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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Outrage over the sentence handed to

the Butcher of Bega. In a Nine News

exclusive, Mercedes Corby speaks

with us about the bid to free her

sister. The life-saving advice from

fire fighters after two Sydney

homes burn. And we join Prince

William and Kate on their royal

tour. Good evening. There's been a

double barrelled attack on Sydney's

high-profile Ibrahim family. Shots

have been fired into two homes on

opposite sides of the city. We have

reporters at Dover Heights and at

Merrylands. Lizzie Pearl begins our

coverage. The guns are out for the

Ibrahim family, targeted in to new

shooting attacks. The Dover Heights

home of John E Brennan hit by a two

shots, fired by gunmen from a

clifftop path wait. The bullets

broke windows, no-one injured.

Police are examining security

vision showing three men in wooded

jackets. A lawyer for the family is

not confident in the investigation.

A high and belonging to the Ibrahim

family in a Maryland has been let

peppered with bullet-holes from a

drive-by attack. Riding off with a

raw, alongside one of his mates,

Sam Ibrahim. He was the victim of a

drive-by shooting in this same

street in January. These times are

owned by the Ibrahims. It is not

random. There is a motive. The how

us hit his rented to a woman and

her Sun. The mother and Sun not

hurt but fled after the shooting,

today coming back to pack up and

move out. Please cautious about who

was the target. Whether they had

the right house, that is a matter

for us to look at. Please add these

shootings to the growing list of

attacks on the Ibrahim family. Do

we know how John Ibrahim is? Sources close

Sources close to John Abram and

tell us he is OK. He was not a time

at the time of the shooting. He was

out for dinner. It was not him who

reported the shooting to police. It

was a couple who was walking in

front of the house he looked up and

notice the bullet holes. Is the

Ibrahim family there tonight?

Members of the family have been

coming and going throughout the day.

This afternoon John and his mother

went home. This is the fourth

shooting in a merry dance this year.

Police are warning against revenge

attacks. They say it will be a

matter of time before the tit-for-

tat violence ends in a death.

tat violence ends in a death. A

woman mutilated by former surgeon

Graeme Reeves says she's livid over

his jail sentence. The man dubbed

the Butcher of Bega will spend at

least the next two years behind

bars. We warn viewers some of the

details in this story are

distressing. This is one of the

last walks of freedom for Graeme

Reeves but today's sentence has only added to his victims' grief. Livid.

My sentence is for life. Despite

being banned from obstetrics,

Graeme Reeves spruiked his services

to patients on the State's far

south coast. Three months after

that interview, Reeves inflicted

grievous bodily harm on his patient,

Carolyn De Waegeneire. At Pambula

Hospital, he mutilated her genitals

by cutting out her clitoris when he

was supposed to only remove a small

pre-cancerous lesion. He told a

nurse at the time that:

Never did I consider for one second

he was going to do what he did.

He indecently assaulted two other

patients, rubbing their genitals

while conducting internal pelvic

exams. One of the victims said:

During the entire sentencing,

Reeves sat in the dock, his head

buried in his hands. The court

heard he didn't appear remorseful

for what he'd done. The judge acknowledged that:

Despite this, he took into account

Reeve's battle with depression.

Doctor Reeves has played the

depression card and he's got the

victims. judge's sympathy more than the

Reeves' past conduct has triggered

69 separate compensation claims against the State Government.

against the State Government.

Reaction from Schapelle Corby's

family. We spoke to her brother and

sister in Bali is who Australian

boys took the case to Federal

Police. Mercedes Corby in Bali late

this afternoon - she knows about

the Queensland woman's claim to

Nine news that a bag of marijuana

was hidden in a passenger's bag at

the same time Corby travelled in 2004.

It's difficult for us to comment.

We need more information. It could

be true, we need more information.

Michael Corby visited his sister

Schapelle this morning at Kerobokan

jail. She hasn't been told about

condition? the new claims. As for her

Bit nutty, bit loopy, as usual. Corby's Indonesian lawyer described

the woman's statement as "very good

news for my client.

The woman claims an ex boyfriend, a

baggage handler at Brisbane Airport,

saw a colleague hide the drugs.

truth? Do you believe he was telling the

Yes, I do. Because at the time it

was just in our casual conversation

about it. When he told me about it

watched this. he told me as if he was there, he

The woman's statutory declaration

has been sent to the Australian

Federal Police office in Brisbane.

It should be enough for a judicial

review or immediate clemency.

It may be difficult for Corby to

win a judicial review. She's

already had one and that failed. As

for the woman's stat dec, a retired

Supreme Court judge in Indonesia

said it meant little because it was

hearsay. The only hope for Corby,

he said, is for the baggage handler

who hid the drugs to be convicted.

That would carry weight, he said.

Julia Gillard was back on the back

foot today, admitting her carbon

price is a tax after all. Whatever

you call it, it's faced more noisy

protests and strong opposition from

businesses. Yesterday, Julia

Gillard suggested the phrase

"carbon tax" was the Opposition

Leader's creation. What Tony Abbott

likes to refer to as a carbon tax.

But after visiting a Melbourne

McDonalds this morning, the Prime

Minister was eating her words. I'm

happy to say, yes, it works

effectively like a tax. Whatever

you want to call it, a carbon tax

is temporary. The Emissions Trading

Scheme is permanent. She says the

tax will be replaced as soon as

possible by an ETS. Most economists

agree that's the best model. Not

Tony Abbott. Maybe that's a comment

on the quality of our economists

rather than the merits of the

argument. In a room of economists,

polite laughter. From the

Government. We know Mr Abbott

thinks economics is boring, today

we also found out he thinks

economists are stupid. Here though.

Ditch the witch! The message would

have been welcome. Another angry

protest against the government's

plans. It's extremely important

that Canberra realise the

Australian people are furious with

them. Business and industry groups

are also up in arms. They're now

planning a multi-million dollar

advertising campaign attacking the

tax. To put the facts on the table.

Actually outline to the Australian

people what will be the economic

consequences. Afraid of these big

polluters? Not on your life. I'll

take them on. From today, the

Greens have balance of power in the

Senate - meaning they have the

power to pass or block all

legislation there. A court's been

told the man accused of murdering

nurse Michelle Beets has no mental

health problems that would affect a

trial. Ms Beets was stabbed on the

doorstep of her Chatswood home last

year. A mental health report will

be officially released next week

with a trial set to begin in

September. JD Springbett has been

found dead in his Wooloomoolloo

apartment. There have been a

staggering 71 house fires across

the state in the past week and

firefighters are pleading with

homeowners to take more care.

Overnight, an elderly woman was

pulled unconscious from her burning

home at Mortdale. She'd left a

heater on. This modest home at

Mortdale, was the scene of extraordinary bravery. A

neighbourhood pulling together to

rescue a grandmother who lived

alone. It was more the smoke, the

flames were going right up through

the roof. Frail and sick with

Parkinsons, Betty Manuel was

trapped inside. She called 000 but

neighbours, including Jeff May,

were already battling the smoke,

the flames, to get her out. Pavers

there, we sort of picked up and

threw through the window. And a

fellow here got a ladder for the

window. We just tried to help out

as much as we could. 56 years of

memories destroyed by a fan heater

left on too long. But Betty's

daughters feel blessed. Today

thanking the total strangers who

helped save their mum. Thank you so

much for trying. He's a hero! No,

no. Her home will have to be

demolished, but Betty is a survivor. The 77-year-old suffered terrible

smoke inhalation but her family

believes her strong Christian faith

is keeping her alive. She was

surrounded by flames. We are not

sure how she got out without

getting burned. She's a very

religious lady, so I think that

must have helped. Around the same

time last night in Merrylands,

another family watched their home

burn after their unattended

fireplace sparked a raging inferno.

With more than a third of all house

fires happening in winter, it's

prompted yet another warning. Keep

everything a metre from the heater.

In three minutes a fire can take

hold - a couple of seconds taking

the time to turn off your heater,

can save your life. Prince William

and his Duchess are instant best

friends with the Canadian people.

The young royals have encountered

cheerful crowds and loads of

goodwill as they begin the first

joint tour of their married lives.

And let the royal show begin - with

a week of events ahead - the newly

minted Duchess was already in the

swing of things. Within an hour of

touching down, scoring a new title

'Chatty Katie'. The Canadian love

affair with the royal couple was

under way. It was handshakes all

the way to the official welcome

ceremony. And then the question

which will be asked over and over

again - who is Kate wearing? She

went local for this first outfit -

a navy lace scoop-backed dress by

Canadaian born designer Erdem

Moralioglu. Just one of 40 outfits

she's brought with her. Welcome to

Canada. The honeymoon capital of

the Commonwealth. From William, a

diplomatic coup on the first day in the French/English speaking. Merci

beaucoup. It will improve as we go

on. Earlier, the royal couple

visited the National War Memorial.

What are your impressions? I think

she is lovely and good looking.

There to meet with veterans and lay

a wreath. The visit here is timely

- as Canada is right now pulling

all its combat troops out of Afghanistan. And like Australia,

there's been a cost. 157 Canadian

soldiers have died there. The

prince didn't mind but it was clear

this was all about Kate. Everyone

treasured just a word or two from

her, although at one stage William

had to give her a hurry on. And

then she flew solo. A very big

question hangs over tonight's

Monaco royal wedding. Will the

bride show up for the private

service to exchange vows with

Prince Albert? Last week, Charlene

Wittstock was reportedly

intercepted at a French airport

holding a one-way ticket home to

South Africa. The private service

will be followed by a public

celebration of the marriage and

that's scheduled for tomorrow night.

In the news ahead - better late

than never - Sydney's troubled

Waratah trains hit the tracks. Plus

- the new sheriff of the suburbs

and his gift for Western Sydney.

And a protestor lunges at the French President.

This program is captioned live. The

first of the trouble-plagued

Waratah trains has finally rolled

into service five years after the

previous Labor government signed

off on them. It could take another

three years to get the rest of the

fleet on the tracks. The good news

for commuters - monthly, quarterly

and yearly ticket fares have been

cut from today. We want to create

those incentives for people to buy

those periodic tickets and in so

doing, not only save some money but

also help reduce those long queues

on Monday mornings. Commuters can

save up to $240 a year. One of the

first casualties of winning

Government for a new Premier is

usually an election promise.

Tonight, we're happy to report that

Barry O'Farrell is bucking that

trend, and keeping his word to fix

Sydney's west by sending in his

toughest trouble-shooter. Ray

Williams made his political name

fighting for Western Sydney -

rallying for more bus services and

better roads. Now the MP who calls

Rouse Hill home can make it happen.

We don't want reviews, we don't

want reports, we don't want to

waste money. We want to get on with

the job. At the top of the list, a

new Windsor Bridge, three years

after bureaucratic buck passing saw

it left in the too-hard pile. The

$25 million project was given the

green light today and work could be

finished within 12 to 18 months. It

will be really awesome for the area.

It will improve the traffic flow.

Ray's no silvertail. He's worked in

real jobs, he's come into parliament with real-life

experiences. His father was

heavyweight champion of this

country so he's a real fighter for

Western Sydney. His opponents now

are fat cat public servants. I

don't want to sit in front of a

bureaucrat who tells me it's too

hard or too expensive when I know differently. They are making

decisions that aren't practical and

they are certainly not accountable.

It's no surprise that Ray William's

first priority as parliamentary

secretary was right here in Windsor

with the upgrade of the bridge, but

he wants to see improvements all across Western Sydney from

Parramatta to Penrith, Campbelltown

to Liverpool. Finding a cost

effective way of fixing unflued gas

heaters in schools is the next

challenge. I can tell you a 5 metre

length of copper pipe, less than

$30 from Bunnings, and a hand full

of fittings and something that a

gas fitter can knock over in a

couple of hours, they're simple

decisions. Let's see if it works.

The French President suffered a

scare when a protestor grabbed his

lapel during a walkabout in

southern France. Mr Sarkozy was

shaken by the assault. His attacker

faces up to three years in jail for

attacking a public figure. Cameron

is next with sport. Crunch time for

the Eels tonight? They haven't won

a game for five weeks. Peter

Sterling's thoughts about the

Parramatta slump coming up. Also

Ricky Stuart makes a massive

selection gamble for Origin Three.

And Maria Sharapova's 7-year itch.

And will it be a sunny weekend?

I'll have all the weather details

from here at the Food and Wine

Festival in Darling Harbour a

little later.

This program is captioned live.

With their season fast slipping

away, the Eels take on an Origin- weakened Broncos at Parramatta

Stadium tonight. Eels legend Peter

Sterling must be feeling the club's

pain. Sterlo, what can the Eels do

to turn things around? Whatever it

takes. It is about getting

competition points and decision

making in the kicking department

can lead men down. Here is the

Parramatta coach. The Hawks have

been good over the last month. Are

you more frustrated and

disappointed? It has been a little

frustrating. The performances have

been a lot better, we have not been

getting over the line. Tonight's

match is very important. A lot of

experience lost by the Broncos

tonight. But these young players

will become them a double first

grade is. They have a wonderful

culture up there. The guys who have

stepped in do a wonderful job. They

have shown from the last couple of

performance without the stars, they

know how to do the job. We hope to

head up the ladder. Thank you, good

luck for the rest of the season.

One of five matches they will

barely played this weekend.

Competition. Spiteful denied at

Parramatta Stadium. Now to State of

Origin and Blues Coach Ricky Stuart

is seriously considering playing

just one specialist prop in next

week's decider. Trent Merrin was

released from camp today - leaving

Keith Galloway and Glen Stewart to

fight it out for a bench spot. The

players, who trained in front of

cameras for the first time today,

say when it comes to the final line

up they're still in the dark. The

men's finalists will be decided at

Wimbledon tonight. Rafael Nadal

takes on Andy Murray and Novak

Djokovic faces Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. takes on Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic faces Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

In the women's draw, Petra Kvitova

is through to her first Grand Slam

decider but it'll be a tough ask

against Maria Sharapova, who last

won the title seven years ago. The

walk to centre court is a familiar

one for Sharapova, but the 2004

champion quickly discovered she was

in for a fight.

In her first grand slam semi,

Sabine Lisicki rattled off the

first three games. That's when

Sharapova clicked into gear and in

the end, she just had too much

grunt. She's now a short-priced

favourite to win her first major

title since the 2008 Australian

Open. Petra Kvitova will make her

first appearance in a grand slam

final after she overcame Victoria

Azarenka in three sets. With the

British Open fast approaching, Adam

Scott has found form, grabbing a

share of the first round lead at

the AT&T national tournament in the

United States. Scott fired a four

under par 66. And the two-wheeled

gladiators are all set for the Tour

de France. Cadel Evans will again

lead the Aussie charge. Under a

drug cloud, Alberto Contador is the

favourite with the bookies, but not

fans who booed his entrance.

Good luck to Cadel Evans and the Eales.

The All Ords finished down today. The All Ords finished down today.

Amber Sherlock joins us from the

Food and Wine Festival, and Amber,

will it be a good weekend to stay

indoors? The good news is they will

be some sunshine. Coming up on WIN News.. An armed

hold at a Florey pizza shop. Which

bills are rising this financial

year. And, The teenagers dancing

their way to Las Vegas. Join me for all the details next.

I' m Greg Thomson with a WIN

This program is captioned live. I'm

at the Sydney Food and Wine Festival in at the Sydney Food and Wine Festival in Darling Harbour which

runs all weekend. I'll tell you a

little bit more about it, after we

take a look at the weather. It was

partly cloudy today with a shower

or two and light winds. It topped

17 in the city. 18 in our west. On

the satellite - moist onshore winds

will generate a few coastal showers

for eastern Queensland and northern

NSW. While a trough in the south

will bring rain and storms for

parts of Victoria, Tasmania and

South Australia. Taking a look

around the country. A possible

shower for Brisbane, 20 degrees.

Early frost for Canberra. Partly

cloudy in Melbourne, a top of 16.

Fine in Hobart and a few showers

for Perth. A partly cloudy day is

forecast for us tomorrow with an

early shower or two. The

temperature will range from 11 to

18 degrees in the city. 6 to 18 in

Campbelltown. Looking further ahead.

Mostly sunny on Sunday, a top of 20

degrees. Partly cloudy on Monday,

20. Windy on Tuesday, 17.

In our west, early fog on Sunday

before a mostly sunny day, a top of

20. Partly cloudy on Monday. Windy

on Tuesday, 16 degrees. And mostly

sunny for the rest of the week,

tops of 15 degrees. The weekend's

here - so make sure you grab a copy

of Best Weekend in tomorrow's Daily

Telegraph. If you are looking for

something to keep the kids occupied

in the school holidays, there's a

compete guide to plenty of fun and

free things to do. You might like

to try outdoor ice-skating in

Parramatta as part of the

Winterlight Festival. There's 141

great things to do and they're all

in the Best Weekend magazine - in

tomorrow's Daily Telegraph. And

there's the Food and Wine Festival.

Across the weekend, there'll be

cooking displays, as well as

celebrity chefs, and of course,

some of Australia's best food and

wine. It runs until Sunday, here at

Darling Harbour.

That is it for today. Goodbye.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Tonight ... A security guard

targeted making a routine cash

pick-up in Florey. Electricity,

water and rates bills all on the

rise this financial year. And, rise this financial year. And, Unio

concerns over principals given the

power to hire and fire teachers.

Good evening, I' m Greg Thomson.

Police are investigating an

aggravated robbery in Belconnen. A

security guard was picking up the

week' s takings from Dominos Pizza

at the Florey Shops, when he was

approached by two men armed with

weapons. It was a routine

collection of cash that went

horribly wrong. "Just after 11 o'

clock this morning a security guard was making a routine collection of