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(generated from captions) That and D, Alice Springs. You were tossing up between...? OK. Not Benalla. Benalla's in Victoria. Yep. Not Broome. up where the tropics start. Tropic of Capricorn, of course, Ohhh. Oh, Alana, it is Alice Springs! Ohhh! Broome in WA, Benalla in Victoria, Oodnadatta's in South Australia, and, of course, about 30km north of the Alice. Tropic of Capricorn runs You won $1,000! Hey, don't worry about that, Alana. (CHEERING) Well played! Great start! Alana just won $1,000. the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time in Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - dog attack. A mother's

anguish for her mauled baby. "I

will fight the charge." Benji

Marshall's vow, as Manly cries foul.

Playing with the President, but

polls give Gillard a kick. A

massive factory fire in Sydney's

south-west. And meet the O'Farrells

- exclusive access to the mum who

would be the premier's wife.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton.

Good evening. A Sydney mother has

told how she tried desperately to

rescue her 15-month-old son as he

was being attacked by a vicious dog.

The little boy is recovering in

hospital tonight. Smiling through

his big, brown eyes. Last night,

they were filled with tears.

I'm trying to save my baby, but the

dog, it was so big. I don't know

why he liked my baby. He started

can't do anything! biting and biting and biting. I

At 7:30pm, his mum pushed her son

on the swing as her neighbour

watched on. And then...

We saw a big dog.

The dog, called Ignatius, was an

Alaskan malamute and had escaped

from a meesh backyard. A relent the

-- nearby backyard. A relentless

attack began. Neighbours rushed to

help. The dog kept biting.

The whole backside. You can't


I want justice! He likes the swing.

That's why I take him to the park.

My baby... So nice.

Authorities at this animal care

facility put the unregistered dog

down this morning. At the same time,

police laid several charges against

the 40-year-old owner, who told

Nine News he was deeply sorry. The

little boy is in a stable condition

in the Sydney Children's Hospital.

But he has severe bite marks, the

worst to his back.

Shaun, is the dog a problem breed?

No. The Alaskan malamute is not on

the banned list. There was another

attack involving the breed last

November. The dogs that are banned

in this State are the American pit

bull terrier, among others. The

RSPCA says the Alaskan malamute is

not a vicious breed but have the

potential to attack.

Thank you. It's been a tough few

days, but a defiant Benji Marshall

has faced the cameras, saying he

will fight the charges against him.

He thanked the public for their

support and looks forward to plays

in the club's season opener on

Monday. He's the master of adlib

a script. football. Today, he was sticking to

I can, however, confirm of my

intention to defend the charge.

It's been three days of unrelenting,

unwanted pressure on the man who is

the face of the NRL in 2011.

The last several days have

obviously been very stressful for

myself and my family.

60 seconds, it lasted. The fact

Benji Marshall was training here

today and will be playing in the

Tigers' opener on Monday has opened

an old wound at Manly. The Sea

Eagles are still fuming that Brett

Stewart was banned from playing

early in 2009 when he was charged.

He was suspended for four weeks and

the club fined, would appear to be grossly unfair.

The NRL boss said the case was

different. Stewart was drunk at the

season launch. In contrast,

Marshall was hosting a charity I


So, an assault charge and a fight

between a club in the NRL.

The almost traditional lead-up to

the league season kick-off.

Clouds of thick smom have been

billowing across western Sydney

this afternoon -- smoke have been

billowing across western Sydney

this afternoon. Is the fire under

control yet?

Yes. Thankfully, Pete, all is good

here now. Still a bit of smoke but

the situation is firm lip under

control. A few hours ago, it

certainly was a full-scale

emergency that had four workers

running for their lives. There was

a huge trail of thick black smoke.

It was proof the firefighters knew

they were facing a raging inferno.

There were explosions, gas bottles

going up. Also, throw in the wind,

which helped the fire spread to

next door. So it was a dicy

situation for firefighters. At the

height of the emergency, 100

workers had to be evacuated from

businesses. Right now, everyone is

now returning to order. The roads

are being slowly reopened as

investigators move in. I think,

Pete, you will find that those gas

battles might have something to do

with this fire. Thank you.

Anger over the proposed carbon tax

has sent Labors vote plummeting to

a record low, leaving Julia Gillard

far less popular than Kevin Rudd.

The latest Newspoll took the gloss

of what should have been a great

Washington. day tore the Prime Minister in

Rarely has an Australian Prime

Minister received a warmer welcome

from an American President.

Australia. We have no strongeral lip than

In a --

Stronger ally than Australia.

In a 40-minute meeting, Julia

Gillard presented Barack Obama with

a football and gave him some tips

on playing Aussie Rules.

She was kicking it in my office.

Almost broke a bust of Lincoln.

The prpt was joking. -- the prpt

was joking.

She is doing an outstanding job.

