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Australian Prime Ministers -

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(generated from captions) came to Melbourne from Scotland The Reid family when George was eight. Later, they moved to Sydney, when he was 13. and he got a job as a clerk School of Arts Debating Society He joined the Sydney Mechanics' throughout his 20s. and remained an eloquent member Reid was a cartoonist's delight and corpulent figure. with his eyeglass, droopy moustache joining the Federation, He strongly supported New South Wales but earned the nickname 'Yes-No Reid' both sides of the argument for putting forward make the right decision. to help voters he became Prime Minister in 1904 Heading the Free Trade group, with Protectionists in an uneasy alliance who'd fallen out with Labor. His most important legislation Conciliation and Arbitration Act, was the Commonwealth to settle industrial disputes which set up a court conditions of employment and wages. and determine After ten months in office, of the Protectionists he lost the support to make way for Alfred Deakin. and gracefully resigned as Leader of the Opposition, After a time High Commissioner in London. he became Australia's first his wife Florence During World War I, to convalescing Australian troops. worked to provide services to be made a Dame Grand Cross Florence was one of the first in the Order of the British Empire. British House of Commons in 1916. Reid won a seat in the he died in London, aged 73. Only two years later, Closed Captions by CSI Scottish mining village, Born in Crosshouse, a small in this cottage. Andrew Fisher grew up (Dog barks) he started work in the coalmines. At the age of ten, he came to Gympie, Queensland, at 22. He was still a coalminer when president of the Gympie branch He became an engine driver and Miners Association. of the Amalgamated with his wife Margaret, Fisher had six children of women's rights. who was a strong supporter Here's Margaret in the centre, and New Zealand contingent with the Australian suffrage demonstration in London. at the 1911 Prime Minister three times Andrew Fisher was Labor between 1908 and 1915. with a quiet, determined manner, A teetotaller Prime Minister Fisher was a productive passed in his second term alone. with 113 Acts newly established Commonwealth Bank. He laid the foundation stone for the Australia's first paper currency. The pound sterling was replaced with The Royal Australian Navy was formed. was started. And the Trans-Australia Railway (Train whistle blows) (Projector whirs) he helped establish Canberra While he was in office, as the new seat of government. At midday Lady Denman spoke. MALE REPORTER: Commonwealth, Canberra.' 'I name the capital of the Fisher, in top hat and frockcoat. With the Prime Minister Mr Andrew thousands of words of the speeches From the telegraphic tent, the were flashed across the wires. began just a month Fisher's third term as Prime Minister (Animated chatter) after the start of World War I. to fight at Gallipoli His government sent troops and the Western Front in Europe. the evacuation from Gallipoli, He later urged investigated the disastrous campaign. and served on the commission that as Prime Minister. Billy Hughes succeeded him High Commissioner in London, Fisher then became Australia's aged 66. where he died seven years later, Closed Captions by CSI