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or great white shark Ah, the white pointer, are officially vulnerable. and the whale shark not critically endangered They are not far off,

as the grey nurse. No. Bella, did you know that one? the nurse, being a doctor? No? Wouldn't have gone with No? No. No, nothing taking you there? No, nothing at all.

good luck with your studies. Hey, Catherine, Thank you. you don't win 100 grand The bad news is, you do win $1,000. The good news is for a great contestant tonight. Put your hands together she won $1,000. Catherine Gurevich, Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - show file for Oprah, with

sunshine and stars at the great

Sydney love in. Plus there is cash,

Oprah gives it away to some

overjoyed school buys while Hugh

Jackman is hurt during hisen France.

It is not over yet. We are live as

it rolls on. Also to night, another

banking glitch, this time the

Commonwealth's computers Commonwealth's computers gets

confused. Keli Lane guilty verdict.

We reveal what is the jurt can't

know. And hand it to the girls. Who

got top marks in the HSC.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Georgie Gardner. Good evening. Well,

it is still broad daylight but the

stars are shining in Sydney as they

have been all day. None is shining

now, a brighter than Oprah Winfrey. Right

now, a huge devoted crowd is

soaking up the fan and glamour of

her second show at the Oprah house.

A wild celebration with some of the

world's best entertainers, topped

off with Oprah's enthusiasm. A

short time ago there was real drama

when Hugh Jackman was hurt during

his big entrance. Sarah Harris

joins us now. What happened? This

was supposed to be a well rehearsed

stunt. We saw him leap off the

Opera House but as he started

travelling down he really started

picking up some pace and he landed

on the stage with quite a bit of a

thud. He seemed OK at first but

then we realised he had a nasty

gash next to one of his eyes and

aged they took him off stage and barpbd

aged him up. He is well enough to

take a sip of red wine. All of this

has not impacted on what has been a

fantastic day down here. Reporter

Damian Ryan begins our coverage

necessary. An introduction wasn't really

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,

please well come Oprah. As a

tourist he has wowed a country. Now

it was time for the talk

it was time for the talk show host

to rock the house. To a tune from

Men At Work, this woman was ready

to work. But first, she had to get

to the office. Handshakes, hugs,

kisses, love was in the air. Love,

love, love! Lights, camera, action,

welcome to the Oprah Winfrey show.

Hello!! welcome to the Oprah Winfrey show.


Woah!! Look at you Australia!! It

was a first, never before had she

taken her TV


Oprah's love of life is infectious.

Great to see so many Aussie stars

back home for an early Christmas

present. I believe there is an all-

star finale with Bolivia, Hugh

Jackman and Keith up and Jackman and Keith up and singing I

Qantas choir. still call Australia home with the

An we will bring you an update

towards the end of the news.

Thank you very much. Two other news

and just two weeks after the

National Australia Bank was struck

by a computer glitch customers at

the Commonwealth Bank suffered a

similar fate. Tim Matt Millen joins

time? us live. What does happen this


Just like the recent any be well as

we are told it is the result of a

computer file processing error. It

was fixed at lunchtime but not

before some panic for the customers.

11 million customers, mostly

business banking customers, it

caused problems for the online

banking network and also the ATM

network. Some

network. Some customers found their

accounts empty and some could not

access their information at all. We

spoke to one man affected. A lot of

our customers pay by pique. We want

to get their orders out but we

could not checked to see if anyone

had paid so we could not look after

those customers. We also spoke to

an IT expert earlier an IT expert earlier today who

warned that these sorts of problems

are going to continue mostly

because banks are spending less and

less of their money on IT

departments so some worrying news

especially at this time of year

highest. when online activity is at its

Two people have been taken to

hospital after an accident involving trucks on involving trucks on the M5 at

King's Road. One man was trapped

under the wreckage for half an hour.

At one point traffic was backed up

for eight kilometres.

The brother of accused murderer run

Medici has offered $1 million bail

to get him out of jail before

Christmas. He is charged with

ordering the contract killing of

Michael McGowan at last year. His barrister

barrister told the court the case

is weak.

To whom his have been photographed

driving their car at 120kph while

hanging out of the windows. They

reportedly had the car on cruise

control, swerving across the road

while passing a bottle over the

roof a month swearing at the

motorists. The incident took 0

motorists. The incident took 0 --

plays north of Perth.

Kelly Lane has spent the first

night in prison after being found

guilty of murdering her newborn

baby tedium. We are no closer to

knowing exactly what happened. The

family home in Fairlight.

Inside her mother has been sedated.

