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Senator Nick Xenophon joins us

now from Canberra. Good now from Canberra. Good to talk to

to you. Hi. As David said this

morning the cattle Council has

had representatives coming an

going there. Surely these

pictures that shocked Australia

last night can't have come as a

surprise to them. Well,

Virginia, not only should they not only come as surprise to

them but I have seen image s

from Animals Australia that

were much more shocking than

what was screened last night

and those images on 4 corners were shocking enough. The

cattle Council really has to

say enough is enough and the

Australian Government has to

say enough is enough. Senator

Joe Ludwig, got a lot of time

for him, but in this case he

needs to act very quickly on

this because what is at stake

is Australia's credibility when

it comes to the treatment of

animals. Tb we are using

taxpayers' moneys for these so-called restraint boxes which

seem to make the cruelty even

more systemic, if this sort of behaviour was going on in Australia, the people involved

would be arrest and

prosecutored. We really need to

act on this immediately and

there has to be an immediate

suspension of live cattle trade

to Indonesia. Instead Minister

Ludwig is talking about a moratorium being placed on the

use of the the cattle

restraints. Is that enough? No,

that doesn't make sense to me.

If you have a moratorium on the

restraint boxes, what does that

say about the existing

restraint boxes? Doesn't that

imply that there's a serious

the first place and the problem with restraint boxes in

practices that have occurred

there? This is something where

the emphasis ought to be to

provide chilled meet Meath to

Indonesia, slaught slauthter

cattle here humanly under -

humanely under pro er

humanitarian standards #69 . We

breach international standards know that the restraint boxes

when it comes to slairth of

animals. Let's not be part of

this anymore. But what if we

lose exports over this. What if

in the Muslim tradition of the

way they want to slaughter

their cattle and do so freshly and close the source of where

it will be sold, is there not

some way that can be achieved

humanely as well as in

accordance with their religious

practice? We have only a small

proportion of abattoirs in

Indonesia use stunner, use the

stun guns which is what we do

here in Australia, which is the

right way to slaulther

animals. But - lauthder animals. My understanding is

that once the live trade was

suspended in Egypt as a result

of similar revelations or these

seem to be much worse, what

happened? We exported chilled

meat to Egypt. So I think we

should put this in perspective

and there's no reason why we

can't do that and ensure that

animals are slaughtered here in

Australia humane - humanely.

Right now the system is so

broken, so fundamentally

compromised in Indonesia the

only choice is to say that we

will not have any - we will

suspend Tex port of live

animals to Indonesia for

slaughter. In the wake of that

4 kornlers program, or what

seems to be unified national

outcome about this, private

members bills come and go and

you know that very well. Is

there a chance that this one

might actually take on? I think

it will. That's why I am having

- hold ing media conferences with Andrew Wilke in an hour

and a half. We will both with introducing private members

bills in our respective houses.

I think this is important it

gets the momentum it deservice.

I have had calls from Labor

Senators who are very concerned

about this, Labor members who

are concerned about this. In is

a real issue & here and I a real issue & here and I think

the only way to deal with this

is for some immediate action,

some decisive action. We can't

go down the path of review

after review. The evidence is

compelling and overwhelming. I

would like to think that a lot

of good will come out of the

pretty horrific imagery we saw

last night. In the wake of that

terrible news this morning that

two more Australian soldiers

have been killed in

Afghanistan, are there now more

hard questions to be asked of

Julia Gillard in addition to

the constant explanation that

we get that we are making a

difference in snafz are there

questions to be asked about our

presence there? I think

everyone here at Parliament

House, I send my condoleances

to the families of those two

Australians who lost their

lives serve ing our country. I

think problem we have there in

Afghanistan is you have a

contest between the brutal fundamentalism of the Taliban

and the fundamentally corrupt

Karzai regime. And I despair at

what is happening there. What I

have said on the record before

about this is we should have a phased determined withdrawal

over the two-year period. That

seems to be the only way

out. Give the support that we

need to to the local Afghan

military, to the local Afghan

community. We can focus, we can

still focus on humanitarian aid

and have a very small presence there for continuation providing that security and

support for humanitarian aid.

But otherwise I just think we

are in a very difficult

position and I think we need to

make a decision to step away

from Afghanistan sooner rather

than later. Do you believe

parliamentarians there are other influential

parliamentarians that share

your view? Some say yes we are

there for right reasons and we

will be there for at least

another decade? I disagree

with the Prime Minister's views

on that. 10 years is an

eternity. Let's look at what

the US is doing. Let's

acknowledge the fact that we

are dealing with a

fundamentally corrupt regime in

Afghanistan. And the news

recently how opium production

seems to be sky rocketing in

some parts of Afghanistan, I

think it's very telling and

very tragic. So I think we need

to make some hard decisions but

that is not to say that that is not to say that our

troops there deserve unanimous

support in this country because

they are doing a terrific

job. They are putting their

lives on the line and as we

have seen in the last 24

hours. Nick Xenophon good to