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Going nowhere - tonight, volcanic

ash brings Sydney flights to a standstill.

Wild winds and heavy snow - winter

hits with a vengeance.

The shocking violence of a teenage bullying attack.

community. One woman's veil divides the

And how run-down Redfern is

reviving its fortunes.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton.

Good evening. In the air and on the

ground, the burst of wild weather

has whipped up chaos right across

the country. Snow and ferocious

winds have lashed the state, while

a volcanic ash plume has all but

grounded air travel. Tonight, we

have reporters in tuCoomba and at

Sydney Airport. First, to Mark

Burrows at the airport. Mark, a day

of massive disruptions. Tomorrow

expected to be even worse? Indeed

it will be, Peter. This is Terminal

2, home to Jetstar and Virgin. At

this time of night, 6:00, there

should be hundreds of people

passing through here. Right now,

it's all but deserted - half a

dozen or so people on mobile phones

wondering what the hell is going on.

This ash cloud has descended to

20,000 feet, and that's why the

travel plans of thousands of people

have been grounded - it's simply

too low for planes to safely fly

under it. Today was bad. Tomorrow

will be worse. Qantas has announced

that, tomorrow, it will not be

flying in or out of Sydney,

Canberra or Melbourne. flying in or out of Sydney,

Canberra or Melbourne. As for

international flights, Qantas will

be delayed by 24 hours. As for

Virgin, it will not be operating

any flights in or out of Melbourne until 1:00pm.

Well, as for today, there was not a

lot of chaos. But most certainly,

an awful lot of disruption.

Late this afternoon, Sydney Airport

- it should have been heaving with

passengers. Instead, terminals were

ghost towns. From 3:00pm, Qantas

cancelled all flights in and out of

Sydney. And the travel plans of

thousands nosedived. We booked on a

flight to head home. We've given up

on the holiday. Over at Terminal 2

- a similar picture. Jetstar and

Virgin putting the pen through most

afternoon flights. We certainly are

hopeful that it doesn't last for

days. But it's a moving feast at

the moment. This time yesterday,

things looked very differently to

what they do now. At the

international terminal, Qantas

brought forward several flights

before shutting down at 3:00. We're

going on to Denpasar from Tasmania

this morning. I guess we're not. I

guess we're not even going home!

Qantas says 200 flights have been

affected. 20,000 people have been

disrupted. People like the Ferguson

family - they couldn't fly home to

Brisbane from Sydney. So they hired

a car. A 12-hour drive back to

Brisbane in a hire car, and work

tomorrow. Overnight, and into

tomorrow, the ash cloud should,

weather permitting, pass over

Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania.

But the projection shows, by 3:00

tomorrow afternoon, it'll still be

over Sydney. The problem with

volcanic ash is that, in its worst,

most concentrated form, it stalls

engines, sandblasts aircraft, and

carries poison gas with it. The

scale of the shutdown today and

tomorrow will cost the airlines

millions. Unfortunately, it doesn't

look like it's the end, and we do

expect upcoming delays over the

next 24-48 hours. Today, at least,

the airlines appeared to get the

word out to passengers. Tomorrow

could be a different story.

A day that started with such sunny

promise has ended with an icee

blast of winter. Destructive winds

whipped through the city, while

temperatures plummeted and snow

fell as close ascotoom bu.

The main street of Orange - all

white. Bare trees and orchards were

left frost-bitten and lonely roads

were slowly fall swallowed up by

ghostly ice. It was the start of a

cold front - a cold force -

sweeping across the state and

tearing towards Sydney. This was

Coogee, midmorning. It was a blue

blizzard beach by midafternoon. The

temperature dropping almost seven

degrees in just an hour in the city,

from 19 at 3:00pm to 12.5 degrees

by 4:00pm. As for the winds - well,

the westerlies howled. Gusts of up

to 70km/h ripping through our sun-

kissed winter day. Three seasons in

one day. Not good. Catching many

off-guard. I've just got to get him

out of the rain! Regret leaving my

umbrella at home! In the Blue

Mountains, the winds beent and

uprooted trees onto homes, on roads,

and on the railway, shutting down

trains between Penrith and spring

wood. Then came the snow - Katoomba

transform under to a wet, winter

wonderland. Further west, ice shut

down the Great Western Highway

between Bathurst and Lithgow. While

it's a headache for some, it's pure

delight for others. The big chill

snowfields. bringing big falls to the

Let's go live now to our reporter,

Tim McMillan, in Katoomba. What's

the forecast? Pete, we've been told

to expect more snow, more rain and

icee conditions around the Blue

Mountains area tonight. The

forecast minimum overnight was 2

degrees. I can tell you, by 3:00

this afternoon, it was already down

to 1.2. 30 minutes later, down to

zero. It's still zero now. It is

bit larerly, bit hear cold. Police

are urging motorists to take care

on the roads tonight. There will be

ice on the roads. Certainly if you

are out and about at the moment,

you need to be rugged up. You can

see these brave people here behind me wearing jackets, scarves,

beanies, gloves - even better still,

get yourself near a nice warm fire,

Pete. Good advice. Take it, Tim -

go inside! Thank you.

