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Tonight - the Kiesha crime see we

Open as more human remains are found.

The Prime Minister under new

card and pressure up over embattled credit

card and the great concern.

The ABC mourns the loss of three of

its finest newsmen.

Words of warning from fellow

bomb suspect. inmates for the Madeleine Pulver

selectors. Cricket shop. Big names dumped as

More than a year after she went

missing, Mount Druitt girl Kiesha

Abrahams is once again the focus of

an intensive police investigation.

Detectives have reopened the crime

scene where her body was found, and

they have uncovered more skeletal

remains and potentially new clues

that may help them close the case.

In driving rain, police searched

the cold, wet bushland, breaking

through soil, scouring the earth.

Through the trees, please can be

seen sitting through grass and dead,

the place where a shrine to Kiesha

marks were her remains were found a

four months ago. Police had

recovered most of her tiny body,

today, they found what appeared to

be more skeletal remains, while

they pieced together their case,

Kiesha's mother and her partner

faced court this morning, charged

with her murder.

Outside, a loyal group of

supporters vowed to keep up the

fight for justice. We are not going

to be get hurt. We keep her in our

heart. Keats might be kept in

silence, but this group cannot be

kept in silence. We are the voice

of the children who I in silence.

Police are still analysing

recordings from secret listening

devices planted in the home after

she was reported missing. Today's

search may provide the final clues

to rest. so that Kiesha can be finally laid

Any word on when a few more for

Kiesha may be held? The car owners

of this is all well aware of how

urgently that her family want to be

able to hold that few more, but the

Office is also aware of how

important this police investigation

is, so a second forensic report has

been ordered before the remains of

Kiesha will be released to the


The Prime Minister is under

increasing pressure to explain what

she knows about the credit card

scandal that has and the local MP

Craig Thomson. -- that has

backbencher despite a enveloped. She is standing by the

allegations. backbencher despite a new wave of

Craig Thomson under siege and a

growing dark cloud. The reports

yesterday and in the papers are

completely untrue. Already alleged

to have allowed his union credit

card to be used to hire prostitutes,

now allegations that as you

official, staying in moe than

hotels, he rang escort agencies,

the rooms and calls paid by the

union. -- staying in Melbourne

hotels. I have denied these

allegations before. Julia Gillard

was focused on the COAG meeting,

but has to buy Mr Thomson. Her

office has been in contact with the

MP, but that's all she is saying. I

cannot confirm the contents of

questions or individual

communications with the member.

While the Opposition has stopped

short on calling him to resign, it

is demanding the Prime Minister

explain if she has been involved in

any decision. She needs to explain

what she knew, when she knew it,

and what she did about it. Crucial

also is the Labour Party paying his

legal bills, that has helped him

avoid bankruptcy, automatic dismissal from Parliament, and

almost certainly a change of

government. She has to give a full

and candid account of her

involvement in this rather grubby

business. Fair Work Australia is investigating the Credit Card

claims. It is not unknown, it can

be common for people to be

investigated and then have no

adverse conclusions drawn against

them. For now, Craig Thomson and the Gillard government survive.

They had been acknowledged as three

of Australia's finest, a veteran

ABC News team, lost in a fiery

helicopter crash in outback SA.

Rapport de Paul Lockyer, can remain

John Bean and private Gary

Ticehurst died when their

helicopter came down near Lake Eyre,

146 kilometres north-east of Marree.

There were no survivors.

What happened is all too clear, why

it happened is still unknown. The

helicopter carrying the three men

suffered a catastrophic problem

higher over the South Australian

desert, crashing in flames at about

seven last night. ABC colleagues in

shock. There is a great sadness.

This will be one of our saddest

days. The crash scene is remote,

surrounded by water. The three men

on often visited displays, reporting

on its astonishing seasonal changes.

This is a desert, usually a barren,

forbidding place. Many people

across Australia, particularly

rural Australia, have lost a friend

and a great supporter. The Gary

Ticehurst was a veteran pilot.

During the disastrous 1998 Sydney

to Hobart race, he helped rescue

stricken yachtsmen. John Bean's

camera work earned him awards and

international acclaim. In his

almost 40 career, Paul Lockyer

reported from all over the world.

And also from our own back door. We

are right of a grant them in the

murky light of dawn. For more than

a decade, Paul Lockyer worked for

the Nine Network, Ray Martin became

his closest friend. We say nice

things about people when they die,

we say nice things about Paul

Lockyer regardless. In 2000, he won

a low key for his reporting of the

Sydney Olympics. He has done

everything. He was very good. Paul

Lockyer, da Gary Ticehurst, John

Bean, each man was at the peak of

his career, there was much more to

deeply regrettable. come. Their deaths are untimely end

We are being warned to prepare for

more damaging winds across Sydney

tonight. A strong gale caused a

tree to pour on to a truck and car

at West Pennant Hills. The truck

driver is in a critical condition.

The SES has received more than 75

calls for help and drivers are

urged to be extra careful on the roads.

A 13-year-old boy has his eyes to

thank for surviving a moment of

madness on a train track in

Sydney's west. He was trying to

cross from one platform to another

but did not make it in time.

