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Tonight - Burma's democracy

icon calls for peaceful

revolution as big brother

watches intently. Do as much as

I can while I'm free and, if

I'm re-arrested, I will do as

much as I can under arrest. Protests inside and outside Villawood after the

death of another inmate. Labor

support gay marriage. New ums and ahs over whether to

security checks at US airports

but do they go a touch too far?

We the can do that out here,

but if you touch my junk, I'm

going to have you arrested. Good evening and

welcome to ABC News, I'm

Virginia Haussegger. In a

direct challenge to the Burmese

generals, Aung San Suu Kyi has

called for peaceful revolution in her country. The

pro-democracy leader wants

fundamental change and urged

the military junta to change

its ways. It's her strongest statement yet on Burma's

political future since she was

released. Ms Suu Kyi knows full well her comments could see her

arrested at any time. More

from b Zoe Daniels. Despite being freed from arrest,

everything she does is closely

scrutinised by the secret police. Today

to an interview with the BBC. Is Burma the kind of

country that would have a

tougher and harder? I have to velvet revolution or something

confess I don't associate

velvet with the military but it

would be nice if this kind of

thing could happen. A thing could happen.

non-violent revolution, let's

put it that way. Because

change, a great change, means a revolution, whether it's

violent or non-violent and we

would like a non-violent,

peaceful revolution. There's no

evidence of bitterness towards

the people that gaoled her. I

don't want to see the military

falling. I would like that military government military government to take the

initiative. I would like them

to be the people who have

decided that our country has a

right to certain standards of freedom. Aung San Suu Kyi's

words could easily lead to her

not some of. No, re-arrest but she

No, I'm not scared. I know

that there is Australia always

the possibility because they

have done that in the past, they

they might do it again. My

attitude is do as much as I can

while I'm free and, if I'm

re-arrested, I will do as much

as I can under arrest. After

spending 15 of the last 21

years under house arrest, the

icon has missed out on a lot of

change in world, including the

many of the things we take for granted. Mobile phones have really taken off everywhere

while you have been in prison.

What did you think when you saw

this little thing to speak on?

I had never handled one

before. Of course I had seen

them in photographs in the news

magazines. It felt very inadequate to me. It was so

small. There's no mouthpiece.

And I didn't know whether to

keep it near my mouth or near

my eyes or keep shifting - ears or keep shifting it around. or

Everyone kept assuring me 'Go

hear you perfectly well'. While on, say what you want, they can

adoring supporters wait outside

her Party heads quarters, Aung

San Suu Kyi is back at work. Expectations are high she will

be able to change a regime that for so long has kept her a


An Australian woman has been

raped after she and her friends

were car jacked on a surfing holiday in Papua New Guinea.

The three companions were

Australian youth Ambassadors.

The Federal Government is now

reviewing security measures for

itsover assess volunteers as

Liam Fox reports. The incident

happened in an area generally

considered safe by ex pat reots

and popular with tourists. The

group of frunds was checking

out surf spots near Madang on

Saturday. Locals report

had stopped to leave their surf

boards when they were attacked

by men with arms and knives.

