekend. Today, Ms Topp was

asked how she found prison. She

said, "It was horrible. It's the

worst place I've ever been to." The

replied. magistrate Jacqueline Milledge

Crying, Ms Topp claimed:

Pete, Ms Topp will be back in court

in six weeks' time, hopefully a

reformed woman. All right, Jessica. Thank you.

The budget was supposed to pull the

Government out of its popularity

black hole. But instead, the Prime

Minister has slumped to her lowest-

ever approval ratings. Tony Abbott

has continued his call for an early

election, and no wonder - the

latest polls suggest a thumping Coalition victory.

The Prime Minister in high-vis -

Hello! The Opposition Leader - high spirits. (LAUGHS)

In the post-budget wash-up. What's

the boss like? Quite easy to talk to. (LAUGHS)

That's a good answer. A better one

than the Australian people are

giving her - two polls out today show the Government would be

crushed if an election were held

now. The worst has Labor netting

just 31% of the primary vote, and a

12-point gap after preferences -

12-point gap after preferences - 44% to 56%.

44% to 56%. Voter satisfaction with

Julia Gillard is now at a record

low of 34%. Four points lower than

that of Tony Abbott. Not exactly a

budget bounce. The only numbers

that matter to the Government are

the 500,000 additional jobs that

are going to be created in the next

couple of years. People don't see

this as a winning budget. Either it

hasn't been sold well enough, or

they actually expect to receive

harm from it themselves.

harm from it themselves. The Prime they actually expect to receive

Minister all but confirming her

sell job isn't working. I'm very

happy as Prime Minister to be out

explaining what this budget means.

Explaining to Australians what the

budget is all about.

We'll keep, ah, explaining what the budget's about.

While the Government's explaining,

Tony Abbott's attacking - the

budget, the carbon tax, asylum-

seeker plans - and while he has

this sort of lead in the polls,

there's another phrase we'll be

hearing a lot of... Call an

election, Prime Minister, and let

Australians - not a protest party -

decide the fate of our country.

Police are making an urgent appeal

tonight to help find a 5-year-old

girl who was kidnapped from an

apartment on the Gold Coast. The

bodies of a man and woman were

found inside the home. It's

believed the little girl has now

been taken to northern NSW.

For more, we're joined by reporter

Darren Curtis. Darren, do we know

any more about the kidnapper? Peter,

this is becoming a growing concern

for police here at the moment.

Young Kayla Rogers, five years old,

was in this Robina unit when her

mother and a male friend were

killed over the weekend. Kayla was

then seen being taken away from the

unit by a 39-year-old man, and put

into a silver station wagon. That's

a Queensland-registered car - 965

JFC. Police are concentrating their

search in northern NSW, around

Lismore and Kyogle. They're also in

the Casino area there. They're

looking at bush tracks and

farmhouses. Kayla's father may have

frequented them over the years.

Police do hold grave concerns -

I've asked people if they do see

this vehicle, or they know where

Kayla is, to please ring a

nationwide hotline on 13 15 64.

Thank you.

A deadly explosion at a Hunter

Valley winery has put safety

practices in the spotlight. An

inquest into the deaths of

winemaker Trevor Drayton and a

contractor in 2008 has heard that

the blast could have been prevented.

It was an explosion that ripped

through the heart of an Australian

winemaking dynasty. Trevor Drayton

was killed instantly in the blast,

along with contractor Eddie Algo.

Today, the coroner heard Mr Algo

had been welding metal plates to a

tank, unaware it allegedly

contained highly flammable liquid.

The flames were sort of right

through the top of the trees and

there was a big fireball there. The

inquest will hear that, at the time

of the explosion, Drayton's winery

had not undergone a fire audit by

Cessnock City Council. There was no

documented occupational health and

safety policy, or staff training,

for handling dangerous goods. And

there was some confusion about

which tank contained the flammable liquid.

Assistant winemaker William Ricard

Bell suffered serious burns in the

fire. He survived by throwing

himself in a nearby dam. He'll give

evidence later this week.

The Drayton family has been making

wines here for over 150 years, and

while it's business as usual in the

vineyards, the Draytons say life

will never be the same. They're

hoping the inquest will help them

finally move on from what they've

described as a horrible accident.

