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Tonight - the Premier's warning for

every Sydney family - Get ready for budget cuts.

Big bank computer glitch - how safe

is your money? (EXPLOSION)

Our Special Forces bust a massive heroin factory.

The Sydney man who plunged four

floors to avoid arrest.

Little Happy Feet happy again.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Peter Overton.

Good evening. We begin tonight with

breaking news - rock legend Jimmy

Barnes has been treated by doctors

after collapsing. He's undergoing

tests to determine the problem, but

has been ordered to have at least

four weeks of complete rest. Barnes

had open-heart surgery in 2007. He

was due to appear at the Turf Club

Gala Ball in Darwin with his son on

Friday, but his appearance has now been cancelled.

For the first time, the full impact

of the State Budget on Sydney

households is starting to emerge.

In an exclusive interview with Nine

News, Barry O'Farrell made it clear

there will be cuts and tough times

Premier today. ahead. Kevin Wilde spoke with the

One minister told me that we're

facing a jaws-of-death style

deficit. Are we getting ready for a

very tough budget, maybe the

toughest budget in 20 years? We

made clear that it will be a

difficult budget because of the

financial situation we inherit. But

we intend to be fair but firm in

our decisions. Cutting waste and mismanagement is the theme.

Ensuring every dollar spent is

spent wisely is the outcome we seek.

New figures obtained by Nine News

reveal that inditesing day, the

former Labor Government had become

moted. The total number of

ministerial staff stood at 220. Now,

ministerial staff stood at 220. Now, it's down to 167.

it's down to 167. Under Keneally,

26 worked in the Premier's office

alone. Now it's 19. Nothing

surprises me about Labor. There's

no easy cuts - it's all about

schools, hospitals, transport and

police at the State Government

level. Shame, Barry, shame! As the

Premier spoke, firefighters rallied

in Parramatta against pay and

condition changes. When it comes to

possible privatisation - something

that pub some public-sector unions

are talking about at the moment -

that's not something on the agenda?

During the campaign, we talked

about desal and ferries. We have

nothing else on the agenda. The

office of the Justice Minister,

Greg Smith, have confirmed they are

talking to unions about closing

jails. The Public Service

Association say Parramatta Jail is

on top of the list, with more than

600 jobs at risk. The unions and

Labor will continue to tell lies

about the Government. The public

will continue to judge us on

outcomes. That's all I can hope for.

Let's go to Kevin at State outcomes. That's all I can hope for. Let's go to Kevin at State

Parliament. Six weeks to the State

Budget. It sounds like bad news for

Sydney households? It sounds bad,

and it certainly will be for some

people. There certainly won't be

much to smile about. If there is a

time politicalfry a bad-news budget,

it's right now - the first year in

a 4-year term with a massive

majority. Barry O'Farrell doesn't

want to lose votes, break a promise,

or cut front-line services. As he

said, it's difficult making those

significant savings, Pete. All

right. Thank you.

A Westpac computer glitch has left

thousands of bank customers short-

changed. Reporter Tim McMillan has

the latest. Tim, what happened?

Pete, yet again customers found

themselves without their money this

morning. This time 'round, it's

been blamed on a corrupt computer

file. It meant a batch of payments

that should have gone through

overnight didn't. That's create at

huge backlog the bank is still

trying to work through today.

Because it affected payments that

were going into and out of Westpac accounts, thousands of customers

from all banks are expecting

payments, pensions, other transfers

today may have missed out on them.

The bank today was understandably

apologetic, and defended its IT

protocols. These are complex

systems and, sometimes things do go

wrong. Unfortunately, that's

happened today. We've worked very

hard to get it fixed as quickly as

possible. We should be back to

business as usual very soon. Pete,

a short time ago, the bank said it

had now worked through the vast

majority of that backlog, and hope

to have it all cleared by the end

of this evening. It also assured

customers that their money was safe

and that no-one will be penalised

for overdrawing their accounts.

Frustrated customers must surely be

wondering how long it will be until

we see another major bank drama.

Pete. Tim McMillan, thank you.

Our Special Forces in Afghanistan

have had a significant win, raiding

one of the biggest heroin

operations in the country and

killing a large number of

insurgents. Nine's Mark Burrows is

in Afghanistan, embedded with

this exclusive report. Australian troops, and has sent

The raid was launched under the

cover of dark, but the battle was

fought in daylight. Our Special

Forces calling in US warplanes for

stronghold. (EXPLOSION) the bombing strike on the Taliban

When the smoke and dust cleared,

Special Forces found a sprawling

heroin factory. Helmet-mounted

cameras captured the scene. Barrel

after barrel of chemicals. Nearly

half a ton of opium and hash. And

most valuable of all - 250kg of

heroin on the production line. It

would have carried a street value

of $86 million. Allowing the

Taliban to buy a massive arsenal of

weapons and bombs. This kind of

raid would have had a significant

impact on them, and it would be

worrying to them, because it

becomes another avenue by which

they can continue operations that

has been severely disrupted. What

the cameras don't show - the large

number of insurgents killed in the

raid. At the same time, Townsville-

based troops - Mustafa thinks in

here... Mentoring Afghan soldiers

uncovered several lash caches of

weapons only a few kilometres from

the Australian base at Tarin Kowt.

