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Terror leader Abu Bakar Bashir

Here jailed in Indonesia.

Here the bill - paying the price

for promoting the carbon tax.

Floodwaters receding but thousands

remain cut off.

The baby milk gadget that's angered

breast feeding experts.

And we're on our way - the Blues

are back in business.

Good evening. Radical Muslim Good evening. Radical Muslim cleric

Abu Bakar Bashir has been sentenced

to 15 years jail in an Indonesian

court. The man behind the 2002 Bali

bombings has been found guilty of

raising funds for a terrorist

organisation. Our reporter is

outside the court. Mark, a very

tense day there in Jakarta. It was,

Peter. A bit of relief, if you like,

for the police that you for the police that you can see

behind me. All because earlier in

the day, and in fact leading up to

this trial, there have been threats

of a bomb attack here at the court

and throughout Jakarta if there was

a guilty verdict. Well, there was a

guilty verdict, and thankfully, so

far, there has been no violence.

It's taken ten years to put Abu

Bakar Bashir behind bars ever since

his involvement in the Bali

bombings, but today, prosecutors

finally achieved what they wanted all along.

The moment Indonesia's father of

terrorism was found guilty of

organising and aiding a terror

training camp. Outside the court,

his supporters were in shock. Some

were in tears when the judge

announced the sentence of 15 years.

Some of his supporters had vowed to

launch a revenge bomb attack if

there was a guilty verdict. All

they delivered outside was a lot of

chanting as their leader was driven

away. 3,000 police circled the

court. They had good reason to be

concerned. In recent day, they

uncovered a terror plot to poison

them using cyanide. He doesn't have

mainstream support but he still has

plenty of followers. Hundreds

turned up to pledge their loyalty.

All of them have swallowed his

message of hate that America and

Australia are the two key enemies

For of Islam in Indonesia.

For survivors like Eric DeHart, who

lost six mates when the bomb went

off, the verdict was a slap in the

face. Abu Bakar Bashir will most

likely die behind bars, but that's

not good enough for Eric. He'll

still be free to preach his hate

and incite people and urge people.

What would you have liked to have

seen him get? The same as, at the

end of the day, the same that the

three Bali bombers got - shot by a three Bali bombers got - shot by a

firing squad. That's a fair result.

So the man who gave his blessing to

the Bali bombers is finally behind

bars. But that won't stop him from

preaching his message of hate.

A plan to spend $12 million

promoting the Government's carbon

tax has sparked a bitter backlash.

Crucially, it's infuriated two of

the the key Independents involved in

the tax negotiations.

Two of the men who stand between

Julia Gillard and a carbon tax and

they're not happy. I totally

disagree with the decision and

totally disassociate myself from

the decision.

It almost puts us in a position

where we're endorsing the spending

of public funds on propaganda, and

I'm not prepared to do that. The

public funds is $12 million. The

propaganda is advertising a carbon

tax that doesn't yet exist. It's an

abuse of public machine. It is perfectly appropriate for a Government to explain policy

positions, and that's what we're

intending to do. But for a

Government struggling to sell its

tax, it could sound like the kind

of advertising they wanted to wipe

out. I'm always worried when the

Government takes taxpayer money and

to save uses it for its own politics to try

to save its political hide. The

Government says the ads won't be

political. They will meet

advertising guidelines and they'll

cost just one tenth of what the

WorkChoices. Howard Government spent advertising

Tony Abbott stayed out of debate

today letting his wife, Margie, who

runs her own childcare centre, to

take the lead. As he criticised the

Government's changes to childcare centre requirements. You centre requirements. You can have

higher quality without higher costs,

and inevitably, those higher costs

are being passed on to families.

This Government is doing more than

any previous Government to ensure

that childcare remains affordable.

Will I be on television?

Pauline Handson could escape a huge

legal bill after her challenge to

the election loss collapsed. Sydney

he teacher Sean Castle admitted that

he faked evidence that votes were

miscounted. Today a judge was

sympathetic to the former One

Nation leader. What the judge kept

coming back to was the fact that I

had nowhere else to go to with this

case. Castle could still be charged

over the incident.

The flood threat on the State's

mid-north coast is beginning to

ease, but that's little comfort to

the thousands left stranded. Vast

swathes of land are underwater.

Homes cut off and the Pacific

Highway won't re-open for days.

The Manning River at Taree looked

mightier than ever today, spreading

itself beyond its banks and into

people's lives. And while they were

spared a devastating flood, it has

still brought hardship and

underwater isolation. Hundreds of roads are

underwater and many people remain

cut off. At Harrington and Crowdy

Head, 3,000 residents are stranded.