A brave young girl has given Nine

News a harrowing insight into the

vicious world of teenage bullying.

Her attack was filmed on a mobile

phone. We warn that the images are

graphic and may disturb some

viewers. But they beg the question

- Why is nothing being done?

Get the (bleep)! Kicked in the head,

punched and taunted. (Bleep)... Do

you think you're (bleep) tough?

Then dragged along by her hair.

While a crowd of teenagers stand

around laughing and filming.

Eventually, a teenage boy steps in

to help the victim. When I was, um,

coughing up blood and, ah, couldn't

see properly... The 14-year-old

says she's been set upon five times

and lives in constant fear of her

16-year-old attacker. There's not

much they can do, because this girl

doesn't go to school. The fight

began with taunts on Facebook and

escalated. Police have interviewed

the bully, but the victim claims

nothing's changed. Casey Heynes

knows the physical and mental pain

of relentless bullying. Yeah,

that's pretty disturbing. Casey

stood up to a bully, but knows it's

not an easy cycle to break. They'll

just start hammerin' into ya. It

doesn't matter the reason. They'll

keep going. Anti-bullying experts

say girls are often more aggressive

than boys. They feel that they need

to put on more of a show. Casey's

trainer says the pack mentality -

the teenagers watching - is a real

concern. They've got a

responsibility to actually do

something about it, or else they're

part of the problem. Despite her

fear, this girl hopes speaking out

will help other victims. Just try

and think positive and keep smiling.

A 9-year-old boy is in the Sydney

Children's Hospital tonight with suspected meningococcal disease.

Parents are being warned to be on

the lookout for symptoms of the

disease, which include a sudden

fever, a dislike of bright lights,

and a severe headache or stiff neck.

A woman's right to cover her face

is the subject of furious debate

after yesterday's angry scenes

outside a Sydney court. Police say

they should have the power to force

a woman to show her face, but it's

an issue dividing the community.

A show of force... Young Muslim men

dressed in Islamic brotherhood

clothing march a veiled woman from

court. It soon got ugly... Very,

very upsetting to hear of people

who would wear an Islamic badge

doing something so terrible. They

were there for the acquittal of

Carnita Matthews, the Muslim woman

sentenced to six months' jail for

making a false complaint to police

accusing an officer of trying to

rip off her veil during a random breath test.

The judge found no evidence it was

Mrs Matthews who actually made the

complaint, because police didn't

ask to check whose face was behind

the veil. But former Guantanamo

inmate Mamdouh Habib says Carnita

was the woman in the niqab making

the complaint, and he knows,

because he was there. Yes, I was in

the car. I am the one who talked

with the police officer. Yes, I'm

definitely no SAS. The mufti of

Australia says Muslim women here

are asked to show their face if

asked to by a police officer, judge

or airport security. However, under

the law, police don't have the

power to force a woman to remove

her veil - unless she's put under

arrest. Those laws could be about

to change. Purposes where the

person elects not to remove their

facial covering, that they

couldploid a fingerprint as a means

of identification. I think Muslim

women need to take comfort in the

fact that they're not breaking

limsic law. The judge will deliver

his reasons for quashing the conviction tomorrow.

For almost 40 years, it was a

hotbed of crime, drug and alcohol

abuse. But finally, the area known

as The Block in the suburb of

Redfern is being reborn. And as I

found out, it's all thanks to an

unlikely alliance between police

and the Aboriginal communities.

Redfern has seen plenty of fights.

Been on its knees almost down for

the count. The Block became such a

vicious cycle. It was so evil. You

could smell the death of our people.

It was frightening at times. People

you knew growing up would die of a

heroin overdose in the street. This

is the onclave called The Block,

just a-stop train ride from the

centre of Sydney. In the worst day,

it was them and us. I used to think

the police were the enemy. Cops up

against drug-runners, gangs and

angry locals. There'd been riots,

murders, robberies. Drug use down

here on The Block and people

drinking in the kids' playground.

The local leaders, like Shane

Phillips, knew the vicious cycle

had to end. There's people that

used to come through here that

would go into jail, come out, get

back on drugs, go back into jail.

That merry-go-round we're going to

stop. And this is part of the

remedy. The bloke sparring with the

young fellow is the boss of Redfern

Police - Superintendent Luke

Freudenstein. Using his own tactics

and time to encourage Aboriginal

youths to steer clear of trouble.