the woman was raped. Everyone The men were later freed and

is appalled. It is a sad circumstances that have

occurred. I was involved on

Sunday assisting them when they

came in. It was a very sad thing. Local police are

questioning two men over questioning two men over the

incident. An Australian

Federal police officer is in

Madang to express the Australian Government's

interests that they be brought

to justice. The volunteers were

taking part in the youth

Ambassador program program

which is being managed by

security AusAID. It is now checking

has been further unrest at the Villawood Detention Centre

after another suicide. It is

the second death in the past

two months. Refugee advocates

say around 100 detainees have

gone on a hunger strike in

sympathy, a claim denied by the

Immigration Department. Inside and outside the fence,

detainees and their supporters

express their anger over the

death of another inmate. He

has been in detention for

almost a year, he is from Iraq,

he's got a wife and four

children back in Iraq. A month

ago he asked about the

possibility of returning to

Iraq but there has been no progress. The 41-year-old has

been rejected twice in his bid

for asylum in Australia. He was

being held in an area known as

stage three which is reserved

for people who have arrived by

boat. This photograph was taken by detainees and is

alleged to be the place where

the man died. It's the second

there's been a suicide at time in less than two months

Villawood. Mt We are looking

be closely at the steps we might

be able to take to ensure there

is not a repetition but we can

never guarantee that. After the

death of a Fijian man death of a Fijian man in

September, detainees took to

the roof in protest. Today they

are on a hunger strike. The ABC

has spoken to a number detainees inside the detention has spoken to a number of

centre who claim the whole of

stage three is on a hunger

strike. It is believed that

somewhere between 100 and 150

men. The detainees also

men. The detainees also told

the ABC that the hunger strike

will last for at least a couple

of days but more likely until of days but more likely

the end of the week. But

officials deny the

claim. Certainly there was no

evidence of any voluntary the starvation or as you put it

hunger strike at the breakfast

call at 8a.m. this morning.

There is no evidence of that at the

the midday meal. The company

that operates the centre and

the police are investigating

the death. It is expected to

be referred to the coroner.

Arab Christians are packing up

and leaving Iraq after a series

of horrific attacks over the

past fortnight. They are seeking sanctuary in neighbouring Jordan. Middle

East correspondent Ben Knight

filed this report from the


When Iraqi Christians run for

the border, many of them end up

here at St Ephraim's church in

the capital Amman. These are

the most recent arrivals.

Suzannah and her baby son fled

Baghdad two weeks ago after a massacre at

massacre at their church. TRANSLATION: We put up

with so much but after that we

were much more scared. More than 50 people were killed

after al-Qaeda laid siege to

the Sayida at Najat in Baghdad. the Sayida at Najat in Baghdad

were killed there and he and his family might have been

among them too had he not left

Iraq just a month before after

receiving a visit from Islamic

militants. TRANSLATION: They

came into my shop and demanded

$1,000 a month or they would kill me and my son. These exile s paint a frightening picture.

TRANSLATION: We left because

they tried to kidnap us, the

same people who kidnapped my

mother. These girls' mother has

been missing for two years.

They're now being cared for by

this woman who fled Iraq after

her own husband was kidnapped

and killed nine months ago.

There is nothing new about

Christians from the Middle East

leaving for a better life in

the West. That's been happening

for decades. But even from the

relative safety of a country like like Jordan, Christians are

looking at what's happening

around them and they are frightened. Shortly after the

mass ker in the Baghdad shur.

Al-Qaeda put out a statement saying Christians are

legitimate targets. No-one here considers that an empty threat. Divisions within the

Federal Government over gay

marriage are spilling into the

open. Frontbencher Mark Arbib

who wants the policy changed as

publicly defended himself against criticism from

factional politics. Labor is

starting a motion to call for

votes. A win is a win but at

Labor's Victorian campaign

launch the Prime Minister revealed the wounds of her near-death experience with

protest votes. After all that's happened in 2010, no-one

can doubt it. If you want a

Labor Government, you have to

vote Labor. In her fledgeling

Government, shifts and tensions

are emerging on defining policies. Why are you

undermining the Prime Minister on gay marriage?

the case at all. Mark Arbib's

push for debate and push for debate and ultimately

a conscience vote on same sex

marriage has put him at odds

with members of his own Right

faction. This is a big matter of policy. For now, Labor has

come up with a small, small

step to contain the divisions. We must be very

careful in this place careful in this place in mindless reflection to tradition. It is combining with tradition. It is combining wit

the Greens to back a carefully-worded motions on

equal treatment of same sex marriage. Cautious emblemic for Tony Abbott. Labor

might be in Government but as the Australian public is becoming aware, the Greens are

in power. The gay debate is

drawing in big Labor figures

and will persist all the way

through to the next national

conference, making it harder to the Prime Minister to talk up

her policy agenda. We need to

price carbon. That much easier

for the Opposition to attack it Isn't this Government

finding its way a bit like

Burke and wills finding theirs?