And today, a helicopter was their

only lifeline. At moment, we needed

the chopper in to top us up with

emergency supplies for the next few

days. We're expecting to be cut off

for 20 metres. 20km inland, we're at a pub. At

at a pub. At the pub, still

business as normal. Plenty of water

and still plenty of beer. Plenty of

beer, absolutely. They went to bed

hoping that they would be OK. But

the flood peak was higher than

expected. I got 150 sandbags here

and we thought that that would be

high enough, but obviously it went

over the top of the bags. But there

were still many escapes. In Port

Macquarie last night, shop owners Macquarie last night, shop owners

managed to fend off both the rising

Hastings River and a King tide. It

was much the same at Kempsey. The

floodwaters are receding, but they

will linger here for days. And then

there's the clean-up. Many people

had just finished after the last

flood. And now, they're faced with it again.

Damian is in Tareetonight. The Damian is in Tareetonight. The

biggest problems stemming from the

floods is just being able to get

around. Well, certainly, the SES is

telling us tonight that 20,000

residents can not go anywhere.

They're completely stuck and can't

get in or out of their properties.

Now, half of those live in the

Kempsey area. The other half live

in the Taree district. And of

course, there's the thousands of

other people who have had their

travel plans disrupted with the travel plans disrupted with the

Pacific highway closed between

North Kempsey. They're telling us

that arguably, Australia's busiest

highway, could remain like this

until possibly Saturday. So we'll

have to wait and see what happens.

But a lot of water is still around

here. And you know, the emergency

may be over, but it will take a

long time for everything to be

cleaned up. OK, thank you.

cleaned up. OK, thank you. Star

gaitzers saw red -- gazers saw red

when they looked into the sky.

Crowds in WA had the best view of

the phenomena which happens when

the earth shields the moon from the

sun. If you missed the show, it

will be back in town in December.

Barry O'Farrell is dealing with his

first paerpt scandal. Liberal

backbencher Bart Bassett has been

charged with charged with low-range drink-

driving after being pulled over by

police in the city last night. The

member for Londonderry in Sydney's

north-west today apologised in

Parliament. The Premier says he's disappointed.

Thousands of devastated ice House

of Commonsy fans have turned

violent on the streets of Vancouver

after their team lost in the final.

-- of ice hockey fans have turned violent

violent on the streets of Vancouver.

At least two people were injured in the violence.

A bizarre new gadget has started a

heated row over breast feeding. The

baby milk Nespresso machine is

supposed to make life easier for

new mums, but the maker is accused

of putting commerciallism ahead of

infant health. Are you Mr George

Clooney? No, you must be Clooney? No, you must be mistaken.

The there's no mistaking the movie

star that made Nespresso a fast-

selling brand. Now, similar

technology is being used to feed

babies in Swisser land. Instead of

coffee, it contains baby formula

and the machine prepares it at the

right dose and temperature at the

push of a button in one minute. But,

critics say that it puts

convenience ahead of what's best for the baby. We for the baby. We need to be

standing up and saying that we

don't want it in Australia. The

advice is that breast feeding is

best, particularly in the first six

months. Overseas, the machine sells

for about $270 Aussie dollars and a

pack of 26 capsules costs about $60.

I'm not sure that they could say

that this machine would be an

essential item for an average

family. The reaction from these new parents

parents was surprisingly positive.

It would be good for overnights,

especially, when you're deleerious.

Yeah, it might be something to

consider. But it is expensive.

Nestle say it is has no plans at

this stage to launch the product in

Australia. Others say that it is

only a matter of time. And if

George Clooney has anything to do

with it, it is likely to get plenty

of mums talking.

of mums talking.

What a game - the Blues have

notched up a win that's been

described as one of their best. But

Queensland get to play at home for

the decider. With all the details, here's Ken.

Good evening. You know, before almost 82,000, the Blues were

outstanding in keeping the series

alive. More importantly, there is

even greater self-belief that they

can stop the Maroons from achieving a record a record sixth successive series win.

It was a victory for the Blues and

their true believers. The team that

Ricky picked came through and

night. they're enjoying the moment last

They know the job isn't done, but

the signs are that Queensland is

finally vulnerable. There was no

more remarkable moment than this

try from the baby of the team. You

talked about the dream come true

putting on the jumper. What about

scoring one? It was a good feeling.

There was a good ball and I was

lucky enough just to catch it.

Injury means that he'll miss the

third game, but dad couldn't hide

his pride. He did your family

proud? Very proud, very proud. I

had a tear in my eye and I don't

cry too much but I felt like crying.

When was the last time you cried?

When my missus bashed me! Anthony Minichello Anthony Minichello sealed his

return with a match winner. Lucky

enough I was there. Tell me about

it, the feeing that you had when

you crossed the line. It was

awesome. Were you on edge in the

lead-up. There were people doubting

that you should be there? That

stuff only gives me more motivation.

