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Live. A helicopter crash that

killed three soldiers in

Afghanistan ruled to have been

an accident. No enemy fire or

threat was observed nor were to the crash. Qantas engineers call off further industrial action as they head back to the negotiating table. Australia

steps in as Tuvalu faces steps in as Tuvalu faces a

crippling drought. It is touch

and go, Kurtley Beale named but

in doubt for Sunday's World Cup

crash. Welcome to ABC News. I'm

Virginia Haussegger. The

Defence Force has apologised for

helicopter crash in its report into a fatal

Afghanistan. Three Australian

soldiers were killed and seven

wounded when a US Blackhawk

went down in June last went down in June last year. But despite the apology

relatives are questioning why

it has taken so long to investigate. investigate. The Federal

Government agrees and is demanding an explanation from

the military's top brass. The

four US Blackhawks were

shopping through the dawn

desert sky on a mission to

approaching the landing zone disrupt enemy forces but

one of them plunged into one of them plunged into the

ground and burst into flames.

It has taken nearly 18 months to work out how and why. We

sincerely regret this delay and

apologise for the angst this

has caused soldier's families.

Two Australians, Timothy Aplin and Scott Palmer died

instantly, another, Benjamin

Chuck, died less than an hour

later. Seven more Aussies were recovering. The investigations wounded and six are still

found that weather conditions

did not cause the crash, the

helicopter was not hit by enemy fire and there were fire and there were no

mechanical problems. But they

were cutting low over the desert relying on night vision goggles. The Defence Force

conclude the pilot lost his

bearings and flew the chopper

conclusion was into the ground. That

Tomming. Private Palmer's

father says the delays in

their own toll. Even in getting answers have taken

relationships with my wife at times got strange because of times

it. It is unfair what was

happening to us and the other

family esthinking they were

going through exactly what we

were going through and it is

starting to really hurt. The

report was given to the defence

department about this time last

year and didn't reach the minister's desk until two

months ago. That has Stephen

Smith asking questions of his

own. The Prime Minister has expressed families for this delay. It

should not have occurred and I

have asked for an exhaustive

analysis as to why it has occurred. It is deeply

regrettable and should not regrettable and should not have

happened. Ray Palmer hopes the

one positive from his son's

death is that no other family

is kept waiting. I bloody hope

this will not happen to other

families and hope an accidented

like this does not happen

again. The blame game has begun. Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott are trading bashes over

the Government's decision is abandon the offshore processing of asylum seekers. Some in

Labor say the Prime Minister

should have seen this coming.

Last night the Government announced that asylum seekers

will be processed in Australia, some in the community. Julia Gillard is not seeking

asylum. Good moshing. She is on

the offensive. I'm made of contrastly political and pretty tough stuff. How

political can you get? Him

blaming her. She stubbornly and

arrogantly insisted it had to

be her way or no way. It is a perverse outcome. The Government and the Opposition

both say they want offshore

processing but their stalemates

deliver the opposite. The

Government has lost control of

our borders, it has lost

control of its own policy making processes and lost

control of the parliament. Under the new

policy some asylum seekers will live in the community while

their claims are processed,

they will be able to work and get limited welfare benefits.

One unhappy Labor backbencher

told the ABC it is the

equivalent offer recollecting a

giant sign in the Indian Ocean

and writing, "Come on down" on

it. We are at risk of seeing it. We are at risk

more boats. We are at risk as a

result of this conduct by Tony

Abbott of seeing more men,

women and children getting on

leeky boats. The Greens are claiming credit for the backflip. Just in response to your supposition that this has happened by accident - wrong.

It has happened because the Greens are have the Carbon Tax which is

Bob Brown's policy, now they

have onshore processing which

is Bob Brown's policy. Let's start is with the first Prime

Minister, the leader of the

Labor Party Bob Brown, the

leader of the Greens joining us shortly, Julia Gillard in Canberra. Good morning and you have the only Prime Minister.

