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To night, a widow's courage as the

nation farewells a fallen soldier.

Jail for the man who shot his ex-

girlfriend at Star City casino. A

man accused of cashing in on the

death of Kiesha. The 3D technology

helping police keep our city safe

and his Pippa about to end her

woman? reign as Britain's most eligible

Good evening. A brave young widow

has led the nation in mourning the

latest victim of the conflict in

Afghanistan. Sergeant Brett Wood

was a warrior on the battlefield

but today, he was remembered by his

wife as the one person who could

make her feel safe. According to

his mates, Sergeant Brett Wood was

a humble man. What would he have

made of this there well? Brett

Wood's coffin resting on a gun

carriage arriving at St Andrews

Cathedral. Escorted by soldiers

with his second Commando Regiment.

And falling in behind the

procession, his wife. Brett Wood

was one of the country's most

experienced special forces soldiers.

Six tours including Iraq, East

Timor and then Afghanistan. In 2006,

while he was injured, he fought off

the enemy and it earned him the

Medal of gallantry. That was Brett

Wood, the soldier. Today, his wife

remembered her husband, her best

friend. In these dark days, I have

no comfort. You are the one person

who can make me feel safe, who can

lift my worries and fears with just

a smile or a few words and by

holding the close. I ache for you.

My heart is heavy with the

knowledge that each new step I take

will be without you by my side. She

showed extraordinary courage to get

through her tribute and then to

fare well her husband outside. Her

loss was etched on the face of

Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She

faces another two funerals in

coming days. Andrew Jones, shot by

an Afghan soldier and pilot, Marcus

Case, who died on the same day. As

the country loses one of its find

is soldiers, the government remains

committed to stay the course in

Afghanistan. But a recent Sydney

University poll suggests the

majority of Australians no longer

believe the cost is worth it and

that poll was taken before the

three recent deaths in Afghanistan.

Todd Devaney will spend at least 11

years behind bars for coming down

his ex-girlfriend and Star City

casinos. He terrorised Holly Graham

four years before shooting her as

complex. she held a yoga class in the casino

Court, police pinned Todd Devaney

to the pavement. Minutes earlier he

tried to end his girlfriend's life.

Officers disarmed a gun on the

street after seizing a small

Arsenal of semi-automatic weapons,

a knife, disguises, a mask and a

balaclava. He was caught running

from the casino. He had put on a

fake beard and a moustache. After

intimidating Holly Graham for years,

in May 2008, Devaney crack. He

stormed Sydney's Star City casino

and opened fire on his former

girlfriend who was teaching yoga in

the Jim. It has been a very

harrowing three years for the

family. He hit her twice below the

ribs and hip. I can only say that

my daughters strength has been an

inspiration through this entire

ordeal. Holly says she lives in

fear that he will try to kill again

or come after her family. Today the

judge agreed saying that Devaney

had no remorse, even getting

deliberately close enough to Holly

so she could see it was him that

was about to shoot. We are very

happy to have this chapter closed

in our life and we have got to get

on with our lives. Devaney will be

eligible for release at the end of

2019. We can go live now at Star

City casino, Devaney's mental

health was brought into question

during the hearing? The court was

told that at the time of the

shooting here, Todd Devaney was

suffering from untreated paranoid

schizophrenia and he believed that

aliens had told him to shoot Holly

Graham. He also tried to tell the

judge that he was an expert

marksman and if he wanted to kill

her, he could have. The judge

didn't believe any of that

sentencing him to 11 years behind

bars. Thank you for joining us

aluminium segments thought to

belong to HMAS Adelaide have washed

up on a Boca beach.

It was scuttled off the beach 11

years ago -- weeks ago. Protesters

are refusing to hand over the

debris for testing. A lover's

dispute is believed to have sparked

a violent confrontation in a King's

Cross Street today. A 39-year-old

man had to be taser case after

allegedly stabbing his ex-boyfriend

in broad daylight -- tasted. The

39-year-old was confronted in the

car park. He tried to run but could

not get away and was stabbed

repeatedly. It was pretty surreal.

A woman raised the alarm at the

police station. Police discharged

the tracer and that made The Mail

person fall to the ground.

Discarded shoes and a large knife

testament to what had happened. I

heard the scream over there so

quite some way away. The victim

lucky not to be stabbed in a vital

organ, he is stable here at St

Vincent's Hospital. His ex

boyfriend is in custody at King's

Cross police station.