The Blues got their motivation from

the strong bond they formed. The

blew was Paul Gallen. To have the

running up to impact that he has. He wasn't

running up to the line and falling

in the tackles. He was sticking his

nose through and he was just

relentless in defence as well. One

of the all-time great State of

Origin performances? Definitely.

Maybe I'll look back on it in a few

years and think that. But for the

moment, I'm just happy to get the

win and keep the series alive. We

have to go to Queensland now and it

doesn't matter if we win or lose.

Unbelievable. We should have won in

Game 1. We should have won Game 1.

They should have won the series

tonight, but that's State of Origin.

Should have, would have. It doesn't

matter now and I'll bring you a

full match report later on in sport.

In the news ahead - how you can get

your hands on some of the best

bargains ever seen in Sydney.

Plus, I'm with some of Sydney's top

executives preparing to tough it in

the streets tonight.

And what every doting father should

buy for his little girl.

British singer Joss Stone has

reportedly been the target of a

murder plot. Two men have been arrested outside their English

mansion N their car, police found

swords, ropes and a body bag. They

have anticipate been charged with conspiracy to commit grievous

robbery. bodily harm, as well as planning a

Looking for a bargain? Lost and

unclaimed mail today became a

treasure trove for the weird and

wonderful for hundreds of money-

conscious eager buyers.

It's an auction with a difference.

I can't believe how much stuff goes

unclaimed. Undeliverable mail. The

result of people using an incorrect

address or no return address, or a

mixture of both. It was like my

chair. How can chose? From coffee

machines to giant stuffed shoes and

these - a pair of horse clippers

complete with a whip. I phones and

i everythings a plenty. I've

already got one. Playstations and

$1,200 bottles of Grange sold for a

fifth of the price. Are you pleased

your purchase? I think so. I'll

tell you when I sell it. No-one

came forward to collect this pole

dancing kit T later sold for $70.

I think that it will be a good

seller. And everybody wants one in

their home these days. It's hard to

believe, but everyday, some 8,000

packages or parcels are deemed

undeliverable. Now, postal workers

will spend up to a few months

looking for the rightful owners

before the items end up here.

And there's plenty more. And there's plenty more. The police

auctions are next month. You can

still snap up an ex-government car

weekly, and then later this year,

items that people leave on trains.

friend. Diamonds really are a girl's best

Thank you very much.

Tonight, some of Sydney's top

bosses will be sleeping rough

without a roof over their heads.

CEOs are taking part in the Vinnies

Winter Sleepout raising money for

the hopeless. It's being held at

Luna Park. Natalie is there. Will

it be a little chilly tonight? I'm

here to say that it will be chilly

tonight, down to 11 degrees. Ssh -

I don't want to tell the CEOs.

They're in for a long night. But it

is nothing to what over 50,000

Australians go through every night.

Now, the money that the CEOs raise

goes to new projects including

crisis accommodation, access to

counselling, legal advice and

education. Now, across the country

last year, they raised $2.9 million.

So hopefully, they can top that

this year. The CEOs here tonight

have already raised over $1 million.

So hopefully they have packed some

very warm

very warm pyjamas. They're really

only armed with a sheet of card

board and a pillow but it is all

for a very good cause.

See you soon, thank you.

Here's a generous daddy. Formula 1

chief Bernie Ecclestone has bought

the mansion once owned by Aaron

Spelling. He bought it for his

daughter, Petra, for $85. She

Lucky dogs! wanted a yard for her pet dogs.

Lucky dogs! Lucky Petra!

For most people, mastering the viem

inis enough of a challenge, but

thrill seeker Shenzo Gregor yo has

gone one better. He performed some

classical greats today with a twist

at the Queen Victoria Building in

the city.

Very good. Ken is back with sport,

and Ricky Stuart has a grand plan

to ensure victory in State of

Origin 3? He has. But it won't go

down well with a lot of people.

Also the tackle that told the story

of State of Origin 2.

Plus, Aussie wonder horse, So You

Ascot. Think, takes on the world at Royal

And Adam Scott's secret weapon at the US Open.

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With the State of Origin series all

square, Blues coach Ricky Stuart

has asked his players to stand down

from two Premiership rounds before

next month's decider in Brisbane.

NSW defeated Queensland last night

18-8. But Stuart believes that club

football robs him of vital

preparation for the decider.

Winners still hurt and Blues

players were feeling the pinch as

they split to prepare for this

weekend's NRL Premiership round.

But if Ricky Stuart had his way,

they wouldn't. I've asked every one

of them in there to consider

standing down for the next game.

But how realistic is that? Ork,

probably not realistic, no.

