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Tonight - the WikiLeaks boss

behind bars. His lawyers say

it's politically motivated. Not

so diplomatic. Control freak

leaks embarrass Kevin Rudd. A

massive drug bust snares

alleged kingpins. We didn't

take off a tentacle, we took out the octopus. A polluted

Lake Burley Griffin leaves

Olympic rowers high and dry.

Good evening. Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. After days in hiding the founder of the

in to police in Britain. Julian WikiLeaks web site is tonight

Assange was arrested over

allegations of sexual assault

in Sweden. He appeared in court

in London and was refused bail.

His lawyer says the case is politically motivated. And that

the 39-year-old Australian

intends to fight the charges intends to fight

and challenge his extradition

to Sweden.

This was the only story in

town. Hundreds of cameramen and

journalists in a frenzy over

one man. Julian Assange arrived

at the rear of the court by

car. It was not how he would

leave. Inside the courtroom,

details of the alleged sexual assaults were read out. The

judge said the nature and

strength of the evidence is not

known, but despite promises of bail surety from people including Jemima Khan and

Australian journalist John

Pilger it was refused on

risk. I believe this is about

the principle of the universal

right of freedom of information

and our right to be told the

truth. John Pilger says he is

concerned an injustice may be

made and attacked the

Australian Government for its

criticism of the WikiLeaks chief. This is a form of intimidation. And it's became

for Australians to stand up.

This is meant to be a sophisticated democracy.

Julian Assange's lawyer says

the Swedish justice system is

failing his client, and

suspects the case is aimed at

shutting him down. I think

there is an attempt to criminalise Julian Assange and I think that's what we're

seeing here. It's a traditional

method of the black arts and

the dark operatives to

criminalise somebody, and

obviously when they're fighting

it, it distracts them from

their main activities. But

lawyers for the two Swedish

women behind the allegations

politically motivated are say ex accusations

wrong. My two clients have

nothing whatsoever to do with

the WikiLeaks or the CIA or the

United States, anything like that. Julian Assange will

spend the next week in prison.

He will be back here on the

14th. His legal team say this

whole process could take weeks, if not months. Despite having their leader locked up,

to continue releasing WikiLeaks supporters have vowed

documents. Julian Assange may

for the moment have been silenced. The organisation has

not. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has defended Kevin Rudd's performance as Foreign

Minister, despite a withering

assessment of his diplomatic

skills by the US Embassy. In official cables written when was still Prime Minister, Kevin official cables written when he

Rudd is attacked as an

impulsive control freak. He says he says he current --

comments and the current US couldn't care less about the

Ambassador is talking up their bromance. Diplomats are

expected to dig up dirt on

their country's en means and

allies but what does Kevin Rudd

think about what the Americans

doesn't give a damn. For me doesn't give have thrown at him? He says he

this is all just water off a

duck's back. I could not care

less. I couldn't care less.

It's water off a duck's back.

For me it's just kind of, you

know, water off a duck's back.

The cables were written when

Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister.

They refer to him as:

It's pretty clear that the

Foreign Minister, the former

Prime Minister's style is a problem. You didn't need the

release of confidential

information to know that. I

being make no apology whatsoever for

being attentive to the detail

of my work. The party that

rolled him defended him. Kevin

Rudd is doing a fantastic job

as Foreign Minister. Mr Rudd is

a first-class Foreign Minister. Do you think Kevin

Rudd is an abrasive control

freak? Well, on that basis, I'm

very happy to let that question be noted but no more than that.

I have no comment to make about

those matters at all. Hillary

Clinton released a statement

praising Kevin Rudd. Sentiments

echoed by his ambassador We're good

good mates. You probably seen us walking around the lake

together, having a little

bromance. The cables could Kevin Rudd's caucus critics. In almost have

a separate irony the Foreign

Minister's now ultimately

Assange gets consular responsible for ensuring Julian

assistance. Something he says

will be provided.

Police in New South Wales

are calling it a devastating

blow to the drug trade. A massive swoop early this morning has led to 31 arrests.

The seizure of drugs, guns,

luxury cars and even a

helicopter. Police allege they

have smashed six high level

drug syndicates. When they

moved, they moved quickly, and

en masse. At first light, 500

police officers hit 37 locations across the State.