A trial date has been set for

Michael and Fadi Ibrahim. They will

face court on October 10th accused

of conspiring to murder John Macris

in 2009. The trial is expected to

run for at least a month. A man has

been accused of cashing in on the

murder of little Kiesha. Her face

adorns the memorabilia he is

selling the Mount Druitt community

but none of the proceeds are going

to her family. $20 per teashop --

Kiesha, Allison Anderson buys two,

both displaying a picture of Kiesha

and the words forever in our hearts.

She bought them over the phone one

hour earlier. Who knows whether

money is going? Ever since her

disappearance almost a year ago,

the Mount Druitt community has

rallied to keep her spirit alive.

Key rings, T-shirts and not to

forget the shrine but with so much

memorabilia there are fears people

are confused about when they are

donating. If some people want these

for memorial T-shirts and I can do

them cheaper than other people that

are ripping them off, I will do

that. You know what has happened to

her? She got murdered or something.

This man says he is not making any

money and printing T-shirts is his

hobby. He says if people want to

donate they can pay extra. Allison

Anderson is concerned people are

cashing in on her death. It is not

going anywhere near Kiesha or

obviously. Obviously they are using

it for their personal use. She says

the only proceeds going to her

funeral costs are for T-shirts

being sold here at Erskine Park. Of

those close to Kiesha say they have

not seen a scent of money raised

through merchandise like this. They

are warning people to make sure

they know where the donation is

going. Give Katia some dignity, do

not go making money off her --

teacher. It is like something

straight out of science fiction but

3D technology is giving Sydney

police the edge in real life

situations. Developed by the state

government, it offers a ground

breaking view of the city and is a

valuable new weapon in fighting crime.

Its New Age crime-fighting,

virtual-reality protecting our city.

That is the technology dividends

that will potentially save

thousands of lives. Unveiled at the

hi-tech trade fair, Cebit, SIMS, or

the Spatial Information Management

System, will give police fast

access to crucial data. It was on

the back of 9/11 and barley, we

have got to do more. This is an

architectural model of town hall

station, combining 3D images with

computer game graphics let's

emergency services quickly

formulate plans in the event of an

incident. It is cutting edge, it is

not leading edge. The entire CBD

has been done in a similar way. We

are taken beneath the city here. It

is not just a fly through model. A

fast ground, a flyover, every

building can effectively be

bisected -- above ground. The

suburbs around the Port Botany

container terminal and Sydney

airport will be the first to

benefit. Obviously it's an area of

critical infrastructure where the

potential for an incident two at

her is quite high. Emergency

services can now immediately access

information. -- to happen. This ground-breaking technology is

leading the world. It gives

emergency services the edge in any

disaster or in the event of a

terrorist attack. There has been

another setback for Sydney's

Waratahs train project. RailCorp

has refused to put the first frame

into service because of safety

concerns. Among the problems,

windscreens that go far key when

sunlight hits it at certain angles -- train.

More testing will take place over the next few weeks.

Pippa Middleton's reign as the most

eligible Batchelor wrecked in

England could be very short-lived.

Speculation is building up a woman

known as her Royal hotness might

soon follow her sister and then

walked down the aisle. Much has

been said about that dress and that

figure. Now the talk is all about

her future. Pippa Middleton's show-

stealing performance at the wedding

costs more than a mention in the

latest edition of Vanity Fair. It

has catapulted her into the

limelight in a way we have never

seen before. It is now a case of

what Pippa is going to do next, not

Kate. Whatever she does, the

paparazzi will make sure we stay in

touch. Since the wedding, Pippa has

been tracked to Spain on holidays

with an old flame and that the

French Open with a mystery man. But

there is another man in the breeze,

who apparently means business. She

has been dating her boyfriend, he

is a former cricketer. They are a

very lovely couple and well suited.

Kate Nicol then went even further

saying that a wedding is in the

wings. They are incredibly close

and my services were telling me

just before Kate and Williams

wedding that an engagement could be

on the cards for Alex and Pippa.

And what about Harry? There are

reports he has split yet again with

long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davey.

Stay tuned...

An unusual visitor has set up home

outside customs house at Circular

Quay. A giant Polo they are made of

ice. Weather presenter and a

Sherlock is there, and there, why

the bear? It is all about global

warming. Under the cover of

darkness this morning, a block of

ice was carted here to make this

gigantic polar bear. It melted for

the first few hours and around 7am,

these doctors arrived and it was

ready for carving. It has taken six

hours today but this is the result.

