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Tonight - hundreds dead in

Cambodia's darkest day since

the Khmer Rouge era. It was

just from celebration, from,

you know, laughter and just

people being joyful of hysteria. The dramatic

moment disaster struck in New Zealand. The situation for

those who are below ground is

bleak and gets bleaker by the

hour, by the day. The Canberra

vaccine which could life long flu immunity with no

needles in sight. And after

years of declining populations, the birds are back. Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC

News. But first tonight to a

developing story on the Korean peninsula. And the Government

in the South is in emergency

session after the North fired

dozens of artillery shells at a

disputed Island. Up to 70

shells were fired at

Yeon-Pyeong Island on the tense

Yellow Sea maritime border Korea says four of its soldiers between Yellow Sea maritime border Korea says four of between the countries. South

were injured and dozens of

houses have been damaged. South Korea's military returned fire

and is now on its highest level

alert in peace time. Pyongyang

has confirmed the clash took

place but is providing no further details. The authorities the situation for the 29 trapped

trapped miners is bleak and

getting bleaker by the hour.

They've released security video

of the blast showing a powerful

and sustained explosion but no

sign of the miners. New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz is at the rescue coordination centre. This

is... It was the visual proof

of the power of the blast.

2.5kms from the explosion's

possible source, pulverised

stone and debris is jettisoned

out of the mine's entrance. I

think it's becomes obvious that

rescued. sitting together waiting to be sitting there may fwhot 29 guys all

rescued. J the situation for sitting together waiting to rescued. J the sitting together

those below grounds is bleak

and gets bleaker by the hour,

by the day. For the disgraced

relatives of the missing miners

it was a sober, end to a day of disappointments. This robot

which was to have been a trail blazer for blazer for the rescuers broke

down just 500m into its journey

along the mine's main

tunnel. Five days on, we know

no more than we do the night it

happened. Unacceptable in the

technology age. Help is on its

way from Australia, the WA water corporation is sending

its robot. It has a range of

sixth kilometres and can take

pictures, gas samples and carry

equipment into the mine. There

were also deflas the drilg of a

second bore hole when the

operation hit particularly operation hit particularly hard

rock. The shaft will be used for taking air samples,

critical for determining when

it's safe for the rescuers to

go in. Listening devices however have been deployed. We're listening for any

any movement, any tapping, and

any sound of noise

underground. So far, there's

been no sign of life. I can't express the frustration that

our guys feel at not being able to deploy underground. It is to

heart wrenching And there's a

nagging fear among some that

the best chance for a rescue

may have been lost. When you've

had an explosion, the window of opportunity is right there and

then because all the combustible gases have actually

building up burnt up and then they start

building up again The residents

of Greymouth head into their

fifth night since the mine

picture disaster with no clearer

picture about when rescuers

might go in. But perhaps with a grimmer picture of what the

outcome may be. Cambodia's PM

is calling it the nation's

murderous reign. Millioners worst tragedy since Pol

orevelers were celebrating at a

festival when panic set in and

the crowd stampeded. Around 3

50 people were killed in the

catastrophic crush. Many more

were injured. The ABC's Zoe Daniel reports from the

capital. And a warning, this story contains imthadges may

disturb some viewers. Among the

dead, Cambodia's people look

for their missing. It's a

horrific task that too many of

them have done before. During

the dark days of the Khmer

Rouge. Now an event that celebrating Cambodian culture

has also become a

tragedy. During Pol Pot's time

they killed all my family. I am

alone and I only have one boy.

I hoped for the future that he

can take dear of me but now

he's dead before I. Please help

me. Phnom Penh's famous annual

water festival attracts

millions. But this year a big

crowd in a became a crowd in a confined space crowd

became a deadly combination. On

the festival's last night, mass

pan xwrik on this bridge became a crush. Hundreds suffocated,

were crushed under foot or

jumped owner the sides and drowned. Hundreds left their shoes behind. TRANSLATION: I was stuck in the crowd for crowd for a long time and it

was so hot and I became

uncouncilious From the number

of dead and injured we know

that at least 1,000 people were

on this bridge. Most of those

who died were young women. It

was so hot in the crush that

people literally took off their

clothes, and they've now clothes, and they've now been

left behind. At hospitals

around the city, there was

confusion and ultimately

devastation. As people searched

for the missing and the dead.

their More than 340 died, most in

their youth. The stampede's

been described by Cambodian PM

Hun Sen as the country's worst

tragedy since the 1970s reign of of the brutal Khmer Rouge.

