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(generated from captions) with the wedding, guys. Krystle and Darren, good luck You won $50,000! One question, $50,000 cash! Well done, Krystle. Thank you! Good luck with the wedding. 50 grand to Krystle Williams. That's how you do it on the Hot Seat. in Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Catch you next time Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

First on Nine - the driver fight-

back against sneaky fines on our

roads. Premier Barry O'Farrell's

bizarre blunder. And Miranda Kerr

fashion business. on babies, being back, and the

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with

Peter Overton.

Good evening. Police say children

have been threatened in a series of

extortion letters sent to families

across Sydney. A man was arrested

late yesterday and faced court in

Penrith this afternoon. Reporter

Tim McMillan is there. Tim, what

more can you tell us? Pete, just a

few moments ago, the accused man,

43-year-old Chris Annonwavo, was

taken from the Penrith police

complex in a prison van. His loved

ones apparently not able to come up

with the requirements for his

release. The most disturbing

element to the allegations is the

involvement of children. It's

alleged he sent a series of letters

to families across Sydney, and

within those, direct threats to

children within those families.

Details including their names,

sporting act andifrbts other events

they may have attended the. Amounts

ranged from 6,000 right up to

$105,000, from suburbs from the

northern beaches across to Chromer.

The bulk of the 14 families who

received these letters allegedly

from the north-west, really around

the Quakers Hill area in which he

resided. He was granted bail this

afternoon, but on strict conditions

- that he had to surrender his

passport, and that $5,000 bail had

to be posted. Obviously his wife

and a supporter who were here

running around this afternoon

trying to come up with those

requirements couldn't, so he will

spend another night in custody. But

it won't be long before he's back

before the court, Pete. He was

bailed to appear next Friday,

August 5, before the Penrith Court

again. OK. Tim McMillan, thank you.

A day after the Government shut

down a dozen speed cameras across

Sydney, another road trap has

emerged. T-way bus lanes have

caught out more than 12,000 drivers

in just one year. Many say they've

been fined unfairly, and Nine News

met one motorist who fought back.

This David stood up to the gilithe

that is the RTA and won. David

Samuel from North Richmond was

caught driving on a freeway in

North Blacktown. No chance of

avoiding what is essentially a trap.

The Parramatta Court last Monday,

he had his $258 fine refunded and

three demerit points reinstated.

Yes, I did drive up that T-way. But

I was induced to to so by the fact

that there was no signs indicating

that it was something other than an

ordinary road. And you couldn't

reverse back because that would

have been - That would have been

even more dangerous. There are

plenty of other cameras monitoring

T-ways where this could happen. The

intersection of Elizabeth Drive and Brown Road, Bonnyrigg...

Armstrong Legal's David Randall ran

the case ra. You need to weigh up

the cost of the courts being

clogged in these cases where people

will fight. These concerns about T-

ways are a day after the State

Government decided to remove 38

fixed speeld cameras. The news on

T-ways isn't as good. No changes

are planned.

An Air Canada plane is back in the

skies tonight on its way to

Vancouver, after a faulty oven

forced it to return to Sydney this

morning. Smoke was spotted coming

out of the oven shortly after take-

off. The pilot had to circle the

city for over an hour, dumping fuel.

Passengers were taken off the plane,

again. while it refuelled, before boarding

If you've had enough of the carbon

tax, be careful when you go to your

letterbox next week. The Federal

Government is about to mail out its

side of the argument, while the

Opposition Leader today took his

battle to country NSW.

Tony Abbott in Tony Windsor's NSW

seat - trying to turn the

electorate against the tax, and in

turn, against the independent. Do

not assume that this tax is going

to get through the parliament. But

the Government's making sure it

does, releasing draft legislation,

giving the public a month to have a

say before it goes to parliament in

September. And as part of its multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded

offensive, next week, mailing to

every household a brochure selling

its case. Our responsibility is to

get on with it, put the details out,

explain it to people, but get on

with the job. And the Government's

put tax reform out for discussion

as well - ahead of a cross-

community forum later in the year.

But one tax is off-limits. The

Government will not be touching the

base or the rate of the GST. End of

story. But the story's not over for

Jasper and Abby, the Rudd family

pets made famous in his children's

book. What do you think, Jasper?

Good stuff? Mmm. The Foreign

(LAUGHS) Minister videoed and tweeted...

