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an 8-year battle but tonight there

is justice of sorts for the family

of Dianne Brimble. A Coroner has

found she was drugged on board a

cruise ship before being sexually

abused and left to die. Dianne

Brimble eight years ago boarding

P&O's Pacific Sky with her 12-year-

old daughter. In 14 house of this

photo being taken she was dead. The

Coroner concluded she died after

her drink was spiked with a toxic

quantity of the date rape drug GBH.

The Coroner Jacqueline Milledge

said in the hours before she was

sexually abused by several men.

Dianne Brimble was unknowingly

drugged by unscrupulous individuals,

she said, who were intent on

denigrating her for their own

sexual gralt if I case. The Coroner

said it was Will Genia who had sex

with Dianne Brimble and left her on

the floor of his cabin. He was

slammed for not telling doctors and

nurses she had in guessed drugs.

Will Genia had a callous disregard

for her decency and safety. When it

came the criticism Tom Coroner

singled out the NSW Water Police.

She said they took three years to

produce evidence. It was so bad it

had crippled the inquest. Dianne

Brimble's former husband Mark and

her boyfriend David Mitchell said

her reputation had been restored.

Mr Brimble referred to the photo

taken of Will Genia and his friend

moments before boarding a ship.

Over their shoulder there is a

figure in the blue shirt and jeans..

If he had looked he would see

Dianne Brimble. I would say to Will

Genia that for the rest of his life

when he looks over his right

shoulder he will see Dianne Brimble.

Mark is this finally the end of

this long-running and very sad

saga? Maybe the end will be on

Friday when the Coroner hands down

her recommendations. And they had

are largely expected to pertain the

cruise ship industry and how

passenger safety will be improved.

Will she recommend a charge? Maybe,

but you have to remember Will Genia

has already faced a man shrautcer

charge but the case had to be

dropped because of a lack of

evidence. A shooting at a house at

Doonside in Western Sydney is

believed to be linked to the crime

gang Notorious, it is the second

suburban shooting in Sydney in two

days. It started out as a inquiry

by local police into a suburban

shooting. On the news we did not

expect it to be in the

neighbourhood. But it snowballed

into a major investigation

involving the gang squad after it

was discovered the 24-year-old

victim had alleged link was the

Notorious gang. There are links.

The revelation led to the theory

the shooting was connected with a

drive-by attack at Ryde. 25 bullets

were sprayed into the home of the

sister of Sam Ibrahim who has

alleged link was the gang. We will

keep an open mind and look to see.

If there are links. In last night's

incident the man was standing on

his front important much when he

was shot at close range in the leg.

A woman and two children were

inside the house. The two shots s

they were like bang, bang. I heard

a gentleman screaming stkwhrfplt

the gunman dressed in black fled in

a small dark-coloured car.

Obviously we treat any drive by

shooting seriously. Both of these

matters are receiving a large

number of resources. What more do

we know about the victim in this

latest shooting? Pete, currently he

is under guard in hospital. Police

will want the speak to him. Is

unclear. The 24-year-old person

will cooperate with them. With two

attacks in one day there are

obvious concerns that something is

brewing.. If Notorious is being

targeted police will want to know

why and who is behind it then they

will be desperate to try to put a

stop to it because history has

shown us that these things

certainly do get out of control and

they can get out of control very

quickly. After three days of

political tension Christina

Kenneally has incurred the

resignation of Mr Reardon. He

suggested his union would support

non-Labor candidates at the

election. This was the Premier

before he stepped down. His

position is untenable. He has a

decision to make.. If he does not

may it it will be made for him on

Friday at the ad minimum committee

meeting. Kevin, did it need to come

to this? Yes, Pete, this was in

evidence Tim in. It should have

been sorted out. If the Labor

points of view on Sunday. Bernie

Reardon was a fair Ewell. He was a

faceless man who undermineed his

peers. He thought John Dell a Bosca

should have been Premier. He was a

union warrior rather an party

peacemaker. Christina did not pick

the fight but won it and won it

well. It is officially summer

tomorrow but you certainly would

not know it in Sydney. Another

rainy day has capped off the city's

wettest spring in six years. It has

been the coolest spring in 11 years.

The bad news is that. If you are

hoping for the long hot days of

summer you may be waiting for some

time. Soggy Sydney summed up into

words. That is London lingo for not

very impressed I think it sucks.