Rockets, mortars and bomb-making

equipment. It's significant in the

medium term. It will probably put insurgents back by somewhere

between 8-12 weeks. It's been a

productive six months for the

Australian force here in Oruzgan.

They have pushed hard into enemy

territory and held the ground. The

Australian commander here says the

Taliban are struggling, and are

frustrated they are being forced

into remote valleys.

A man trying to run from police in

Bondi last night had a drastic

escape plan, but it didn't quite

work out. The 38-year-old jumped

four floors from his unit, only to

become wedged in a small space below.

Gotcha... Ahh! Stuck tight and

surrounded by police, the dramatic

end to a gutsy but very badly

planned escape. Bang and bang - "We

know you're in there! We know

you're in there! Come on out!"

Cornered in his Bondi unit with

police at his door, the crook's

exit strategy was genius - jump out

the window. Problem was, it was a

long way up. I would have tied some

sheets together myself, if I had

the time. Four storeys up, 15m is a

very long way to fall, and when he

landed, it was with an almighty

thud. You can actually see the

imprint of his feet where he landed.

If it was concrete, he would have

broken his head. His rib broken and

lung punctured, the crook kept

running - and almost made it -

until he tried to jump a fence, and

missed. I heard a female copper

saying, "He's on the premises!"

Because she heard some moaning. The

38-year-old is likely to be charged

with parole and break-and-enter

offences. If there was a law

against stupidity... How's your

pain, mate? Police would probably

throw the book at him.

Last week, we brought you the story

of a young Campbelltown woman in

prepremature labour, forced to

travel 200km to a Newcastle

Hospital. Today, Sheryl Kahi was

discharged, and initially told to

make her own way home.

After spending almost a week in

hospital two hours from home,

Sheryl Kahi and her partner Charlie

didn't think it could get any worse.

No young mother at all deserves

this. It's been so scary. Last week,

Cheral was was transferred from

Liverpool to John Hunter in

Newcastle, the nearest hospital

with two intensive-care cots for

her premature babies. With no way

of getting there, the young couple

was given $40 to catch the train.

They did get her up there. It

should have been their priority to

get her back to Campbelltown. When

they left hospital to travel home

with Nine News, suddenly the

hospital offered them transport. It

came to our attention, we actually

suggested that we were going to

provide a hire car to take this

young lady and her family home.

Since Sheryl's ordeal last week,

Nine News has uncovered that she's

not alone. Dozens of mothers have

contacted us sharing their horror

stories about trying to give birth

to their premature babies in our

health system. Kingswood mum

Natalie Camalerie also ended up in

Newcastle to give birth to her

premature twins, and faced the same

problems when it was time to leave

hospital. It's shocking, to tell

you the truth. All I could do is

look forward, and hopefully

everything turns out well.

If you've had a similar experience

or any other problems in hospital,

contact us on the email address.

Norwegian mass murderer Anders

Breivik claims to be part of a

terror network, and says two other

cells are ready to launch attacks.

He's faced court for the first time

- a hearing that was closed to deny

him the political stage he was hoping for.

Norway's home-grown terrorist

smirking in the back of a police

wagon. Norwegians had their own

eloquent reply to Breivik -

crowding the streets of Oslo in

defiance of his violence. "Evil can

kill a person," the Prime Minister

told them, "but it can't defeat a

whole nation." After today's

closed-court hearing, the judge

gave a briefing, saying Breivik

regarded his atrocity as a strike

against a multicultural, multifaith

society. Such is the intense

interest in this case, this is a

crowd of people and media out the

back of the courthouse. In fact, it

stretches right around the building.

Just want to have a look. That's

all. Maybe we could get a glimpse

of the devil. That's all. The

people of this small country are

trying to comfort each other, as

federal investigators rush to check

Breivik's claims there are more

terror cells out there. He's been

put in solitary, and he won't be

back in court for two months.

Meantime, the death toll has been

revised down from 93 to 76 - the

number of teenage victims was

miscalculated during the chaos on their holiday island.

It was a life well lived - feisty,

generous and ferociously talented,

Margaret Olley is tonight being

remembered as one of Australia's

greatest painters. The much-loved

88-year-old was found dead at her Sydney home this morning.