Police had waited 12 months

Police had waited 12 months for

this day, a complex, secret

operation aimed at crippling

the drug trade. very good day for the New South

Wales Police Force. All up, 31

people were arrested, aged

between 24 and 66. From suburban Sydney, the Central

Coast and Mudgee. A number of

the people who were arrested

today I started working on 30

years ago. This is the top

of the tree. To date, police

have seized 17 kg of drugs, 30

kg of chemicals, four guns and

million in assets have been 600 rounds of ammunition, #14dz

confiscated, including this

Maserati and a helicopter taken

from Bankstown airport. If you

are a successful dealer who has

a nice car and house, you 'd be worried about when we'll come

it and you should be. Police

allege six syndicates have been

dismantled. We're talking about distribution networks in your neighbourhoods. A handful of those arrested appeared in

court this afternoon including former Olympian 60-year-old Warren of the charges today will be

large commercial supply charges. New South charges. New South Wales police contested nearly $2 million from the Gough for

operation domino. The commissioner says it was worth

every cent. We didn't take off

a tentacle, we took out the

octopus. More arrests are


Wild weather has South Australia and Victoria,

forcing evacuations in flooded

areas. Cars, clothing and

personal items were swept away

as rivers burst in South

Australia's mid north. More

than 110 mm of rain fell at the small town of Stockport forcing

residents to flee. I lost everything, everything, my CDs, computers,

mobile phone, everything

personal is all gone. In

Victoria, a night of thundery

showers brought headaches for

Mildura residents. Some switched their mode of

transport to suit the

conditions. And in the State's

west, near Horsham, sandbagging is under way, as

emergency workers battle to

save buildings. Across the

border more bad weather is

bearing down on Wagga Wagga.

ABC reporter Liev Casben is

there, waiting for locals to

hold a community meeting to

discuss the flood response. A short time short time ago, I asked her for

an update on the situation

there. A major storm front has

just hit this region. It's

causing a great deal of angst

as can you imagine for Wagga

Wagga residents and the concern

is that if it hits the expected

100 mm forecast, then it could

cause flash flooding, not just

across the region, but across

the CBD itself. Behind me any

moment a community meeting is

set to start. At it we'll see people that have been been

evacuated from areas like north Wagga. Understandably for them. They haven't been back in their homes since

Sunday. Some had hoped that they'd be able to return there

this afternoon, just to check

on their belongings. But for

many, their patience is running

thin. We need to get home and check on everything. We just

need to go over and make sure

everything's OK. I'm at the

stagely get in my boat and go

there or not, whether I get

booked or not, because we've

got a few things we couldn't get everything out. What preparations are people making

ahead of what looks like much

more bad weather tonight? Sorry, it's difficult

to hear you because the storm

front is passing at the moment.

But I think you said what

preparations are people making?

Obviously the sandbagging is continuing. The State Emergency

Service is continuing to

monitor water levels. River had receded overnight but

unfortunately with this bad

weather, as I say, the watch is

on now as to whether or not those water levels will

continue to increase. If they

do, then the State Emergency

Service will of course be on

stand-by. Residents are stand-by. Residents are being told to be on their guard. At

the moment for many of the 700

or so residents forced out of their home, it doesn't look like they will be able to

return for at least the next 36

hours, if not the week. And it

is the next 36 hours that will

be crucial. That's when this

latest storm front is expected

to pass. Thank you for that.

Liev Casben there in Wagga

Wagga. The Australian rowing

team could move its training

base away from Canberra if contamination levels in Lake

Burley Griffin don't subside.

The lake was closed over the

weekend after heavy rain caused sewage from Queanbeyan. Rowing Australia wants sports with

limited water contact to have

more freedom to use the lake

when contamination levels are relatively low. But the National Capital Authority says

contamination is so high right

now, the lake is likely to

remain off limits for weeks.

Australia's rowers their the

gym without a paddle. gym without a paddle. Olympic preparations for some of the

nation's elite athletes have

been thrown off course. We

really want to make sure this

time in our preparation we get everything done we can.

