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The frightening moment that a taxi

ploughed into a Sydney shop.

The high-speed police chase through

Sydney's south-west.

The big banks are exposing armoured

guards to new dangers.

And why Ricky Ponting was forced to

speak out about his future. And why Ricky Ponting was forced to speak out about his future.

VOICEOVER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton. Good evening. Prime

Minister Julia Gillard found out

today just how much anger there is

in some parts of the community

against her Government's carbon tax.

Thousands of protesters rallied

outside Parliament House in

Canberra. Much of the rhetoric was

vicious and personal. As bus loads

of anti-carbon tax protesters began

arriving in Canberra, Julia Gillard

was inspecting a wind farm 50km

away, pushing the need to develop

renewable energy sources. If we are

going to drive this clean energy

future, we must price carbon. But a

price on carbon was anathema to the

crowd gathered in front of

Parliament House. I'm here today to

rally for our democratic rights to

have a vote on this. Tony Abbott

was the star speaker. This is a tax

on every single Australian. It is a

tax on you.

Between two thousand and three

thousand people took part in the rally.

The Opposition Leader called it a representative snapshot of middle

Australia. But that wasn't the view

of Labor MPs. Extremism will always

be there in our community. That

doesn't mean that we should agree

with it. Groups associated with the

rally included One Nation and the

anti-Semitic Leigh of Rights. Mr Abbott said,

Mr Abbott said, "Ditch the witch" -

he spoke under a banner in saying,

"Bob Brown's bitch".

A familiar figure was there working

kisses. the crowd with hand shakes, even

I remember they called me an

extremist but they came along and

picked up a lot of my policies. Mr

Abbott criticised her in parliament

for not addressing the rally. He

had a red-headed friend out at that

rally, I eesm sure he would not

have missed me. To Tony Abbott was

called for a people's revolt over

the carbon tax issue and there were

many sincere people there today.

But the ugly personal sexist

aspects are unlikely to help the

cause. It takes all sorts, though. Liar liar!

We are going to drive this...Is

There a doctor in the house? It was

that Gillard impersonator who

raised his hand, ripped off his wig

and rushed to help.

There were chaotic scenes in North

Sydney today when a taxi

accelerated through the window of a

takeaway shop. It was trying to

avoid another car when it smashed

through the glass coming within a

metre of workers. The impact shook

North Sydney's bustling Miller

Street. R A large bang. Witnesses

say the two considers were trying

to avoid a collision. It seems that

I were both facing each other and

swerved. The taxi crashed through

the front window of the takeaway

shop. The other car stopped by this

phone box. The morning coffee rush

had only just finished when the

taxi came screeching into the shop

and crashed into this cool room.

Standing just here, just a metre

food. away, were workers preparing for

The chances of no-one being in the

store at the time - million to one,

I would have thought. Kelly Yang

owns the cafe. She cannot believe

that nobody was injured. If some

people here - straight away,


Paramedics treated the 50-year-old

taxi driver for shock and he was

taken to Royal North Shore Hospital.

Desperate for every vote and with

time fast running out, it was all

today. aboard the election campaign buses

Premier Kristina Keneally and

Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell

both hit the road for their last-

minute pitch to voters.

Just like in the battle for votes

the battle of the campaign buses is

a no-contest. The Liberals have a

fleet of four.

All with their slogans neatly

printed. Over the next 670 hours,

these four buses will hit ef oy

electorate across the state.

Labor's, of course, broke down

before it got started and a

replacement hastily found. The

Premier drowned out by a mower this

morning. How green is the grass in

the Illawarra?! Also revealing

Barry O'Farrell had his shadow

ministry with him. The Premier is

travelling without her ministers.

Both leaders, at least, were joined

by spouses today. Rosemary

O'Farrell and Ben Keneally taking

centre stage for a change. The

Liberal leader visited Drummoyne

and Burwood and heading to Kogorah,

Menai, Liverpool, Macquarie Fields and Campbelltown.

The Premier stopped at Caringbah,

Cabramatta and Chester Hill.

Both teams were close enough to

have had lunch together in southern

Sydney and afternoon tea in the

south-west. Good news for everyone

watching TV - the annoying campaign

ads. Not a promise, it will be the

law. law. Not a promise, it will be the

Sort of.

They will disappear.

