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(generated from captions) temperatures Locally tomorrow,

it will start to look and feel

like summer, sunny and dry with

the top temperatures getting up

to 27 and 28 on the coast, mid

30s in the Riverina. Talking about the coast tomorrow, there

will be a 1.5m swell and high

tide at.

The nights are still too coal to ripen tomatoes. Sun

rise tomorrow. and sunscreen, as summer Siobhan, break out the hat

weather is on the way. About

time, too. That's ABC News. The '7:30 Report' is next. Thanks for your company,

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We occasionally saw a

large shark women swimming

around. The rate of capture of

sharks is less than it was even

10 years ago. Glorious,

chaotic, delicious and sophicated. And the Australian

chef creating a stir by opening

a Thai restaurant in

Bangkok. He doesn't have

anything that he can cook

better than local chefs. This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program.

I'm Tracy Bowden. Those stories

shortly but first to the flood

Queensland. disaster unfolding in

has entered unchartered

territory around the town of

Theodore, west of Bundaberg,

where river s have reached their highest ever levels. A mandatory evacuation of the

entire town is under way with

the military helping to air lift people to safety. Three regions have now been declared

natural disaster zones, take

ing in areas around Gladstone,

Dalby and Longreach. Meanwhile the emergency operation is

going to plan in Theodore and

late today I spoke to local councillor Vaughn Becker for

the latest on the ground. Vaughn Becker, what challenges you face during

today's evacuation because it

was a big operation? It was a massive operation. The whole

town first of all started off as a voluntary evacuation

the town. However, that was ramped up to a sophisticate

emergency here, and - state of

emergency here and it's

now taking place. There have mandatory evacuation. That is

been already a lot of people

taken out. There's still a

number of people to go. I

believe that they ramped up the

effort to get everybody out by this evening. That is how I

understand it. But it's - the

operation has gone in extremely

spoot smoothly. There's been no

great hiccup, just the sort of

hiccups that you would expect

in an operation like, this

it has been run profession complex as it is. But overall

ally, sympathetically and

people doing the evacuation

have been receiving the full

cooperation of the public. How

are people coping? While many

#234r50ding before, they of

probably have not seen anything

quite like this? No, this is definitely record level

stuff. People - the spirit of

the people and the cooperation

and the overall what would you

have been really tbood and say the demeanour of the people

great. The community has been

pulled together, they've worked

together with the authorities,

and, yeah, overall I'd say in

good spirits. There's no doubt

that the mandatory listing will ruffle a few feather and that is to be expected. But

there is a major flood here. There is major water to

come. There are great unknown,

things like water, sewer health issue, communication,

the hospital out of action, the

SES shed itself with water nit.

That sort of thing. It's not a

decision they could dispute. Obviously at the

moment you're focusing on

getting people to safety. Down

the track you will look at the cost of the community? Yes,

there will be a cost. And that there will be a

how long is a piece of string

stuff at this point in time.

Let's not dwell on that too much at

much at this point in time.

Let's get the operation done

and people safe and sound, and

high and dry. And then when the

flood waters recede then we enter the next phase of the

event and deal with that as it comes. People are being

evacuated to the town of mour

ra, what are the arrangements

there. Moura is a mining camp

kaitder for a population the size of Theodore. What chance

and get on with their is there for people to recover

live? Just picking up, I

suppose walking bag into your

house after being - back into

your house after being in for a

while and what damage is there.

If you've experienced it you know the feelings but if you know

haven't experienced it, who

knows how people will

cope. What is the latest you're weather? There's major water in is happening with the

the Dawson River and the Dawson

River Creek system. There is here at Theodore, there is

major water still up in the

Taroom area and the creek

system up there and what is up

there still has to come down

here. It's over 8m in Taroom.

That is a massive flood, so I

can't seen - what Taroom looks like being stuck in like being stuck in Theodore

for as long as I

yeah, it must be a site to see

all that water around Taroom

which is my home town. I am

only in Theodore doing my duty

as councillor. What is it like

to see this area you know so

well awash? #wi8, it's a spectacular

spectacular - well, it's a

spectacular site but it's very

sad to see the damage and the

financial hardships that it

will cost to the cotton grower,

to farming in general and then

of course the flow-on through

the community and the

town. It's hard enough to a living on the land without

evens like this. This is the

sec major event like this in

the year. Vaughn Becker, all the year. Vaughn Becker,

the best to you

the community and thanks for

speaking us to. No problem. Now

to one of the darkest chapters in Australia's proud cricket

history. The build-up to the

Melbourne fourth Test couldn't

have been better scripted with

the Ashes poised at 1-1 after Australia's crashing third Test

victory in Perth, it seemed the

momentum home side had gained the

series. But it was not to be.