Currently we can't do

that. Every day the athletes know exactly what they have to

do. This has thrown our plans

out before we've even started. The Queanbeyan sewerage

facility burst on Friday

leaking unprecedented amounts

of waste into the river upstream from the leak. This is

more serious than anything in

recent years. We've this to alter our decision-making process to allow for Last year a blue-green algae

bloom closed the lake. This

time round the sewage spill

could limit lake activities for weeks. We'd have to consider

relocating. That's an enormous

imposition on the athlete s. But the National Capital

Authority says it Authority says it won't be

taking any chances with the safety

safety of lake users. The

levels of contamination shortly

after the burst had reached 50

times the limit imposed by the

authority. They've now receded

but levels are still 15 times

the limit. A small amount of

contact with the water, that

could be from paddle splash,

from carrying a wet boat to a

shed, could be enough to

trigger a health reaction. The

limits currently imposed are

based on safe levels for swim ning

ning and Rowing Australia wants

a relaxation for sports with

limited water contact. We don't

expect our elite athletes to go

in the drink too often. We would want that to be taken

into account when they make the decision. More heavy rain could

dilute the lake, otherwise

heading for their driest summer


An inquiry will be held into the management of Canberra's

youth justice facility but not

the one the opposition wants.

The Liberals pushed for a Royal Commission-style probe to investigate staff shortages and violence at the Bimberi Centre but the Greens used their votes

to establish an inquiry by the Commissioner for Children instead. The Bimberi Centre is

supposed to be human rights

compliant, but the compliant, but the opposition

has its doubts. The staff are concerned for their own safety

and the safety of the inmates.

They are scared. The teachers

are scared. The centre is

suffering from staff shortages

and high turnover rates.

There've been reports of

assaults on youth workers and

violence among detainees. The

opposition wanted a board of inquiry to investigate. There

needs to be an open and it can't be like the

hospital inquiry that we've

just seen, which ended up in a

cover-up. There have only been

three inquiries like this in

the past 20 years. And the

government argued against

it. And then to take the leap to this level of think, is just a little bit

extreme. A bit of a political

hit, I think n the last week of

sitting in December. The staff

shortages have affect the

number of youth workers in the facility's training centre.

Leaving teachers alone in the

classroom. It has changed the

working conditions for them in

so far as until the beginning of this term they had youth

workers in the classrooms with

those teachers. Late this

afternoon the Greens

successfully moved for an

inquiry by the Commissioner for

Children. I believe that he is

the best person to conduct this get to the bottom of the allegations that are raised.

There is clearly some concerns from Bimberi Centre and across

our society that we may to look

at that and review its at that and review its existing practices. The Children's Commissioner must report by the middle of next year.

The Greens want to ban Canberra pet

Canberra pet shops from

displaying animals in their

windows. The ban is part of a

range of draft laws the Greens

want to introduce to improve animal welfare. Other proposals

include banning pet shops from

selling animals to children and

mandatory licences for dog and

cat breeders. Clearly, with

over 1,000 animals being

euthanased in the ACT each year

it's not working as it is. The

Greens hope to pass the laws

next year. The RSPCA says the

changes will make a big

difference. And still to come on ABC News - the best of a vintage year. Political

cartoons of 2010 on display in

Canberra. They may all like the

concept, but doing a deal on

the detail is proving a dilemma for the nation's Education

Ministers. They met in Canberra

to consider a new to consider a new national

curriculum across four key

subjects. But despite agreeing

on the content, the State also

go their own way on rolling it

out. The ACT Government says

the Territory will be one of

the first, beginning next year.

The skies were heavy, the

forecast grim but in the

minister's mind, it was a

crowning achievement. There is

nothing but positives in

today's announcement I have to

tell you. Peter Garrett and his State and Territory

counterparts arrived with

differences, but left claiming collaborative history had been

made. Agreement on the content

for a national

curriculum. Today, Education Ministers

goal for students Australia

wide. But the fine print reveals anything but a uniform

path to national conformity.