This is Bondi Beach. Hardly the

sun-drenched stretch we are used to.

I came here for some sun but it has

rained the whole time. Instead

every machine and his dog stayed

inside dining outside clearly a no-

no. It should be burning by now and

everybody should be swimming. Ice-

cream sales are on ice. You can

sell it any time snfrplts yes, but

most are under the blanket. Bikini

business are not booming. It is not

as good as a hot sunny day. What

would a wet summer do the Bondi? It

would send the cafes broke. 256 ml

has Fallon across the city. In the

west there has been 230 ml of rain

in the past three months compared

with just 70 ml last spring. The

outlook this summer is for more

cloud, rain and cooler temperatures.

It is a forecast Sydney retailers

cannot afford. They saw the grey

skies roll in early with an

interest rate rise. A cold wet

December means it will be hard to

shift stock and the signs of

desperation are already showing. I

have spoken to a couple of footwear

retailer in the city an they have

not seen it in 15 to 20 years as

bad. We will have more on the

forecast for the next few days

later in the news. Qantas has

achieved hat Australia's cricketers

could not frustrating England in

Brisbane. Mechanical faults for the

airline kept the players aircraft

grounded for an hour. Jimmy

Anderson has complain bad the wait

on Twitter. Drivers will be able to

use a new F3 traffic alert system

from Friday. They can register to

receive SMS or email alerts about

any traffic snarls on the freeway.

People want to know. If there is a

big delay on the F3 we will tell

them on their phones before they

get in the car while they are still

at the office. It is in response to

a truck accident in and which

caused delays of up to 12 hours.

Australia is an international

lightweight with no diplomatic

punching power according to one of

the latest secret US cables

released by WikiLeaks. The web

site's Australian founder who is

hiding now faces arrest in. The US

and is in the sights of our own

Federal Police. Worldwide the

headlines say it all, for America

the leaked Government cables are

piling embarrassment on top of

embarrass.. Us along with other

nations now scouring the quarter of

a million documents in case they

impact our security. We are now

going through the painstaking job

of searching the cables. Mr Smith

brushed off a comment that

Australia lacks punching power on

the global stage. You cannot take a

pinprick from a individual cable to

get a general assess.. Along with

the defence secrets revealed by

WikiLeaks a web site run by

Australian Julian Assange there are

US official descriptions of world

leaders which cause red faces every

of where. A cable back to

Washington labels Russian Prime

Minister Vladimir Putin an Alpha

dog. French President President

Nicolas Sarkozy the Emperor with no

clothes. Pins Andrew, verging on

rude and North Korea's Kim Jong-Il

a flabby old chap. There is little

doubt that Julian Assange would be

arrested and jailed. If he were

silly enough to come back to the US.

By simply possessing the documents

on national defence he is breaking

the law. And there is no doubt. If

they could get him they would

really set out to make an example

of him. Australia may also go after

Julian Assange. I have asked the

Australian Federal Police to look

at had any Australian criminal laws

have been breached. Julian Assange

is hiding somewhere in Britain and

still operate in his web site.. If

you are a dedicated celebrity-

Hatcher you will have your work cut

out in the coming ekes. Sydney

business to be overrun by some of

the superstars of the entertainment

industry. Tracey, the invasion has

already begun? It has Pete. We have

had rock stars fly in over the last

few days. U2, Guns and Roses and

the scab Eagles who kick-off at the

Darling Harbour tonight. We will

also see Oprah Winfrey over the

next month. Forget Christmas,

December will be the month of

celebrity visitors. U2, Bon Jovi,

Oprah Winfrey! Nicole Kidman, Keith

Urban, Anne Hathaway. JZ I have

never seen it this busy. JZ and

Beyonce, fans hope for similar

sightings such as this in New

Zealand. Perhaps the couple will

join Bono at one of our top

restaurant that attract ed the U2

frontman over the weekend. Oprah

Winfrey gets here next Tuesday and

she has some Aussie friend helping

her out. Nicole Kidman and Keith

Urban will meet me and our three

hundred audience members in

Australia. Add Hugh Jackman to the

list too. The paparazzi know they

will be run-off their feet. I do

not know. If we will have enough

photographers to get them all. Of

where will they stake out? We have

the Eagles and U2 staying at the

same hotel the scratch park Hyatt.