She was an Australian original. She

liked to get hold of the brush and

the paint, and it was that sheer

physical action of painting the was

important - that was part of the

expression of life within her. A

highly distinguished painter,

patron and supporterer of young

artists, a philanthropist - she

gave millions of dollars and many

of her own paintings to public art

galleries, and she was twice the

subject of Archibald Prize-winning

portraits - the first in 1948, the

second just this year, by artist

Ben Quilty. 62 years apart - a face

full of character. The best

painting doesn't always win. But I

think this year, it has. Margaret

Olley worked right up until her

death at her Paddington home and

studio, where she was found this

morning. Fame didn't affect her,

receiving Australia's highest

civilian order, the Companion of

the Order of Australia. I was

really quite amazed, because it's

generally given to very important people. They got it right.

The little penguin who got lost and

ended up in New Zealand has been

living up to his nickname - Happy

anyone feet. The emperor penguin

was showing off for kids at

Wellington Zoo today. He had plenty

of fun, swimming in a specially

chilled saltwater pool. The zoo is

still trying to figure out the best way to get him home.

In the news ahead - wet weather

leaves giant potholes in Sydney's

roads. But who's responsible?

Plus - Amy Winehouse's grieving

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Sydney's record rain has left it

mark on our roads. Thousands of

potholes have emerged, damaging

cars and leaving drivers angry and

confused about who's responsible.

Hitting a giant pothole in the dark

tests even the toughest of nerves.

I've heard a massive slump and

veered off the road. After driving

straight into a hole in Sydney's

south-west early yesterday morning,

Linda's wheel buckled and her tyre

blew. Her father tried and failed

to claim the bill from Penrith

Council. At the end of the day,

nobody wants to take responsibility.

The council keep pushing it off,

saying, "It's not our

responsibility. It's yours. You

drive the car. It's your

responsibilities." He also

contacted the RTA, but was told the

road was the council's

responsibility. So who is at fault?

Local councils are responsible for

87% of the state's roads. We trust

either the insurer or the public

authority concerned will be able to

take responsibility for the repairs

of that motor vehicle. The rest

come under the RTA. In a statement

to Nine News, the RTA says it does

carry out regular inspebgszs to identify potholes, -- inspections

to identify potholes, before

repairing them as quickly as it can.

Own it openly states motorists can

pursue a claim through them, their

local council, or their insurance

company. The roads are terrible, to

put it absolutely bluntly. The NRMA

says the RTA should set up a

hotline for people to report potholes so they're fixed before the damage is done.

A last farepleual tonight tonight

too the troubled and talented Amy

Winehouse. She'll be given a

private funeral service in London

and her parents have been to meet

the fans who've made a pilgrimage

to Amy's home.

They'd stopped to read the cards

and notes of support when they were

surrounded by sympathetic fans. You

people in the street - I can't tell

you what this means to us. It

really is making this a lot easier

for us. Mitch and Janice Winehouse

still seeking answers. We're

devastated and I'm speechless. But

thanks for coming. Police say they

didn't find any drugs near Amy's

body, and it will be weeks until

blood tests are complete. But her

battle with addiction was well

known. Alcohol just gets a hold of

you... Katy Perry has watched

husband Russell Brand - a good

friend of Winehouse - in his vugal

to overcome drugs and, understands

Amy's tortured journey. I feel

really sad, and I just hope he

finds peace. For all her faults,

Amy has left her fans with

something to hold onto, and already

they're paying her back - five

years after her last album was

released, it's selling so fast she

could be back at the top of the

charts by the end of the week.

# I died a hundred times... The 27-

year-old had been working on a new

album. Her parents will decide if

it will be released, some time

after the private funeral service

tonight in London.

Cameron joins us tonight with sport.

Peter, Petero Civoniceva is heading

home to Brisbane, and the big fella

answers some questions about a rift with Penrith.

Plus - how many league stars would

consider AFL? The number is surprising.

And can you name Australia's newest test spinner?

. And I'll have all the weather details from the

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Two weeks ago, Nine News broke the

story that Petero Civoniceva and

the Panthers were not seeing eye to

eye. Today, the club confirmed they

have released their captain.

Civoniceva still had a year to go

on his Panthers deal. He'll now

finish his career where it began -

with the Broncos.

It looked business as usual for big

Petero today, the Panthers' captain

prepared for this weekend's clash

with the Cowboys. He was also ready

for more questions about a split

with club general manager Phil

Gould. He's been very supportive.

We've talked all the way through

this process. In the next breath,

Civoniceva admitted talk of an uncertain future at Penrith

prompted him to look at his options,

and he quickly worked out a deal

with Brisbane. I guess there was

some questions asked by myself when

there was a bit of speculation.

