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(generated from captions) Lock in B, Andromeda. Three seconds. with one second on the clock. Locked in (GROANS) Tracey, took your time. (REPEATS QUESTION) and it's not Hercules. It's not Hunter AUDIENCE: Awww. Tracey, it's Plough. Oh, well. Ohhh! Exactly. Hey, you won $1,000. Fantastic effort. Arggh! Tracey just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

46 people were trap ed but no one

seriously injured. This picture was

taken moments after the cinema's

ceiling collapsed. We heard water

leaking and at first we thought it

could have been special efacts. I

said to Alex "Can you hear the

water dripping?" but there was no

water on the screens. That is when

the heavens fell in. I awe the roof

coming down. I said "Get on the

floor" and I said "Alex". It was an

air conditioner on top of me. It

was a leak in the roof near the

street and then a big bang went and

the whole roof started to collapse

down. 46 people were caught in the

collapse spread out across to

cinemas watching 'Narnia' and 'Love

and Other Drugs'. Among the injured

children and a pregnant woman. She

was taken to hospital along with

this woman who suffered a grazed

arm. Extremely lucky. The

artificial ceiling collapsed, it

was light but lots of steel

structures fell and patients were

extremely lucky. This little girl

was reunited with her father

outside the cinema. She had been

inside with her brother and mother

The whole thing collapsed on

everybody. If it had not been for

that scream no one would have

jumped down from their seats and

that is what saved them You could

see the suspension and a lot of

air-conditioning vents on top of

that. Couldn't believe it. We had

not been to the movies for five

years Very lucky. Surprised there

was not a Fay tellity. Whrizy joins

us now from outside. Authorities

are clear on how this happened?

That is what they are trying to

work out now. In the last few

minutes a few work men have been on

the roof here at the cinema

Bathurst trying to work out though

water got in and of where but since

we have been here this afternoon

some big storm cells have been

through with thunder and lightning

which is hampering the efforts to

work out what went wrong. I have

spoken to the owner of the Metro

Cinema. They thinks the building is

sound but the complex which has

five cinemas inside will remain

closed until it can be confirmed

that all the ceilings are safe. The

wife of a man critically injured in

a Kings Cross ball has been left

pleading for answers as she faced

the unimaginible task of switching

off his life support. Wilson Duke

Cassio was attacked three-weeks ago.

His grief-stricken family appealing

for witnesses. Family with

heartache. A mother unable to cope.

Wilson's wife now a widow with

their 4 month old son Dylan. Who is

going to be there on beak fast for

a Sunday. Who will take dill yin? I

will have to go with my parents. I

can't share that with him. 33-year-

old Wilson suffered serious head

injuries during a fight allegedly

involving bouncers at the Strayed

mark hotel on Kings Cross on 18

December. He spent the last three-

weeks on life support but did not

recover. I want to die. He is not

with us any more. Wilson and his

wife had just celebrated their

fifth wedding anniversary. They

were planning to have another baby.

I have to decide on what kind of

funeral I have to give my husband.

Something that no one should have

to think of at this point in time.

Wilson's brother was also injured

in the brawl. Ex-footballer turned

security guard John Hopate will

face court next week accused of

assaulting the 27-year-old but

police say they are baffled about

what happened to Wilson and they

are desperate for information.

There are not one victims, there

are a number. A family, a child

without a father. This security

footage captures dozens of

witnesses who police believe may

have the answers they are looking

for. These people are not involved.

They are simply innocent bystanders

but it is very important for us to

speak with them. Police are really

hoping that today will jog people's

memories, aren't they?. Yes. I'm

standing on the corner of where the

attack happened. Police say Wilson

was chased down this road and

around this corner and it is here u

is believed he received the fatal

blow to his head. As we saw in the

security vision there were dozens

of people around at the time and

police say there was a taxi right

there full of people who would have

seen the entire thing and it is

those type of witnesses police hope

come forward. For most last night's

electrical storm was just at

spectacular show across Sydney's

skies but a family in Seven Hills

in the west returned from holidays

to discover most of their home

gutted after it was struck by

lightning. The storm swept through

bringing with it a horrible start

to the new year for this family.

Damages pretty expensive. Around 7

last night a lightning bolt hit a

power pole on the street sending

sparks into the home. Neighbours

saw the light and ran outside to

try to put out the Flames. We

didn't think. We came out of the

house and we had to do something.