He said she was sure a good chunk

of the Australian people were

charmed by her. If only he had

known. A devastating Newspoll

showed a massive chunk of the

Australian people are fed up.

Well, the fact is that it is

sifrpbl one opinion poll.

But what a poll. Labor's primary

vote diving six points to a record

low of 30% following the carbon tax

broken promise. Coalition, 54%,

would mean massacre for the Julia

Gillard Government in an election

held now. Responding in Washington,

the PM conceded the Opposition

battle. Leader is leading the political

He's good at running fear campaigns.

It's bad policy based on a lie. The

public are reacting to that.

Barack Obama took her to visit a

Virginia high school, where history

Australia. students asked questions about

My family and I have been wondering

Vegemite? this for a little while. What is

This is also a little bit of a

division between the President and

I. I love Vegemite. It's horrible.

Newspoll showed more people think

Kevin Rudd would be a better Labor

leader. Mr Rudd's fate was sealed

when he shelved his plan for an

emissions trading scheme. His

credibility disofld like an aspirin

in a glass of water -- dissolved

like an aspirin in a

like an aspirin in a glass of water.

They fear the same is happening to

Julia Gillard's credibility now.

Motorists in Sydney's south-west

awoke to some promising news this

morning - an Opposition pledge

The food price war intensified

today, with Coles making clear it

will step up its savage discould

you telling. The supermarket has

added to its cut-price shopping

list. Farmers say it will

eventually drive them out of

business. The food war might be

good for shoppers, but farmers say

they're the ones being

they're the ones being milked.

Dairy farms shouldn't trust Coles.

Cheaper food should be a good thing.

For the consumer, doing it tough.

You know, energy and mortgage rates

are going up.

But he says there's a hidden agenda.

Discounting which eventually knocks

the farmer out of business. A

A Senate committee was today told

the last time milk was a dollar a

litre was almost 20 years ago.

There is not enough money to

support farmers, processes and

retailers at that price.

People don't buy more because it's cheaper.

Michael runs one of our largest

private dairy farms on the edge of

Sydney. It costs 44 cents for him

to produce a litre of milk and

another 45 cents to process it.

Then, other eight cents in freight,

adding up to around a dollar a

litre - leaving no room for profit.

So, while you work out your weekly

shopping bill, in farms across the

country, they're also making

decisions. Their decisions is based

on negotiations with the big

supermarkets - whether the prices

are high enough for them to stay in

business. Two years ago, she was

fighting for her life. But today,

fashion victim smanthp Samantha

Barlow went back to work. The young

mother was left for dead by a

heroin addict who bashed her around

the head with a brick. She says

it's been a long road but she's

always been determined to prove the

doctors wrong. Well done. In the

news ahead - Barry O'Farrell's wife

and how she helped him shed the

clees close.

I fell in love with you --

Shed the kilos.

Plus - John Ibrahim reveals his

connection with some of rugby

league's biggest stars. And the

swim to freedom. How the

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In 2.5 weeks, it's likely Barry

O'Farrell will be premier. And that

s an upheaval for his family,

especially at their home. Rose

mother of two, is destined to be the first lady of

the first lady of New South Wales.

There's no way she will consider

the thought of victory.

Barry hasn't been elected at

premier. And obviously, yes, we

hope that happens. At this stage,

that's as far as I'm thinking.

You can control your thoughts that much?

I am. (LAUGHS)

Why will your husband make a good premier?

He knows what it's like to run a

family home. You know, I think he's determined to turn

determined to turn things around in

New South Wales.

What do you think of Kristina Keneally?

I think Kristina Keneally seems

like a very nice lady. I have met

her a couple of times and she's a pleasant woman.

We were at a Mary Mack kill yop

function. He thought this was the

latest miracle, the fact we were

breaking bread together. It's a bit

more polite than that. Is

Is it a lonely life snfrpblgts

sometimes it can be, but I keep

-- sometimes it can be. But I keep myself busy.

What about the young boys, watching

their dad in such a public job?

I think they have actually coped

very well. I am very proud of the

way they have coped. Tom is 16, so

he's old enough to be able to understand what's going

understand what's going on.

Dad in politics - it's a tough game.

It is. I try to make up for it. I

like to always be available for them.

So it's the single mum again.

It is, I suppose. Yes.

Barry's lost a lot of weight. He has.

It wasn't her cooking! (LAUGHS)

If someone wants to change a

lifestyle, they have to make that

lifestyle, they have to make that

decision. I could be at Barry for a

long time. I fell in love with you

when you were, you know...

Twice the size. (LAUGHS)

My favourite comment so far is,

"You're not half as fat as you look

on TV." That's the cruel thing TV

does to you, Peter.

Right. Do you have

Right. Do you have a yes or noing

at all to look outside the fish

bowl you have lived in?

No, I'm happy.

Here's a lesson for Oscar winners -

tolgders and trophies don't mix.

