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Tonight - a cut above. The Government and the Opposition's

taxing debate. This will be a

plan that takes money from

polluters and gives it polluters and gives it to be a tax cut without a carbon Australian families. It will

yesterday's Snowy Mountains tax. Police probe the cause of

plane crash. I am angry, upset,

cross that something like this

could have happened. And above

all very, very sad. How the

Arab spring is killing tourism

in the Middle East. And goodbye

Colombo, the actor who played Colombo, the actor

the shamle bling TV detective

dies. Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. Both sides of politics are promising tax cuts

to cushion the rising cost of living. Julia Gillard's come

with a carbon tax, Tony Abbott's without. The

designed Opposition Leader's promise is

designed to counter fears he

compensation package along with would scrap the Government's

the carbon price. But the PM

says Mr Aboat's tax cuts aren't

real until he can say how he'll pay for them. Far pay for them. Far from Labor

heartland Julia Gillard found herself among friends. It's

good to be here with you. She

set out to woo the west, a

State hostile since the State hostile since the mining

tax. I respect the voice of

Western Australia and I have been listening to it. It's

listening too, for word on the

carbon tax. Nothing yet on

industry assistance but for households there's confirmation of

of relief. We will assist

Australians. Through tax cuts, in family payments. Across the

country, a counteroffer was APPLAUSE made.

Tony Abbott's promised income

tax cuts for all. It will be a

tax cut without a tax cut without a carbon

tax. His will target middle

income earners but like the

Government the plans scant on

detail. The Coalition will fund these tax cuts through prudent economies in Government

spending. You need to know where that money is coming trees. So voters will have a from. Money doesn't grow on

choice - to keep their new

carbon tax with tax cuts to

soften it or Tony Abbott's old

fashioned tax cuts alone. What

he's offering seems simple enough, but must withstand two

years of scrutiny about how

he'd pay for it. The Liberals

have laid to rest another contest, incumbent Alan

Stockdale beat former Howard Government Minister Peter Reith

for the party presidency. By

the narrowest of margins. We

have to ensure that we remain have to ensure that we

united, we have winning

momentum. Let us go forward to

the great political victory

that our country so desperately needs. Let the continuous

campaign roll on. Locals in the

snoibz town of Jindabyne say

they're shocked a saddened by

yesterday's fatal plane crash A

kra man was at the controls of

a sea plane and he was killed

when the aircraft plunged into

a lake during a test flight.

The owner of the plane cause of the crash are killed. Investigations into the

continuing,. These are the's

eye waters that yesterday claimed two lives. We have

spoken to a number of people

who reported seeing two ultra

light aircraft flying within

reasonably close proximity of

each other. One of the planes

was later seen climbing and

then banking When we believe

the engine has stalled. Police

say the fishermen saw the plane helped ferry police from shore hit the

to the wreckage and as police

towed it to shore they

discovered the bodies of two

men inside. I felt shock

surprise, this is the first

time we've had a plane ditch, well, crash into the

lake. Inside the cockpit was the plane's Queensland owner,

Peter frirt and Canberra

security consult ant Richard

Holgate. I suspect he was probably thinking this might be

yons fleet of aero planes. 48-year-old Richard

Holgate had named his business

Don't Die Wondering. Meantors

and friends say that's exactly

how he lived his life. Passion,

competence, enthusiasm, and a

complete and utter dedication to doing things properly. He's

survived by his partner and

three children. I am angry,

upset, cross that something

like this could have and above all very, very

sad. The peak organisation for

small aircraft recreational afteration Australia is

assisting with the

investigation. NSW

they want to hear from anyone who witnessed the crash. An

investigation by the ACT fire

brag Eade into the cause of the

New Acton fire has been completed by the cause is yet

to be determined. The blaze

engulfed the heritage listed

New Acton pavilion on Thursday smoke covering parts of the afternoon with thick black