After Australia's embarrassing

first innings of 98, the

tourists made it look easy by

scoring 513. Facing such a massive deficit, Australia

crumbled nits second innings

with both skipper Pontinging and

and his deputy Michael Clarke

once again not producing runs

when they were most needed. At

stumps Australia is still 246

runs behind with only four

wickets in hand. Barring rain,

England will almost certainly retain

retain the famous urn. 50 short

while ago I spoke to ABC

cricket commentator Jim Maxwell

at the MCG for his insights. Jim Maxwell, what has gone

wrong for Australia? : England has been too good,

basically. They've been better

prepared, they have had better

bowling an more reliable batt.

Australia have only had one

game where they click and that's because Mitchell Johnson

led an extraordinary

performance by Australia on a bouncy wicket in Perth. Apart from that, in Adelaide and here

at the MCG, the Australian top

order has crumble ed. Ricky Ponting is averaging 16 for the

series. That an appalling

performance for a batsman who

has had a high reputation in

the game. So without going into

all the gory detail, Australia

have been outlaid by a better

led, organised and run team. Should the stlect Selectors bear some of the

blame? Well, in any situation

they take credit as much they take blame. I suppose you

could say from the start of

this SrIes Australia made an

error of judgment of not

sticking with Nathan Their seasoned offspiner who

had done so well for them in

Australia in the last couple of

years. That may have been a

mistake. But whichever way you look at the Australian bowling

it's been the baa batding

that's let them down. Bowled

out for 245 on the first day in

Adelaide and then, yes, on an un reliable pitch here for the first just 98. So those two

performances have given England

a tremendous amount of momentum

to press on and take the real key for Australia. So it's

hard to point the bone too much

at the selectors even now if

you look ahead what are the alternatives for Australia?

This is a very good Englandtape

and they've outplayed

Australia. Pront k is already a

man under pressure. He's had a

major form slump and then there

was yesterday's time nor a change in leadership for the Australian team? It's

coming. Not yet. He will be

leader in Sydney unless leader in Sydney unless there's some spectacular announcement from

from women, which I doubt

because he is keen to keep

playing the game. And there's

the World Cup to come and

Australia have won the last three one-day World Cups. So

they're a chance of doingeraty

well again there. I think there

will be a review beyond the

World Cup. It is not until August until Australia play s

Test match cricket again. By

then they have have had a chance to look over what the alternatives are, whether in

fact Ponting want toss can't

playing Test cricket. So the

review is coming but not

yet. You may say the same thing about this but his deputy,

Michael Clarke, also didn't bat

well today. Is his position

under any kind of threat?

Because he was seen as a

successor to Ponting You would

like to think he will click

into pride at some point. He

appears to have been ratd ed by

the pace bowling and has not bulk-bill the started to appreciate with his

maturity. We know on field as a leader he has a lot of aictd.

But his soap operatic But his soap operatic life away

from the game may be an issue

that those that ratify these

decisions about captainsy will

consider. So he is the heir apparent, perhaps he needs to

do just a little bit more in

the near future to confirm the belief amongst those involve and the administration of the

game that he is the person to take over So that ball is a bit in the

air. So the big question which I imagine 50 & lot of

Australian cricket fans are

asking tonight, what changes

are needed to get the Australian team Australian team back on top? They have to find reliable

batsmen, maybe Ponting and

Clarke can turn things around

with with some sort of performance. Australia have not

lost the series yet. They will

clearly lose're in Melbourne.

But a win in Sydney would be

2-2 even though it means the Ashes have

So there's that to think of in

the arter short esh term. There are there's no-one really taig

stakes a massive came through Sheffield Shield. Usman

Khawaja's made name is there as

a possibly. And Ryan Harris is

now out with an unfortunate

injury. They also have spin -

do they go back to Hauritz do they go back to Hauritz or to Beer who hasn't Twelfth Man or a few course they're playing from

behind they've lost a lot of

confidence and it's that

self-belief which has self-belief which has normally sustained Australia through bad

periods. Australia has in the

past been vutd as I guess one

of the toughest foes on the

international cricket circuit.

There was a real aura about us

that we were unbeatable over

the years at certain staintion.

Do you think we've lost that

now.? We lost the aura a while ago when Warne, haden,

Gilchrist and Ma Canberra left.