The suburban paper with her

daughter's face plastered across daughter's face plastered across

the lies up front. The whole thing

is sad and tragic for the whole

family. She has behaved tragically

-- disgustingly. I am thrilled. Now

a convicted baby killer is in jail

to be sentenced in February. Only

then can her lawyer's appeal and

that could take years. A fourth

child living with her will spend

her childhood Christmas and possibly the rest of

her childhood without mum. I think

she has been shocked and bewildered

at the moment that she did not get

away with it. That her charm and

lies did not work. As psychologist

believes the former water polo

player so it -- shows classic signs

of being a sociopath. Frustratingly

there is so much we do not there is so much we do not know.

did not here. Then there is the evidence the jury

Kelly did not take the stand during

her trial and that may have

contributed to her ending up at the

women's prison. Studies have found

jurors are suspicious jurors are suspicious of anyone who

refuses to speak. The idea if you

have nothing to hide why not explain yourself.

In the news ahead, a Christmas

crackdown on binge drinking. Plus

the ballet critic who accused a

dancer of eating one Sugar Plum too

many. And we on other top achievers of

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A lost generation of young people

may be the result of Australia's

worsening culture of binge drinking.

That is the warning from police of

doctors during the launch of

Operation Unite a major blitz on

drunken violence. Excessive

drinking leading to violence and

often serious injuries, and the

Christmas party season makes things

worse. A single punch will worse. A single punch will smash

your jaw and a single punch will

render someone unconscious or kill.

Police are fed up too. This Friday

and Saturday they be targeting this

kind of behaviour, right across

Australia and New Zealand. We want

people to take responsibility for

their actions. Some licensed venues

are doing their bit. The The Mean

Fiddler has overhauled its security

and alcohol policies. Our bar sales

are down which reflects that but we

are not having the issues that we

were getting before. It is about

changing the culture of binge

drinking. This is stage two of

Operation Unite. Back in September,

737 people were arrested with more

than 1,000 charges laid for alcohol-related crimes. This

weekend there will be an extra

2,000 police patrolling 2,000 police patrolling Sydney's

night hot spots. They are vowing to

keep the pressure on until the

message gets through. Those that

still don't get it will end up here.

On the New York stage, Jenifer

Ringer is the Sugar Plum Fairy in

the 'Nutcracker Suite', but a

critic has taken aim at the

ballerina saying she's eaten one

sugar plum too man. Making the

remark so much worse, ring ser

remark so much worse, ring ser well

known for her battles to keep down

her weight. I went through my

eating disorders, and when I went

through that you can't do the job,

you can't perform that well. Critic

Alastair Macaulay has been branded

a jerk and Ringer has been

overwhelmed by messages of support

for her figure and her dancing


Gwenyth Paltrow has been honoured

with her own star on the Hollywood

Walk of Fame. She says she

overwhelmed by the idea that her

grandchildren might one day visit

her plaque.

It is the moment of truth tomorrow

for 7,000 anxious HSC students when

they find out their results. But

today the State's best were

honoured for topping their courses

and reporting Mark Burrows went to

meet them.

From Arabic to maths, to the visual

arts, our brightest HSC students

and it was the girls who out shone

the boys two to win. Example: Madeline Gottleib from Moriah

College in Bellevue Hill she stopped English extension two and

now wants to be a writer. Even at

six months she was devouring books

- literally. When I was 6-month-

olds my parents gave me a cardboard

book to chew on and I devoured to

whole thing and that is what they

attributed my love of literature to.

National Foods and Dairy Farmers

number one at legal studies.

Ambition politics. I know, it is

not the flavour of the year, I

should say w the hung Parliament

but certainly one of my childhood

ambitions. Stuxnet computer worm

the state's, he sames to - John

Wormell, the state's best at

Classical Greek, he's from Sydney

Boys High, he did his first HSC

exam at age 10. What advice would

you give for students? I would say

don't worry too much but make sure

you pick subjects you like and are

good at. Has Sheliza Hasser from

Cheltenham Girls High achieved the

best marks in Aboriginal study. She

hopes to be a human rights lawyer.

If you are passionate about what

you are doing you will get there.

It is all smiles here today but

tomorrow emotions will be running

every which way when the State's

70,000 HSC students find out their results.

Sport is next can Ken, and both

teams road tested the WACA today

ahead of the third Test? Yes, it

was England's first look at it and

we will have their and the Aussies

vect in just a moment. Also, the

Sydney to Hobart yachts sort out

the cobwebs. And tripped

flight by an opposing coach.