city. Canberra has lost two

heritage buildings many as many movies with the Canberra

late April and has provoked a Services Club burning down in

debate about whether

conservation frurls heritage buildings are making them

unsafe. With heritage buildings

we couldn't actually put certain thing in because the

structure was its structure

from 1927. We need to learn whatever lessons we can from

these fires, understand why

they occurred and if there's a

need for some change,

be rr seen to pursue that. The

ACT's heritage council will consider the balance between

conservation and fire

management at a meeting next month. European Union leaders

have agreed to dig Greece out

of its financial hole for a

second time, if it imposes more

austerity measures and spending

cuts. The crisis in Greece is

threatening financial markets

and could affect the world

economic recovery. With the

provisional offer of short and

table, it's now up to the Greek

parliament and the people to

fulfil their side of this

bargain. A 38 billion dollar

awe serty program that would involve sell-offs, sackings and

wage cuts. Not exactly a palatable

palatable option for these

people, already coping with a

previous slash and burn

program. A poll puts Opposition

to these latest proposals at 75%. But if there's no

agreement in the Greek

parliament, then there's no

deal on a rescue and the PM says says there is no oh way

out. There are so many negative

affects also to leaving the

Euro, which would create huge would mean immediate problems, for example this

default. At a summit in brusz

es the message was clear -

Greek politicians on both sides

of the divide must unut. That a warning to the Greek Opposition

which is against the

package. But even if it's

passed the British Government

won't be contributing. I think

it would be wrong for us to be

drawn into

of a future payment. And I

sought assurances on that, I think that is important. But

while David Cameron returns

home with that assurance, Bank of England's Mervyn King

issued a warning that any

constageon flowing from a Greek

default would affect everyone. War weary politicians in the US have delivered a

rebuke to President Obama rebuke to President Obama over

military intervention in Libya.

Dozen of Democrats joined with Republicans with reject a resolution authorising US

defence operations. The vote demonstrated the depth of anger on Capitol Hill over the

President's refusal to seek approval from Congress for

military action. Even the

administration has said it's

not in the national security

interest of the United States

to be in Libya so why are we

there? We're there because we don't like Moammer Gaddafi.

Well there are a lot of bad

guys in the world and if we

start picking them off one at a

time we will be at war with most of the world. While it's

embarrassing for the White

House, the vote is largely

symbolic. A more concrete move

to cut off funding for US

military strike missions

against Libya was rejected. A

Victorian woman is leading a new international class action

over the drug thalidomide. The morning sickness medication

caused deaths and birth defects

after it was taken by pregnant

women in the 50s and 60s. The

multimillion dollar class

action lodged in the Victorian

Supreme Court will be the first time the of the drug has been challenged

outside of its home country. 50

years ago Wendy Rowe took a

tablet to treat her morning

sickness. Her daughter was born without arm and legs. To this day, Lynette Rowe requires

around the clock care from her

parents. Our biggest worry is

of course when we're not able

to look after her in the

future. What will will happen

to her? But her future could be

secured if the Supreme Court

finding that Grunenthal, the Germany manufacturer distributor, now known as

Diageo, were at fault. It's not

the first time the companies

have been challenged. Last year, Diageo

offered a $50 million settlement to 45 thalidomide suffererers. Grunenthal has already been sued

already been sued by Germany

victims. It's outside grp that

we say that Grunenthal has

never been brought to contract

and we can't really explain

why. But we do say better late

than never The lawyers say they

have new evidence that companies ignored warnings..