The members of Labor's left

faction are happy about the

backdown, it is what they have

been arguing Foran months. The

elements of the right can't

believe it. One told the ABC it

is a political disaster,

another reckons a third grader

could have handled the tactics resulted in the fatal shooting The police response that

of a mentally ill man was an

utter failure. That's the

finding of the New South Wales coroner at the inquest death of Sydney man Adam

Salter. The 36-year-old was shot in the back by a police

officer as he stabbed himself

repeatedly with a kitchen knife. The Salter family says

it is disturbing that it has

taken two years for their son's death to be properly

investigated. This is the interview labelled a failure

Sergeant Sheree Bissett is Sergeant Sheree and disgrace by a coroner.

questioned about the day in

November 2009 that she fatally

shot Adam Salter who was

with a knife. So I've joust

drawn my gun gone Taser, Taser

Taser and at that stage he's

gone - he's turned like that

and so I shot him here. She

said she thought her colleague,

probationary constable Aaron

Abela was going to be stabbed

and killed. I couldn't mutt him back. I was doing all I could.

He has made it with two steps

towards the sink

area. Paramedics were in the kitchen treating Adam Salter

for earlier self inflicted stab for earlier self

wounds. The coroner says there

is compelling evidence that

Constable Abela was never in

close physical contact with

Adam Salter let alone in any

significant danger from him.

Ambulance officers said once

Adam Salter got hold of the

knife it was only directed at

himself, a report prepared by police for police for the coroner has been

challenged several times to

drop the weapon and he lunged

the knife at police but his

father Adrian Salter, who was

also in the kitchen, says this

was a totally false version of

events. What I am disturbed

about is that the police did

not correct it immediately. The

coroner is also critical of

interviewing officer, detective inspector Russell Oxford for trying to explain Sergeant

Bissett's Taser warning. You

are trying to give warning to

police officers here that you

are going to take some

glowing of the investigation

and recommended the four officered receive formal recognition and the con Ronner described described that as

ridiculous. My son was a genius

and had so much potential. He

was suffering a mental illness. Sergeant Bissett has

not been referred for any kobl criminal charges. Officials in

Papua New Guinea are working to

identify the bodies of people killed in a plane crash

near Madang. The Australian

pilot was one of only four

people to survive. The plane went down to went down to wet weather 20

kilometres from its

destination. Clear weather this morning allowed investigators

to reach the crash site. They

have already been able to

recover both of the plane's

flight data recorders. The bad Lee Byrned remains of the

victims have been taken to a hospital

hospital in Madang but

officials say is the

identification process could

take some time. The joint

owners of a ship that caused

Queensland's worst oil spill have have been fined more than $1 million. Bluewind Shipping and Swirre Navigation were also

ordered to make a public

apology for the accident off

south oos Queensland in March

2009. It was a pre-emptive mea

culpa ahead of a printed formal

apology. I wish to apologise to

the people of Queensland for

the environmental damage and

the inconvenience caused by the incident on the Pacific

adventurer. An incident with a $30 million $30 million clean-up bill. 270

tonnes of oil spilled into the

sea after containers came loose and funningtured the fuel

tanks. A judge found poorly maintained lashings used to

secure the containers were the

cause. The owners were aware of

the problem and the

consequences of that problem.

Immediately following the

incident we further upgraded

container fittings on all of

our vessel s. Joint owners

Swire and Bluewind pleaded

guilty but es-Skyped the

maximum fine because Judge

Kiernan Dorney ruled:

The judge rejected the

defence's argument that

conviction should not be

recorded. He said environmental offences of this kind are

occurring more often and a

conviction is in the public

interest.The company has

already paid about $25 million

in a civil agreement with the

state and Commonwealth. The

Queensland Government says the

judgment sends a clear message to all shipping.