They are my neighbours. It could

have been worse. The family have

cut short their holiday on the Gold

Coast. Their 3-year-old son would

normally have been sleep sing in

this front room which is now just a burnt-out shell. Sometimes holidays

are more of a blessing than people

realise. The lightening left its

mark on this house in St Mary's.

The surge of electricity has left

several houses there without power

New paint, everything has blown.

After a long night in dense bush

land in the Blue Mountains a 17-

year-old struck by lightning

emerged with just minor injuries

today. We are both well. When we

heard the lightening we thought we

were too close, let's leave. The

bad weather meant police and rescue

crews had to trek for six hours

through rivers and mud to reach

them. Thank you so much. You did so

much. The Defence Force is racing

to deliver food to Rockhampton

resident before the Queensland city

becomes isolated by flooding. Up to

1000 resident are likely to be

evacuated over the next few days as

the Fitzroy River reaches its peak.

Today the Prime Minister announced

flood victims will receive hundreds

of millions of dollars in relief

payments. These payments include

assistance of up to $1660 for

individuals and $4980 for families.

The floods have affected more than

200,000 Queenslanders. Sydney

cricket fan has their chance today

to get out to the SCG and support

their heroes. While the Ashes are

lost there is still life in the

series and there are few Bert

places in the world to watch a Test

match. They could not wait for

redemption. How long have you been

lining up for? Around midnight. A

keen supporter! For loyal fans who

had their hearts broken during the

series this match is all about. One

thing. The pride of the nation. It

is for Australia no matter what

happens. Even before play had

started the English were doing

their victory dance. I thought your

secret weapon was Laura bingle We

have returned the Ashes that is the

main thing They are smug and

deservedly so. The Sydney Test is

always a special occasion but the

moment was overwhelming for

debutant Usman Khawaja's family.

I'm speechless. You cannot sum it

up in words. Injured captain Ricky

Ponting could relax as his troops

made the nervous walk the crease,

but something was missing - the

chance of the Barmy Army. Although

they are not as loud they are still

just as proud! Are you tired yet

from all the celebrations? You guys

have been nonstop? Personally I'm

absolutely, I'm knackered! It has

been the tour of my life. I'm very,

very confident I was going to

actually win the series 3-1. That

is the only way you going to get in,

remember that! Remember how your

grandad got here. We would do

anything to get it back! There was

a bit of rain it was still a day

not to be missed. That is right.

The 43,000 fans that came to the

SCG today are proof of. That while

the rain constantly interrupted

play there is so much intrigue

surround thing match with Michael

Clarke captaining at Test level for

the first time and the debut that

Usman Khawaja and Michael Beer. And

use ooze was certainly promising.

We will have all the -- Usman

Khawaja was promising. It has been

a very quiet Christmas and new year

for Denmark's Princess Mary who has

been resting in the lead-up to the

birth of her twins. Peter is in

Copenhagen along with a large media

contingent waiting on the arrival.

The official word from Denmark's

Royal Family is that the due date

is still mid-January but it is not

uncommon for twins to arrive early

so she can pretty much go into

Labour at any point. The 38-year-

old Crown Princess has been resting

as her newly refurbished palace

here in Copenhagen ever since the

beginning of December last year

when she went on maternity leave.

She is there with her husband

Prince Frederick and their two

children, Prince Christian 5 and

Isabella, 3 which means soon Princess Mary will have four

children under the age of five A

Team of doctors and midwives are on

stand-by at Copenhagen hospital of

where nine out of 15 delivery rooms

have reportedly been secured by the

Royal Family to ensure privacy. As

you might expect, Princess Mary has

kept a pretty low profile here in

Denmark over the past few weeks.

She cancelled all her public commitments over the Christmas and

new year period on to focus on the

birth of her twins but her husband

gave a Danish newspaper an insight

into her condition. She is very

strong and doing well. There a was

no surge shine at Bondi Beach today

so I was going to take something

special to brighten up the day and

who better than television's most famous life guard.

# Some people stand in the

darkness... Hang on! Hem is on its

way. Remember this? Red swimsuits?

And the world's most amazing

lifeguards! And of course the unstoppible Hoff.

