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(generated from captions) absolutely did the wrong thing but boy, the future looks pretty bleak. from our Big Guns of Politics - Let's get reaction on the arrest and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke Good morning to you both. Tony, we heard Mr Rudd say to bring the boy home. the government will do all it can What is being done? What are the chances of getting him What can I say first of all? Before out?

you react to any of this as a minister you react to it as a parent. 14 is so young. My eldest is 13. And just looking at what must be every parent's worst nightmare unfolding. You want to be able to do everything you can to help. So, Kevin Rudd has done is spoken everything you can to help. So, what directly and given the directions to both our ambassador and the consul, who we have there on the ground in Bali. And made sure that all of the different odd jobs they have in 41 of them, this one is No.1. We want it resolved as quickly as possible. We are hoping he can returned home as quickly as possible. But Indonesia has its own legal system. We have got to work through that but for everything that can be done, for our consular officials on the ground, this is priority No.1. Alright, but Joe, a lot of reaction on the Facebook. From Melissa Mafava saying I hear he is very up set and crying but cry me a river. Because you did the deed, you have got to face the consequences. Look I can understand the reaction of people when they first hear about anyone buying drugs in Indonesia. There is no sympathy. But I don't know if we know the circumstances. I think, think back to when you were 14 years of age. Someone comes up to you and says they haven't even for two days and I will sell you whatever this is. Really, this is a living nightmare for everyone. For the child, for the parents, for all of us who care about these sorts of situations. And I mean, this kid's life could be totally ruined by this Yep. event.

I think we have got a duty, all have duty to step in. Any support we can give the government on this, you know, it is limitless. Just an awful situation. Moving on now. new rules to help local industry. The government's announced government grants Companies reviving foreign-made materials won't be able to buy a chance to compete for the work. without giving local businesses Tony, was this just a token gesture after your jobs forum? so you had something to announce There has been a number of announcements in this sort of area that we have been working on for some time. You have got a big shift going on in the Australian economy at the moment, where one sector is absolutely booming in resources. That is a good thing. But then you have got pressure on trying to find workers and pressure on the value of the dollar that is hitting other parts of the economy, particularly manufacturing. Yes, jobs forum has been an important part of airing a whole lot of the views about this but there has been a series of things we have been working on this. One of the most significant things we have been working on with ones is how the revenue from the mining tax gets used. You have got more tax on the area of industry which is absolutely booming, and then you get a tax cut across the board on the company rate. This is how you balance the difference in the economy. Will it save the manufacturing sector, Joe? There is changes. No, Joe. Look, Kochie, it not about saving the manufacturing sect. I spent two days in the Pilbara, here I am in purg but purg but spent two days in the Pilbara meeting with mining executives and companies. They already provide the Western Australia government with root and branch detail on how much of their procurement comes from Australia. For many of the mines it is well over 70% already comes from. Things that don't are things like locomotive engines, which are manufactured off a rolling plant overseas. And we don't make those sorts of things. So the information is already collected. It is already there. This is just... I think it is more gabfest. Finally, Tony, whaling season? The Japanese sending a bigger fleet and a coast guard ship to protect them. What you going to do about the problem? Send our nave e down? Well, we are not going to send military down to declare war or Why? We have done it before. something.

What we have done before and we were right to do it, was send a vessel to take photographs we could use in a court case. We have now launched that court case. We have taken toughest action on whaling of any that court case. We have taken the country in the world. We have got it there before the International Court of Justice. When do we get a decision on that? Any court case takes longer than you Years? want.

Yes it will. This is not scientific research. To conduct research on So what you going to do about it? whales.

We have done more than any other country in the world. Not the courts, what else you going to build up? Nothing. We have taken the strongest line in the world on it, taken them to court. We went out, collected the evidence. January have opposed it -- evidence. As soon as

Japan have opposed it at every turn but you don't need to track whales across the world and cut them up for food to conduct research. We are going to keep hounding you. We want more than just sitting in