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(generated from captions) been behind bars since 94 and

have emerged into a different

world than the within they

remember. Mostly everybody eel

phone with me. I just wanted to

touch them. I've been playing

with them and everything. They

will now meet with doctors to sin insi they're not bitter and

complete their final hurdle to

freedom. Southern Sudan is

preparing for a new beginning After decades of war

and six years of tentative

peace, voters in the mainly

Christian south are about to

decide whether to break away

from the Muslim dominated north. Observers predict an

overwhelming yes vote. This is

where Prieno calls home, each

night she beds down under a

tree by the side of the road.

She knows well her country's

painful history, war has

claimed everything. Including

the lives of five of her TRANSLATION: We have children.

experienced many bad days

during the war years but I have

high hopes for this

referendum. More than 1 50,000 South Sudanese have come home

not in recent months. Charles does

not yet have a place of his own

but he has one certainty - he

will be voting. He values his

voter religion card with a

passion. If anybody tampered

with my voting card I vow to to whatever I could, I would die for my

for my card. I would not allow

that to happen, not ever. As

the countdown enters its final

days public support for an independent southern Sudan

shows no signs of letting up. International observers have flown in, there's been a flurry

of last minute dignitary, elder statesman and even a Hollywood

star, George Clooney flew in a couple of days ago. The

military is maintaining a low

key presence but there's no this ballot after decades of

war. Southern Sudan's military

laid down its peps six years

soldiers are ready to vote. I ago, now tens of thousands of

am going to vote. There are now

very real hopes that the

military's last bullet fired

will be through the ballot box. ACT police say they've

found the body of a young girl

missing for two days. 15-year-old Millissa Gillard

was last seen at her home in

Hall on Wednesday amp. Her

death is not being treated as

suspicious. It may be at odds

of the with most people's perception

Summernats is a Canberra

institution. Now in its 24th

year, the annual celebration of

street cars and horse power is

once again filling the north of

the city with the smell of

burning rubber and the roar of

reving engines. It may be a

1959 FC Holden but it's faster

than a Ferrari. This time I

reckon I spent on the rebuild

in 3.5 years probably around

$3500 to 4,000 man hours This

is this third reincarnation of

the classic car and it's been

well worth the toil garnering

the prestigious title of the

most elite car. That's a way of

life. I don't drink, don't

gamble. The street machine

lifestyle which is what we

celebrate here, it's not a

hobby, it's a passion. For motoring thesists there's a

mouth wearing away of blaing

booty on show with dazzling

heart work chrome and of course

the hum of the horse power. I

like all of the detail stuff,

the paint job and the craft

work they work they do. Others queued to

interact with the legends of

circuit racing. We've come here today for our love of considers

basically. To meet them, she's

going to be absolutely ecstatic. 90,000 people are

expected to attend the festival

this weekend. Injecting around

$15 million into the ACT

economy. Also offers a rare legal opportunity for

referheads to burn rubber in

unregistered a highly modified

vehicles. We do have a heavy police presence outside the

event because in the past we have found that some people - and that's only a very small

number - they see what happens here and they try to emulate it outside A 2 f-year-old

Victorian man was arrested this

morning when he attempted to

enter the venue with a knife

but otherwise the event has

been trouble-free so far. To

sport now and with the Ashes

safely locked away, England has

now set its sights on taking

down Australia in one-day

cricket and while the tourists

are moving on from their

competitive Ashes display,

there's no shortage of former

players willing to offer the

Australians some advice about

the future. The shades hitter

hid a long night of partying

for England's cricketers. I'd

rather talk about the cricket

really but the celebrations

were good The England

are heading home, others are

preparing to make a mark in the

limited overs series. We know

how hard it is to win out here

in Australia, I think the guys

can reflect on this Test series

with a lot of pride in that

they overcame that challenge.

And it will be a tough one-day

series to win. Australia's

sudden Ashes demise has warmed

the hearts of long tormented

England legends. Long may it

watch last because I'm quite happy to

watch them getting hammered

because they've done it for the

last 20 years. The outspoken

Botham felt compelled to offer

Australia some of his home spun

wisdom. Got to be really

ruthless and tough. Some

players have to make big

decisions. Steve Waugh is

likely to play a part in the official review of the failed

Ashes campaign. Something's

that obviously gone wrong there and

Whether it needs a thorough

investigation, I'm not quite

sure but cricket Australia have

to put their thinking caps on. Will are no such worries

for teng squad. They're rolling

on to Canberra for the

traditional PM XI match. The collective collective hand wringing over

Australia's dismal ashes

performance is only just

beginning. Around suburban ovals today there was only one

topic of conversation among

grassroots players and

supporters. The headline says

it all. Oh my god. In the Ashes

washup, cricket fans are

pondering Australia's worst

performance in a series in Test

history. It was very painful, I

watched some of it but only selected moments. After a

disappointing summer at

level, grassroots splayers are

and supporters are in a

reflective mood about the game

they love. It is heads. The

yood good side of sit we'll get

some young guys through and

that's been lacking pore the

saw the reaction when Usman last four or so years so you

Khawaja came in in Sydney,

people were on the end of their

seats spl there has to be some

room or inspiration for

Youngsters to follow. There has

been to be a new Warny, a new

Steve Waugh, a new Ponting That

sort of passion propels those

playing the local competition. Come on boys. Even the umpires have a slew and that Crick set cyclical? Australia's been

number one for more than five

ten years, that good for the

game. It's only the spruik eers

who say that it matters all that

that much much but here at

suburban cricket the average

person a day after doesn't give

a tinker's cuss. All in

Australia a positive tennis top seed Robin Soderling

is through to the men's final

at the Brisbane International.