TRANSLATION: I ask you all to

understand me and forgive me

for this very bad situation

. He says it's not immediately

clear what triggered the

stampede but he's ordered a

full investigation. Don't go

there. Nothing good comes out of that of that place. That's the

chilling final warn from from

from a father to his son later

killed at Belanglo north of

Canberra. Today Goulburn court

heard gruesome details of the murder including how the teenager was struck on the head with an axe. Police believe he

travelled to Belanglo with

three friends on Saturday, his

17th birthday. They say the

four planned to drink alcohol

and smoke cannabis. The dead

youth's father warned him not

to go. When you're only young,

I know that, you know, you do get out and about and I just

said, "Be careful." Police

found his body face down and

covered with branchs on

Sunday. When I looked at him

yesterday, dying alone, I mean, must have been awful A teenager

who's charged with the boy's

mud iris a relative of Ivan

Milat who was convicted for killing seven backpackers in

the same forestle police say

niece no connection between the

case. Another two youths both

18 are charged in connection

with the mudder. One of them,

appeared in Goulburn court

today charged with being an

accessory to murder and concealing the offence. A

statement of facts tendered to the court says the teenager

charged with murder chased the

alleged victim and hit him over

the back of the head with a

double bladed axe. The facts

say the body was then hidden in

bushlands. The defence said there involved in the murder, that

he's trulitised by what he's is

seen and that edid not help

hide the body. He was refused

bail. The family is obviously very distressed that he wasn't

granted bail. He had no idea

what Woz was going to be happen

on that height The teenager

accused of the murder and

another 18-year-old man charged

with being an accessory will

fail courter later this

week. Police say they acted in

self-defence when they shot and

killed a man during an armed

robbery in south-west Sydney

overnight. Undercover officers

were investigating a series of

robaries when they saw two men

enter the high flier hotel.

Police say one man had a

machete and they had to fire

protect themselves. It's the

second fatal place shootling in

NSW in less than two weeks.

Patrons at this hotel in

Sydney's south-west say it only

took minutes for two armed men

to be shot. In the and then next thing I know the gun went off and everybody

started ducking, we thought

they had the gun A 19-year-old

man was shot dead, the other is

in a stable condition in

Liverpool Hospital. They came

running in, waving a machete,

it was about five of us on the

table or six of us and then

more or less shouting get

aside, move acid. Police say undercover officers were in the area investigating the

robberies when they saw the men enter the hotel. The officers'

life were in immediate risk

given the proximity of the

offenders to the officers and that could have escalated in my

opinion to anyone else in the

near vicinity Locals say there

have been several robaries in

the area. I know a few other

hotels and chemists and other

shops around the area getting

done over Police say the shooting happened very quickly and officers were not category carrying tasers. At this stage

of the taser rollout, officers

from this command have not been

issued with tasers. So that

option was not available to them. The

them. The hotel was unusually

busy for a Monday night, there

was a vintage car club meeting

going on. Patrons were forced

to leave their cars here

area is a crime scene, the police are now interviewing

them as they come to collect

their cars. A search is under

way for a third man who fled

the scene. It's the second

police shooting in month. A 44-year-old man was shot dead

by police two weeks ago

following a pursuit at

Collarenebri in the State's

north-west. Police in Victoria

say they've crippled a big Vietnam-based drug syndicate

after coordinated raids across

the State. Hundreds of police

stormed nearly 70 properties this drug raid in Victoria's

history. They've seized #,000

cannabis plants and assets

worth ten of millions. 4 # men

and women have been arrested. Investigators say they've been

monitoring the organised crime

group for two years. It's a very sophisticated international, global business and it needs this strategic approach to take it out The drug cartel is