# I'll be there... David Hasselhoff,

rubber duckyed into Bondi Beach

bringing back The Glory days of

night watch an long before that

night rider Another day at the

beach. Neither Hoff or the wildly

enthusiastic crowd complain bad the

breeze or the grey sky and that is

all that mattered give or take a

flying ice block or two. Everything

old is new again. The Hoff is here

to relaunch a favourite old ice

block and he did it and then he did

it again. We rename this place

White Wash. The Hoff gives back.

Don't hassle the Hoff. A few did

but overwhelmingly they loved him

Came to the beach. Looks better in

person so fantastic. Thanks David!

We showed him this! Made by flood-

struck Queensland farmers frpblgtsd

we are still living our life, we

are going get through this. That is

what it is about. Really. Then in a

moment the Hoff was off! The Hoff

has gone an everybody with him. It

is an empty beach now, except for

me. I'm still waiting for Pamela!

In the news ahead - it is game on

for the Premier caught up in a

legal stoush. Plus Zsa Zsa Gabor

back in hospital for dras strict

surgery. The fight to save a

Beatles childrenhood home.

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A few months out from the state election. The Government and

opposition are caught up in a legal

stoush over the power sell off.

Both sides have called in lawyers

and now the dispute over the

upcoming parliamentary inquiry may

have to be settled in the Supreme

Court. The power of politics. Look

of where it gets you. Members seats

at the SCG, even when you are not a

big cricket fan. I must confess I'm

more of a rugby league tragic. But

it was a power play of a different

persuasion today that made

headlines as state leaders called

in lawyers to argue whether a

inquiry into the resale of NSW

electricity assets is legal.. The

Opposition claims it should go

ahead. The Government's situation

is that it is unconstitutional. The Government will consider it

carefully an I would encourage

others to do so. The others took parliamentary committee pushing

into the inquiry into the $5.3

billion fire sale, a sale dogged by

questions, resignations and

criticism. Asked if she had

concerns all she would say is this.

If I was a resident in NSW I would

certainly want to be assured that

if a Government as yet was being

sold off that appropriate value for

money for that as yet was being

obtained. We have competing legal

opinions. Kristina Keneally is

challenged to do by the new knew

Liberals and Nationals is seek a

deck la fraction the Supreme Court.

The State Opposition says that

declaration could settle the matter.

Fred Nails though says the inquiry

will go ahead on 17 January. Amount

drew why it man has become the

state's first road fatality for

2011. The 22-year-old was a

passenger in a car that veered off

a highway near Bathurst and rolled.

It brings the knew holiday road

toll to seven. A terrorist attack

on a Christian church in Egypt

could provoke religious unrest. The

Christian community is continuing

to protest against Muslim

hardliners who they blame for the

weekend suicide bombing which

killed 21 people. Actress Zsa Zsa

Gabor has been admitted to hospital

for a partial leg amputation. The

93-year-old has been in failing

health since breaking her hip five

months ago. The childhood English

home Ringo Starr has been given a

reprieve. The British Government

has called for a plan to save the

terraced house listed for

demolition to make way for a new

residential project. Sport next.

Have we seen the first glifpl

Australia's new gun batsman? They

do call him Oozzie and on a wet

difficult at the SCG Usman Khawaja

provided the brightestt moments for

Australia. Is Samantha Stosur

headed for Australian Open glory?

He has a mean sidestep but did this

guy get away with it? We will see

after the break.

Australia has certainly shown some

fighting qualities but England has

its nose in front after a rain-

interrupted start to the fifth Test

at the SCG. New captain Michael

Clarke won the test and decided to

bat. Australia was 4/134 when play

stopped. Shane Watson made 45 and

Usman Khawaja debuted with 37. What

an occasion on many fronts. Michael

Beer and Usman Khawaja were

presented with their first Test

caps. Greta Bradman delivered the

anthem that praised her

grandfather's past. On a green

pitch Anderson slipped up second

board. Watson was tied to cut in

two but the Aussie Openers survived

a difficult period. COMMENTATOR:

General again. A great shot. Third

ball put away. On his home ground.

It all started to come back to

Hughes there. Were familiar faces

back in the crowd COMMENTATOR: The

mellow-heads have returned. But in

the last over before lunch the Poms

got their man. That brought a

dancing Usman Khawaja in. With his

family ready to reply every shot

what a beginning! COMMENTATOR:

Four! Wonderful start. Watson had

plenty of chances but on 45 they

ran out. COMMENTATOR: In the air!

