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(generated from captions) The Prime Minister has warned

Queensland is facing dark days

ahead, and has promised the full

resources of the Army to help deal

with this crisis. I spoke with

Julia Gillard a short time ago.

As we go to air tonight, what is

the scale of this disaster that

of the Prime Minister? we're facing from the perspective

Events have changed rapidly during

the day. What, of course, we know

now is that Ipswich and Brisbane

face widespread flooding, and, of

course, we're still searching for

Australians who are unaccounted for,

from the flash-flooding that we saw

so dramatically yesterday. We know

that a number of people have lost

their lives, and that there are

many families anxiously awaiting

news of relatives. So our thoughts

and sympathies are with the

bereaved, and with those waiting

for news. Certainly, I believe all

Australians are standing with the

people of Queensland. I think we're

inspired by their courage and

determination in the face of this

crisis. And we will be working with

them every step of the way.

Well, Prime Minister, police have

described the situation as daunting.

People, of course, look to you for

re-assurance. What help will you

the months ahead? give them now, and, of course in

Peter, you're right to use the word

"months". We will need to stand

shoulder to shoulder with the

people of Queensland for many

months to come. What I can say to

people is that our Australian

Defence Force has been working on

the Queensland flood crisis, and we

will add any additional aspect

necessary to meet this flood crisis.

We've had helicopters in the air

today assisting with the search-

and-rescue efforts. Of course, our

defence force will continue to

assist any way it can. We are also

making available emergency payments

to people. We know that there will

be people whose homes are inundated,

who can't pursue their normal

employment. We have already started

making payments, more than $10

million has already been paid, and

this is part of hundreds of

millions of dollars that will need

to flow to Queensland. So we will

be financially supporting people

during these harrowing and

difficult days. We have, of course,

made available Nick Slater, one of

the highly reputable soldiers to

lead recovery efforts. I would ask

one of our Queensland ministers,

Joe lud wick, to coordinate our

recovery work too. Queensland is

facing difficult days ahead. The

people of Brisbane, the people of

Ipswich, are now bracing for major

flood waters. We are going to be

there working with them through

these difficulties.

PM, as a politician, you are used

to politics and policy. But I

has affected you? really would like to know how this

Well, when we're receiving news

that children have died, literally

been swept away by flood waters, I

think we're all very emotionally

affected by that. It's a tough time.

It's a really tough time. But in

tough times, what we do as

Australians is we pull together.

And I'm really conscious, as Prime

Minister, that the emergency effort

is being staffed even as we speak,

Peter. By professionals who are

going about their work with courage

and determination, and by

volunteers who are working

alongside them and doing their bit.

As we face this new dimension in

the flood crisis, I know the people

of Brisbane, the people of Ipswich,

the people of Queensland generally

are going to pull together and look

after each other. We, as the whole

Australian nation, will be working

with them to help them through.

And very quickly, Prime Minister,

Queensland? when will you be coming back to

Peter, I will be travelling to

Queensland later this evening, so

that I'm available there tomorrow.

Prime Minister, we thank you for