Jasper and Abby road-testing his

own blend of tea for a "Make your

own" competition made by Twinings.

approval? Does it get the canine vote of

The Premier has told a major

industry briefing the north-west

rail link is as important for

Sydney as the Harbour Bridge. Under

pressure today to give details

about planned budget cuts, Barry

O'Farrell slipped up - badly. What

I'm not doing is answering that

classic old journos' trick of "When

did you stop beating your wife?" I

don't beat rosemary. I'm not home

often enough to be anywhere near

her. The Premier later apologised,

saying he was not trying to make

light of domestic violence. The

worst possible news today for the

family of murder victim Angelo

Cusumano. The man convicted of

shooting the father of four will be

released on parole next month. But

say. today, Mrs Cusumano had the final

Holding the hand of her heldest son,

a determined Mary Cusumano about to

face her husband's killer. This.

Exactly like that? Yeah. Now aged

35, Aaron Robinson was just 19 when

he shot Angelo Cusumano at his

Penshurst Gamesmen store in 1995.

Then I started backing off, like

this. Then backing off, and then

when he got to byte here, I shot

him. Today, Robinson faced the

Parole Authority, asking to be set

free. With her voice breaking, Mary

Cusumano sat in the witness box and

asked the Authority to impose

killer: strict conditions on her husband's

Corrective Services didn't oppose

Robinson's release. It asked that

he be ordered to wear a GPS

monitoring system so his movements

can be tracked. The Parole

Authority agreed, and also imposed

wide-ranging conditions set out by

Mrs Cusumano, including banning him

from going anywhere that might

bring him into contact with her

family. They have granted all the

conditions I have put towards them,

which makes me and my family and

the community feel safe. Did you

also want him to hear what you had

to say? I did I. Definitely did.

Mary Cusumano says authorities need

to listen to the families of murder

victims. I'm my husband's voice.

I'm the one that can speak on his

behalf. And that's important to me.

It's important to my family.

Robinson will be freed next month.

The David Jones glamour girl

returned today, and not a moment

too soon. Miranda Kerr helped kick

off a new campaign that aims to

entice shoppers back to the struggling retailer.

Back home in Australia, back home

at David Jones. That's a good print.

For the last 18 months, the

retailer really has missed Miranda.

So good to be home. I mean, it's

been 18 months since I've been back

here because, you know, the baby

and everything. So it's wonderful

to be here and to - I'm looking

forward to seeing all my family. Supermodel-turned-supermum, she's

back on the catwalk... I practised

yoga the whole pregnancy, then I

continued to practise yoga. Now I'm

doing pilates as well. Juggling

career and motherhood. I had a

photoshoot and a fitting this

morning. I only work a certain

amount of hours in a day. I've got

a good son, I'm very blessed. Not

so blessed - David Jones. On the

back of its worst midyear clearance

sales in 20 years, the retailer now

predicts profits will drop 12% in

the next six months. On top of it

all, while Miranda has been away,

another woman has moved into town -

Zara. They brought parinous to

Sydney. You can go into any Myers

and David Jones and pick up the

same garment. Don't department

stores know it? It has been tough.

That's been well-reported in the

market over the last few weeks.

It's been a difficult trading

environment, but our customers are

looking for innovation and

excitement. Our biggest department

stores aren't the only ones

struggling. Target's overall

profits for the last financial year

were down 1.2%. Kmart stayed steady

at 0.3%. Coles is booming - a

profit of 6.3%. Lots of people are

walking into shops, all browsing,

and they're not coming out with

bags. That's the important thing

for retailers to remember - turn

that looker into a real customer.

Davina is in Pitt Street tonight.

Flagging sales - just what are

department stores going to do to

get customers back? Pete, in the

next couple of weeks, you'll hear a

new campaign slogan - it's "Was, is,

always David Jones." You're also

going to see 60 new brands instore

from the start of next week. The

major international coup coup is

that David Jones will be stocking

Victoria Beckham's latest designs.

As for Myer, they've stolen sass &

bide from David Jones. They'll have

an online campaign and they'll be

relying on a host of specialised

instore services as well. Make no

mistake, the retailers really are

struggling at the moment. But I

guarantee you in the next couple of

weeks when both of them launch

their spring/summer campaigns,

there'll be plenty of dollars and

champagne thrown about, Pete.

Davina, thank you very much.

A Hells Angels bikie granted bail

less than 24 hours before his

wedding has been arrested again. He

was one of 11 people taken into

custody this morning over a $5.5

million worth of tax fraud. He was

married almost a fortnight ago. He

appeared in court just yesterday

over an alleged extortion attempt.