While the rockers have chosen

luxury hotels Oprah Winfrey prefers

a big home. One of the contenders

behind me a $52 million mansion fit

for the Queen of television.. If

you do not have Sydney on your

itinerary you ain't in the

business! Let's hope we can show

them less of this and more of this.

In the news ahead - just how fresh

is the food in your supermarket?

The tiny cheetah cub as cute as a

kitten. And, come with me on a

chariot ride into a fabulous

The old McDonalds! Donaldson. What happened to our old manager, Wayne? Wayne? Moved him on. Too friendly. Bad for business. Julian, we could really use some new farm equipment. Yeah, the old fogey's on the way out. That's a bit harsh. She's alright. I'm talking about our tractor. Yeah, I know. Julian, do you have any financial suggestions? Sure do. I suggest you talk to Wayne. VOICEOVER: Julian lives in Bankworld, but we live in your world,

over a hundred more local ANZ Agribusiness bankers who are committed to helping your business.

Now more than ever, I know that people make all the difference. VOICEOVER: So when you call Apia, you'll always talk to a real person.

Which is fantastic, 'cause you can talk for as long as you want!

It's made Apia Australia's most recommended general insurer two years running.

The next time you shop you may want

to look closely at the food you buy.

Choice says much fruit, vegetables

and meat sold as fresh can be

anything but. Which is freshest?

Spinach in a box or the stuff

straight out of the ground? Often

the frozen veggies are higher in

nutrient than the sad ones on the

shelf. An some might have been

picked months ago. A new Choice

report warns of the tricks being

used to keep food fresher for

longer including chemicals to

extend the life of apples but up to

nine months and gases like nitrogen

to preserve meat for more than 3

months. It may come at a nutrition

or taste cost to consumers. Growers

are insulted. You see apples with

perfect skin an fresh so they are

not compromise would refrigeration.

Butchers argue vacuum packs

actually felt the ageing process.

It improves the tender frost an en

Hanss the flavour and the quality.

Short of having your own backyard

veggie patchy is impossible to eat

fruit and vegetables so fresh it

has just been picked and nutrition

experts say most would not be able

to tell the difference. Antiox

can't in apples increase in storage.

Apples store amazingly well

provided you keep them copped.. If

you want to be sure eat what is in

season or go snap-frozen. America

held its breath today fearing I was

about to witness another school

massacre. 22 students and a teacher

were held at gunpoint by another

pupil at a school in Wisconsin.

After a five-hour stand-off police

rescued the hostages. The French

electrician bringing to life more

than 270 unknown works by Picasso.

The collection is worth at leastt

$80 million. The couple asked

administrators of Picasso aces

state to authenticate the works

only to be accused of stealing them.

The electrician who once worked for

the artist claimed they were gifts.

One day he will be big, strong and

fast but for now a lazy slurp on

the milk bottle is just fine for

Ki-Buri the cheetah cub. This is

his first public appearance at the

San Diego safari park of where he

was born two weeks ago. He was

rejected by his Mum. Zoo staff only

too happy to cuddle and feed the

youngster. Not every one can get to

China to look at the famous

terracotta army. No matter a select

few of the ancient warriors have

made their way to Sydney and from

Thursday you can see them up close

at the Art Gallery of New South

Wales. They have become an

instantly recognisible symbol of

China and its history. The life-

sized entombed Warriors of Xian

buries of 2000 years shrost until a

accidental find less than 30 years

ago. The greatest discovery of the

20th Century. Thousand upon

thousand each different Inter would

China's first Emperor to guard him

through eternity. Painstaking

archeology has so far only

uncovered 20% of his treasures

including gold jewellery, bronze

birds and weapons. Amazing new

finds have come to light virtually

every day. This beautiful pottery

chariot is another gem in a

priceless collection all brought to

Sydney for the first time since the

'80s in a top-secret and massively

insured operation. You have to keep

your nerve and trust yourself and

decisions making. They will be on

show for the next 3 month and are

simply ire placible. Believe it or

not as incredible as they are these

treasures may be just the very

beginning. The Emperor's massive

tomb is still to be excavated and

who knows what treasures it

contains. Tim Gill berries next

with the sport and the pressure is

on Australia's bowlers. Yes, bol

ball and Harris are in the mix for

the Adelaide Test while under siege

paceman Mitchell Johnson puts on a

brave face and Greg Norman talks

about finding love again. There is

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There will be plenty of speculation

about the Australian team in

Adelaide but the bowlers will be

tonne most pressure. Harris and

Bollinger are in. Johnson is most

at risk. There was not a lot being

said by the Aussies as they settled

in the Adelaide but Ricky Ponting's

team is all too aware of the talk

concerning the bowlers. With

Johnson at long odds to save his

spot Queensland fast Harris has

fought back to come back into

contention. Watching and hoping,

wishing, it is great to be back.