That's it. Rain delays made it hard

for anyone to settle. Clarke went

for 4. In the celebration Bresnen

and Petersen hit the dust. Usman

Khawaja's first day on the job

finished disappointingly A big

score beckoned but Usman Khawaja

walked off with 36789 at this stage

England is slightly in front. It is

a long way off but if Samantha

Stosur gets her wish at the end of

this summer she will be lifting her

first Grand Slam singles trophy.

The first steppes were positive.

Samantha Stosur a state-sets winner

in the first round of the Brisbane

International. Coming off the best

12 months of her career Samantha

Stosur is entrenched in the top 10.

Grand Slam glory next on the menu.

But a first-round loss in Brisbane

would have been hard the swallow.

Samantha Stosur trailed 5-3 in the

first set before hitting the trans.

The nervous start soon forgotten

Samantha Stosur primed for bigger

battles ahead this summer. Next up

Groth in the second round She had a

very Goodyear, went fourth round at

the French and Wimbledon. Hits if

ball hard. A tough player. No luck

for the other two Australians on

Centre Court. Bernard Tomic and

Sophie Ferguson both eliminated in

straight sets. Rafael Nadal and fed

Fred the two gods of men's tennis

but who would have thought they

could walk on water? They will be

back on dry land for this week's

town. In Qatar before heading to

Australia. How is this for quick

shooting? Three goals in the final

six minutes of the English Premier

League match between Chelsea and

Aston Villa. The Blues were

trailing 2-1 but they scored ties

to take the lead. Aston Villa then

found the back of the net to draw

the match with just seconds to go

and these defending champions

Chelsea have only won one match

innate games. Finally in sport

tonight, while he did not ting full

Monty this streaker was a big hit

at the KFC bash last night between

Victoria and Queensland. He managed

to give security guards the bum

steer and make it all I way across

the MCG. Impressive run. Let's hope

it was worthed 7000 fine A clean

pair of heels. It should have been

twice that and he kept his shorts

on slam more on the weather. Can we

expect any more storms tonight? A

slim chance. Most rolled through

this afternoon. The details shortly. News.. Dozens injured when the

ceiling of a Bathurst cinema

collapses. A young man dies in a collapses. A young man dies in a

tragic road accident. And a mid

air-scare over Griffith. Those air-scare over Griffith. Those stories next on WIN News.

Last night's change of left us with

a, cloudy holiday Monday. 10

degrees cooler in the west than

yesterday. 21 in the city. Showers

and storms interrupted the cricket

and most of the action has tracked

further north. In the next 24 hours

we expect storms through inland NSW

and Queensland. The monsoon trough

will stay active and a low will bring widespread rain throughout

Western Australia north of Perth of

where it will reach 35. Sunshine

for Adelaide and Melbourne A few

showers expected in Hobart and

Canberra and storms for Brisbane

and Darwin. Sydney, just isolated

showers in the morning, less an

millimetre. South, south-east winds

averaging 30km/h. 24 in the city

tomorrow so slightly warmer than

today. Wednesday, cloudy but no

rain. East, south-east winds up to

26. Thursday showers until the

afternoon up to 25 degrees. Warmer

days for our west. Friday and

Saturday at this stage is looking

fine. Saturday up to 31, a few

showers rolling in for Sunday A

good chance the cricket will be on

tomorrow, early showers. Looks

great. Thank you. For more Sydney

news go to the Nine web site but

that is our news for this Monday.

Thank you for being with us.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by

Red Bee Media Australia Edition, tonight at eleven fifty.

Tonight Forty six people escape serious injury, after the roof of a

serious injury, after the roof of a

cinema collapses. The long weekend

ends in tragedy on our roads - with

two young men dead.. And passen two young men dead.. And passengers

tell of their terror during a

mid-air emergency... Good ev mid-air emergency... Good evening,

I' m Matthew Snelson, and I' m

Kerryn Johnston ... also tonight Kerryn Johnston ... also tonight ...

a boy dies in a dune buggy crash

and ....police praise revellers and ....police praise revellers for their good behaviour during New their good behaviour during New

Years celebrations.. As seen in Years celebrations.. As seen in 9

news. There' s been an incredible escape in Bathurst today... escape in Bathurst today... The

ceiling in two cinemas in the Metro ceiling in two cinemas in the Metro

complex collapsed on the dozens

inside.. Rescue services feared the worst but amazingly only three worst but amazingly only three