be tolerated. It appears the

Prime Minister's throat intervene in the industrial

dispute between Qantas and the union has union has worked. Engineers

walked off the job for four

hours in Sydney this afternoon

causing more disruptions for

passengers. They have called off any further industrial

action for the next two weeks

as they return to the

negotiating table. We think

they were ingenuous yesterday

when they said week would be cancelled from

our actions. We have called off

all our actions and there is no

reason why those flight should

not be reinstated. Qantas says it does not change the damage

that has been done. Industrial

action has also hit Jetstar

with check-in staff refusing to

charge passengers for excess

baggage. Jetstar says if the

action continues it might have

to increase its fares. A report

into emergency care for at-risk

children in the ACT has found

far reaching problems in the

even asked to house five children

even though it wasn't legally

allowed to do so. It found juvenile care and protection

services have had a detrimental effect on the children they are

designed to help. Between June and August this year the

Community Services Directorate

asked a welfare group to house

9 young children in need of

emergency care but the group

was not authorised to do so. An

investigation by the ACT public

advocate says the law was broken. We have procedures to protect kids and

as a result of those laws and procedures being breached kids

weren't protected. They were

put in a situation with they shouldn't have been put in. In

June four children were taken

from their mother and placed in

emergency care with the welfare

group. The children were put in

a Barton Highway House under

the most appalling conditions. The report found: Shocked. It Shocked. It is just appalling. This sort of thing

shouldn't be happening. If we

had a properly funded service

that was funded for the full year then we wouldn't have these sorts of problems. The

report paints a picture of a

dysfunctional system where

children are trauma tied and

not adequately cared for. We

know this is a very tough business looking after

vulnerable children in care and

protection is not an easy job.

That said we need to snake or systems are right. This was

one a one-off case. For a year

Government's Community Services

Directorate has used the group

to provide emergency care

knowing it was illegal. In her

report the public advocate

calls for wide ranging change.

She say esat the very least

there needs to be proper

resourcing of emergency care, improved procedures and the

setting up of a reception

facility for children in

crisis.In the small island

of nation of Tuvalu it is a case

barely a drop to drink,. The drought-stricken country says

its water crisis is likely to continue until at least January

heavy rain. Despite a relief when there is more chance of

operation by Australia, New

Zealand and the Red Cross, water supplies are still severely limited. From Funafuti Dominique Schwartz reports. Tuvalu is one of the world's

smallest nations and one of the

driest. It has barely rained

here in six months. Locals here in

still look to the sky in hope

but for military planes, not

clouds. It is a dire emergency situation, absolutely. New

Zealand soldiers have fixed the

desalination plant on Funafuti

brought in a temporary unit. and with Australian help

Even so each household gets

only one, 40 litre bucket a

day. Whether it is four people

sick needs. Drinking and or 20. Hardly enough for bay

cooking and our washing and bathing - the sea. The hospital

is now taking only critically ill patients.

been shut, other schools may

should follow. Bread fruit trees

should be laden, crops are

struggling. The average

Tuvaluan probably doesn't earn

a lot of money so they are

dependent on, especially the

bread fruit crops. I haven't

experienced it. This is my

first time I have seen it really bad. This is indeed a

fact of climate change we are

suffering. Right now - we know

this is usually when we can go

out. This gives you an out. This gives you an idea of

how vulnerable Tuvalu is to

rising sea levels. At its na

radio west poimpbility it is

only a few paces from one side

of the island to the other. But

disappearing sea is not their

major concern now. They need

more water, God given or man-made. Cerebral palsy is a lifelong

affliction with no known cause

or cure. It is just as common

now as it was when the

condition was first discovered.

The world's top researchers are

now setting out to change that.

They will meet for the first

time next week at a summit

largely funded by an Australian philanthropist.Fiona Garrity

and her daughter Natasha have

high hopes for next week's

summit in San Francis come. I

don't think there has been a

lot of hope prevention or cure. I don't

think it's gonna set

unrealistic high

expectations. I think it is

brilliant. Cerebral Palsy is

the most common physical

disability in childhood that

affects sufferers for the rest

of theirs. I never take

anything really for granted.

