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(generated from captions) Cambodia is incorrect. Oh. Bangladesh is incorrect. Laos is...

..correct. Oh, OK. South of China, north of Cambodia. Northern Bangladesh borders India, but not South Korea. China borders North Korea, Luce, instead of $50,000... Which means, I'm sorry, I'll still give you $1,000. I would've earnt at work. That's more than Thank you. Fantastic stuff.

Lucy Esposito just won $1,000. There you go. a bag of plums as well. I'll give her Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Search under way after two people

are caught in a rip at Maroubra.

Bushfires burning as Sydney battles

another day of soaring heat. A

life-threatening cyclone -

disaster. Queensland prepares to face a fresh

Aussies caught up in the airport

chaos as they race to escape Egypt

as uprising. And what's the verdict

on Ponting's broken finger?

Good evening. A dramatic rescue

operation is under way at Maroubra

Beach, where two people have been

caught in a rip. Jess, what can you tell us?

Well, Pete, this is a drama that's

unfolding as we go to air.

Currently, rescue teams are looking

for a 20-year-old man, believed to

be a tourist, who was dragged out

to sea in a rip this afternoon. We

do understand a friend of his also

got into trouble in the surf but

luckily was dragged to shore, we

think by locals and is in a stable

condition. This man missing has

been unaccounted for since 3:45pm

this afternoon. Sadly, aerial

searches have been called off. We

do understand surf-lifesaving boats

have been looking for him, and they

will until dark. This beach is

known for its rips and currents. So

while it's lovely to be cooling off

here at the beach on these hot days,

people must remember to swim

between the flags.

Thank you. We have live pictures of

a fire this afternoon. Around 400m

of bushland have been destroyed.

The main blaze has been contained

but a spot fire has broken out. No

homes or businesses are under

threat. That fire just one of many

on the second day of scorching

temperatures across Sydney. Now the

warnings are coming loud and clear.

It doesn't get much hotter than

this. Geoff Huegill sizzled at the

launch of the Classic Ocean Swim.

it. People came from all over to enjoy

Absolutely fabulous.

From fabulous, to sliefling.

Temperatures crept -- to stifling.

Up to 42 degrees today. Very hot.

Dangerously so. This temperature

gauge, in a car at Liverpool, got

to 57 degrees.

Leaving a child in a car for just a

fup minutes will allow the temp --

few minutes will allow the

levels. temperature to soar to very high

It's a fierce start to the bushfire

season. Late this afternoon, fire

Hawkesbury. blazed through Ebenezer in the

We have firefighters on stand-by.

There is a total fire ban for

Sydney. Not very long ago, it felt

like summer would never arrive. Now

we're in the middle of what's

likely to be the longest hot spell

in the State's history. It's going

to stay like this, possibly even

hotter, until Sunday. And spare a

thought for our friends in fur

coats. Enormous frozen treats kept

the big cats cool at Taronga Zoo.

While fish icicles caused a frenzy

among the otters. There's just

nothing funny about this heat,

this. unless, of course, you look like

Now to Natalie, who's at the Sydney

Aquatic Centre. Still several days

left of this hot spell?

Well, that's right, Pete. Suburbs

right across western Sydney,

they're getting no relief at all.

I'm at the Aquatic Centre here and

the temperature is still sitting

around 40 degrees. Very steamy. You

must be lucky if you are by the

coast, with a sea breeze. Cooling

things down a little bit today. 33

the top there. We were expecting a

top of 36, so slightly cooler on

the coast. But what really is

making things uncomfortable is this

high humidity. That's why most of

us are having trouble getting any

sleep at all. Unfortunately, that

is set to continue for the next few

days. As are these high

temperatures. But the bureau says

good news in sight - Monday and

Tuesday next week, we can expect a

cooler change with some showers. I

will be back later in the news with the details.