estimated to have pulled in

more than $400 million, most of

which was sent offshore. Some

of the grounded Qantas A-380s

will soon be back at air. The

planes Rolls-Royce engines have

passed safety checks and the

first superjumbo to be brought

back into service will leave

Sydney for London on Saturday. After it does

extensive checks with Airbus and Rolls-Royce we're

completely comfortable now with

the operation of the aircraft,

the aircraft have been grounded

now for 19 days and we believe

it's a appropriate start services this week. Qantas grounded its fleet

of six Airbus A-380s after a

Rolls-Royce engine emexplode ed

midnight forcing the plane with

more than 400 people on board

to make an emergency landing in

Singapore . So I don't think

anyone has to have any rez vase

about the air kra. We would not

let it fly and nor would

Qantas. 16 of the fleet's

engines have been modified or

replaced. As a pre 'causion

long haul flights to the United

States are still on hold. It's

been labelled the holy grail of

immunology. A universal influenza vaccine that would

provide protection to all

strains of seasonal flu. The Australian National University

has been working on it for more

than 20 years, now a Canberra

company will take it to

Indonesia for trials. The

researchers who dropped the

vaccine hope it will be play a

key role in preventing global

pandemics. It's been a work in

progress for more than

decades. A universal flu slack

seen to frokt fwrls deadly influenza

influenza strains. It's one of

the holy grail of immunology to

find a vak eeb that gives this

protection Science is first

outbreak of swine flu in the early 80s

ANU have been working overtime

to develop such a vaccine. There was a great political pressure to develop

something so I tried it on on

influenza and it worked Now the

product's ready to trial and product's ready to trial and a Canberra vaccine company has

secured its first customers. We

decided that Indonesia being

our closest countries, a very

large population, which would

be devastated by a new pandemic

influenza if it were to occur and be very serious. The

scientists say tests on animals

have produced encouraging

results. But the vaccine hasn't

been tried on humans. That will now happen in Indonesia. This

approach is very, very new for

us, so it's why we are very

exciting too It would replay

the seasonal flu jab with only

two doses needed in a person's

life time.. You wouldn't even

have an injection. You have it

in the nasal. Sniff it

asthma drug or something. And that will provide broad spectrum protection against any

as yet unknown influenza virus

that might emerge. That's the

plan. And with nearly travel

unlikely to fall in the long-term, new weapons against possible pandemics can't come

fast enough. What a turn

around. The catastrophic

collapse of bird population

around the country appears to

be coming to an end. A decade long survey has found key

species winging their way back

after being forced out by land clearing and clearing and grazing. A combination of combination of good rain and replanting combination of good

replanting has given this

grazing region in southern NSW

a new lease on life. And that's

been enough to bring back the

bird life that had

disappeared.. For many wood

loaned bird, in southern NSW,

we're actually seeing quite

significant increases in

reporting rates of those birds

over the last ten years is a fantastic good news

story. David Lindenmayer and a

team of scientists have

surveyed 300 sites across 1 50

farms over the last decade. And

in some cases, rare species

have doubled if not tripled in

numbers. Been getting diamond

fire tail, some fantastic

threatened species like that,

also with the reptiles, also

picking up blind snakes and

pink tailed worm lizards, these

are if species that rarely come

up The key to this comeback is

the land holder. Neil Stuart's

family stined up to a program with the Federal Government

years. They've helped replant grasslands and

they're now taking great pleasure overseeing the

dramatic turn around. I reckon

it's great and I'd like tug to

other people who have involved

with this and they get a bit

excited because it's the first

time they're seeing something

happening instead of just the

same old sort of stuff, they're

seeing some results. This is a

positive outcome after years of

drought and habitat loss. It

also gives hope that any future

loss of woodland bird species won't necessarily be uniform

across all regions. As for the land holders, they reap the benefits of

benefits of a diverse

ecosystem. It's a sure sign of

a healthy landscape. Burma's

pro democracy leader Aung San

Suu Kyi has been re-United with

her youngest son of ten years

apart. The Nobel Laureate was freed from house arrest ten

days ago and her son has been

in Bangkok waiting for a visa

to enter Burma. After xwreeting his mother, p 3-year-old Kim

Aris took off his shirt to show

he had a tattoo of her

political party the National

League for Democracy on his arm. Australian Government UK

Aung San Suu Kyi has spent most

of the last 21 years in detention virtually isolated

from the outside Federal Government is being asked to honour renown ed

scientist Frank Fenner with a

sphait funeral. He died

yesterday, he was 95. The ACT Government

Government says a Canberra

suburb will also be named suburb will also be named after

him. The Irish PM is resisting calls for his resignation amid

furore in the country over his

decision to accept a financial

bailout. He says he's not going

anywhere, at least until the Government Government finalises the details of the international

rescue package. For week,

they'd been assured that they'd been assured that their country's economic safe in the Government's hands.