You forget how complex a simple looking movement can Palsy may be. Research suggests Cerebral

Palsy may be caused by viral

infections during pregnancy or

possibly low birth weight. No

one knows for sure so it can't cured. It has been so many be prevented, let alone

years since the incidents of

Cerebral Palsy has remained the

same. A child is born in

Australia with Cerebral Palsy

every 15 hours. Now for the

first time researchers from five countries will come

together to formulate a blueprint for collaboration. The power of

galvanising their collective

thinking to create a road map

will make a huge Balnaves has helped fund the difference. Philanthropist Neil

summit and wants more Government assistance

medical research Here is a

disease costing the Australian

taxpayer $3.2 billion a year

and we don't have a clue what

causes it. No one expects a

quick fix. This 12-year-old is quick fix. This

a budding sciebtific researcher

in the - scientific researcher

in the field. I know firsthand

what it can do. That could make all the difference. ACT

policing is reimbursing

thousands of motorists who overcharged for traffic

infringements. When traffic

fines increased in July a

computer error failed to update the ticketing system that led to drivers to drivers being undercharged.

The automated system then sent

out reminder notices asking for

the difference and adding an

administration fee. The error

came to light two months later

when people started lodging

complaints. AVT policing says

the error has been fixed and

they are working to refund or

wave the fee for anyone affected. To finance now. The

local share market slipped back

today and global investors

continued to flip flop about the prospects of the European debt crisis being resolved.

Here is Alan Kohler.The market

can't seem to get above 4,300

on the All Ords. It used to be

that it could not get above

5,000. It had four attempts at

that between Christmas 2009 and

April 2011. It kept retreating

each time it got resistance level of 4,300 is

14% below that which is the

adjustment that investors have

made for the higher likelihood

of another global recession caused either by the crisis in

Europe or simply by declining consumer and business confidence because of all the

bad news around. The All Ords

finished the day down 0.9%. The biggest falls today were

resources stocks.The banks all fell too but not very

Chinese inflation data came

out today. It was down from 6.2% to thinks the Government will take 6.2% to 6.1%. No one really

its foot off the break. I will

be back on Sunday at 15am with inside business with my Ahmed Farhour and David Thodey. The National Zoo and

Aquarium unveiled plans to

triple in size and allow

visitors a more interactive

experience. The $15 million

plan includes now luxury

accommodation with shark tanks as part of the furnishings. as

Lions, cheetahs and giraffes

will be moved to twa enclosures. Big cats are pretty

lazy so they - but they don't

move around a lot, they sleep

about 20 hours a day. Our

intent is to get them moving around more often. Breeding

wise it will have an impact

there because we will there because we will have

greater facility to breed more

animals but with the main thing

will be through education and

getting people to understand about the animal kingdom. The project will take 18 months

with the first stage to be

completed by Christmas next

year. The Wallabies will give full-back Kurtley Beale tomorrow to prove his fitness

for Sunday's much-anticipated

World Cup semifinal against the

Al blacks. The reigning

Australian player of the year

is still troubled by a hamstring injury but has been

named in the Wallabies' line-up. They are confident All

Black's injured skipper Richie

McCaw will make it through the

entire match. New Zealand's

been obsessed with the right

foot of their All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw for the

last couple of days. Can

Wallabies have had their injury took the first tentative steps

towards an appears this weekend

today. He is treading a

fineline to fitness. You have

to convince us he is 100%. He

trained lightly today for the

first time since straining a hamstring against south

Africa. The question remains of

do you not play this weekend

and forego the chance to then not play in a final. The

Wallabies are not ready to roll

the dice just yet. He will have

to go again tomorrow morning to

show he has no ill effects off

the back of the work he did

today and be able to go again

and us secondly that he is good

to go. After a relaxed start to

the week the Australians have

lifted their intensity.Despite the All the All Blacks well documented injury woes the Wallabies are expecting a torrid encounter. They have the

ultimate incentive playing in

front of a stadium of 4.5

million. They will be million. They will be good. They will be very, very good. The All Blacks inspirational captain, Richie McCaw, will lead his team out

but he is far from fit. He has a nightly foot and the more we

keep him off it the more chance

he has of playing 80 minutes on

the weekend. His leadership

will be essential for

Zealand line-up. There is high anxiety in New Zealand about

this game and there is no

surprise in that because the

All Blacks have never beaten

the Wallabies at a World Cup.