Other than that, it was pretty low-

key. For now, it's all about

getting the Panthers to the finals.

But Petero's family can't wait to

get home. Just that opportunity to

go home to grandparents and aunties,

uncles - you know, I know - my wife

and the four kids are looking

forward to getting home. And one of

rugby league's great hoodoos is

alive and kicking. rugby league's great hoodoos is alive and kicking. Last night, the

Dragons thought they had their

first win in Canberra in 11 years -

but with the last play of the game,

the Raiders pulled off a miracle

win. Dugan! Josh Dugan! the Raiders pulled off a miracle win. Dugan! Josh Dugan!

They were the club that cheated

their way to two competition wins -

now, the Melbourne Storm has been

branded the dirtiest club in the

National Rugby League. We can also

reveal that one of the game's

biggest stars has been lumped with

the "most overrated" tag.

'Rugby League Week's annual

players' poll always causes a stir.

There'll be angry people at the

Storm because the club's controversial tackling techniques

have again been brought into

question. The Storm are considered

the dirtiest team in the

competition, with 49% of players

giving them the competition, with 49% of players

giving them the vote. They were a

long way in front of the Sea Eagles,

but the players also think the

Storm are the team to beat for this

year's title, getting 37% of the

vote, ahead of the Eagles and

Dragons. The least-wanted title is

the most-overrated player, and

that's been shared between two big

names - the Dragons' Jamie Soward,

who guided his team to a grand

final win, and John Sutton from the

Rabbitohs. As usual, Braith Anasta

gets a mention. As for the best

player, Johnathan Thurston ended up

with that award. Another unwanted

category is the game's biggest grub

- not surprisingly, Michael Ennis's

niggling style won the award.

Perhaps the biggest worry for the

NRL is that a quarter of the

players polled say they would look

at following Karmichael Hunt or

Israel Folau to AFL in the next five years. Israel Folau to AFL in the next

five years. With Ryan Tandy still

under investigation, the poll

raises serious concern about

betting in the game - almost 1 in 5

players say they know a player who

has placed a bet on an NRL match.

Just a couple of millimetres have

come between Aussie swim star

Alicia Coutts and two World

Championship gold medals. Alicia Coutts and two World

Championship gold medals. In the

100m butterfly, she was touched out

by American Dana Vollmer, and in

the 200m individual medley, Coutts

was pipped by a 15-year-old Chinese

girl, Ye Shiwen. Matt Targett and

Geoff Huegill claimed second and

third in the 50m butterfly,

finishing behind a Brazilian, Cesar

Cielo, who was cleared to compete despite a Cielo, who was cleared to compete

despite a positive drug test.

There's not much the Australian

cricket selectors do that shocks us

anymore, but their decision to pick

off-spinner Nathan Lyon in the 15-

man test squad to tour Sri Lanka

has come right out of the blue.

Lyon works on the Adelaide Oval

ground staff and has played only

four first-class matches. Now, he's

in line for a baggy green.

Not great qualifications. Let's

hope the selectors prove us wrong.

Let's hope so. He looks as

bewildered as all of us! He did.

Thank you.

Natalie is next with the weather

from the winter festival in the city.

That's right, Pete. We are

embracing the winter chill tonight

from the heart of the city. I'll be

back right after the

Coming up on WIN News... The

Riverview Group - adamant there are no plans to move the Territory' s

border for a major development.

border for a major development. And Australia' s first virtual cabinet meeting - hailed a success. Join me

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Well, we are celebrating the Winter

Festival tonight, right in the

heart of the CBD. For the next

couple of weeks, St Mary's

Cathedral will be transform under

to a bit of a winter wonderland.

With the weather forecast looking

good for the next few week, this is

the perfect time to come down and

hit the ice.

A weak change is expected to move

up the NSW coast overnight,

bringing a few showers tomorrow.

The heaviest falls will be over WA.

A rather damp day on the way for

Perth. 20mm expected.

A shower or two for us tomorrow.

Mainly fine on the coast. Moderate

south-south-westerly winds - 8-17 degrees in the city.

Pete, tonight I am perfecting the

art of avoiding

Tonight ... An assurance major

development in Canberra' s north

will not budge border. ACT will not budge border. ACT Minister

meet their tweeps in the first meet their tweeps in the firs meet their tweeps in the first

virtual cabinet meeting. And: The

Dragons hoodoo continues in

Canberra, as the Raiders score a

last minute win. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, A land owner, with

plans for a major development in

West Belconnen - is adamant the

Territory' s border will not be

moved. The Riverview Group wants to

construct thousands of homes right

on the boundary, stopping short of

creating a split suburb. It' s a proposal that would see four and a

half thousand houses - built here,

in West Belconnen. Right up to the