The crucial third Test begins on

Thursday and should Australia lose,

England will have retained the

Ashes. That is just about

unthinkable, and a lot will be

riding on the new faces brought

into the Australian team, including

opener Phil Hughes. While the WACA

pitch will also have a big bearing

on the result.

It is fast and fewer ruse and the

WACA pitch could hold the key to

resurrects our Ashes campaign. But

if England are worried about coming

up against her livelyest wicket

they are not showing it I think it

is really exciting for everyone and

it gives everyone a good chance.

The English bowlers had a field day

in Adelaide, especially James

Anderson and he can't wait to get

among it. It is nice to hear there

might be some pace in the pitch, a

bit of grass left on it maybe, we

will just have to wait and see.

The pitch has a history of being a

fast bowlers paradise. Who could

forget this 7 for 1 in 1993 when he

terrorised the Australian batsmen?

The surface may have mellowed a

little bit since then but the

curiaetor is confident there will

be a result. I suppose given the

WACA's history we hoping for a

result, but it is obviously up to

the players to basically make it,

but, yeah. Not since the days of

Graham gooch, some three decades

ago, have England won here at the

WACA, and the Aussies know they

have a big night on their hands to

stop the current team spoiling our

history. Traditional it has a bit

of pace and bounce and I am sure

that is what they will bring out.

And the match holds extra

significant for Philip Hughes. He

is confident he can make the most

of his second chance. I feel as

good as I have ever been but I

can't wait to get out there and

just enjoy cricket. At long last

the ARL and News Ltd have agreed to

terms for the new rugby league

Commission, but there is still

plenty of work to be done before

the game cannener its next phase,

they now have to choose the

commissioners. 'With Wild Oats' has

taken out the fourth big oat

challenge on the sit harbour. It

won by more than six month minutes.

Loyal local loyal came second while

others took a more relaxed approach

to the 14 nautical mile race. The

Sydney to Hobart yacht race begins

in just under two weeks.

Now to a case of bad sports manship

in an American football game. A

Miami Dolphins was chasing a kick

down field when an assistant coach

from the New York Jets stuck out

his leg and tripped him over. He

will have a lot to think about his

actions - his own team have

suspended him for the rest of the season.

Oprah wouldn't like that but she

didn't play any sport today, that

is about the only thing she

is about the only thing she hasn't

done. She just about walked on

water. Thanks for that. Now to

finance -

Well, after the break, Jane any has

all the weather details and we will

return live to Oprah's big Show.

Coming up on WIN News... A

suspicious fire in Fyshwick. The

rare frog breeding program - back rare frog breeding program - back o

track. And the website - helping track. And the website - helping t

forecast floods. Join me for all the details next.

So, the other day, Dad goes, "I'm gonna paint the deck "in this, like, taupey, Cape Cod, blah, blah, just grey," which he eventually finds online. But he then he starts going on about how the weather has to be, like, just right, 'cause it can't be too hot or whatever for it to work -

pfft, boring! - before getting all weird on us and checking the weather every, like, five seconds. Finally, on Saturday, he goes, "Weather's good, Amy. I'm doing it." And it looks really good... ..for a bit.

with the Oprah show. 6:30.

Alright's go back now to the action

down at the Opera House where Oprah

has just given every member of her

6,000 strong audience a pink

diamond necklace. How are thinging

finishing up there, Sarah? Not

finishing up through is still half

an hour left in the show and with

Oprah being qen of stunts you can expect

expect some big surprises. We are

told that the finale is going to be absolutely huge, full of

celebrities and fire works. When

Oprah hops on the plane Sydney is

going to seem very quiet. It has

been an incredible 8 days with her

in the country but she has promised

she will be back to visit very soon.

Thank you very much for that. Let's

get all the weather now with Jaynie

and we missed out on all the

showers? We did, it was a perfect

day to sell Sydney to the world. It

was another mild night today.

We can't rule out just a few Tonight.

That heat will linger a little longer.

Thank you for that. For more Sydney

news you can go to the website but

that is Nine news for this Tuesday. I'm grd gord,

Tonight ... Tonight ... Is the ACT

being short-changed? The push for

more federal health funding. A fire

in Fyshwick ruins a family in Fyshwick ruins a family business

And: one year on - a big boost in

protecting some tiny rare frogs. Good evening,

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post,A

national report into health national report into health spendin

shows the ACT is forced to fund

nearly all of its own health

services. It receives the least

amount of federal help. The Health

Minister believes the Territory is

being shortchanged - and wants a

blanket policy to ensure Canberra

gets its fair share of health