Neither company ever tested a

single thalidomide tablet on a

single pregnant animal and

neither company ever followed up up the effect that thalidomide

was having in pregnant women

who had already taken the

tablets. If the class action is

successful lawyer also ask the

court to take into account Ms

Rowe's loss of income, pain and

suffering and the cost of

full-time care over her life time. That could see her

awarding ten of millions of

dollars. On Saturday afternoon

she plays with wheelchair

soccer where her two mates given her the name, the

Enforcer and she wants to apply

that same determination to the

be a while case ahead of us. But there'll

be a while to wait. It could be

two years before the case is

heard in court. Another chapter

in Victoria's black Saturday

has come to an end with police

no longer treating one of the

State's deadliest bushfires as

arson. The Murrindindi fire

which claimed almost 40 lives

was initially thought to have

been deliberately blaze swept through Marysville,

Narbethong and Buxton and destroyed

destroyed hundred of homes. 2.5

years on, police say they're no longer treating the

investigation as a criminal

matter. At least the residents

can now understand that the

fire wasn't started by an

individual, but we still node

to know exactly how the fire

started so it's one part that

could be put to rest for

them. News of the police

findings was greated with

relief by Marysville

locals. Need to forget about it

and a day like this will be deliberate. If it wasn't

deliberately lit I think all of

us will be very, very

happy. Investigations into what

did start the bushfire are continuing. Environmental

groups say they're thrilled

that Western Australia's

Ningaloo reef has won world heritage status. Stretching

more than 200 kilometres

Ningaloo is one of the world's

longest near shore reefs and is home to whale sharks, manta rays, dugongs and turtles.

Environmentalists have been

pushing for international more than a decade. Some local

farmers raised concerns about

the boundaries of the heritage

site but the Federal Government

says all groups were satisified with the final ruling. In Ningaloo we have one of the Ningaloo we

most precious places on earth.

The levels of protection that

we had under national heritage, once you've got them internationally recognised there's no back Warriors steps,

you're locking that in

forever It's 19th place in

Australia to be wurld world

heritage listed by by UNESCO.

The so-called Arab string has months and as the crisis grinds

on, it continues to shake the

Middle East. But it's effects

are not just political. Even in

countries that have remained calm, fragile economies have

been hit. Like Jordan where the

crucial tourist industry has all but collapsed. At the

ancient Roman city of Jerash a minor miracle is happen

England. This bus load of

Mormon pilgrims is the biggest group of here in

weeks. Welcome. Drumming up

business for the daily chariot

race and gladdator show is a battle and it has been since battle

the Arab uprising began in

January the year. Most

afternoons the show here

doesn't go ahead because

there's no-one to watch it and

it's not going ahead today

either. This crowd is moving

on. This a year of turmoil in

the Middle East, Jordan has

been on island of relative came

but that hardly seems to

matter. Of course, not in Jordan but you know

tourist a the Europe, or America, what happened in the Middle East and he don't know

there is a border between the

countries and the Jordan,

nothing happen here. nothing happen here. That's why. Even at perennially

popular states like Petra visitor numbers are down by up

to 80%. Unlike some of its

neighbouring countries, Jordan

doesn't have oil to fall back

on, or much else in the way of natural resources. Tourism is

around, kribs around 14% to the

GDP so it's a huge thing. And

each unsold postcard has a

ripple effect throughout the entire Jordanian economy. The entire Jordanian

tourist industry is pushing its

Government to fund a new marketing exam pain spreading

the word that Jordan is safe to

visit. But it suspect getting

very xar. Mohannad Manhas admit

nat being able to get that

message out to potential

tourists frustrates him.. Well,

it does, but, you know, living

in the Middle East, actually we are used downs, it's like a

roller-coaster. You have to be

prepared. But the problem is

that this is not just another

dip in is cycle. While Jordan itself has been stable, there have also been some very

worrying signs. And what the

country doesn't need is the

collapse of one of its biggest

industries. The NSW rugby

league is taking tentative

steps towards changing its junior rugby league

competitions by taking players

weight into account as well as their

start to see if small boys have

a higher injury rate than their

biggest team-mates. Both these

boys are 12 years of age, but

one weighs 43kg, the other 75. It's enough to make the bravest

halfback... A bit scared. When

Ben McCarthy goes for a run, it

can take half a dozen of his

opponents to halt his progress.

If a smaller player gets in the

way, it can get ugly. In a

I can hurt them by pushing them tackle, get them on the ground,

on the ground disg his coach

says some teams have even bigger plays with clubs

dominated by Polynesian

advantage.. There's a children often at a huge

problem there. It could be

250kg going down with that amount of force. The Westmead Children's Hospital Institute

of Sport suspects that smaller

players are ref receiving more

injuries that result in hospitalsation. The institute

is joining with the NSW rugby

league to measure the height

and weight of juniors over the

next few weeks to test the

under-12 players in the Penrith

junior league and all their divisions that participate in

the junior league out of

Penrith then from there hopefully next year we're to look at injuries surveillance, survey. The rugby