Then Ireland woke to the Tu nas

it could no longer afford to

pay its own bills. Protesters

stormed the PM's offices,

calling for his resignation

over the debt crisis. Angry

that a country too poor to

support its working class had

found $70 billion to rescue the

banks. The Greens, the junior

Coalition partner, joined calls

for the Government to stand

down. But the PM insisted

there'd be no election until

after the emergency Budget is passed. It is my intention at

the conclusion of this

Budgetary process with the

enactment of the necessary

legislation in the new year, to

then seek a dissolution of Dail

Eireann and tone able the peerm

to term who should undertake the responsibilities of

Government in the challenges

peerm there after j Government night to come up with ways to

slash the Budget deficit.

Dropping the minimum wage and

cuts to welfare, among a raft

of measures designed to save $20 billion. This Government

shouldn't be in anymore. They

shouldn't be negotiating. They

shouldn't be giving out the

four year plan, because they'll

be out. We're here in the open

we can have a general election

this week and get rid of this most corrupt and inept

Government. I'm absolutely

disgusted with the Government

that has consistently lied and

lied and lied to us. The

Opposition Labour wants the Government dissolved and an

election called immediately. So

a new Coalition can be formed

with a clear parliamentary

majority which can deliver a

new four year economic plan. The actor Paul Hogan has

had wane with the Australian

Crime Commission dropping its investigation into his tax affairs. The been investigating Mr Hogan been affairs. The commission has been investigating Mr Hogan

since 2005 over allegations of

a multimillion dollar unpaid

tax bill. It says the international complexities of

the case have caused delays and

it's no longer in the public

interest to pursue the matter. However, the Tax Office is

continuing its probe into the Crocodile Dundee star's

affairs. The ATO recently won

an injunction to stop the actor leave looefg Australia although

he later won the right to

return to the United States United States. The finance now

and all eyes were on Ireland on

global markets today as Alan

Kohler report, the bailout

prompted some hefty falls

including here in Australia. So

let's start with the good news. Telstra

Telstra shares jumped 3.5%

today after the analyst at JP

Morgan upgraded it from hold to

overweight. With a target price

of $3.08. So while the

politicians in Canberra squabble over Telstra and the National Broadband analysts and investors are starting to National Broadband Network, starting to bet that the

company will get through this turmoil and prosper. But apart

fra the tone today was negative

with BHP, Woodside Westpac and

Wesfarmers leading a broad deline. The allsords fell 1.2%.

As you might expect overnight

it was mostly the markets

around the edges of

being sold off. Spain, Greece

and of course Ireland. The Irish bailout means that

country won't default for a

while but there are a lot of nerves about how other countries and how far the

bailouts can extend. In general, general, investors feel like

cash is a bit safer at the

moment than shares. And here's

something extra about Ireland.

While it's true that the banks

mucked up horribly by lenning

too much against overvalued

properties, there is also been

a deeper property problem, deposits have been falling forras, resulting in a big

increase in the amount that the

Irish banks have borrow from

other European banks and while we're on the subject of

fundamental problems, here two of America's. Household net

worth as a percentage of

disposable income is back to

where it was in the 90s, and

full-time employment is also

back to where it was in the

90s. This is the total number

of people with a full-time job,

about 112 million council from

a peak of 121 million. So, a peak of 121 million. So, 15 years of growth in wealth and

employment have been wiped out. The main action on foreign exchange markets today was a

fall in the Euro, which resulted in the up a dollar

rising against that currency

but falling against every

everything else and that's finance. A survey of more than

200 workers at Melbourne's

Crown Casino has painted an

alarming picture of problem

gambling at the venue. The deacon university saw the found

some pa trons are fabulous bl

getting non-stop for 24 hours

or more, sometimes not even

leaving their machines for a it

to break. Crown has fiercely

attacked the study saying it's full of unsubstantialed allegations. Anti-gambling

campaigners say the result of

the survey have shocking but

but not surprising. Thmpbility

report vindicates exactly what so many individual whistle blowers who have come to blowers who have come to me

over the years from Crown have

also said. 225 country casino

staff were interviewed for the study company's knowledge. They told of high levels of violence at

the venue, with one in five

saying they did not feel safe

at work at all times. Some

laelg that injured patrons and

satisfy were sent away in

taxies instead of ambulances,

to avoid triggering an

emergency services report. The

study also found problem

gamblers were allowed to stay

on poker machines for 24 hours

or more, at times without a

toilet break. It's quite common

occurrence that people will wee

on the stools or on the carpet

in the companies Linda says

Crown is not upholding its own

code of conduct on responsible gambling and regulations are needed. Linda regulations are needed. Linda

