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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) had a rough week. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and slammed in the media. She's been slammed in the polls But despite all this, is having the last laugh. it seems the Red Queen 'GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN' PLAYS) (CYNDI LAUPER'S in the polls She's copping a belting is about as popular and her climate tax as a Polly Waffle in a public pool but the Red Queen is laughing. (LAUGHS)

Q&A's toughest questions... Yes, giggling Gillard laughed off (LAUGHS) from an A - ..including an unexpected Q Assange that is.

is a video question The next question and it comes from Julian Assange. (LAUGHS) Boys want to have a bit of fun too.

what he'd like on his phone... The Slugger revealing It's a ringtone that goes under a government I lead." "There will be no carbon tax (LAUGHS) to a big seller there. Hmm, he might be on under a government I lead. There'll be no carbon tax especially from Alan Jones. She's copped a belting on talkback, your name is not Julia There are people now saying but 'Ju-liar'.

at that point? What was she really thinking I think it would be a bad result on TV if tomorrow people were showing said beep, beep, beep. and then the Prime Minister Really? You mean, like this... allegation, (BEEP) make it. If you're gonna try to make some

to make it, then (BEEP, BEEP) If you haven't got the (BEEP) to go from this... And explained her decision

Did you say half a billion. That is

beep. What a load of beep.

There will be no carbon tax under

To this the government I lead.

I'm happy to word the tax. in the middle of the road, If you hit a roadblock for the rest of your life saying, will you sit there my home again" "I'm never going to see through? or would you find a different way Um, drive around it? through. Well, I found a different way the Australian people we should go. We will get to where I promised to the test. Well, let's put her political drive

Julia Gillard Sat Nav I've just installed this new called Abbott Enterprises. from some company Let's see how it goes. under a government I lead. There'll be no carbon tax

I'm happy to say the word 'tax'. to make a U-turn. Ah? I guess she wants us As she ran a red light to the Greens ...lumping them in with... The extremes in Australian politics. wasn't too blue. Senator Brown of the Greens in the sense of extremely popular The Greens are only extreme and growing. appropriate St Patrick's Day joke... Which gave the Slugger an the Prime Minister wearing green It's good to see

from Bob Brown. without any prompting (CANNED LAUGHTER) not the Red Green, used props.... The Red Queen,

for that gift Can I say thank you very much Tony any knives today, thank you. and I truly hope you aren't giving

(CANNED LAUGHTER) this bloke's copped a few. Speaking of knives,

is dominating prime time... The Prime Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. I spoke with Foreign Minister on the program. Thank you very much for having me

Thank you. Mr Rudd, thanks for your time.

Thanks for having me on the program. Kevin Rudd, thanks for joining us. Good to be with you. he's picked a winner - ewww - Yes, on Libya it seems so to speak. Give us a break. you know. Well, you do have some form, Oh! Stop that! will pick him again as leader. As people wonder whether Labor His A more intriguing than the Q. to be captain of the Broncos. It's more likely for me Which sounds a lot like this... full forward for the Dogs There's more chance of me playing in the Labor Party. than there is of any change before she knifed him. That was a week

St Paddy's Day blarney. Inspiring some since this time last year. Well, a few things have changed a passable impersonation What's to stop Kevin Rudd doing of Darren Lockyer. I know for a fact, Tony, are right behind you that my good friends Malcolm and Joe every step of the way.


(LAUGHS) You've gotta laugh... (GIGGLES)

I liked Tony Abbott on St Patrick

day. He does believe that a Welshman

drove all the snakes out of Ireland

get with a stick. You take it where you

get it don't you?

It's a matter of faith, Andrew.

Indeed it is. I would love to

discuss the carbon tax. I am not

sure we have got that. Let's quickly

go to the Libyan situation. One

might say that Kevin Rudd has had

some success as one of the champions

of a no-fly zone over the strife

torn country there

Indeed, great success I would have

say. The micro politics got out of

hand when his message was much

firmer than Julia Gillard's, that

was because she was talking

President Obama in the US at the was because she was talking to

time. Kevin Rudd has done

incrediblely well in this respect

because he knows the UN. He

about the history of conflicts where because he knows the UN. He knows

the UN moves too slowly in reand and

Bosnia and elsewhere, wanted

United Nations to be united against Bosnia and elsewhere, wanted the

Libya. You can't trust Gaddafi, he

has proved that overnight. Now you

have the US, France, the UK and

Italy and others, to take out his

air defences, the point was to

enforce a no-fly zone, you have to

take out air defences so there is

military action

military action. You have to as we

are seeing, bomb Libya. are seeing, bomb Libya. That was a

concern for the United Nations that this concern for the United Nations that

this really would Guinean

international conflict. Kevin Rudd

was dead right from the start and

nothing if not energetic in getting

his message across, Andrew.

Indeed, Riles. Just very quickly on

the carbon tax thing, you know, much

has been made of the lie as people

are terming it, about the imposition

of a carbon tax. In your opinion,

given that we have voted essentially

for a carbon tax at the 2007

election, you know, is this

something that the Australian public

should be upset about

should be upset about?

Look, yeah, Andrew, lie or not to

lie in political sense, it's a lie.

There was a policy from the Labor

Party to put a price on carbon

Party to put a price on carbon but Julia Gillard said ex licitly there

will be no carbon tax. There will be

now. The really interesting thing

now. The really interesting thing is Ross Garnaut said the proceeds go

for people with tax cuts, which is a

really good idea politically, it

gives people probably Morecombe

penisation than they will face

anyway but makes it very difficult

for Tony Abbott to unravel that tax.

Because you can't take away tax cuts

once they are put in place. It's political death.

I am sure. They will find a way during next week.