We will leave the Opposition

Leader with he is negativivity

and get on with the job. Lock the doors. Tony Abbott's sprint

to the chamber wasn't enough to

get his bill for the National

Broadband Network. No pre

regrets. That's what

BHP-Billiton has

shareholders today after

blowing nearly $900 million

chasing big deals. Three deals

have come unstuck, the latest

being BHP's massive takeover

bid for Canada's Potash Corp. Marius Kloppers has copped flak copped flak over the failures

but he says the company will

continue to do very well

despite a modest global

outlook. There were shareholder concern because concern because of deals that

weren't done but these

protesters were angry about BHP

deals that might get done. BHP

claim to give guarantees that

they can assure you what will

happen with their uranium. It

will simply disappear off the

safeguard radar when it goes to Russian or

China. Environmentalists are worried abl the planned worried abl I Yeelirrie Yeelirrie mine in WA,

shareholders are worried. Although we ownership of Potash Corp would

have created net benefits to

Canada, we respect the Canadian Government's decision. Chairman Jac Nassar impolice ylly backed his Chief Executive Marius

Kloppers by backing the

strategy. Your board has obligation to look for obligation to look for options that create meaningful

shareholder value. The man who

is yet to deliver the big deal

received a new pay package, one

that was opposed by the

shareholder association. The

association says the share

incentives are overly generous

and could make Marius Kloppers

up to $13 million a year. But

judging by the outlook, BHP can

afford it. Emerging economies

are growing at approximately

three times the rate of the developed countries. BHP's

growth, the raw materials we

supply is leveraged to these higher higher growth rates. That means

BHP will have billions sitting

in the bank to fund

acquisitions. It needs to do

something with all that money and there is speculation

Woodside could be the next


A $54 million pipeline to secure

secure Goulburn's secure Goulburn's water supply

has been given the green light

by the NSW planning department.

The pipeline will allow water

to be ump pumped from the

southern high lands to government. It has been

approved with conditions to

ensure the environment is

protected. The restoration of the

the landscape after the

pipeline is built, there are 13

or 14 water courses it will

traverse that have got to be protected. The project will take 18 months to complete.

Chinese authorities have

arrested four people in

connection with a fatal

building fire in the heart of

Shanghai. More than

died when the blaze tore

through the 28-storey block shrouding China's commercial

hub in thick smoke. Witnesses

say some residents climbed down

the burning structure to

escape. Nearly 100 people were

injured. The fire started injured. The fire started in scaffolding surrounding the building

building and is being blamed on unlicensed welders. In India,

more than 60 bodies have been

recovered after a building

collapsed in a crowded area of

New Delhi. The six-storey

residential block was

reportedly old and water

damaged by the strongest

monsoon rain in decades. More

than 80 people were taken to hospital by local residents. hospital by local residents.

There is growing concern in the United States that new,

more invasive airport security

checks go too far. Some

passengers are refusing to

permit to scans that can see

through their clothes. One man who objected to a body search

has become a figure head. John

Tyner says it wasn't a set-up.

His mobile phone kept recording

as he was being screened at San Diego airport. He was prepared

to go through the

detector but drew the line at detector but drew the line

the body scanner. I didn't intend to go through the

machine or be groped. When an airport official said he was

going to search him ...

He warned him ...

The supervisor came over,

explained the whole process, I

told her 'I am not comfortable with this.

with this. It seems to me to

amount to sexual assault'. He

also says as he tried to leave

another security official

threatened him with charges and

a $#10e,000 fine. He the web tapping into growing concern in the US over increasingly invasive security

measures. Some State

politician s want to ban the

new body scanners. Pilot groups

are worried about the health

risks of constant X-rays. They risks of co also object

also object to the new patdowns

and the US tourism industry is fearful of a passenger backlash. The US Homeland Security Secretary says it is a

response in part to the

underwear bomber scare last

Christmas. She rejects sugss it

amounts to a digital undressing. They in no way resemble electronic strip searches. US transport

officials say more training is

needed but a grass roots Internet campaign is calling

for passengers to refuse the

more rigorous screening in the

leadup to Thanksgiving - a chaotic travel time at best.

John Tyner says he won't be

flying anywhere in a hurry. Craig McMurtrie ABC News. It

might seem hard to believe but

a a nation that produces champion swimmers is failing to teach

all its children to swim. Royal

Lifesaving says one in five Australian children finishing

primary school can't pass the

most basic water safety test.

Philippa McDonald reports.