Two boys who have been very, very

good role models for their people,

for their community. Prizes of

boxing and gym gear - today, the

winners, Marley and Laurence, for

turning their lives around. Two

years before this, I was homeless.

I started to do something about it

a year ago. I haven't done nothing

since then. With most families

resettled, The Block is almost a

ghostten - a perfect set, as it

happens, for the new 'Underbelly'

series. The area's about to be

transformed. It's time for us to

change the place. That's why I

believe we should knock everything

down, rebirth the land, and build a

strong foundation for the future. I

want my kids to be able to walk

around the community and know that

they're safe. Final plans for the

$70 million redevelopment include

townhouses, apartments, student

flats, and Aboriginal housing. Work

could start early next year.

This is what it looks like now. And

this is what it will look like for

the future. This is a community

taking responsibility for its past,

and its future.

It's really up to us, the

Aboriginal people, to stand up and

be counted for. I truly believe

that we've got to stop the blaming.

It's been a 2-way street. We're all

mixing in together. We're all the

same. We're all after the one thing

- to stop crime in Redfern, to give

the Aboriginal community a bit of a

go and to help each other out. And

look, it's working. Redfern's

rebirthing is already having a real-estate impact. The median

price now in Redfern has reached $1

million. This, though, is about

more than property prices. There'll

be much more. We'll be there making

sure that we shape the future and

that we actually hand it over to

the kids. You truly believe that?

Watch this space. Just watch this space.

Terrific leaders.

In the news ahead - Sydney's speed-

zone madness - how you can fix it.

Plus - the luck runs out for a 'Jackass' daredevil.

And the Aussie beach icon here to stay.

You still use a spoon, you still add milk, but they've never had MILO like this before. New MILO Oats combines the great taste of MILO with the warming goodness of oats.

If you're fed up with confusing

speed zones, now's your chance to

do something about it. The

Government has announced it will

review roads with an excessive

number of speed limits, and it

wants drivers to have their say.

Confusing, distracting and

potentially costly - there are

plenty of streets where, in the

space of a few kilometres, speed

limits seesaw up and down. The

Government has responded with the

promise of safer and simpler

driving state-wide. Fewer speed

zones are a guaranteed result of

the RTA's audit. It will also

examine eliminating 70km/h and

90km/h zones, having a minimum

length of speed zones, and short

speed zones only for high-risk

roads. This is about removing that

gripe, and I think it's a proper

gripe, that we're about to entrap

motorists by having too many speed

changes. An initial review has

found more than 20 stretches of

road that are of concern. I think

lower speed is probably not such a

bad thing. But certainly a

consistent speed limit would help a

lot. Fewer speed limits and fewer

speed cameras would be good! (LAUGHS)

From July 19, drivers can nominate

the top 100 roads needing fewer

speed zones via a special RTA

website. It's good the Government's

involving the public. And let's

hope that we get an outcome that's

fairer and safer. School zones

won't be reviewed this time. The

RTA has already identified speed-

zone hot spots in Auburn, Fairfield,

and the entire length of King

Georges Road from Blakehurst

through to Homebush.

A man who was infamous for taking

chances has pushed his luck too far.

Ryan Dunn, one of the daredevils

from the 'Jackass' stunt shows, has

died in a road accident. His

Porsche crashed at high speed after

Dunn had been out drinking with mates.

The much-loved red-and-yellow surf-

lifesavers' cap is to remain a

feature on Australian beaches.

There were suggestions the cap was

uncool and a barrier to recruitment.

In a national survey, surf-

lifesavers voted overwhelmingly for

it to stay.

Ken's next with sport. Those

Queenslanders are going feral at

the treatment of Johnathan

Thurston? Good evening, Peter.

They're furious, actually. Some

accusing the judiciary of a

conspiracy. We'll hear from

Thurston, who's arrived in Sydney

to fight the charge.

And Rory McIlroy had them roaring

when he was just a boy...

And it's been a wild and windy day in WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Welcome to Apia. How can I help you?

SUE: (ON PHONE) I'm ringing regarding a quote for a new caravan we're buying. We would like to start the insurance and pay it quarterly. Not a problem at all. We don't charge any more to pay that way. Where are you taking off to first? We're going down to Lakes Entrance and then across to the west. Gee, your life's gonna be one big holiday. Yes, I hope so. (LAUGHS) Oh, fantastic! VOICEOVER: If you're over 50, pay your insurance quarterly at no extra cost. Chat to Apia on 13 50 50.

Johnathan Thurston has arrived in

Sydney to fight the charge which

could derail Queensland's Origin

campaign. North of the border,

there's talk of a NSW conspiracy.

While Thurston insists the

collision with the ref was an accident.