One of Australia's biggest killers

is prostate cancer. We lose 3,000

men a year, and the figures are not

getting -- the figures are getting

worse, not better. Today, Qantas

boss Alan Joyce spoke of his very

personal battle with the disease,

as well as showing off a brand-new

plane that he hopes will save lives.

It's a a jet-fired billboard with a

life-saving message. It's a

personal crusade, but it should be

a national crusade. Three months

ago, a health check revealed Alan

Joyce had a very aggressive form of

prostate cancer. And the doctors

said, if I hadn't have found it,

there was an 80% chance I would

have been dead within 10 years.

They were able to remove the tumour,

then did a complete biopsy on it,

found more tumours as a consequence,

and said I was extremely lucky I

found it when I did. So the Qantas

chief has put the famous Prostate

Foundation blue ribbon on this

brand-new 737 to encourage his male

employees and passengers to get

tested - the earlier, the better. I

had no plans to do a health check

until I was 50. I was 44 when I did

the health check. You're a typical

man. Typical man. He only went to

the doctor to set an example for

his staff, never expecting to hear

the stark news. Prostate cancer

kills 3,000 Australian men a year,

and the death rate is rising. As

Treasurer Wayne Swan knows only too

well, he was diagnosed 10 years ago.

I wouldn't be making this speech

today if I hadn't been detected and

I didn't have a switched-on GP.

Today, prostate cancer was front of

mind for everyone. Alan Joyce is in

good health, but his airline isn't

- industrial action by pilots and

engineers looms large. The boss has

had major surgery - he says his

airline needs it too.

We need to change to survive. I

want to see Qantas healthy and

successful. We wish you continued

good health. Thanks, Peter. And I

hope you've done the check. I have. Great.

Yes, good etthe test.

Coming up in Nine News - a shopping

centre in Sydney's north-west

engulfed by fire.

Plus - why this crocodile was

trying to cross the road.

And Peter Harvey was on the Harbour

for the spectacular opening for the Sydney Boat

It could be days until residents

can return to the Eastwood shopping

centre after fire ripped through

two stores. Investigators haven't

ruled out arson.

A firestorm in the heart of Eastwood. (SIRENS WAIL)

The blaze was so ferocious, it

needed a team of 100 firefighters

to battle it. Residents say they

heard explosions before the fire

broke out in a fruit and vegetable

shop. It was big flames every way

when we came out, my son called the

fire brigade. The fire brigade was

already on their way. The flame was

very intense. So intense, it

destroyed a furniture shop next

door. This morning, the owner of

that store, George Jackson, could

only survey the damage from afar.

We need to clean up and see if we

can get back to business. I don't

know how long it will take - days,

weeks, maybe never. We don't know.

It could take a couple of days for

engineers to determine whether

these buildings are in fact safe

enough for people to return. There

are fears this white wall is so

unstable, it could collapse -

directly onto the shopping precinct.

The shopping complex remains in

lockdown, as investigators

determine what caused the blaze.

They haven't ruled out arson.

There are times when it's perfectly

OK for men to drool, and the Sydney

International Boat Show is one of

them. We sent Peter Harvey to check

out some glistening beauties on the harbour.

You don't see this sort of thing

very often - 15 waterskiers being

towed up the harbour and under the

Bridge - the Sydney International

Boat Show - every square centimetre

of the enormous Convention Centre

and Darling Harbour itself packed

to the bilges with everything that

floats and everything you need to

keep it floating. No sign of

financial caution here, matey. You

get a good deal if you hunt around.

The prices were considered pretty right, and not just for

millionaires. Family-size cruisers

for between $30,000 and $40,000.

There's good value here. Other were

millionaire family-sized. Spas,

luxurious bedrooms - you name it,

these boats have got it. You could

walk across Darling Harbour - the

marina was gunnal to gunnal - NSW's

230,000 registered boat-owners and

wannabes being offered trade-ups,

trade-ins, or why not take two?

I've already got a boat. But I'm

just looking at a new one. And he

probably will. In the past three

months alone, the Australian

company, Riviera, has sold 13 boats,

each one worth more than $1 million.

In the past year, it's sold another

five - each worth more than $2

million. Now, that's buoyancy for you.

A crocodile has made a slippery

escape from a stormwater drain in

Cairns. Workers were cleaning the

drain when the 1.5m long salty

crept out and tried crossing the 6-

lane road. A policeman used a broom

to keep the animal away from

onlookers until help arrived. The

croc is now in the care of

Queensland Parks & Wildlife.