Australia has made an

impressive start to its tour of

South Africa with a victory in the Twenty20 international Cape Town. Patrick Cummins took three wickets on debut and Shane Watson made a half century in the century in the five-wicket

team.The tourists had South Africa on the back foot from

the opening over. Bowled him, inside edge. 18-year-old

Patrick Cummins turned up the heat in his first game for Australia but it was the New

South Welshman's well disguised

slower balls that did the

damage in the fourth over.

Three wickets in the over

We said he had a good change of pace. Shane Watson pulled out

some party tricks. That holds a

bit of magic. Making 52 off 39

balls in a Man of the Match display. The winning runs came

with three balls to spare and five wickets in hand. That

pleased Michael Clarke as he

departed Sydney to lead the

Australians in the one-day and

test matches. I think it is

really important how you start

a series, how you start a tour

can be critical to your success

thought the whole series. Clarke endorsed appointment of former wallaby

Pat Howard as the general manager of team

performance. His job is not to be the head coach or captain.

He has been very successful in

the role he the role he has been appointed

in. He has done it before. The

test skipper also defended his

players against match fixes

allegations by Mazhar Majeed in

a London court this week. The

players I have played with, I'm 100% confident they would 100% confident they would never

be involved in that. The second

and final twaent international

is in Johannesburg on Sunday.

The Queen has hosted an All

Star Australian affair to celebrate

celebrate her upcoming Tour Down Underer are. Hugh Jackman and Elle MacPherson were among

the guests invited to a glittering reception at

Buckingham Palace. The flag of

the royal standard was flying,

the Queen was home, to welcome

her 350 guests from Australia.

Business people, sports stars, models have lived in London for more

than 20 years. They filed into

to meet the monarch who greeted

each one showing no signs of

the flu that kept her away from

an earlier engagement. Some

traditional fare was prepared

by celebrity chef Bill Granger. A lamington, look. Who

couldn't contain his excitement about getting to cook in the Queen's kitchen. This is the queen's pots. Next week we will

see the Queen travel to

Australia for the 16th time in her 59-year her 59-year reign. She told

guests in the palace gallery

she was excited to be hosting

CHOGM , the Commonwealth heads

of Government meeting in

Perth. It is a huge festival,

not just a meeting of the

heads. There is a people's

forum, a business forum, a

youth forum and all of these are attended by 1,000 participants.

old and with a husband who

recently turned 90 this is

expected to be the last time

the royal couple make the long journey Down Under. To the

weather now. Without Mark

Carmody who hopefully will

return next week. It was a

lovely warm day with a little

early cloud. We had a top of 21 early this afternoon.

On the satellite image, cloud is spreading from the Northern Territory and South Australia

into western parts of

Queensland and New South Wales

along a trough leading to areas

of showers and severe storms.

On the synoptic chart a front

will bring a cool change to

Victoria and Tasmania. We can

see that wet and cool change reflected on the national


Before we go a breach recap of

our top story tonight. A helicopter crash that killed three soldiers has been found to be an accident. Privates Timothy Aplin, Scott Palmer and

Benjamin Chuck died when an

American Blackhawk hit an

embankment and caught hire. investigation found there was

no enemy fire or mechanical

failure.. That's the news for now. Stay with us for 7:30 ACT

with Chris Kimball. Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Closed Captions by

CSI. sphoo This Program

is Captioned Live. Hello, welcome to

program, I'm Chris Kimball.

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