league wants to trial a

weight-based division in under

12s here in the Penrith

district next year. But some

say they'll believe it when

they see it. This issue's been going on for the last ten

years, and they've not done

anything about it. The NSW

rugby league is ununderstood to

followed by New Zealand rugby. be eyeing off the model

Junior matches there are rated

by weight as well as age. In the NRL, the Rabbitohs forward

Dave daf's hope of playing in

the origin decider have been put jeopardy after a tackle

went wrong in South's win over

the Broncos last night. In toon's game, the Sharks are

headed for a big win and last

night the Bullmore beat the Tigers and the Rabbitohs

defeated the Bullmore in

Perth. Dave daf was virtually unstoppable last night. But his hope of

playing in origin three will

come down to this tackle on Scott Anderson. And there's

concern too for Greg Inglis,

who injured a shoulder midway who

through the second half. It was

one of the wettest games played

in a long time. Someone could

die in this The Rabbitohs

scored two tries in the first

seven minutes to put the

Broncos on the backfoot from

the start. The ball has stopped. What about

that? Brisbane hit back after a

try to Jacques Chirac Reid to

narrow the gap A try to Kurt finish, but the bunnies were

able to hang on. The Tigers

lost back rower Simon Dwyer to

a neck and shoulder injury,

early in their showdown with the Bullmore and the Bullmore and they never recovered. Gets it away, that's

it A second touch downto the

NRL's leading try scorer Ben

Barba was enough to put away

the Tigers who were toothless without Benji Marshall. The

Bullmore win has eased the pressure on coach Kevin

Moore. No substitute for work

working hard and we did that

through the week and we come spoon contenders the Titans started well started well against Cronulla

after a brilliant pass from

Clinton Toopi. But an

exhilarating run from Nathan

Gardener put the Sharkses Gardener put the Sharkses in front. And goes straight past

him The Titans scored again ten

minutes before half-time

through centre Esi Tonga before winger the winger threw high to

put the sharks back in the lead. In the Canberra Raiders cup - Australia's Super Rugby title

hopes this season rest with

Queensland after NSW bowed out

of the competition in Auckland

last night. The Waratahs went

down 26-13 to the Blues in their elimination final. The

visitors were outscored two

tries to one. The game marked

the end of veteran skipper Phil

Waugh's career with the

become the first Australian club. The Waratahs's hoping to

side to win a final outside of

the country. He might be Blues responded. NSW their own in Things started well, but the

worst enemies as Auckland took

control of the match. The

result put beyond doubt in the

second half. Williamsing try

time to the big All Black

lock. They were a better team,

deserved to win and we just

played dumb footy and the

result showed that.. In the

second half, they were able to

control the field position and possession and we struggled to

get into the game then With the Waratahs season virtually over

before the siren, Phil Waugh a

132 game veteran left the pitch for the last time in for the last time in a Waratahs

jersey. Plenty of time to

reflect on the fun moments but

really enjoyed my time, enjoyed

the people I played with and

the experiences. I think that

without the leadership that

Phil's given to Waratahs, both

on and off the field, we probably wouldn't have been

able to get here and come Pete tonight either. In this

evening's final in Nelson the

Crusaders put first points on

the board, but it was the Sharks entertaining fashion scoring

the first try. Christchurch soon sponed, Sonny Bill

Williams breaking through to

help the Crusaders to an

8-point half-time lead. And in

the final result for that

match, the Crusaders have gone

on to comfortably defeat the

Sharks, 36-8. In local rugby -

Melbourne has surged into

AFL's top eight within a

impressive 27-point win over

Richmond. Last night, Hawthorn

thumped Essendon and today the Bullmore beat Gold Coast. The

Demons defeated Richmond in

front of 60,000 fans at the MCG. There have been many false

dawns for fans of the Demons

and Tigers, not only in recent

years but during the 2011

season. It was therefore no

surprise there was cautious

hype around this fixture from both cautious about the start from

Richmond's players. The Tigers

had the first six scoring shots

of the game within six

minutes. Newman from 45. And

he's nailed it he's nailed it from the paint. But in the Jekyll and

Hyde season it was the good

Demons who responded, kicking

seven of the next 8 goals heading into quarter-time. He

likes it. The entertainment

continued early in the second

term as a high scoring

shoot-out developed but it was

soon evidence the Demons had

more first half fire power and

had built a handy at the main break..