In pain, blinded and batted, but it

could have been much worse. The 30

new road has cheated death. This

child is really lucky. -- the 13th-

year-old. At 8:30 last night, a

moment of madness. He went back and

forth across the main western rail

line. It is a foolish act, it is

also very dangerous. The CD bound

train approached Werrington Station.

I heard a freight train come along

and blow its horn. Stranded on the

tracks, the boy did his best to

dive for cover, but was kicked by

the train. Ultimately, he sighs

saved his life. He was not that the

match any managed to scramble on to

the edge of the platform. Dozens of

passengers were delayed and when

shaking driver left to wonder. Our

driver for rethought that he had

killed the child. This is where

more than 9,000 cameras monitor the

hundreds of stations around the

rail network. Luckily for this

young boy, it meant that emergency services could be alerted within

minutes. Paramedics treated the

teenager on the platform before he

was taken to hospital. Police and

Rail staff cannot believe the near-

miss, they say the miracle is a

stark message for parents. You have

to know where your children are and

have some responsibility for them.

A second man has been arrested over

two shootings targeting the Ibrahim

family. It is believed the 26-year-

old is a member of the Hells Angels

bikie gang. He has been released

while further inquiries I carried

out. Shots were fired into a house

in Merrylands and John Ibrahim's

home at Dover Heights.

Lay low and stay out of trouble,

that is the warning to the accused

marksman host -- Mosman hoax bomb

up from his fellow inmates in

Kentucky. They seem to know who

Paul Douglas Peters his. For better

or worse, he has been marked here,

courtesy of the evening news, which

has been featured on every night

this week. The man that I spoke to,

outside the jail, they were on work

the tower, but they know exactly

who their new neighbour is and they had some advice.

He is a long way from his Mosman

mansion, 56 days and counting, till

the next extradition hearing.

Prince Harry has described his

shock and anger while visiting

Manchester and meeting some of the

people caught up in last week's

riots. The young royal tour to

business owners and emergency

workers at one of the area's worst

affected by the violence.

Seeing for himself suburbs run over

by rioters, Prince Harry on a

carefully planned visit in

Manchester, that took an unexpected

turn when he decided to meet a

businessman who was caught in the

chaos. Can I come inside? Third in

line to the throne was on leave

last week when the riots broke out,

but he hoped his visit, just like

his father's yesterday, might boost

spirits. I did not expect someone

coming to visit me today. With his

charm on show, the 26-year-old Met

police officers, some of whom were

injured by writers. He had taken a

day off from his helicopter

training so he also caught up with

paramedics and firefighters, who

came under attack as they tried to

put up burning cars and businesses.

You do not have a batting ensured.

Prince Harry's trip was received

well, but as some victims say, it

is a shame that it took such an

event for him to visit them.

It is very difficult to make Kate

Middleton look average, but a

British toymaker has managed to,

creating what critics say are

creepy dolls of Prince William and

his royal bride. Dressed in the

couple's instantly recognisable

wedding outfits, the plastic

figurines are selling for the

princely sum of $160.

In the news ahead - the hunt for a

driver who left this promising

young student with severe brain


A driver's petrol price rage.

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A promising young university

student has been left with severe

brain injuries after a hit-and-run

at Padstow in the City's south-west.

The 20-year-old bravely fronted the

media, thanking the people who say

dim and pleading for the driver

responsible to come forward.

It is agonising to watch. A

brilliant student barely able to

walk on his own. The doctor walk on his own. The doctor told me

there is still blight in my head.

20-year-old Jack Xiao suffered a terrible brain injuries after he

was mowed down by a ute in Padstow

on Saturday night. It was just

after six on Henry Lawson Drive, he

had been walking home from the

library. I remember walking across.

I saw a car drive to me. I just got

hit. I cannot remember anything.

The driver did not stop, D not even

break. We are sure that the driver

would know that they had struck

someone. The green walks signal was

flashing when Jack started to cross.

The ute was coming from that

direction. Police are not sure

exactly how fast it was going, but

the impact was enough to throw Jack

several metres into the air. Police

are looking for the driver of a

terrier to highlight, similar to

this one. It is bound to be badly

damaged. We know that people panic.

But why did they panic? Tell us why they left.

The falling Australian dollar is

pushing up the price of petrol.

Economists say the average price

next week will sneak up to it $ 39. -- $1.39.

A motorist in the US has taken his

anger over the price of fuel to its

demands. After refusing to pay, the

man was about to drive off from the

service station in Los Angeles. The

cashier tried to stop him, by

standing in front of his car.

Instead, the driver hit the

songwriter, forcing the cashier to

hang on for his life. Police are

still trying to track down the driver.

When it comes to embarrassing

blunders, they do not get much

better than this. A 60-year-old man

has been mistaken for a pregnant

woman, and send a letter from a

hospital congratulating him on his impending delivery.

John Berry may be accused of having

a little beer belly, but never did

he think he would be mistaken for a

pregnant women. How is the morning

sickness? It is rough, really rough.