From our screens at midnight.

Few of them will be missed.

Is Kevin you have been given the

final campaign update sent out by

the Liberal Party to its

candidates? Yes, this is it. It

says the electorate is highly sensitive and volatile.

The Liberals believe that Labor

will end up with 30% of the votes.

Labor's version is that they will

only end up with 12 or 13 seats.

Split the difference and there's

one clear message - Barry O'Farrell

will win the election and big.

will win the election and big.

A 4yourld girl has escaped serious

injury after falling from a third-

storey window at Wark Farm. She is

the seventh child to be involved in

such an accident in the last six

months. Almost 80% of these cases,

children fall through fly screens.

They seem to lack the understanding

from falling. that a fly screen will prevent them

The little girl landed in a garden

bed and incredibly suffered just a

few cuts and bruises.

It's one of the most dangerous jobs

around. In the last year alone, two

guards have been killed during

robberies on armoured vans.

But now it is feared more lives

will be put at risk as the big

banks try to cut costs and drive up


Armoured vehicles moved billions of

dollars around the country every

month. Without them our economy

could driend grind to a halt.

Because of that, they are targeted.

Sometimes with lethal consequences.

The victim was married and worked

here for 11 years. The security

guard opened fire in self-defence.

The dangers in Sydney are many

times higher than those in other

parts of the country. In the past

four years, there have been 47

attacks on the east coast of

Australia. Of those, 46 have been

in Sydney. The cash and transit

crews have been targeted by

professional criminals.

Oh, there are criminal gangs

operating all the time. That is

what the police tell us. They call

this part of south-western Sydney

the gun belt - for good reason.

There are more attacks on armoured

vans here than any other part of

the country. If the big banks get

their way and these guards have to

carry more cash, then the safety of

this community and guards will be

compromised be. Thaw is exactly

what is happening.

Cash services Australia issues

contracts to the three key armoured

van companies, Chubb Brinks and

Armaguard. CSA is owned by the big

four banks - Commonwealth, ANZ,

Westpac and NAB. CSA wants to

deliver significant cost reductions

for those banks. If the margins to

squeezed down to such a low level

and someone's life is put at a

bigger risk, that is too high a

price to pray. CSA says safety is a

priority. It relies on armour guard

companies to provide the greatest

security for their personnel,

customers commerce and general

public. CSA is about driving down the costs.

The US military has had a lucky

escape in Libya, losing a fighter

jet but saving both crewmen when

they ejected over friendly territory.

The F15 eagle came down as it prepared to attack Colonel

Gaddafi's military unit.

A fighter jet which cost $40

million burned out in a Libyan

field. Now a tourist attraction,

despite the weapons which survived

the fire. The pilot and his gunner

had flown from Italy, fully loaded

with bombs and missiles, but it

suffered an equipment failure and

both men ejected. On the ground

they feared that locals were coming

after them and called for back-up.

Fighter jets dropped eight bombs,

and hit some villagers. They were

protecting their pilots. We

understand and we thank the

coalition forces. He has kept a

helmet as a souvenir.

The jet came down in rebel-held

Libya. The pilot was taken out by

helicopter rescue teams. To the

south of Benghazi, a battle is

escalating between rebels at a unit

of soldiers. The unit is holding

off the rebels with tank fire.

Gaddafi's men are thought to be

terrorising a place closer to

Tripoli. They are inside the rebel

city of Misurata, hunting down the

opponents. In the capital, they

were taken to the port to view a

navy base. The minders claim it was

a mixed business and military area

and say many civilians were killed.

Later, Colonel Gaddafi appeared on

a balcony at his Tripoli compound

in a rage of defiance. TRANSLATION:

We shall win this historic battle.

We will never surrender.

Peter is in Tunisia tonight. Pete,

the colonel sounds like he is ready

for a long fight. Sounds like it,

Pete. But the Americans are getting

different information. US Secretary

of State Hillary Clinton has heard

that the colonel and his family may

be planning to get out of Libya.

This, after reports surfaceed that

one of the colonel's son, 27-year-

old Camis was killed in a kamikaze

aattack by an airforce pilot who

defected to the rebels. If that is

true, it won't give the colonel any

peace of mind. Ricky Ponting has

rubbished reports that he is about

to quit as the captain of the

Australian cricket team.