The world number five

progressed in straight sets but

second seed Andy Roddick faced

a tough three set bat Newcastle

his semi. Six foot African Kevin Anderson has the

serve to match Andy Roddick's

but had no answer for the

second seed's determination. The

The defensive skills of the big man. Roddick found his rhythm

as he cruised through the first

set. But Anderson didn't seem

intimidated business hi

opponent and forced the match

into a deciding third set. Out

of nowhere and &y is not

happy. Top seed Robin Soderling

surged out of the blocks

against 2008 champion Radek Stepanek. Soderling blasted his

way through the opening

set. The big Swede is set. The big Swede is off to a

flier. Soderling had a clear

power advantage so Stepanek

looked to outsport him. In the

tend world number five had too many weapons for the crafty

Czech. 2007 Wimbledon finalist

Marion Bartoli looked on song

early in her semifinal. But Andrea Petkovic hit back

Queensland and the fourth seed

had had no answer as her rival

stormed to a straight sets win.

The upsets conned in the second semi, Petra Kvitova had too much power for Anastasia

Pavlyuchenkova. In Perth a

stomach problem has forced Ana

Ivanovic to withdraw from

nont's Hopman Cup final, she's

asked for a late start at Melbourne prk. Belgium will face the United States in the

sider. More gig names have

touched down to fine tune their Australian Open preparations. Former world

Sharapova practiced in Melbourne this morning. The

Socceroos have vowed not to underestimate football minoo s

India in their opens match. The

Australians are suspected to

trounce the Indians

ranked 142nd in the world. But

the Socceroos say compliesency

won't be a problem on Tuesday. On paper we should

win, everyone's expecting us to

win but we know football can

sometimes throw up a surprise

so got to make sure wee not the

surprise in the first round of

our group In tournament kicked

off in style last night courtesy of

courtesy of a stunning goal

from Uzbekistan against host

nation Qatar. What a strike,

what a way to score the opening

goal of the Asian Cup. The

visitors scored a second goal

late in the game to seal a

2-nil victory. In the W league

Canberra United was beaten 1-nil by Melbourne Victory at

Kardinia Park in Geelong this

afternoon. And in the WNBL, Canberra has beaten the

Dandenong Rangers at Dandenong Rangers at the AIS Arena. Dandenong took an early

lead and went into the half-time break six points

ahead of the Capitals but Canberra staged

Canberra staged a comeback in

the third quarter and held on

to the lead to win 100 to 92.

Suzie Batkovic making a welcome

return to the cap Caps after a

horror year last year was named

most valuable player. The two

sides will meet again next week. In baseball Canberra

staged a late surge to beat the

Brisbane Bandits last night at Narrabundah.

Narrabundah. The Bandits were

leading 4-nil in the Fir

innings but the Cavalry

eventually won 9-7 thanks to a

grand slam home round Michael Collins. Well it's the

largest ocean swim in the

world. And today the 1200m Pier

to Pub at Lorne attracted

thousands into the thousands into the drink in

order to get a drink. Victorian Sam Sheperd and Queenslander

Harriet Brown both retained

their individual title bus for

most it was all

occasion and making a splash. You are in the

starter's hands. It's now 31

years since a bet between four

mates sporned a race that

attracts 4300 competitors. Every year I say

this is it no more and each year I keep coming back. Think

about 17 probably. Lost count. But yeah. A few. Swimmers

enjoyed calm and fast

conditions, even if the

incoming tietd did make the

course a little longer than

expected. Premier Ted Baillieu completed his 23rd Pier to

Pub. Managed to stay between

the flags, that's the important reaching the finish line was a

vict oimplt 87-year-old Eric

Kennedy was the oldest competitor,. Will you be back

next year My word my dear. As

long as I'm still on deck disgla 12-year-old William

Morrison the youngest. It was

really hard. I didn't really go anywhere. The

anywhere. The finish line marks

the culmination of thousands of

swimmers' training, for many

the true reward is reaching the

Lorne pub. Had a bit of a

handicap race among the boys

and having a few beers afterwards In the elite superfish category, Queenslander Harriet Brown took her third consecutive

title. Once you get into it's

good to get a good rhythm Sam

Sheperd was the men's defending

champion. He was pushed all the

way by 17-year-old Patrick Koviak. He is just ahead

towards the end so I really had to stick down and follow him

and I caught him with about 50m to

closer if Patrick Koviak wasn't

swimming his second race. He'd

already won the juniors but was

disqualified more missing a

marker woi buoy a name to watch

in year's ahead. To the weather

now and it was very overcast

Canberra today but no rain. We

reached a top of 29 degrees

after an overnight low of 17.

Cloud over south-east Queensland a coastal trough is bringing

showers and the odd storm,

widespread cloud over WA, the Top End and South Australia in

a broad trough is causing areas

of rain and storms. Hot

northerly winds are affecting western western NSW and

northern jet has weakened over

central Australia allowing very

warm air to push into parts of

South Australia. In the

capitals tomorrow -

And that's the news for now. Enjoy your evening, good night. Captions by CSI.