To his amazement, he received a

letter in the Mail saying, thank

you for choosing to have your baby

with Western help. By the time I

hit the floor and come back up, I

thought, how could anyone in a

system right Mr John Berry on a

letter and tell you that you are

pregnant. He was hoping for a

letter confirming surgery to kit --

to treat carpel tunnel in his hand.

In a statement, Western help said:

I am not pregnant. I had had a few

beers, put a bit of weight on in

winter. John will not be struck --

swapping his truck for the

maternity ward anytime soon, but he

hopes he will undergo surgery to fix his hand.

This is the call we have all been

waiting for. Andrew Hilditch dumped

in big changes to cricket. He is

out as well. Johnathan Thurston

blows up before tonight's game

against AusSounds Concert. The

basketball friendly that was

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Wayne Bennett versus Craig Bellamy, Wayne Bennett versus Craig Bellamy,

Billy Slater against Darius Boyd,

there are a lot of juicy match-ups

tonight as the struggling Dragon's

tried to turn it around in

Melbourne. Gareth Widdop, hardly a

big name, but he has a big job.

He has been one of the success

stories but extra responsibility in

the absence of Cooper Cronk. In his

absence, much change tonight? I

cannot remember the last time that

we played without him. He has been

a great player for us. A little bit

of change, but Gareth Widdop has

had a few stints at half-back, he

played a full game, he has had a

couple of part games, so he has

done a good job at training so

hopefully he can repeat that out

there tonight. You are expecting

the very best tonight? Without a

doubt. They are the premiers. We

expect them to bounce back tonight.

We have trained that way. It is

going to be a tough struggle. And

we are going to have a pretty good

ground here. It will be a good

atmosphere for the players. An easy

night to savour. Big double headers.

Equally important, the clash

between South Sydney and a North

Queensland up at ANZ Stadium. Also

tonight, South Sydney facing the

Cowboys. They will be hoping that

Johnathan Thurston's form of

mirrors his effort with the cricket

bat. It is good weather for the

ducks tonight. South Sydney players

about to keep the Cowboys to a low score.

Cricket Australia has delivered the

news that many cricket fans feared

might never come. Andrew Hilditch

has been dumped as chairman of

selectors. His demise came as a

result of the wide ranging review

into the decline of Australian cricket.

He has decided the fate of

Australian cricketers for the past

five years, today he was on the

receiving end of the selectors axe.

The last few years have not been as

successful as he or anyone would

want. Andrew Hilditch has been

badly on the nose since denying all

responsibility for Australia's

disastrous Ashes campaign last

summer. I think we have done a very

good job. The reality is that we

were totally outplayed. The harsh

reality of the Ashes series gone is

that none of us like all enjoy not

being number one. Greg Chappell has

also been dumped as a selector. Tim

Nielsen will have to reapply for an

expanded head coaching role. What

Australian cricket needs his

improvement, it is not changes. A

lot of what I have seen today are

basically changes.

An exhibition basketball match in

Beijing has turned ugly. A huge

brawl broke out with 10 minutes to

go, between an American and Chinese

team. Ironically, the matches were

being played as part of a goodwill

trip to strengthen ties between the

two countries.

The stock market closed sharply

lower today, spooked by big force

in Europe and the US.

The weather is next. A pretty

miserable day.

Coming up on WIN News... Mental

health and carbon tax the focus at

COAG. The dilapidated Giralang

COAG. The dilapidated Giralang shop

set for a makeover. And, Raiders

skipper Alan Tongue vows to go out

winner. Join me for all the winner. Join me for all the detail next.


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It was a wet and gloomy day in Sydney. It was a wet and gloomy day in

Sydney. A low is bring a few

showers to the East Coast of the

South Wales, who used to the north

of Sydney. A severe weather warning

is in place for parts of Sydney and

the Hunter.

The heaviest rainfall will move

north up the coast. They could see

up to 50 millimetres across the weekend.

The weekend's here, so grab a copy

of Best Weekend magazine in

tomorrow's Daily Telegraph. Jive

back into the rock'n'roll days at

the famous Fifties Fair at Rose

Seidler House at Wahroonga on Sunday.

Or you can check out the gorgeous

sights of the Cherry Blossom Festival at Auburn.

If you're looking for an Italian

feast, head down to the fish

markets on Sunday for the annual

Gusto festival.

A severe weather warning is in

place for Sydney tonight A severe weather warning is in place for Sydney tonight with

damaging winds expected. That is

nine years for this Friday. Opie have a great evening.

news later. Tonight ... Our

news later. Tonight ... Our leader

meet to talk mental health and

carbon tax. A roadside tribute that

will need to be pulled down. And,

All roads lead to Canberra ...

All roads lead to Canberra ... truc

convoy chaos. Good evening, I' m

Greg Thomson. State and Territory

leaders failed to reach a consensus

on carbon pricing at the Council of

Australian Governments. But they Australian Governments. But they di

reach a deal on the National

Disability Insurance Scheme, and

reform for heavy vehicle, rail and

maritime safety. It was all maritime safety. It was all smile for the cameras this morning, then

it was straight down to business.

The first item on the agenda for