We are a vulnerable team. We as

understand s who our game of

Crick vet to accept more

defeelts. We don't have the

great players anymore. So it

will be quite some time I think

with players like young Phil

Hughes and Steve Smith and

whoever else comes along before

we build to the level we were

before, we may have been the

last golden age ofory lifetime

in Australian cricket. And we

will get more

in the wuch in the sub continent. Thanks for speaking

to us. Trace dwri, it's a

pleasure. While the east coast

battles rise ing flood water,

the West is struggling with a

heat wave and a different kind

of threat. A number of shark

scythes have re raised e alarm

bells and forced the evacuation

of the popular Trigg

Beach. That is rights say

they're yet to see an increase in the number of large sharks

since conservetation effort s

were stepped up. But fisher

Member and tourists are telling

a different story. These

extreme surfers regular ly risk

their lives riding some of the

world's biggest breaks off WA's

south-west coast. Ch sthai use

jet skis to reach waves as tall

as buildings and deep water where shark s where shark s are known to lurk. It's definitely in the

back of your head, especially

when you're just floating up

behind the sky ski. We're like

lure, we're trawling around for

sharks. Not much scares Brown

but on a recent exhibition into

the Southern Ocean he was badly

shaken by his first close

encounter with an 18-foot great

white shark. I was sit on the

jet squi, waiting for a wave

and then this huge fin about

that big came straight up in the front of the jet ski and

everyone saw it and strump jufr

jumped on the the jet ski as

quickly as they. Can and then

it circled around and popped up

a few dy times. Shark adk a

20-year-old WOMAN:

Bitten. Rient shark attacks

closer to shore have had the

Perth public on edge for weeks.

A tour guide was lently haul

mauled by a suspected white ill whoo she was

swimmering with dolphins. But

she survive survived but only a

few months earlier a surfer was

not so youngy. A grunge father

was taken in the State's

south-west. I think it's always

been fascinating with the Crete

urs that can till them. It's

nothing like a fatality to make

an imprint in the public mind.

Every time people start to feel

comfortable there seems to

attacks there's been a spairt

of sightings. The side site of

this whale carcass feed ing frenzy has oj further frenzy has oj further fuelled Perth's shark fierce. Whale carcasses are like shark

maggets - mag nets. They drift

around the ocean putting out

this sent scent to appears to

attract shark s from

all-around: Some say expanding

whale and seal poperations

could be affecting shark

behaviour and numbers but experts experts say the kbrur is still

out. Whether the increase in

the number of dead Wales that some shark some shark species scavenge will actually increase the

numbers of sharks and the

population or whether they're

just an attacks device, we

really don't know. He's

coming now. The display came as no surprise to many Perth

fishermen who say now say they're'ing large numbers of sharks closer to shore. I have

occasion lally - been fishing

for years an we saw for years an we saw them

occasionally 10 years ago but

now we see them for regularly. 'S huge number of sharks. The

'Yuuzoo' family runs a rock lobster boat off the Perth

coast. The summer lob ster

season has only just begun but

they're already seeing many

large sharks coming in to

the debate dis carded from

their boats. Kangaroo 'Yuuzoo'

Yoo used to fish for sharks

around is araising at how many

he would would see. About four

years ago there years ago there was count. There's was low

settlement since then. At the same time coincidesing with

that there's been a large

number of large sharks that

appeared and been here

constantly. He says the season

before last set a

marks for the shark. We hope

fcial p nishly on 25 to 25

January. There was one day when we didn't have sharks swimming around us. WA authorities say

there's no hard evidence great

white, tiger or whaler shark

populations have significantly

innesed. I certain ly wouldn't

discount any of those anecdotal

reports because fishermen see

what they see. They're the eyes

and aertion. But what seeing in the data we're

getting from fisheries is the

rate of capture of white sharks

is actually less than it was even so

on the east coast are also on the east coast are also sceptical. This year so far we

haven't had many Hort f large

sharks being close to the coast

on the east coest coast. Why

sharks seem to be slowly slow

ing an increase by the still

very early days, I have only

been protected since the '90

and it takes a long time. WA shorts hope

shorts hope a new tag progress

tect will give them a better

handle on the shark population.

These listening These listening stations can record the present of record the present of stakes that have been electronically

tagged by scientist around the

country and then send warnings

to nearby beeches. We have

about 100 sharks that are

deectable by this array. It is

early and we expect to have the results by results by 202011. As the

public heads for the beach this summer, the authorities are

urging people to Keech the shark risk in perspective. If

you look at the rated of fatal

attacks ore the last 10 years

compared to the reffous 10

year, the number almost

identify. It doesn't oi peer to

have been - appear to have been

a mistake. There is one sure

fire way of avoiding shark

attack and that is stick to standing under a is all you can. Do That

report from Danielle Parry in

Perth. It's a bit like take ing

coals to Newcastle but try tell ing that to Australian celebrity chef David Thompson.