Mitchell Pearce could have been a

dressing room casualty before kick-

off. Anthony Minichello slipped

into State of Origin like he'd

never been away. The game was

typically hard and fast, while

Cameron Smith struck the first

major blow. But the Maroons would

not score another point. Six

minutes later, Luke Lewis lifted

off to give the Blues a real lift.

It could have easily turned sour as

Slater reminded. Gallen kept coming

for the 80 minutes. It's an amazing

feat tonight what he did. Also

producing the wow factor, Will

Hopoate's stretch of fate. At times,

Slater was up there in volcanic ash.

Down 12-8, the Maroons came again.

Gallen knocked Greg Inglis rotten

in the process. But nothing was

more vital than Luke Lewis's try-

saving tackle. The price you pay

for heroics. It was a good feeling

just knowing that it was the last

tackle. That's all I remember.

Putting the result beyond doubt.

Jamie Soward and mighty Jamie Soward and mighty Anthony

Minichello. Sitting next to Stuart

became a health hazard. But then

again, at that moment in time, no

Blue was feeling any pain.

Australian superhorse So You Think

has met his match at Royal Ascot. A

short-priceed favourite in the

Prince of Wales Stake, So You Think

was run down in the final few

strides by Rewilding. And late

today, Aussie horse Hinchenbrook

was scratched from the Golden Jueb

leap Stakes.

Australia's Adam Scott is the man

who will benefit the most from

Tiger Woods' decision to withdraw

from the US Open due to injury.

Scott has borrowed Tiger's caddie

for the tournament as he chases his first major title.

He's always had the swing to

succeed at the highest level, but

Scott hopes with Steve Williams on

the bag, a little bit of Tiger's

Major magic will rub off. He's

obviously one of the best caddies

out there. Hopefully I can get him

in a position that he's used to in

these things and then his real

talent will come out. Jason Day

announced his talent to the world

with a second-placed finish at the

Masters. At just 23, he's

considered by many to be

Australia's next Major champion.

I'm looking forward to the

challenge. You know, it's going to

be very tough and I'm happy to be

here, obviously. It's become a

tradition at the US Open for the

course to be set up to punish even

the slightest mistake. It's a

brutal test that Nick Ahern really

enjoys. A lot of guys are menally

maybe not up for it. But you know,

at the end of the week, you're

tired and beat up, but it is always

a good and fun challenge in a sick

and twisted way, and I kind of like

that. 11 Australians will tee off

when the tournament begins early tomorrow.

And record ratings last night for

the State of Origin. It was

unbelievable. I can't imagine what

State of Origin 3 will be like. And

the 'Footy Show has' has plenty of

State of Origin stuff tonight. the 'Footy Show has' has plenty of State of Origin stuff tonight.

To finance now:

Natalie joins us again from Luna

Park, and the rain has finally and

thankfully gone away. Absolutely,

and not a moment too soon for these

CEOs sleeping out here at Lun ashes

Park tonight. I will -- Coming up on WIN News... ACT

teachers call to be paid the same teachers call to be paid the same a

their interstate counterparts.

Police on the hunt for an alleged

abductor. And, The new winter

playground in Civic. Join me for al playground in Civic. Join me for

the details next.

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No sign of rain tonight for the CEO

sleepout, but it will drop down to

11 degrees. It's very chilly.

Checking today's temperatures:

The low pressure system is moving

offshore so the wild weather should

ease. All of the rain has fallen in

Sydney topping up the dams to 75% capacity.

To the all-important weekend

forecast, overnight temperatures

dipping down to the single digits.

Day time figures around 18 degrees.

Mainly fine next week and in the

west, cloud clearing across the

weekend. Overnight lows dropping

down to 6 degrees.

warm tonight by The CEOs tell me that they'll keep

warm tonight by spooning each other.

It will be a very long and comfortable night. comfortable night. You should stay It will be a very long and

there too.

Thank you. I hope that you have a

good evening. Goodnight. Tonight ... Tonight ... Bus delays

disrupt travel plans as ACTION drivers stop

drivers stop work again. ACT

teachers calling for a better pay

deal - unhappy with their latest

offer. And, Rising child care costs offer. And, Rising child care

Tony Abbot takes aim. Good Tony Abbot takes aim. Good evening I' m Danielle Post, Commuters I' m Danielle Post, Commuters face

hours of bus delays as ACTION

drivers stopped work to vote on a

new pay deal. After lengthy

new pay deal. After lengthy

negotiations, the Transport Workers

Union has accepted the offer on the

table, but is still concerned over

rostering for part-time workers. rostering for part-time workers.

The Civic bus interchange was eeril The Civic bus interchange was

quiet today. Commuters left

stranded, with no buses on the road