Harris and Bollinger are in a two-

way fight but all the quick are on

notice. They failed to make an

impression against England in their

second-in ins romp in Brisbane and

something has to change of this

week. I feel good, my body feels

good. The Poms remain on a high

after their moral victory tofplt

them a drawn game does not

necessarily mean the honours were

shared. I think our batsmen showed

they can handle the attack. While

the Gabba wicket was made for runs

Adelaide is not expected to be any

different.. If we lose the toss it

will be tough. It is not just the

form of the bowlers that selectors

will consider. Some may need a rest.

However, they will not know until

they begin the train here tomorrow.

Greg Norman says his golf game

feeds some work but his life off

the course has never been better.

Recently married for a third time

he is in town for this week's

Australian Open and he will be

joined by new wife Kirsten Kutner.

You know life is okay when you

arrive in a private jet but Norman

says he is happier than ever. Your priorities and expectations change

of for a reason, because of your

partner. Every time you say you are

in a great place what does that

mean? It means you are in a better

place than before. I like being

home now more than I have ever done

in my life. A five-time Australian

Open champion Norman believes he

still has the ability to be a

contender just not the dedication.

I love to compete but I hate to

practice. Proving that point Greg

Norman close not to play a practice

round today but defending champion

Adam Scott was keen to get a look

at the redesigned Lakes Golf Club.

It was on this site 10 years ago

Scott first showed his talent to

the world. I shot 10 under in the

second round and that was kind of

the first big professional

tournament I played in. Also back

this year colour ful but volatile

John Daly. I scare myself. I do not

know who will show up which scares

me! Some of the Wallabies flew back

into Australia this morning after

their spring tour confident of

their chances at next year's Rugby

World Cup. Quade Cooper was

kpwreeted by his swimming star

girlfriend Stephanie Rice while

others had their families there to

greet them. Always nice to see a

happy face. Nothing better than

family. Finance news - the zok

market closed lower today. The All

Ords down 30 points. Our dollar

buying 96.16 US cents. More weather

now. Not much blue sky for a few

days? No. We have nor rain and storm tomorrows.

Coming up on WIN News... The ACT Gov

Government' s plan to tackle the GP

shortage. And Water usage: how does

the Territory fare with the rest of

the nation. Join me for all the

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So get into Mitre 10 to get your stamp of approval this holiday season. Mighty helpful. Mitre 10.

Sydney got a drenching. 256 ml in

the city. Scattered showers,

possible storms. We ended the

season with a cloudy muggy 21 in

the city an only 20 for those in

Penrith. The wet weather is from a

combination of La Nin ja.

Widespread storms across Moss of

the NSW an the AC. The. Storms for

Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide.

Perth just had their warmest spring

on record. Tomorrow a cooler 29.

For Sydney it will be cloudy. East,

north-east wind. Scattered showers

with storms. We expect up to and

over 20 millimetres for the city

and the West. Even more rain. If

you get the storms. 22 for the

suburbs. More storms for Thursday,

a top of 23 degrees and some warm

nights. Friday, it could be clear,

a washing day. The rain will clear

throughout the afternoon and

showers for the weekend. In the

west 22 tomorrow and gradually

heating up during in the week

tfrplt wind should be mainly. If

the north-east so the humidity

levels will be up as well. For more

Sydney news to go the Nine web site.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

From us all rpbgs good night. Edition at midnight. Tonight ... Edition at midnight. Tonight ... AC

the best water savers in the

country - but are we paying more?

The latest school close to

completion in the Territory' s new

era of education. And: is it

working? The program to help the

Capital as it struggles with a GP

shortage. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post. The latest

Danielle Post. The latest statistic

results show households in the

Territory are using the least Territory are using the least amoun

of water in the country but have

faced the highest prices. ACTEW

argues its prices are reasonable -

reflecting the value of the reflecting the value of the preciou

resource. It' s pumping money back

into dam infrastructure to ensure

Canberra' s water security issues