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$120,000, with three children, would face over $1,000 a year more they available for people for loss of jobs. The scare campaign Kevin Rudd's

households will be

"Trust us, trust us" is winners and losers. get what by the year. A who also worked at a Mandela-style give all of

to attitudes. women and men are not equal target female soldiers battlefield just as terrorise women in towns and the Afghanistan more female soldiers to standards Afghanistan to lift the

attitudes of Afghan troops.

are also a Female Australian women and pass on the the way to action, are asking the international over Colonel Gaddafi. At pressure will The rebels their demand conflict drags on, meeting will be a

for meeting will be a major test the reports. Despite dominance of laying siege to cities like Minister Misrata. The French Foreign Misrata.

too say they're already responding to the increased military and demands. We've already sent for more action, NATO says it's job. Not good enough to Gaddafi. gaining time and he is sending him his two sons are Mr Mubarak suffered an apparent

heart attack during earlier interrogations about President stepped down in deposed leader surrender. And the we were told noises, it sounded asbestos-contaminated soil was discovered Molonglo development site. The chief minister says the Federal to dig without to fall that there is a minimum

Eastlake. And the finger The cost benefit has The opposition says water frnt land valuable to owners of Calvary Hospital say options and together.

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while living 12-year-old falling pregnant human disappointed, but I don't think we can There's been actions of the Government.

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to scop the scuttling dolphins that going to forget. If I get my act together, I neighbourhood. This threatens group lodged a court to stop the sinking, but in not the courts, that the ship going opposition, but in

You know, waiting a while, it was good to see all be a long wait. The be operational within a has reopened. Commercial down. From itself a tsunami casualty

destroyed. I airport to reopen to wall of water. Now the wreckage has been cleaning TRANSLATION: We started yesterday, but it will take a reopening of the Airport is an important rebuilding of local share market was firmer global today, despite big falls on

April came out today. They consumer confidence figures for

looking at statistically significant. But confidence might out after that big fall rising and banks were putting up more. And it does look like surprise to you, and Telstra and other industrials that was markets overnight. Oil was wrangling continues budget there for the long term, sector world group, but preparation. Ben top-gun Sam Stosur. would be really silly for anyone to be critical

unknown Ukraine team second leg of revival began. Barcelona's only goal freely with son in looks a picture of health. He with

take off and my left leg gave way he'll be sidelined. New Zealand is through to pulled away final term, physical. month. Max Gillies, best for his political satire, is

the people have 1950s. play of the couple that say name as the country's best impersonator. Now just shy of that's good evening. us a low only with a plate of is steady and it's cool, 11 degrees. was cloudy and cool fall to the but cold air kept the top 2, so cold up there as

again in Sydney and Wagga Wagga, but clear, sunny. And for north-westerlies to 25km/h and

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a call to arms from families whose children

whose children were victims of

military culture. This

country's Defence Force will

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intelligent, sensitive

Australians if this behaviour is not stamped out. And inside

the mind of prolific author Sir

Terry Pratchett as he confronts Alzheimers disease and Alzheimers disease and death.

I treasure the unknown. It is

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