These are Australia's lucky

children. They're learning to

swim early. It is important he

swims and that nothing happens

to him. I want to give her the chance I didn't have. But

across Australia, hundreds of

thousands of older kids are

missing out. One in five are

unable to swim by the time they

finish primary school. It is

placing children in grave danger in danger in the future. Royal

Lifesaving has been involved in

child water safety education

for a century. If a child doesn't acquire these water

safety skills by the time they

leave primary school, then it

is very likely they will never all. The consequences can be

tragic. Drowning figures across

all ages are at a seven-year

high, jumping 20% in the last

two years. Most are dying in

inland waterways. One of the

country's most famous swimming

coaches is appalled. The

reason I think is because it's

been taken out of the

curriculum by many of the States. I States. I think that's

dreadful. Royal Lifesaving says

it is so concerned about the

lack of affordable swimming

lessons for children from lower

socioeconomic backgrounds it is

starting a fundraising drive so

children can learn essential

skills to survive in the water.

Royal Lifesaving has some

high-profile support in its

call for more Government funding for school-based

swimming lessons. It is fun,

fitness, it's health and fitness, it's health and it's safety. The Federal Sports Minister Mark Arbib says he will look into providing more

swimming classes. The Reserve Bank has revealed

it wasn't surprised that the

private banks pushed up their

lending rates higher than this month's official rise. The Ministers of

Ministers of the - minutes Ministers of the - minutes of the latest board minute show it

factored that into its

position. On if markets, the

dollar was higher and shares

edged higher as well. Here's

Alan Kohler. The Reserve Bank

released the minutes of the board meeting at which the board meeting at which the cash rates were increased, followed by Commonwealth's mortgage rate

hike. We learned two things

from the RBA today - the rate

like was line ball and part of

the run for that was they knew

that bank lending rates was

going up more. Lending rates

had been growing relative to

the cash rate. Most of the the cash rate. Most of the

bofins predicted that there

will be no rate hike next month

but they got it

wrong last two months so the

foreign exchange markets didn't believe a word of it. AXA moved

closer to the AMP bid price,

however AMP shares fell 3.5%.

Global markets have been

subdued the past 24 hours. The

US and Japan US and Japan more steady,

European stocks closed higher.

In passing - there have been

some differences in share

market performances in Europe.

The best has been Turkey with

German shares up 14%. Look at those around the edges. That's

not what I'd call a common

market. Finally, the US dollar November caused by the sovereign sovereign debt problems of Ireland and Portugal has been

the cause of a slump in

commodity prices over the past

week. Everything is down

especially sugar which has

fallen 21% in a week. That's finance. The Aboriginal finance. The Aboriginal author and activist Roberta 'Bobbi'

Sykes has died. She was 67. Bobbi Sykes' lifetime of campaigning for Aboriginal

rights began after racial

taunts at school in Queensland.

She became the first executive secretary of the Aboriginal

tent embassy here in Canberra

and was arrested there in 1972.

As well as writing potry and a three-volume memoire, Roberta

'Bobbi' Sykes was the first

Indigenous Australian to

graduate with a PhD from

Harvard. In 1994 she was

awarded the Australian human

rights medal. Most of English cricket team will be in

Tasmania tomorrow but some key

bowlers are going north to adjust to Queensland's

conditions. As for the

Australians, most will be

finetuning their games playing Sheffield Shield. The competition forspots in Australia's final 11 Australia's final 11 is hotting

up. It will be good to play

some cricket. I am sick of not playing any cricket so I will enjoy myself. Australia's

decision to name a 17-player

squad has met with criticism.

Others view it as a positive. I

think a 17-man squad is good

because it says you 17 guys at

some stage through the summer

are going to make up the Australian cricket team. Warne

is a strong supporter of

spinner Nathan Hauritz and

believes having others in the

squad will bring out the best

in him. There is people like

Doherty and Steve Smith, that's good. England's frontline

bowlers are heading to

Queensland to aclimb ties. That

is a mystery to me. I prefer to

keep a side together. I have

confidence in Andy Flower confidence in Andy Flower and

Andrew Strauss. The tourists

insist they are taking the

four-day game against Australia

A seriously. We want to play

cricket in the right spirit,

win the matches and

purpose about our cricket.

