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(generated from captions) who really likes to pay tax. It's hard to find an Aussie would never be introduced. Especially a tax our PM promised faces her toughest test yet. Prime Minister Julia Gillard Riley Diary. Here's Riles with this week's reignited This week the climate change debate into a Shakespearean tragedy. Eye of newt and toe of frog,

wool of bat and tongue of dog. before the election... After saying this under the government I lead. There will be no carbon tax there would be... ..On Thursday the Red Queen said effectively like a tax. ..a fixed price for a fixed period, In effect a tax! a tax! In total reality, Prime Minister, He got her there and she conceded. I'm happy to say the word "tax". jabbed at her heart A word the Slugger said to Shakespeare. as he flicked the switch will be saying, This latter day Lady Macbeth Out! Out! foul spot!" "Out! Out! Foul spot! than the Bard intended. A little more dramatic

Out damned spot. Out, I say. as the Slugger hooked in... But things got really theatrical Shame on this Prime Minister! And the Red Queen fought back. who has cried wolf. He is like the boy Firing up... who simply cannot be trusted We have a Prime Minister on anything at all. Just ask Kevin! there. Now, he does have a fair point What bloody man is that? That's Kevin Rudd, in his back. the one with all the cutlery A performance of hysteria!

They've said this and they did this. onto his One Nation emails. Like a dying man clutching The anger was alarming. Awake! Ring the alarm bells! Murder! And treason! Treason! My goodness... Division required? Ring the bells for four minutes. There was division all right! Ring the bells! Bells ringing. The bells rang... (BELL RINGS) of their corners. ..and they came out condemnation. The Slugger thundered stand condemned. ..that the Prime Minister destruction. And the Red Queen screamed What he wants to do is destroy. it went... stand condemned. That the Prime Minister What he wants to do is destroy. stand condemned. What he wants to do is destroy. stand condemned. The horror...horror!

Horror! The horror all right. The Slugger was looking daggers. Where we are there's daggers... Yes, daggers. a dagger which I see before me? (IMITATES JOHN WAYNE) Is this doing John Wayne doing Macbeth. Personally I prefer Robin Williams a dagger which I see before me? (IMITATES JOHN WAYNE) Is this the one driving in the dagger. The Slugger said she was on the leadership I'll stab you on the back the Australian people in the back and I'll ultimately stab with this broken promise. Hear! hear! to the death. The Slugger vowed to fight

of every day Every second of every minute of every week of every month. And she said bring it on. and we will win it! We will have this debate And just when the Slugger was on top

on talkback... and the Red Queen was copping it name is not Julia but Ju-liar. There are people now saying your it was his idea originally. It turned out on carbon, If you want to put a price with a simple tax? why not just do it both look like hypocrites. Which kind of made them When the hurly-burly's done, when the battle's lost and won. Who will come out on top? The people will decide. And we'll be watching. to Parliament House this week. Like this visitor # Every breath you take # Every move you make. #

with the Slugger. ..who had a chance meeting G'day, how are ya? to him, I could hardly not say g'day he's a... he's a... he's a legend even to us, you know. (LAUGHS) And found something in common. coming out for a quiet cigar So there I thought I was unity ticket and now we've got a (BLEEP) (LAUGHS) I think. Ah, ah, a bloody unity ticket, Enough said. What's done is done! Ain't that the truth. correspondent Mark Riley Seven's chief political joins us now.

Riles, good morning. from her carbon tax controversy? Can Julia Gillard recover

Can the Australian people live with

a carbon tax. How do you think she

turn around? will recover from such a staggering

Well, Andrew, she needs to argue her

case forcefully and it will be very

interesting. This will define

politics for the next couple of

years, certainly, at the end of

this, only one of these leaders will

be left standing. Look at the

history of it, John Howard first

proposed an ETS and he was dumbed.

Brendan Nelson decided he wanted to

dump it. He was dumped. Mal couple

turn ball wanted to support it. Tony

Abbott first proposed a carbon tax,

went to the election and almost won,

Julia Gillard, who wanted the ETS

dumped and Kevin Rudd a I long with

it, now, went to the election saying

the ee there won't be a carbon tax, after

the election says there will be.

This is a debate that's littered the

with the grave stones of political

leaders. I am surprised that the

government has gone about this this

this way because upfront with the

CPR, the carbon pollution reduction

scheme, the - this first wave of

debate was dominated by

of the Kevin Rudd said upfront that debate was dominated by compensation

low to middle income

would not be worse off. There would low to middle income earningers

be heavy compensation. In this case,

if you sift through what the

government is saying, rather

government is saying,

government is say all the proceeds,

that Monday situate is retrieved by

the government from the poll uters

will go back to families first to

compensate them for their costs and

then to the companies that are

paying the tax to offset the I am

post on them. Then, you move to an

EST, it's a weird way to do it, when

you go to an ETS with a fixed price

on carbon. We are talking 3

on carbon. We are talking 3 to 5

years, there is already is, in

Europe there is. So we are going

into that marketplace. This is the way to do it.

Every leader seems to think it's a

great idea, it might suggest it's a

good idea that needs a bit more salesman ship. Absolutely.

We are going to have to leave it

there but we will catch up with

more, more of that debate this week.

See you next week.

See you, mate. After the break, fate or free will? Matt Damon has the answers. 'The Adjustment Bureau' is our Movie of the Week.