Hancock, her career is built around bashing Crown. That's

what she does for a

living. Crown says it's the

most scrutinised business in

Melbourne and the study has no credibility. A group of

anonymous people anonymous people making unsubstantialed allegations or accusations, Crown says

employees with evident to

support the allegations should report it to management, gambling authorities or

gambling authorities or police. An inquest into the death of Dianne Brimble has heard that Federal police

officers should be place on all cruise ships. The recommendation was made by council assists the coroner Ron Hoenig. In closing submissions

to the inquest. Mr Ron Hoenig

said these cruise ships carry

2,000 passengers and crew.

Mrs Brimble tied overdose of GHB and Mrs Brimble tied of overdose of GHB and alcohol Mrs Brimble tied of an overdose of GHB and alcohol

during a cruise on a P&O ship

in 2003. The inquest into her

death has reopened in Sydney

after a break during which criminal charges were heard. The coroner Jacqueline Milledge

is expected to hand down her final recommendations next week. Support and former Canberra Raiders centre Joel

Monaghan is expected to sign Monaghan is expected to sign

with English Super League club

Castleford later this week. British

British newspapers reporting that monosyllabic will sign a 1-year deal with the club,

leaving the door open for him

to join his brother Michael. Australian vice captain Michael

Clarke faces an anxious wait Clarke faces an anxious wait to

see if his bad back will flare

up after a thorough work out at

the gab today. He's still in

doubt despite getting through two stints in two stints in the nets and a

private fielding session. But

he's confidence he'll be right

for the start of the Ashes

series at the Gabba on

Thursday. For a Test cricket

with a bad back, Michael Clarke was in a buoyant mood during a private feed fooelgd session

with former Australian opener

Justin Langer. Not too bad. Go

into the nets now. But he didn't test himself against any

of the Australian quick,

instead, he faced a few slow

ones from coach Tim Nielsen.

After the session, the vice captain was still

optimistic. So you're all ready

to go. We'll show how it pulls up in up in the morning His

team-mates are also

positive. He's gone into games

where he's feet stiff before

and come out fine and to have

someone like Michael not in the team would be a big loss for us. But

us. But what a moment it would

be for his standby replacement,

Usman Khwaja. The English squad

trained at the Gabba this

afternoon continuing their

perfect build-up. Opening

batsmen Alistair Cook believes

England has a team of match

winners but it's the bowlers

who will provide the edge. Got

11 players who can win games of cricket for England and at the moment obviously Swanny has

been exceptional for us over

the last 12 months, but he's

also been backed up by the

other three quicks in A prelude

to the start of the Ashes the

Barmy Army took on the

Australian Fanatics in a match

in Brisbane. This is ours You ain't having it

back Unfortunately, for the

Brits, their Bob Willis

look-alike kept losing his run

up. And now with the a look up. And now with the a look at today's weather here is Mark

Carmody. Good evening. We're in

the last throws of spring and

the temperatures are finally

starting to perk up. Got to 26

after overnight minimum of

eight and nine. When the night

temps get above watch your

tomatoes, really start to put

on growthar more importantly

flowers and those temperatures

are just around the corner. The

winds were pretty good today.

Northerlies arounding at more

than 10km/h. Currently it's

light. The winds have eased and

the temperature is hoverering around 24 degrees.

A band of cloud which is

associated with a dropping trough is crossing through

South Australia and this is

bringing reduced temperatures and showers. A high in the

Tasman extends a ridge over

most of the State. The trough

will bring relief to Adelaide,

Melbourne and Hobart tomorrow,

but the high will hold it up

resulting in showers not

getting here until the weekend.

So around the State capitals

tomorrow - This climbing rose called Bidai is from the hold

Parliament House rose gardens

and don't they look spectacular at the moment. Thank you for

that Mark. Before we go a brief

recap of our top story tonight

- and South Korea is on high security alert after an

exchange of artillery fire with

the north. Seoul says it's

trying to prevent an escalation

to a greater conflict. And

that's ABC News. Stay with us

for the '7:30 Report' and you can keep up with the latest

news at ABC online and ABC News

24. Thank you for your company. Good night. Captions by CSI.