It's expected to have serious

implications for work practices across the industry.

Copping a fine on the state's roads

and trains is a fact of life for

many Sydneysiders. But most don't

realise that it's possible to fight

back. Every day, hundreds of people

offer up an excuse for their

offence, and every day, around 150

of them are let off paying their fine.

They're everywhere - on roads, on

trains, and in car parks, just

waiting to catch you out. As

annoying as it is to cop a fine,

there are few things more

satisfying than fighting one and

winning. And so far this year, 1 in

5 have complained, have won. There

are some excuses that are legit. If

they have the talent, tenacity and

time to get out of it, they're

doing very well. Since January,

more than 87,500 excuses have been

lodge would the Office of State

Revenue. More than 18,000 were

accepted. Some of the successful

reasons included, on the train, not

fully understanding the ticketing

processes. For parking offences,

finding change for the metre, or

the car breaking down. Driving

infringements - by far the most

successful excuse was having a

previously impeccable record. If

you have a 10-year clean-driving

record, you can claim leniency, and

therefore they'll wipe the fine, no

conviction. Occasionally, the

tried-and-tested excuses do work -

your wife was in labour, you'd

locked your keys in the car - but

if you are going to challenge fine,

it needs to be good. What these

figures also tell us is that 4 in 5

people who complained didn't get

off. I reckon some people do get

stung unfairly. But if you've done

the deed, you've gotta pay for it.

A Sydney rugby league cheerleader

has begun her assault on the

biggest stage of all - the far

squad for America's Dallas Cowboys.

Angela Nicotera has just made the

first cut in an audition process

which begins with around 600 women.

They come to the biggest stadium in

the country with a star in their

sights - in the world of

cheerleading, they are the most

recognisable, most talented, most

beautiful women in America -

entertaining massive crowds in

sporting cathedrals. So at the

yearly tryouts, under the

intimidating gaze of the current

team, they spin and stretch. That

looks really painful. Um, it's not,

after you do it a hundred times,

you know? This year, one girl

really stands out. Can you imagine

performing in this stadium? It's

huge. I nearly lost it when I

walked in! A Manly NRL cheerleader

for six years, Angela is now

chasing the biggest prize of all.

I'm number 316, and there's at

least 200 people behind me. The

Cowboys is a 1.6 billion-dollar

sporting juggernaut. Their top

players get $13 million a season.

But you might be surprised to find

out what the other star attractions

get paid. They get $150 a game.

There's 10 games in the season. So

it's passion and pride that brings

them to the dance floor.

My name's Angela Nicotera. I'm 26

years old. And I come all the way

from Sydney, Australia. After the

longest journey, she has just two minutes to impress.

It was so nerve-racking. (APPLAUSE)

Especially with the judges staring

straight at me. Hopes and

expectations scrawled on the

noticeboard. But if your number's

there... You're through. 316!

In the news ahead - from laptop

computers to mobile phones - why

wi-fi could be harming your kids.

Plus, terrified passengers as an

engine catches fire mid-flight.

And all the royal honeymoon gossip from

Families who have embraced new

technology may have to rethink

their position. There are new

claims that, while wireless gadgets

may be convenient, they could be

putting children at risk!

Like so many tech-savvy families,

this household is a wireless world.

Always. Always. The computers are

always going. Invisible

electromagnetic beams connect our

televisions, the internet and

phones - no wireless, no plugs no,

mess. It's the same in our offices

and schools, where computers are

essential. Every day, they're

usually used by different classes.

We go on there for library. Now, a

European research group warns this

cordless convenience could cost our

children in the long run. They say

cancer is a risk, along with long-

term brain development. They've

called for mobile phones and wi-fi

internet to be banned in schools,

and for young families to

reconsider using cordless phones

and baby monitors. We've got to

control the things we know cause

cancer, like smoking, obesity and

sun protection. But we've got to do

more research into these other

areas before we can call on bans. A

number of similar studies have been

done in the past, but the World

Health Organization has never felt

the need to introduce such a ban.

All the same, technology experts

have some tips for families if

they're concerned about the

potential dangers of wireless

technology. Keep the wireless books

20cm away from you. Keep the

wireless bobgsz in your Centrepoint

of your home or office. If you're

very concerned, have your home wired.