Thank you for that. Well, just

weeks after the worst floods in

Australia's history, Queenslanders

are now bracing for their

strongest-ever cyclone. Yasi is

expected to unleash winds of more

than 250km/h. Residents are being

told to prepare for the worst. More

than 24 hours out, and already the

panic buying has begun. From Cairns

to Townsville, supermarket aisles

are full. Cars clogged petrol stations.

We would ask that people don't

panic buy in terms of petrol.

Yasi is due to hit the coast just

after midnight tomorrow night. The

danger zone runs from Cooktown to

Townsville. Cairns lies smack bang

in the middle.

We would like people to get as far

south as possible, as quickly as possible.

He said Mackay offered the first safe haven.

These will be highly destructive

winds, higher than we experienced

with Cyclone Larry. They will be

life-threatening if people go outside in them.

Larry hit in 2006, a category-4

cyclone that trashed 10,000 homes

and racked up a $1.5 billion damage

bill. In Innisfail, Larry is an

all-too-recent memory.

Getting ready for a cyclone. We're really scared.

The Federal Government has promised

military help in the area.

We will respond in the same manner

we did with the floods.

airports. Evacuees are already flocking to

We wanted to get out, be safe

rather than sorry.

Bligh urged them to stay in touch with their families.

Friends and loved ones will want to

know where they are.

And with forced evacuations

inevidentible, they will be left

with little choice. Let's go to

Sarah now. Those evacuations have

already begun?

That's right, Pete. 9,000 people

have been moved to evacuation

centres in Cairns, and two major

hospitals there will be evacuated

tonight, with 11 planes flying

patients down to Brisbane. Cyclone

Yasi is on track to hit Cairns. As

you know, tropical cyclones can be

unpredictable. It could swing south

and slam into Townsville. We will

have a much clearer idea tomorrow morning.

Sarah, thank you.

The revolt in Egypt may have taken

a crucial turn, with the army

agreeing it won't attack the anti-

government demonstrators. Pete, the

timing of this could mean bad news

for the President?

Exactly, Pete. A so-called march of

a,16expected to begin here in less

than -- march of a,16expected to

begin here in less than a day's

time. At the airport, desperate

passengers from all over the world,

including Australia, are trying to

escape this nightmare. Garry and

his daughter, are on their first

trip overseas. But for the past

three days, they have been holed up

in this restaurant, sleeping on the

floor, while they wait and hope for

a flight to become available.

Nothing you can do about it. No chase.

Because of cancellations, there's a

huge backlog of flights. While some

Australians have managed to get out,

most aren't so lucky.

We really don't want to go back to

the hotel if we can help it. We

can't stay here tore too long,

because there no bank, no money, no food left.

Absolutely chaotic. My first time

here. Oh, terrible.

There is a mad rush on the airport

right now. Obviously not just

Australians caught up in this, but

people depr all over the world are

cancelling -- but people from all

over the world are cancelling their

holidays and trying to get home.

All 400 seats on the Qantas flight

have been claimed. That is due to

take off in 30 hours. Some 800

Aussies will be left behind. Also

looking for a way out this turmoil,

President Mubarak has sworn in a

new cabinet and promised real

political reform, in consultation

with opposition parties. Despite

the Opposition's landmark calls,

there was a boiling moment today,

when a frightened soldier levelled

his pistol has demonstrators.

Fortunately, everyone back ed off -

- backed off. Looters too. It seems

the vandals were too dumb to

realise the priceless nature of the pieces they were trashing.

It's been six months since Kiesha

Abrahams was reported missing, but

detectives are no closer to finding

any clues about her disappearance.

Police are denying reports they

believe the 6-year-old girl is dead.

They made another appeal for


Taking her two children, Kiesha's

mother saught refuge with her

parents today. She made an appeal

to her little girlment

If you can hear me, we will never

give up hope, looking for you.

Detectives came to assure her they

were still treating it as a disappearance.

She has met with some foul play or

shed died - I'm not at that point yet.

There's still no sign of the 6- year-old girlment

Her disappearance is out of the

ordinary. You simply don't just

disappear from your hoes.