A British newspaper claimed the 36-

year-old would stand down after the

World Cup and finish his career

with an English county team.

Speculation over Ricky Ponting's

future is nothing new. But the

skipper hit the latest claim for

six. I've never ever thought about

retirement or where the finish line

might be. I will know when the time

is right for me to step aside as

captain or player. But right now I

don't think that is the right time.

Ponting admits he considered

playing county cricket to warm up

for Australia's upcoming tour of

Sri Lanka but the scheduling didn't

match up. The Twenty20s and one-

dayers are on in England at that

time. I wanted to get some cricket

under my belt. While Ponting said

that he can laugh off the

speculation he admits it is a

distraction he and his Australian

team-mates can ill afford heading

into tomorrow's crunch showdown. I

can laugh it off, but I would

rather not answer retirement

questions on the eve of such a big

game. It is a distraction for the

team-mates but the Aussie squad is

behind Ponting 100%. He certainly

has the full support of all the

team here. We love having him as our captain.

In the news ahead - the dangerous

high-speed chase through suburban Sydney.

Plus - why discount fear could end

up costing you more.

And is Charlie Sheen about to kiss

and make up with his former network?

VOICEOVER: This is Nine News.

Police have released dramatic in-

car video of a high-speed chase

through Sydney's south-west last December.

The 27-year-old driver was drug-

affected as he led officers through

Bankstown. He reached speeds of up

to 160km in a 60 zone.

The pursuit ended when the driver The pursuit ended when the driver

crashed into another car at the set

of lights and fled on foot. He was

arrested in a nearby street and faced court today.

First it was milk, now supermarkets

are battling over beer. Australia's

biggest brewer, fosters, stopped

beer shipments to Coles and

Woolworths for a few days after

discovering the supermarkets would

sell the product below cost.

Fosters said it had to protect Fosters said it had to protect its

brand. The so-called beer wars - it

is just another example where Coles

or Woolworths are trying to spread

their tentacles, and drive out the independents.

When we go, the prices go up.

Woolworths denies they were going

to sell beers below cost. The two

big supermarkets control half of

Australia's liquor industry.

Proving there is no such thing Proving there is no such thing as

bad publicity, Charlie Sheen is

reportedly being hunted by major

networks. It follows a bizarre TV

appearance and speculation that he

has added a third god des to his stable of women.

Dropping in during an interview on

a late-night talk show, an

unpredictable Charlie Sheen must

have had everyone worried. He handed out

He handed out t-shirts displaying

his infamous rantings and a cryptic

gift for the host, Jimmy Kimmel. I

brought you a gift. What is it? It

is a mug.

Alright. And it has a fox on it.

The speculation is that Sheen is

talking with Rupert Murdoch's Fox

network about a new show and in

turn the rumour is CBS wants him

back. Although the producers of

'Two and a Half Men' certainly 'Two and a Half Men' certainly

wouldn't be happy about that. They

want to role back season 9, I would

do that. But not with the turds in

place, it is impossible. He has a

possible new TV deal and a new

woman. Next up, the Sober Valley

Lodge, where he has a third god des.

And a nationwide speaking tour

which is set to earn him $7 million. which is set to earn him $7 million.

I have a show to write, dam it!

Tim Gilbert joins us with sport. A

rugged start to the NRL year? Yes,

brutal defence. And the Rabbitohs

are ready to spill blood against

the Eels this week.

Also - the bigger the waves, the big the prize money.

And is Sydney's sunshine going to

last? I will tell you shortly.

First to some breaking news on

Jamal Idris. Danny Weidler joins me

from outside league headquarterss.

What can you tell us? Tim, Jamal

flew up to the Gold Coast late yesterday yesterday and had dinner with

Michael Searle and had braeft with

him, the Gold Coast boss, and had

lunch with the Gold Coast players, obviously discussing a possible move to the Titans.

Michael Searle held a media

conference and he didn't mention

the secret meeting.

We are interested in him. He is a

future superstar. You have an

obligation to the fans and sponsors

to at least participate in that to at least participate in that sort of negotiation.

The offer for Idris is supposed to

be over $1.2 million over three

years, more than enough to make

Jamal and his family happy on the

Gold Coast. The brutal start to the

NRL is set to continue with the

Eels and Rabbitohs promising not to

take a backward step on Friday

night. Nathan Hindmarsh says you can't can't beat tough defence and both

teams will be out to rattle the other.