It is to highlight the impact

global warming is having on the

environment of the polar bear. Come

and have a look, but come soon,

even though we are expecting chilly

temperatures, nothing is chilly

enough to stop it melting. In the

news ahead, the extraordinary

sentence handed to the couple who

held a girl as a sex slave. Also,

super yachts splurge, what is

making these monster of boats more

affordable. And the Kookaburra stuck on an

(MUSIC PLAYS) SONG: # We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through # Trying to find lots of things not to do # We're busy going nowhere... # Nothing. Zero. That's what's added to our beef. It's simply 100% high quality Australian beef, seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper. (WHISTLING VERSION OF McDONALD'S THEME)

A couple has been sentenced over a

kidnapping in the United States

that shocked the world. Philippa

Nancy Garrido were jailed for a

combined 467 years -- Philip and

Nancy Garrido. She was held hostage

for 18 years. She bore two children

to Philip Garrido. Tracey and her

daughters are now attempting to

build normal lives in California --

J C. The awesome tornado we saw

yesterday in Massachusetts less

severe damage as it tore through

the city of Springfield. It turns

out that this one over the river

was one of the three that ripped

through the city. A huge clean-up

is under way during what is a

chaotic season of American twisters.

At a time when most Sydney

households are watching their

budgets, there's a spending spree

under way at the other end of town.

A record number of Australians are

splurging on super yachts which,

thanks to our strong dollar, are

now selling at bargain prices.

Fancy a live on the ocean wave?

Would you like to be at home on the

bounding deep? It's possible.

thanks to the strong dollar and the

US downturn, it is more possible

now than ever. This has created a

once in a generation opportunity for

for Australians to buy a super

yacht very cheaply. By super yacht

standards he means. They are not

exactly bargain basement but prices

have slumped 75%.

That same yacht you can now get for

under $700,000. Even less, $4

million buys this, it sleeps eight

people and only needs a crew of

three. It is far from being

completely unrealistic. For $1

million you can buy a share in this

little number. There are of course

yachts and yachts, this is the

world's biggest, 163 metres long,

owned by a Russian oligarch. It

cost $1.1 billion and has his own

submarine. And it almost certainly

has Australians on board. Aussies

are highly prized as super yacht

crew, they are well paid and get a

bonus. Everything improves, their

manners and the way they speak.

Now to a remarkable tale of

endurance involving one lucky

Kookaburra. He became stuck in the

grill of a car when he was hit by a

motorist at Scone in the Hunter

Valley. The driver did not realise

the bird was still alive and drove

to Brisbane, a distance of 700

kilometres. The RSPCA said that

Kookaburras are very tough birds

and I can verify that. The bird,

who has been nicknamed gorilla,

remarkably suffered just a cut to

its wing and the RSPCA he is now

trying to reunite him with his

family. This board is next with

Cameron Williams and the Dragons

will enter tonight's game with

heavy hearts? -- the sport. Sad

news ahead of the clash with the

deals and we will go over to Sterlo

at Parramatta and also meet the

swimming star with rugby league in

his blood. And Australia's

Welcome back, guys. These are the new McWings from McDonald's. And this is my first bite.

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Oh, it's crispy and it's juicy. Ohh, it's succulent.

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A sombre mood in the Dragons Can

with news today of the death of

Wayne Bennett's mother. Peter

Sterling is on the sideline at

Parramatta and Sterlo, what is the

news, will he coached the side

tonight? A difficult time for Wayne

Bennett and he will be in

attendance tonight as his side

traces their 10th straight win, I

am here with the Parramatta boss,

the Dragons have got some players

missing tonight, a heavy workload,

to an outsider, it is a good time

to get them? You could look at it

like that but still, with the

players that will come in, they

know their jobs very well and they

are a tough units to crack. Again,

if there is an opportunity it is

tonight. It looks like your side

have struggled to score, the

Dragons give nothing away, what is

your game plan this evening? If you

get the Dragons into an arm wrestle,

that is the way they like to play

and they are the best in the

competition at that but we have got

a couple of plans that we hope will

work for us tonight to cause a bit

of frustration and panic. Hopefully

they will come off for us to Mike.

What about Jarryd Hayne? I know he

is up for a big game tonight. --

tonight. He has been wonderful

since he missed out on the first

origin. He is looking forward to it.

Thank you for joining us. Our

second game tonight will be

Cronulla, the only side that have

beaten the Dragons this year, they

will take on the Brisbane Broncos.

Thank you for joining us. The top

four men's seeds are taking place

in the semifinal of the French Open

tonight. Francesca Schiavone is

into the decider again after she

beat Marion Bartoli in their

semifinal. Sixth seed Li Na took

down Maria Sharapova. She is in

good shape to become the first

Chinese woman to win a major and

Australian Casey Dellaquaca won the

mixed doubles title with her

American partner Scott Lipsky. Now

we meet and at the lead he would

not be out of place packing down

with the Dragons tonight but

instead of that, he is after

Olympic gold in the pool -- we meet

an athlete. In the beginning, James

Roberts wasn't natural water baby.