Six long months, detectives are

still hopeful of finding her alive.

We're not gonna stop until we find answers.

Detectives say the last time she

was seen by someone other than her

mother and step-father was at a

birthday party on July 11. There's

now a major focus on those three

weeks leading up to her disappearance.

Something in that lead-up is

important to us. This is a little

6-year-old girl. Somebody out there

knows what's happened.

Eight people have been injured on a

Virgin Blue flight from Phuket.

Turbulence stkripted the flight,

sending -- disrupted the flight,

sending food trays and drinks

flying. One passenger was also

treated for suspected food

poisoning. The children are back to

school, now it's their parents

learning a harsh lesson in

economics. It may cost more than

$80,000 to support each child

through school.

Three children off to school. The

5cheerld, a first timer, off to

kindergarten -- the 5-year-old a

first timer.

Just the general cost of the school

shoes, for example, and bits and

pieces that they need in stationery.

New figures show in Sydney, a

preschooler at a government school

will cost $4,945 this year. That

includes fee, travel, bookings and

clothing. A primary school stunt,

and a -- student, and a second yea

student. Yvette writes for the Simply Savings website.

If you have had a financial crisis,

approach your school. There's a

student assistance scheme that will help you.

It's expensive now. But look at the

costs looming for a child born in

2011. 14 years of state school

education, including preschool,

will cost $82,000. The cost of a

private school education is eye-

watering - estimated at $505,000.

School costs are now running at

twice the cost of inflation. Not

helped by the fact that nearly half

of autumn students between 10 and

17 are now going to school with a

new laptop and phone.

There's intense speculation tonight

that Ian Thorpe is about to

announce his comeback to

international competition. He will

hold a news competition tomorrow.

The big rumour is he will reveal he

wants to go to next year's London

Olympics. He retired in 2006, but

has been spotted training in Sydney

in recent months. We will bring you

his conference live at midday. In

the news ahead - another twist in

the Trudie Adams inquest. Plus -

the plan to save you money on those

soaring power bills.

And Charlie Sheen's wacky idea for

a nonstop party house.

Pedigree Puppy is rich in omega-3 DHA for brain development. But, of course, brainy puppies can work that out for themselves.

A reformed criminal has told the

Trudie Adams inquest he believes

the prime suspect in her

disappearance was a sexual deeveant.

He went missing more than 30 years

ago. When he told his old partner

in crime, "Disappear, or I will

make you disappear," he pled to Victoria.

I wouldn't want him chasing me in

the dark.

He spent six months in prison

alongside him, for abducting and

assaulting a man in 1975. He forced

women at gun point. All over a $200

drug deal. Giving evidence today

into the disappearance of 18-year-

old Trudie Adams, Garry said it was

a moment that confirstlyed the man

was crazy. Trudie was last seen

leaving a nightclub in 1978. His

wife at the time of the

disappearance told the inquest she

feared her husband. He always

maintained his innocence. Counsel

assisting the coroner revealed her

phone had been tped in recent years.

She allegedly said she was going to

act dumb towards police and

bringing her to the court would be

a waste of time. Comments she said

she couldn't remember making.

Well, families facing rising

electricity bills - Kristina

Keneally says she's found a way to

save them around $100 a year. She

plans to use money from the Solar

Scheme to pay.

It means a projected increase of 5%

to 10% will now not occur.

The Premier has also confirmed the

second round of power privatisation

will be no more. Proof today that

Charlie Sheen is living in a

different r different universe,

with one of his -- living in a

different universe, with one of his

porn star friends revealing he

wanted to live in a permanent party

house. The new woman at the centre

of the Charlie Sheen soap opera,

Kacey Jordan, one of three porn

stars with him on that bender.

I've never seen someone so self-

detructy. I thought it was -- self- destructive.

She said he was drinking heavily

and smoking chunks of cocaine in a pipe. All night.