He dodged the ash cloud to flow to

to Sydney late today, and the

eruption from up north will be

volcanic if Johnathan Thurston is

suspended for his tackle on the ref

last weekend. Sometimes you can't

get out of the way. I'm all for,

you know, protecting referees and,

you know, I've been charged with it,

so we have to deal with it. His

Origin coach is still scratching

his head. I can't see where

Jonathan's got a case to answer, to

be honest you. But so the powers

that be made a decision - grade two.

It bewilders me, to be honest with

ya. The great of the game share his

view. His sole intent there was

trying to stop a try. For anybody

to suggest that that wasn't the

case, I think that's a pretty brave

gamble from them. At a Women In League event today, Petero

Civoniceva was backing his Maroons

team-mate. He's such an important,

integral part of the Queensland

team. We want him there. Even if

Thurston is suspended, the Blues

don't think Queensland will suffer.

The second-best half-back is Cooper

Cronk. They don't lose a lot.

Obviously they would with JT, but

if there's anyone else that you'd

want to step in there, it's Cooper

Cronk. Hayne was one of the Eels'

best last night, and they looked

like causing a massive upset. But a

freakish kick from 'Wolfman'

Williams, and determination from

florn florn florn, stole a win from

the Eels. -- Kieran Foran, stole a

win from the Eels.

Restoring discipline at Penrith

coach. Steve Georgallis will will be a priority for their new

continue Phil Gould's hard-nosed

approach, which has seen Michael

Jennings fined $10,000 and Daine

Laurie sacked. I think once the

boundaries are set, and I think

they're gonna be set with Phil, the

players will know what they can and

can't do. I think that'll only help

the team. Australia's big guns are

in action at Wimbledon tonight.

Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Stosur

playing their opening-round matches.

An orderly start to the 125th

Wimbledon championships. No need to

dash straight for the courts. The

All England Club has much more to

offer than just tennis. Just what

Jelena Dokic will serve up is

always a mystery, but the volatile

Australian had an entertaining

centre court dual with Francesca

Schiavone. She's got it this time!

Passing shot... In her prime, Dokic

was good enough to reach the

semifinals at Wimbledon, and was a

dangerous first-round opponent for

the sixth seed... Level it she

does! But the battle-hardened

Schiavone was just too strong,

winning a tight 3-setter. This time,

Schiavone's got it. It's very

disappointing. Very, very

disappointing. Just have to try to

get over it quickly. Rafael Nadal

showed his all-court class against

tenacious American Michael Russell.

A straight-sets win the perfect

start to Rafa's title defence.

It was inevitable that Rory

McIlroy's US Open victory would

spark comparisons with Tiger Woods.

Here's one that really stacks up.

Remember young Tiger with Bob Hope?

Well, Rory did much the same at

nine years of age on an Irish

television show. Rory topped off

his appearance by chipping the ball

into a washing machine. (APPLAUSE)

Rory's unmistakable grin and talent,

like Tiger, had everyone engaged.

Lovely shots there. And by the way,

much-decorated Wallaby Phil Waugh

retires at the end of this year. He

can go and play golf now. And do

Ken. the washing. All that. Thank you,

Natalie is next with the weather.

Boy, did things change quickly

today. Sure did, Pete! All

Coming up on WIN News... Severe

winds lash parts of the region winds lash parts of the region Extr bus services as all Canberra flights are cancelled. And

Queanbeyan council' s high court

next. battle Join me for all the details

(ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) cost you a few minutes of your time. Waiting for a train to pass might


(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) (BABY LAUGHS) (WOMAN LAUGHS) Good one, mate. (WEDDING BELLS CHIME) But consider what you could lose

and don't stop. if you ignore the signals

Those fresh, gusty north-westerly

winds strengthened throughout the

day, bringing heavy cloud cover and

a drop in temps this afternoon.

That strong front is moving through

NSW, bringing gusty winds and cold

temperatures across much of the

state. And as we saw earlier, that

front is also creating the snowfall

we're seeing in our central west.

Strong westerly winds are expected

to reach 80km/h at times tomorrow.

Pete, it was our shortest day of

the year this year. The winter

solstice - that means our days can

only get a little longer from here

on in. And it would be nice if

Absolutely. they'd get a little warmer too

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have

a good evening. From us all,


- Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

Tonight ... Wild winds as a cold

front hits - creating blizzard like

snow falls at Perisher. Canberra

airport - empty, as buses prepare t airport - empty, as buses prepare

transport stranded passengers.

transport stranded passengers. And

Queanbeyan' s high court fight -

over 30 million dollars in water

charges Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post. The volcanic ash plume has

spread further over the country -

causing flights across all airlines

to be cancelled. Canberra Airport

could be shut down for at least

another twenty-four hours, while

Greyhound has added extra services,

for people who have no choice but for people who have no choice but t

travel by bus to get home. travel by bus to get home.

Canberra Airport was eerily quiet