When I was as a child, I was not

happy under the water. He does have

a strong sporting pedigree but just

not in the pool. My grandad played

for the Dragons and also

represented Australia. My uncle,

Graham Roberts, played for The

Tigers. My grandfather always said

to dad he should be playing league

but I never got into it. If I did,

I would have a lot more troubles

now swimming. At six foot four and

over 90 kilos, he has his

grandfather's strong build. But

Shannon Rollerson saw something

else. For such a big guy, he is

really soft in the water. Now, the

boy who hasn't even been tested at

international level is considered

our next Super fish. I think he has

got what it takes to be in an

Olympic final and be a contender.

He is still relatively new. But as

we saw last month, James is a quick

learner. This unknown male former

world record Holder Eamon Sullivan

at the national titles. He finished

second but it felt like a win. It

was a big confidence boost for me

so I knew that I could be in the

mix with the other guys. And he is.

His ambition has stretched beyond

initial expectations and the

Olympics beckon. I am really

excited and determined that it

might all come to fruition. He is a

big boy with massive potential. might all come to fruition. He is a big boy with massive potential.

Thank you. To the finance and the

stock market closed lower today

with the All Ords down 16 points.

Our dollar is buying $1.60 with the All Ords down 16 points.

Our dollar is buying $1.60 US. We

have the weather next and it was a

gorgeous winter's day? It certainly

was. We have a great weekend coming

up, I will have all the details

from right here Coming up on WIN News... A hearing

into ADFA' s 100 million dollar

redevelopment. A challenge for

school students. And: will Terry

Campese run out for the Raiders on

Sunday? Join me for all the details next. Well, with almost 1.5 million members, that makes me feel pretty safe, actually. Pretty good. I'm in good hands. WOMAN: It's Australian. MAN: And it's super. VOICEOVER: Compare how much better off you could be at

It was a beautiful winter's day

today, fine and sunny, with light

north-westerly winds. 11 to 20 in

the CITY 7 to 19 in LIVERPOOL. On

the satellite, a front crossing

Victoria and Tasmania is bringing a

cool change with scattered showers.

While a low is directing dangerous

surf onto the NSW coast. And a

trough of low pressure is bringing

patchy rain to South and West

Australia. Around the country

tomorrow. Sunny and warm for

Brisbane, 24 degrees. A shower or

two for Canberra, Adelaide and

Melbourne, a top of 16 degrees.

Mostly fine in Hobart, 15 And fine in Perth, 18 Mostly fine in Hobart, 15 And fine in Perth, 18 degrees. Tomorrow

morning should be fine and sunny

for the start of the weekend. Just

the chance of a shower developing

late afternoon. 11 to 21 for the

City 6 to 21 in Campbelltown.

There's just a chance of a shower

very early on Sunday, but it should

clear to a sunny day from mid

morning. It will be cool though, a

top of just 18. Fine for Monday and

Tuesday, those temperatures

starting to cool right down. A low

of just 7 degrees mid-week. A light

shower or two for Wednesday and

Thursday. Fine again by Friday. The

weekend will be fine and sunny in

our west. Tops of just 18 on Sunday

and Monday. Dropping to a low of

just 4 degrees on Tuesday. The

chance of a shower or two on

Wednesday and Thursday, Before

fining up on Friday, a top of 17 degrees. fining up on Friday, a top of 17

degrees. The weekend is here so

grab a copy of Best Weekend

magazine in tomorrow's Daily

Telegraph. All eyes will be out to

sea as the whale-watching season

starts tomorrow. They have the best

places to stop them along the coast,

Cuba is coming to Sydney, and if

you are looking for Culture, the

Sydney Film Festival opens next

week and of course there is always

the polar bear here at customs

house in Circular Quay but my

advice is... be quick.

Thank you for joining us. That is

Nine News for this Friday, thank

you for being with us. Goodnight.

-- Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

Tonight ... ADFA' s multi million

dollar redevelopment scrutinised -

is it value for money? The mental

health advisers joining ACT

policing' s front line. And: the

pokie machine compensation: calls

for Labor clubs to be exempt. First

tonight - Two people were lucky to

escape serious injury, when their

helicopter crashed at Mount Corree

in the Brindabella Ranges this

morning. The pair activated a searc morning. The pair activated a

beacon around ten thirty, and were

picked up by the Snowy Hydro South Care Rescue Helicopter. They remain

in The Canberra Hospital in a stabl in The Canberra Hospital in a

condition. The Australian Defence

Force Academy has argued - a major