Watch this daughter drop her

daddy's Best Picture statue,

chipping the gold plate. The

Academy replaced the Oscar and Lara

Academy replaced the Oscar and Lara

was reunited with her favourite toy.

The waters of Sydney's northern

beaches received some new

inhabitants today. For wobbegong

sharks were released into the wild.

It may come as a surprise, but what

Australia needs is more sharks, not

less. And with hundreds of people

watching on, that's exactly what we

got today -

got today - researchers releasing

small wobbegongs, the beautifully

patterned, bottom-dwelling shark.

Easy for her to say there's more to

come, but there are quite a few in

the crowd who need reassurance.

These are babies, but they don't stay small.

They grow to about 3m.

Over the last three years, three

wobbegongs have been

wobbegongs have been released.

They're homebodies, and 12 of them

have hung around.

They have not only survived but

have actually settled very well

into their new homes. They don't go

far from home. If they leave, they come back.

And the big question - do they

bite? Well, sort of. But only if you step on them.

Ken's next with

Ken's next with sport. And there's

a colourful character in the

Roosters' corner this season?

Yes. The king of the Cross tells

why he's there number one supporter.

Also - the Aussies take aim at the

World Cup minnows.

And a 16-year-old who reached the Roxy Pro final. The $5 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over $9 million!

Wow! It's really going off up here! Over $9 million!

You ought to buy yourself a lottery ticket!

As we've seen, it's been another

dramatic day in league, with Benji Marshall speaking for the first

time since being arrested for

assault. He's free to play in round

one, but that's led to a bitter

slangeing match between Manly and

the over the treatment dished out

to Brett Stewart two years ago. The

Roosters have had their troubles

recently. That was forgotten as

some colourful characters spiced up

their pre-season launch. It would

take a very brave T hurricanes,

rston to say the Roosters have a soft underbelly.

How could you go past them? They're

great for the sport. How good did

they go last year? They probably

want to go one step better. They

have some big expectations this year.

Ibrahim would be delighted that

Anasta's been signed for two more

seasons. He says his success is due

in a big part to his girlfriend.

Jodie's a great support. Most of

the girlfriends are. We couldn't do

it without them. We have a club now, with the girls.

Getting all the women involved.

It's great, just to have all that

support as well. It's not just

about the men, you know?

How nervous do you get, how wourd

are you, is that what you talk about?

How short their shorts are!

Anthony knows he couldn't have

relaunched his career without his

better half.

He's an inspirational man. Oh, it

makes he really emotional.

That's a pretty good wrap.

She looks after me, that's for sure.

They're cricketing minnows, but

Kenya and Canada have been warned

Australia is out to crush them in

the World Cup. It's all about

boosting the overall run rate for

the Aussies, who worked on their

run rate today. Shaun Tait says the

weaker nations will be in for a pounding.

Not gonna take the foot off the

gadge at any stage of the tournament.

Taylor Wright has the world as her

feet. Roz Kelly is on the Gold

Coast at the Roxy Pro. Roz, some

good judges reckon young Tyler is

something very, very special?

Ken, when she was competing today,

some of the world's best surfers

were in awe - Kelly Slater and

others said this girl is already

good enough to win a world title

this year. The winner of the Roxy

Pro today is 18-year-oldhoodian

Carissa Moore. These two are the

youngest competitors on the world

tour. Almost scary to imagine what

they're capable of achieving in the

future. Don't worry - I got a

signed autograph for you.

Smart girl. There you are, Pete.

Lady in red, Roz Kelly. I won't sing it!

Thank you. To finance news.

Jaynie's next with the weather. And

it's going to get even warmer tomorrow?

It sure it.

Coming up on WIN News... A man -

who shot dead two bikies, found not

guilty of murder. And has the

Legislative Assembly voted to Legislative Assembly voted to outla

beastiality? Join me for all the

details next.

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Autumn in Sydney doesn't get much

better than this. Although, winds

were gusty this afternoon. Severe

storms in South Australia, with

heavy downpours up to 80mm.

Victoria getting the rain as well,

also western parts of NSW. 40mm in Broken

Broken Hill. This is where the rain

will fall in the next 24 hours.

Melbourne getting showers right now

into tomorrow.

So, a similar situation for the

west, although warmer, with most

days over 30 degrees. For tomorrow,

Peter, up to 32 degrees. A bit more

humid, but no rain. Peter, up to 32 degrees. A bit more humid, but no rain. Jaynie, thank

you. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton.

Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope

you have a Tonight... A man - accused of a

double murder in Chisolm two years

ago - found NOT GUILTY. The

Legislative Assembly - outlaws

beastiality. And: should there be a

quota of women on company boards?

The debate on International Women'

Day. Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post. A Canberra man who killed a

bikie gang leader and his associate

almost two years ago - has been found not guilty of their murders.

Russell Field argued he was acting

in self-defence, his lawyers

claiming it was a case of "kill or

be killed". It has been a long

wait for a verdict. On the wait for a verdict. On the afternoo