Spectacular. The goals dried up

somewhat in the second half,

though the Tigers skipper did

his part to keep Richmond in

the contest. the term from Melbourne looked

to have let Richmond back in before Jack Watts buzzer beater gave the Demons the initiative at three quarter-time. Thampbilities will hurt. Melbourne failed to keep

the upper happened, the first

two goals went to the Tigers.

The deemedz repeatedly lived

when challenged and thoroughly earnt eight with a 27-point win.

This will be huge. Melbourne now finding itself in the

eight, Richmond will need to

wait a little longer for moment in the sun. In local competition -

Australian Bernard Tomic has

equalled his best grand slam

result result by reaching the third

round at Wimbledon. Second seed

Vera Zvonareva and former

finalist Andy Roddick are out

of the tournament and Tomic

fought back to beat Russian Igor Andreev in five

sets. Bernard Tomic's only 18

but his ten sis a throwback to the days when Australians dominated on grass. Yes. Davis

Cup captain Pat Rafter and Tomic's former foe Lleyton

Hewitt watched the qualifier

work his way back from a two

set deficit against set deficit against experienced Russian Igor Andreev. Tomic breezed

breezed through the fifth set

to book a third round match

against Hewitt's conqueror

Robin Soderling. If I play the

game he doesn't like I've got a

good chance. He can whip you

off the court and there's

nothing I can do about but my

may main focus will be serving well Andy Murray moved into the

fourth round in undort DOCS fashion. That's pretty annoying if you're the

opponent. Unseeded Spaniard

Feliciano Lopez sent Andy Roddick crashing out of the tournament. Bulgaria's Tsvetana

Prionkova upset the second seed

Vera Zvonareva to Bock a meeting with Venus Williams.

World number one Caroline

Wozniacki thrashed French woman Virginie Razzano to set up a centre court date with Australia's Jarmila 19-year-old Patrick Cantlay has

fired the lowest round by an

amateur in a US PGA tournament. Developing story

here. He is died for the lead The American shot a 10

under par 60 to take a

four-stroke lead at the halfway

market of the tournament in

Conneticut. The women's world

number one Yani Tseng has a

1-shot lead after two rounds of the LPGA championship. Italian

Marco Simoncelli qualified fasters for tonight's Dutch MotoGP. Championship leader Australian Casey Stoner was

third quickest, behind American

Ben Spies. Peter Falk who

played the TV sleuth Colombo

has died at his home in

Beverley Hills. With his glass

eye and crumbled trench coat he

was a hit as the seemingly

bumbling detective who always managed to fool criminals into revealing themselves. Starting

his career on Broadway in the

50, Peter Falk was nominated

for an Oscar for his first film

that he won audiences over and landed four Emmy awards. I

guess that I liked the idea

that he has a brain as big

Sherlock Holmes but he dresses

like the gardener. Peter Falk

made more than 40 movies before

retiring just two years ago.

The 83-year-old has been

suffering from Alzheimer's and

is survived by his wife and two

daughters. Taking a look at the

weather now and it was

beautiful winter's day in

Canberra. Sunny skies after a very frosty start and no wind to speak of.


other than a frontal cloud band moving over WA. With the rest

of the country remaining clear.

That's because a slow moving high pressure system bringing stable, fine weather

to the mainland and we'll see a

continuation of that right

through the coming week. In the

State capitals tomorrow -

Before we go a brief look

back at our top story tonight

and both sides of Federal

politics are proposing tax cuts

to cushion the rising cost of

living. The Government's will

be linked to a carbon tax but the Opposition's will come

without the tax. And that's the

news for now. We'll leave you

with the opening of Australia's

first urban skiing centre in

Melbourne. That

might look like snow but it's

actually astro turf. Thanks for

your company, good night. Captions by CSI.