He already runing a highly

popular Thai restaurant in

London and now he's open ing

new enterprise in boong Bang

dock that is offending some

locals. After a year of

political unrest in Thailand, there's been there's been an extremely againstive reaction to the venture which has been

interpreted as disrespectful to

Thai quees yeen and culture.

It's always hot in David Thompson's kitchen but this

time it's more about tensionings than temperature. The Australian chef is a chef is a respected

international authority on Thai

food. But a comment to a nump that

that Thai cooking is decaying,

has suddenly turned him into a public enemy. I never thought

that this instant word could

create - excite such interest

and detact from what we're

doing, which is doing, which is trying to

cook. In nerms of the culinary

skill, I would venlt tour say

that he doesn't have anything that

that he can cook better than

local chefs. The chuff is hurt after a relationship with Thailand that has spanned

almost 25

High, has a High partner and

has totalliemersed himself in the culter which is closely linked with food. Glorious, chaotic, chaotic, glicious and sophisticated, a bit like Thai

culture himself. His restaurant

in London was the first Thai

restaurant to receive a

Michelin star. Now he is trying

to re-create that in Bang dock

cockment but that is controversial. Its restaurant

opened in sept with on old style recipe s made the

tro traditional way. Do you

have to tone down the food a

little bit in terms of spees

Spiciness or not.? I've never

done that. Thamp thamp thamp

became to learn how to cook fy

food. From her he learned about

the stli sli Cassy about of the ingredient abthis ephood soed

has reminded him of the delicacy of the itself. By standing over it it

could ruin everything,

especially when you're a

Werner. Cumin seed speed, Werner. Cumin seed speed, pine pine apple use and coconut

scream. divine! Much Thai cooking till re-Mo moves around

the season and what is available Federal Reserve at

the employment appropriate.

That is a culture that this chef attempts to follow. These

will pick them up a up a. As In

most quontrys that 50 traditional traditional is changing as supermarkets supermarkets deliver conscenes

food Olympic Gameses. He told

the 'New York Times' he is

striving for awe tennis theity,

and that is what has cause

issed offence. I just is a

sincere observation that like

so many other countries and their their look cooking there are

few people who are actually

doing it. So with lesser people

cooking it it's under the threat of change, its's an ez

evolution. I didn't know it

would create a revolution,

though. After revel unrest earlier this year, extreme

anger was directed at

journalist an xentators were

WHO were accused of not understanding Thai Held

culture,its that sentment that

has now boiled over in David

Thompson's kitchen. The

Australian chef is accuse of

slapping the face of Thai people and newspaper editoricals and networking websites have debated his new venture. One of

the loudest critic s is Saksiri Kridakorn. I think the

statement that Thai cuisine is

sack is not true. I think

that's a person who has been

eating Thai food for so many

years I can say that I see new

dishes coming in all the

comments were taken out of -

David David Thomsen says thiz chebts were taken out of

context but he says that's

prorock voeked the debate about

foreign quizen and the ability

of foreign chef s to cook it.

It has to be said that many

tie s are oblivious to this debate. St street food cuttingure which happens to be worship s in David Thompson's book is .

Every day and night, people

flock to street stalls like

this to eat. It's a part of

their way of life. I

TRANSLATION: I think a foreign

ser a foreigner. The Thai food

itself, tie people. People love it. But even here there's a

suggestion the complex recipes are not cooked anyone. The

original:ese food is a bit too far away from our daily

life. David Thomsen says part of the point thof new

enterprise is to offer people

something special, it's s away

from street food, in style,

present and cost and I's meant

to be. How far do they go from

street food into restaurant street food into restaurant food? There is nothing about

this lace place. Tonight is he is feeling Sally Webb and Simon

Thomsen. He is learn by putting

his cooking where his mouth is

because his mouth is here in

Bong cack. I think

restaurant food is so different

to the treat today that ties

November know and love. But if

I look at the country where

where it was 10 years ago it's asking itself about national

identity and food is such a big

part of that so of course there's

there's some extra sensitivity

to a fellow coming in and

basically to some extent taking over Thai food. The Bang cock

restaurant may well become a

train ing ground for young chefs. It each me this things

about how to make tie dish.

That is fupy as well because I am Thai and he is Korean! It's

always been well receive by customers too. Thai food should

be be celebrate - ssh

celebrated. I thought for one

night I would have red and

yellow shirts abthen expel the

common foe - me. Such is common foe - me. Such is the

passion with which Tig today in

this country and we with very

good fus vks. It will take an

election to get Simon Thomsen out of this kitchen, And that

is the program for tonight. We will be

tomorrow. But for now

goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI