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(generated from captions) stars, of course, but on the

long road to lond non Olympics

for next year. The Australian

women's hockey team weren't as

successful overnight, they lost

to New Zealand. The score 3-2

in the champions trophy event

in Amsterdam. The Australian

team hasn't been beaten in that

format by the New Zealand team

before and they've only been

beaten 10 times in the 85

matches they've played against

each other since the 1930s. So

bad luck there for Hockey roos.

They'll continue on in that

tournament. It is an absolute

coincidence that one of the

players in that team, her

mother joins me now, to talk

about something completely

different. Judy Flanagan is from Australian Sports

Commission. Can you tell me

your interest in this

conference today, sports

Australian Sports Commission is without borders? The

agency responsible for the the Australian Government's

development of sport in Australia. It's very dear to

our hearts, this fron frens --

conference. Our mandate is to

increase opportunities for all

Australians to participate in

sport and at the community

level it's what is important in

terms of growing our base and

also providing a pathway for

our athlete to develop into the

elite end of things. Look,

this conference is fantastic.

It's about recognising the

multicultural aspect of

Australia and providing avenues

and exciting new opportunities

for all Australians to

participate in sport. Is there

a component here that we talk

Government, is that something about funding from the

that you need to explore,

because we saw the Crawford

Report and we had that debate

over mass participation versus

Olympic sports? Look, the

Australian Government has

increased funding to sport,

record amounts in terms of the

participation side of things,

in the budget announcement last

year. Our sporting

organisations are working very

hard to implement programs and

to deliver things on the ground

that will increase

opportunities for Australians

to play sport. Terrific.

Thanks, Judy. It's a good time

to bring in our next guest,

Parliamentary Secretary Senator Kate Mundy, with

multicultural affairs. What Parliamentary Secretary of

are you interested in are you interested in this

conference today, what are you

hoping to get out of it? This

conference brings a very strong

focus on a really important

aspect of Australian sport, and

that is sport as a platform for social inclusion, particularly

for new arrivals to Australia.

You can imagine refugees and

new migrants, often it's sport that breaks down perhaps some

of those barriers in coming to

a new community, in a way that

nothing else can do in

Australia. We have fantastic

culturally diverse role models

in Australian sport and I think

it's one of the reasons we're

so good at sport in this

country. It's because we're

multicultural. So this program

at the conference will help

emphasise that, help us

understand the multifaceted

strengths of sport and what we

can do to help make it a more effective platform for social

inclusion, particularly for

people arriving in Australia,

refugees, our humanitarian

entrants, and help them be

supported and make friends and

build that sense of belonging

in their community. I spoke to

James Demetriou from Sports

earlier in the program. He without Borders a little

said this is a crisis

situation, so is the Australian

Government not spending enough

money in this area? Well, it's

the right time to put a

spotlight on it. We've

recently announced a new

policy, the multicultural youth

sports partnerships, a grants

program which allows sporting

organisations to obtain funding

to help them build the social

infrastructure so they can be

more inclusive and reach out to culturally diverse communities,

bring those young people in and

help them make friends and find

the crucial sense of belonging

that's what it is to be

Australian. Thanks for your

time. Good luck with the

conference today, Judy, and

Senator. We appreciate your