Things have gone pretty well to

plan so far. Australia A won't be holding back. I'm in the

same position as a lot of

people in this game. Try and

do as well as I can and hopefully

hopefully the team can play

well as well. As for the main

event, Ashes opinions are

divided. I think Australia

will win because they know the

conditions better. I think

England will win by one

test. Sasa Ognenovski is aiming

to make his international debut

against Egypt in Cairo. The former Brisbane and Adelaide defender has been nominated as

the Asian footballer of the

year. I am 31 and hit my peak. Harry Kewell and Josh Kennedy have

Kennedy have been ruled

out. Mark Webber returned to the

the team's base the team's base empty-handed.

Sebastian deserved the

championship. He drove well. Sebastian Vettel was happy to blow his happy to blow his own trumpet,

Webber is contemplative. I

will look back at this year with positive memories. South

African rugby union players Chiliboy Ralepelle and Bjorn

Basson have been sent home from

the European tour after failing

drug tests. The coach has said

the whole squad may have

consumed the banned substance.

An energy drink is being


The latest addition to Canberra's growing public art gralry was released today. The

piece fuses granite and steel.

The ACT Government's public art

program has attracted criticism but another eight to

10 public works are expected

before funding runs out at the

end of the financial year. We

will have to review our program

and see whether we can continue

going forward. I think it it

has been a fantastic addition.

It is helping us to grow into a genuine world city. The

sculpture adds to 150 artworks

across the capital. Now here he is with today's weather, Mark

Carmody. Thanks Prof. Yes,

Professor. I will tell you about that in a minute. Good evening. After the recent rain

it was nice to get a warm dry day. It was sunny

but high cloud soon covered Canberra and it was like that Canberra an for most

for most of the day. Not only

did we get cloud but moderate to sometimes fresh

north-westerly winds. There

were a few guss up around 40. Currently it is still very plea

sant. The sun is about to set,

the winds are easing, it is 17

degrees and the barometer is

steady. Across our border today

- the coast was cloudy but stayed dry. Nationally today - Sydney

dried out with a sunny 23.

Cloudy and 28 in Brisbane. Melbourne was cloudy too but

only got to 18. Perth was

sunny and the 29 today is just the start of some warm stuff

over there. Cloud is still

lingering along the coastal strip and cloud crossing

through the interior is

associated with an upper associated with an upper level

trough which may bring

to parts of our region

tomorrow. Following the trough

is a high pressure system that will clear the area after the

trough moves through. A cold

front will bring showers and

winds to Tasmania. Around

Australia tomorrow, Sydney may

get some of the showers I was

talking about - 23. Melbourne

will be sunny - 24. So will

Adelaide. It will be windy in

Hobart. Perth is in for a hot,

sunny day - 33. Locally tomorrow

For the ACT tomorrow -

Then sunny and 24 on Thursday with possible isolated showers

on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On behalf of my newsroom

colleagues, I'd like to offer congratulations for your

appointment as an adjunct

profess or at the institute of governance at the University of Canberra. To celebrate your honour, the Old Parliament

House rose gardens has sent in House rose this

this magnificent huge Peonie.

Well done. Thank you so much. No secret is safe with you.

That is an amazing flower. Thanks for the kind words. It

was hard to spit it out. Before

we go - a brief recap of our stories, Aung San Suu Kyi has challenged the ruling generals

with a call for a peaceful revolution. That's ABC News. Stay with us now for the '7:30

Report' . You can keep up with

the latest news on ABC online

and ABC News 24. Enjoy

and ABC News 24. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Tonight on the 7:30 Report - the triple murder that's

shatter add small country

town. They were just gorgeous people. Pretty much kept to

themselves. Will mass DNA

testing provide police a breakthrough? Testing people under eliminates a lot of people.

And mystery train - It is

the grandest luxury train in the world. No question about that. The grand carriages

gathering dust in a Queensland

shed. I can understand why there is surprise. It is a great train. It's a shame

nobody is using it. This Program is Captioned

Live. Welcome to the I'm Tracey Boden. The use of

DNA in solving crimes continues

to evolve since the first cases