The Rabbitohs were not waiting for

Friday's showdown to muscle up. At

training today, players were left

bloodied and bruised. The coach was

happy with the intent. Accidents

happen when you have blokes running

around on the football field. We

have had a quiet week this week.

Hopefully the best will be saved

for Friday night. The players have

worked on their mental state. The

Rabbitohs could have won their

first two games. Except for lap

lapses in the final ten. Everyone

at the club is taking

responsibility for that.

I've racked my brain. We have tried

different things. But, in the end,

it is a bit like sometimes you go

through, you know, you get off to a

bad start. I find that there is

only one constant - that is to keep

working at it. The Eels are

promising to up the ante, believing

they need to follow the trend and

put more steel in their defence.

Things are looking a bit old-school

with the aggression, the old

grinding game. Hindmarsh knows what

it takes. The Parramatta captain

needs just 16 more tack tols be the

first player to top the 10,000 mark.

And despite his clean skin image,

Hindmarsh says not all of his hits

have been legit. The blokes I know,

they are the ones who get the pinch they are the ones who get the pinch

or the grab or the - that type of stuff.

They call it the Oscars of the

surfing world. The Big Wave

competition held over 12 months and

will have a winner. The rules are

simple - centre photos or video

from anywhere in the world to have

a shot of thousands of dollars in prize money.

It is called the XXL Competition -

extra large, extra dangerous and if

you make it, extra cash.

This is Mark thues, one of Sydney's

boys who is a professional surfer.

He is a monster swell of WA at a

break called the Right. I had to

trust myself that I would be able

to make it. I let go. The bottom

turned into it. It sort of - the

lip was so narrow from clip to my

head. I think if it had clipped me

there, I don't know if I would have been alive.

Right now, the judges are sifting

through hundreds of enthis. - enrys.

The glory is not always for those

who succeed but those who survived.

The rag doll thrashed by this ocean

bomb is Australia's Laurie Towner.

A solid contender. I was on the top

bit, and the wind was in my face.

All the spray - I couldn't see. I

tried to hold on and stick it. I got flogged.

Traditionally, surfing is about

relocation and joy.

So why would you want to swap this

for something that could kill you?

Legendary Hawaiian surfer Shane

Dorian knows about the addiction.

It is you, your board, and the wave.

And there's nothing more exciting

than that. 36

Denham should not have got paid for

that! He is a lot more talented

than I am Show off!

Natalie is next with the weather.

How long will the blue skies last?

We are in for lovely automatic days.

Make the most of it. Showers on the weekend.

Coming up... Thousands protest at

Parliament house.The driver - lucky

to be alive. A crash ends minutes to be alive. A crash ends minutes o terror - as his terror - as his out of control

truck gathers pace down the Monaro

Highway. Join me next.

SAM: If you want to stay on top of your game, you've got to eat well. That's why I always keep a few Healthy Choice meals in the freezer. (PHONE RINGS) Yes, Dad. Of course I'm looking after myself. VOICEOVER: McCain Healthy Choice is looking after yourself.

Well, after a rather damp week, we

welcomed another beautiful day across Sydney. welcomed another beautiful day across Sydney.

Those dry westerlys are keeping the

skies clear, but still muggy.

It reached 31 in the city, which is

6 above average. It was warm, and

30 in our west.

The high over the biegt will

dominate the weather across the

state for the next few days,

maintaining fine conditions,

onshore winds moving in and bringing showers by the weekend.

Sunshine again for Sydney tomorrow.

Wednesday. That is Nine News for this

I'm Peter over tonne. I hope you

goodnight. have good evening. From us all,

the Tonight ... Tonight ...

Thousands of anti carbon tax protestors rally at Parliament

house.A potato truck crashes, after

its brakes fail on the Monaro

Highway. And: the inquiry into the

Capital' s sex industry. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post,

Thousands of protestors have Thousands of protestors have rallie

at Parliament House - attacking

Julia Gillard' s proposed carbon

tax. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

congratulated the crowd, and called

for a federal election to let voter for a federal election to let

decide on the Government' s plan. decide on the Government' s plan.

Their message was simple. "No

carbon tax." More than three