Some States will start trial

lessons from next year. But

most will wait till 2012 and

still more the year after. It's

a lengthy delay on the original

promise of 2011. It's patently

obvious to everyone that we are

going to be waiting at going to be waiting at least another 12 months because Peter Garrett and Julia Gillard can't

get it right. The States

acknowledge it's far from

complete. It's up to each of

fous get out there and --

to us to get out there and

deliver it, finetune and make

sure it's the best possible for our young children. We're

taking this one step at a time. States will determine

the journey they want their

students to take to 2013. New

South Wales's journey began

with complaints but ended with

a successful call for

next year on how the plan would

be implemented. Every major

issue that was raised by New

South Wales stakeholders

through the board of studies

has been addressed. The next

target date is October, when

they meet again to consider more changes. State State and federal cooperation

has emerged as a potential sore

point in 2011. This delivery

date may have slipped but the

Prime Minister is hoping others don't. She

don't. She has already

scheduled a Valentine's Day

COAG meeting to work on the


Customers and businesses across the country have been

left high and dry again by another National Australia Bank

computer crash. NAB says it experienced a temporary

interruption to some electronic services, including ATMs,

EFTPOS and Internet banking.

The bank says the interruption lasted about one 3pm. To finance now of the both

the Australian dollar and the

local share market fell back

today, but new data shows the housing market remains

resilient. The Aussie dollar

fell quite a lot from 99 something last night to something tonight. It seems to

be mainly due to a US dollar

rally following President

Obama's decision to extend the

Bush tax cuts for two more

years. European countries like

Ireland are hitting their

citizens with big tax increases

an spending cuts but America

whose budget is in far worse

shape than Ireland's is still

cutting tax and adding 750

billion to the national debt. The difference couldn't be more


Here is a graft the 3,000 stocks listed on the

Nasdaq Stock Exchange along with the Australian All Ordinaries which contains

Australia's 500 largest listed

companies. The Nasdaq is up a

handy 15% this year while the

All Ords is down 2%. If you

adjust the Australian index currency changes it's up 7%.

Today the All Ordinaries rose

half a per cent. The banks all

fell, with Bank of Queensland

suffering the biggest fall. Rio

Tinto and AMP closed higher.

The oil price in New York got

to $90 a barrel overnight but

quickly fell back to below 88 before the close of trading.

Housing finance data for

October came out today. It was

up more than expected, but it

still down more than 20% for

the past year. And if you look

at this graph, you can see that

housing finance is well below

its long-term trend. So if the

banks want to resume their

profit growth of old they have

some work to do. And that's

finance. The Oprah invasion is well well and truly under way, with

the American TV star landing in

Australia today. But in the

end, it wasn't Sydney but Queensland that welcomed one of

the world's richest women the world's richest women to help promote Australia to the

world . Oprah Winfrey finally

arifrs and Hamilton Island is

playing host. What will you do

while you're here? Jeefrg I

can. But Cairns was whether

she first touched down on

Australian soil, waiting for

her was a small group of local

fans. I don't know whether she

will come close enough but I

will do anything. Ha ha! will do anything. Ha ha! Butt

talk show queen wasn't to be

seen. Well only by a lucky

few. She only came out for a

split second. And all she did was come out and say "Hello!"

And then that was it. Oprah

was given the star treatment.

No lining up at customs, they

came to her. It's a bit of a

letdown, mate. We came here to

have a look at her. Hopefully

she'd get off and say g'day.

Even if she just opened the door and waved it was wonderful. Come meet the

dogs. The only dog meeting Oprah was on duty. She

requested to request the

customs dog. Then it was off to

see more animals in action. I

have been here one hour and

seen two koalas mating already. $3 million in government funding launched

this Oprah odyssey designed to

lure more international

tourists to Australia. Her

American audience members are travelling around the country,

some are in the Northern

Territory to take in some

Aboriginal rock art. Oprah

Winfrey is due to make her only

official public appearance with

the Prime Minister in Melbourne

on Friday.

England coach Andy flower

says there's no danger of says there's no danger of any

complacency from his team

despite all of Australia's

problems. The tourists are

aiming to continue their

winning form when they play

Victoria in a three-day starting on Friday. England

arrived in Melbourne without

paceman James Anderson who's

flown home for the birth of his

second child, but will be back

before the third Test. We have

to try to balance what's important to our cricket team

and also what's important to

these guys and in their personal lives. While Australia

appears to be in disray way

with some players facing a

nervous wait before the third

Test squad is announced England

is anticipating a fightback

from the hosts. How can we be

complacent? We're ranked No. 4

in the world. We have a long

way to go. Dumped Australian

spinner Nathan Hauritz has sent

a reminder to the national selectors

selectors but not the sort they

were expecting. Hauritz batted

all day for New South Wales in its Sheffield Shield game against South Australia making his maiden first-class century,