More than 100 passengers have

endured a terrified midair

emergency onboard a kthai Pacific

flight. An engine on the Airbus

A330 caught fire 20 minutes after

take-off. Passengers prayed

together as the plane made its way

back to Singapore early this

morning, where firefighters

extinguished the blaze. The pilot

is being praised for his calm response.

They're keeping away from the

spotlight, and honeymooning like

any normal couple in the Seychelles.

Prince William and new wife

Catherine are revisiting the place

where they re-kindled their romance

four years ago.

Everyone knows there's a prince and

princess holidaying on one of these

stunning tropical islands. There

are secrets you can hide. Most

likely, north island, if local

chatter is to be believed. Yes,

it's true. They are there on that

island there. And for sure, they

are having a great time. A holiday

favourite of celebrities and the

fabulously wealthy, Brad Pitt,

Angelina Jolie and most recently

the Beckhams have stayed here. It's

not the first time William and Kate

have visitinged the Seychelles.

Local fisherman Terry took the

couple tuna-fishing when they

holidayed back in 2007. You can say

they were in love, yeah. But

they're not going to show it to

everybody like it's a movie advert.

It's rumoured the newlyweds might

take a sentimental day trip back to

the island during their 10-day stay.

After all, it was the place they reconciled after their 8-month break-up.

Perhaps the romance and the beauty

of it all was part of the reason

William and Kate got their fairytale ending.

Ken's next with sport, and the

Blues arrive in camp, but can they

win this year's series? Plenty say

they can't, but Jamie Soward will

join us live to explain why things

will be different this year.

Also - the real reason Jarryd Hayne

was snubbed by Blues selectors.

Plus - we say goodbye to boxing

legend Lionel Rose.

And Casey Stoner pushes his way to another MotoGP victory. Why does my doctor prescribe one brand of medicine... ..and my pharmacist offers me something different?

Many medicines have different names but have the same active ingredient and work the same. So either's OK. Be MedicineWise. Find out how at NSW's regional energy network has changed its name. But there are some things that won't be changing. Like planning a safer, smarter, more efficient network for the future. Working to be Australia's number one essential service provider. Remaining a leading employer across regional NSW. And supporting rural communities. Through the tough times as well as the good. Because while our name has changed, at Essential Energy, our heart's still in the same place.

The Blues' Origin squad has

assembled today with a huge

question hanging over their heads -

is this the team to break

Queensland's 5-year domination of

the interstate series? We're joined

now by rugby league reporter Danny

Weidler. Danny, you've got a man

with you who really had to earn his

Blue jumper? Ken, I certainly do.

Jamie Soward - Jamie, they said

you'd never make it, but you're

here. Yeah, mate, I am. I think

it's - I've been a product of how

the Dragons have gone the last

couple of years, and looking

forward to the week in camp. Tell

me - the pressure now, though, it's

really on you. There's pressure on

NSW to perform, but I think with

the groups of blokes we've got here,

we can go up to Queensland very

confident. A couple of years ago,

Ricky Stuart said about you,

basically called you a glorified

touch-footy player. Harsh criticism.

Was he right, and have you got an

issue with Ricky? No, I don't have

an issue with Ricky Stuart! I'm a

different player to how I was a

comyears ago. I'm looking forward

to working with him again and a

good week in camp. Plenty of people

would like you to maybe put one

over Greg Inglis this time 'round?

He's put a few on me the last few

years, but I'll concentrate on

helping my team. Thank you. Go and

enjoy your dinner. All right. One

of the superstars there, Jamie Soward.

OK. Let's talk about the star who

isn't there - why was Jarryd Hayne

left out of the squad? Ken, that's

a good question. Ricky Stuart has

actually been copping a lot of

criticism for that. I can tell you

that Stuart and his staff

researched this very carefully, and

it comes down to Jarryd Hayne's

perceived attitude, and it really

comes down to his attitude on the

field. There was a perception that

his body language hasn't been good

enough on the field, that it was

negative - almost in a sulking

matter. His on-field attitude not

good enough, and Ricky Stuart

doesn't have any room for pussy-

footing around any players in this NSW team.