He even rented a mansion and wanted

all three girls to move in. But

there would be some work involved -

they would have to babysit his childrenment

So that maybe when he was doing his

drinking, maybe that he didn't have

to have his kids see him.

That prompted this response from

his former wife, Denise Richards.

"No adult film star will be

babysitting our kids."

This is the studio where 'Two and a

Half Men' is shot. Maybe your boss

would cut you a little slack if

your show brought in so much money

a year. He wrote Kacey a check.

Is 25 good enough? He said he will

make it 30.

That's $30,000. Sport nement. And

Ricky's back, but not all the way.

Yes, he tested his broken finger at

the SCG. And he gives us the

verdict. And is this the world's biggest half-back?

And I will have the very latest on

Sydney's heatwave coming up short

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With opening batsman Shaun Marsh

injured, Callum Ferguson comes in

to tomorrow's one-dayer at the SCG.

Ricky Ponting returned to the net

ps today after a month-long lay-off

because of his broken finger.

Ponting showed no signs of

discomfort or hesitation. There's

still a way to go.

Still a bit of pain. I don't think

it will go away altogether. Still a

few weeks away from my first game yet.

Paul Collingwood had a red glow

about him, but nobody was

complaining. Well, not publicly, at least.

It's quite nice, actually. Seeing

everyone back home freezing, I love the heat.

This was as close to cool as it got

- a bag of ice. And the watching

American cricket team. Wright was

just as upfront about England's

form in the one-day series.

I don't think we've got any excuses

of tiredness. It is what it is. We

had seven one-day games here and we

want to win. That's what we're paid to do.

And now a history lesson. It was 30

years ago to the day that Trevor

Chappell, on structions from his --

instructionings from his brother,

bowled like this.

Couldn't understand why I had to receive it.

Never forgiven or forgotten.

It's trial time in the NRL, and

club's are looking to their secret

weapons. Jonathan Ford says he's

ready to step in for Todd Carney. A

big fellow. And Carl Web, who's

lost seven kilos since pre-season began.

Look to him for guidance. His

backside hangs out a bit here and there.

It won't if he keeps training in this weather!

Thank you. To finance news. As

expected, the Reserve Bank decided

to leave interest rates on hold. A

flat day on the markets.

Back to Natalie at Olympic Park.

And, Nat, is it cooling down yet?

No., unfortunately, Pete. But

plenty of Sydneysiders have been

doing all they can to escape the

heat today. I will be back after

the break. C? Coming up ... A man' s final words - played out in a Supreme Court

murder trial.Is a super hospital on

the cards for the Capital? And: the

ACT' s strict fire ban Join me for

all the details next.

Ooh. Do you want a Chokito? Nah, I'll just have a little bite of yours. VOICEOVER: Chokito says "no, no, no" to just a little bite and "yes" to loads of chocolate crunchy balls and chewy caramel fudge. OK. No.

Olympic Park, definitely one of the

coolest ways to escape the heat

today. These guys have the right

idea. As we mentioned earlier, the

temperatures simply soared today.

42 the top in our west. The city

climbed to 33 degrees after an

overnight low of 22. The trough

cross southern Australia continues

to draw hot air from the interior.

Severe Cyclone Yasi still on track

to cross the coast near Cairns

Thursday morning.

So, Pete, the good news is there is

some relief in sight. The bureau

say a cooler change expected on

Monday afternoon. So look forward to that.

Thank you, Nat. That

at midnight, in our Tonight... A man' s final words played out in

court - on day two of a murder court - on day two of a murder tria

Residents warned: A total fire ban

still in place as temperatures edge

closer to 40. And: ANU tops the

class. Number one in Australia for

research. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post. A young chef who was

stabbed two years ago made two

emergency phone calls before he

died. The triple zero calls were

played in court today. His last

words were barely audible. When

Cameron Anderson' s body was found,

he was still clutching the mobile

phone he' d used to call for help.

It' s alleged he' d been stabbed