126 not out. Coolum's been happy hunting ground for Robert

Allenby. I have played well

here. Won it twice here. And here. Won it twice here. And I

feel pretty confident coming

back to this golf course. Victory this week would

make Robert Allenby only the

second player to win the

Australian PGA five times. The tournament starts tomorrow. FIFA has hit FIFA has hit back at criticism from countries that failed to

win the right to host the World Cup. Whatever people are saying

now, there are two winners,

Russia and Qatar N sport you

should learn to win and lose. The Australian bid team is

among those pushing for change

to the voting process. Under

the current rules, it's a

secret ballot. We have organise

ed a voting system which was

very transparent. Football's

not all about politics. Hekari

United a semiprofessional team from Papua New Guinea is representing Oceania at the Club World Cup in the United

Arab Emirates. Two upset wins would book Italian powerhouse Inter

Milan. Football unites

everyone. Hekari United faces

a local team in a knock-out

game tonight.

They are incisive, witty and can be quite cruel but usually get to the heart of the

story better than any words

can. Political cartoons provide

a snapshot of the major events

and personalities in the life

of our nation. And now the best

ones of the past year are on

show at the Museum of

Democracy. 2010 will go down as

a good vintage for political

cartoons. It's been a bumper year for cartoonists. So much

happening. It's been the gift

that keeps giving. From the

fallout from the Copenhagen

climate change summit, to the

mining supertax. From the rise of Tony Abbott to

Leadership spill. It's almost Shakespearean the issues of

rising too high and ambition

and glory and defeat and

embarrassment and humiliation, all of these things are thrown

into the pot so it's very rich pickings for the cartoonists.

The election and the subsequent

hung Parliament. Rich pickings indeed. A lot indeed. A lot of argument and fighting. It's not necessarily

good for the country but it's

great for cartoonists. Gives you something to make fun

of. In a year of great cartoons

Jon Kudelka's been singled out as among the greatest. He has been honoured with the National

Museum of Australia's annual political cartooning

award. We're not careful.

That's what editors are for,

they make us careful but we

have more licence than most I think which is nice of the

country. It's a sign that the

democracy is working pretty well. Why does the political

cartoon endure? It's a bit like

poetry. They're a consolidation

of a whole lot of ideas, a synthesis of insight an sometimes great work make you think. And what next

for the country's political cartoonists? With a hung

Parliament it's going to be another great year next year.

It's going to be great for as long as it long as it lasts. The

exhibition runs in Canberra

until March 20. And will then

travel to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Definitely worth a look. Now

with a look at today's weather, here's Mark Carmody. Thanks,

good evening. There were what I

call sun showers about today,

particularly this afternoon.

Our gauge here at Dickson got a

millimetre. So did the airport.

But Tuggers' gauge was right

under a cloud burst and under a cloud burst and it got 4. Showers stretching from north

of Wagga Wagga to the Victorian alps are slowly moving eastwards. In the State

capitals today, cloud covered

both Brisbane and Sydney. Heavy

rain fell in Melbourne.

Thick cloud is moving across

the south-east and it has the

potential to deliver some substantial falls tonight and south west slopes and in the mountains. A cold front will

link up with this trough,

resulting in rain and cooler

temperatures. A following high

should give us a reasonable

weekend. Nationally tomorrow:

This pink bell-shaped flower is from a plant with the

heavenly name of Angel's

Fishing Rod and it looks great

in any garden. I can imagine

it would. Thank you, Mark. And

that's ABC News. Stay with us

for the 7.30 Report and you can

keep up with the latest news at

ABC Online. Enjoy your evening, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. As

you've no doubt heard the

international storm over

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has taken

Assange has taken a dramatic turn, with the 39-year-old Australian surrendering to

police in London. Assange is

facing sexual charges in Sweden

which he denies, and says he'll

fight an extradition request by Swedish authorities.

Swedish authorities. A British

judge has refused to grant

bail. US authorities reeling from a series of deeply embarrassing leaked latest including trenchant US criticism of former Prime Minister now Foreign Minister

Kevin Rudd, have welcomed his

arrest as good news. But his supporters claim the charges are are politically motivated and a

travesty of justice. Tonight, we're covering this increasingly sensational story