I was obviously confident. I

thought that, um, you know, I did

enough to make the team. So it's

obviously confusing and

disappointment from my end. Jared's

an awesome player - I think the

sort of player that will feed off

this, and he'll do everything he

can to get back, and that's gonna

put pressure on me. But at the same

time, I'm the same sort of player

that builds off that pressure, and

I'm going to try and play even

better now, and hold that spot. Ken,

no-one really gives this NSW team a

chance. They're getting to know

each other in the restaurant here

behind me at Coogee tonight. Let's

hope they can put up a very good

showing. Thank you, Danny, there,

embedded with the Blues.

Lionel Rose's star shone brightly

today at the boxing great's state

funeral. Festival Hall was packed

for a touching farewell of memories and images.

# Thank you for your smile...

From here, the spirits of our

ancestors will travel and guide

Lionel to meet up with family and

friends on his journey to the Dreamtime. Rest in peace.

Casey Stoner took the chequered

flag, then he had to pull out the

chequebook, after winning the

French MotoGP. The Australian moved

to second on the riders'

championship table after his win at

Le Mans, but he had a moment in the

warm-up lap that took everyone by surprise.

Stoner doesn't have a lot of

friends on the circuit, and he made

another enemy today. The Australian

thought Randy DePunia got a little

close in the warm-up lap, and he

tried to push the Frenchman away.

The fine was as ridiculous as the

incident itself - $6,000 for Stoner

- and it didn't wreck his day,

taking out the race to move to

second on the championship table.

Once again, Marko Simoncelli caused

mayhem. Dani Pedrosa in bed tonight

with a broken collarbone.

Samantha Stosur saved her worst for

last in the Masters. She lost 6-2

6-4 to Maria Sharapova, after

dominating her lead-up matches.

It was Stosur's first final in a

year. She was the favourite against

Sharapova, but that meant little on the day.

In the men's final, Novak Djokovic

was again supreme. Once again,

Djokovic stunned the best clay

court player on the planet, beating

world number one Rafael Nadal in straight sets.

Held his ground beautifully there!

Djokovic is unbeaten in 39 games.

He's already won seven tournaments

this year, and heads into the

French Open untouchable.

He is in terrific form! But I felt

for Stosur. Playing against

Sharapova - the screaming...

Reminds me of Monica Seles.

Remember her? Not as bebad. (LAUGHS)

Good on you, Ken.

The stock market fell to a 2-month

low today.

Natalie is at Observatory Hill

tonight. It was a very chilly start

to the day? It certainly was, Pete.

I'll reveal Sydney's coldest

suburbs right after this break. Coming up on WIN News... Coming up on WIN News... The ACT' Coming up on WIN News... The ACT'

7th Chief minister elected. A

desperate appeal to find a Canberra

man missing overseas. And, drug

testing on motorists begins today.

Join me for all the details next.

(MUSIC PLAYS) SONG: # We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through # Trying to find lots of things not to do

# We're busy going nowhere... # Nothing. Zero. That's what's added to our beef. It's simply 100% high quality Australian beef, seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper. (WHISTLING VERSION OF McDONALD'S THEME)

Well, if you thought it was

unusually cold this morning, you

were absolutely right. It got down

to below zero in Richmond for the first time this year.

It eventually warmed up in Sydney, the city reaching 20 degrees.

That high-pressure system you can

see is what's causing these cold

temps, and dry weather in the south-east corner of the country.

Pete, that high is very slow-moving,

which means more frosty mornings

ahead. But it is looking good

towards the end of the week.

Natalie, thank you!

That is Nine News for this Monday.

I'm Peter Overton. Hope you have a

good evening. From us all, goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

- fundraising tally was well over the

Tonight ... Katy Gallagher voted in

as Chief Minister in a special

Assembly sitting. Friends, set up Assembly sitting. Friends, set up a

appeal, desperate to help find a

Canberra man, missing overseas. Canberra man, missing overseas. And

the former RFS commissioner, takes

the stand in the Territory the stand in the Territory bushfire

court case. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, KATY GALLAGHER has

been formally elected as the A-C-T'

s seventh Chief Minister, one week

after the resignation of JON

STANHOPE. She won the top job,

eleven votes to six, with the

support of the A-C-T Greens. It support of the A-C-T Greens. support of the A-C-T Greens. It

came as no surprise, but after a special sitting of the Legislative

Assembly this morning, a new leader

emerged. clapping. +y The