Time for sport with Cameron.

Pete, it's a football war in

Sydney's west. We'll hear why

league is winning the battle.

Also - the Aussie swimmer who could

be the fastest ever.

And how the Big Bash is putting

some colour into cricket.

We can look forward to a mild spell

in Sydney. I'll have the weather

details for you, shortly. (CLIPPER BUZZES) VOICEOVER: There's another way to save on electricity. Now that Country Energy customers are part of Origin, we have the power to cut your electricity bill. So give us a call.

Israel Folau is being paid millions

of dollars by the AFL, and even he

says rugby league is winning the

battle of the west. At a time when

the NRL's grip on its own heartland

has been questioned, today, league

identities hit back - strongly.

He's reached the 300-game mark, and

the Eels will sell that on Monday

night. Today, Nathan Hindmarsh was

hard at work at the NRL's Western

Sydney Academy, defending his code

against the AFL's bottomless chest

of funds. It's rugby league

heartland out here. We've got 84

clubs out this way. Rugby league is

looking good. His team-mates were

promoting the values of eating

avocadoes - even on pizza. They say

the threat from AFL is a load of

baloney. I think rugby league's

still thriving in Western Sydney. I

don't think we have too much to

worry about with the AFL. It's a

strong sport, a good brand, and I

think rugby league has got Western

Sydney cover. I think the changes

that are happening in the NRL -

they'll probably start thinking of

things to combat that. Hopefully

they can do the job and we stay on

top. Rugby league is a success

story in Western Sydney. We

saturate the market with NRL teams.

We saturate the market with junior

teams. Sensing an opportunity, the

AFL trotted out their face of

Western Sydney - but even he

couldn't deny that league is still

the big ticket. I think rugby

league is still the strong --

stronger sport out here. But as a

club, we're trying to promote the

game out here and give kids a few

options to play different sports.

And arguably the best player in the

NRL, Johnathan Thurston, had his

first run since injuring his knee

in State of Origin.

James Magnussen is on the verge of

history - tonight, he hopes to

become Australia's first world

champion in the 100m freestyle.

He's qualified fastest for the

final, and many in the swimming

world believe this is just the beginning.

A week ago, people here were asking, "James who?" A week ago, people here were asking,

"James who?" Well, there's no

confusion anymore. The fastest into

the final of freestyle's 2-lap dash,

and James is on the brink of

history. That's an impressive

performance from Magnussen! Hard

not to be excited about this young

man! He's certainly improving at a

rapid speed. If he keeps improving

like this, it will be something

scary. A laid-back lad from Port Macquarie, James grabbed everyone's

attention when he spearheaded our

relay team to gold. attention when he spearheaded our relay team to gold. His coach

believes the 20-year-old may have

got ahead of himself, but he's not

complaining. I think he surprised

himself. He's come up obviously

with a swim that, at a time that he

wanted to do some time next year.

James Magnussen has been swimming

at the top level for only 18 months.

His progress has stunned the

swimming world - even the reigning

Olympic and world champion here,

Cesar Cielo from Brazil, believes

the young Aussie will be unbeatable

in the final. Brisbane's Kylie

Palmer has also cracked the big

time, storming home from second-

last to silver behind Italy's

Frederica Pelligrini in the 200m

freestyle final. It's really nice

to know that, at the moment, I'm

second-best in the world. It's

something to really strive for next year.

Australian cricket's newest

competition was given a very

colourful launch today, and no-one

arrived in more style than the

Sydney Sixers. The Twenty20 Big

Bash league features eight teams,

and it begins in mid-December.

Summer. I remember that, Pete.

Can't come quick enough! Cameron, thank you.

To breaking news - Kellogg's has

issued a recall of its Crunchy Nut

Clusters cereal. Four customers

found a small piece of plastic in

their boxes. The recall affects

some 540-gram boxes with use-by

dates of March next year, and 450-

gram boxes with use-by dates of June 2012.

Natalie is next with the weather.

Will those blue skies continue into

the weekend? Pete, we haven't seen

the end of the sunshine just yet.

It's not all good news, I'm afraid.

Weather details after the break.

Coming up on WIN News... A Coming up on WIN News... A Canberr

murderer - sentenced to jail. A

poll finds Australians support poll finds Australians support poke

machine restrictions. And the

chocolate survey with surprising

results. Join us for the details

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Sunny skies and warm north-westerly

winds brought quite a mild day for

this time of year - 7-20 degrees in

the city, 4 above the average. A

cold start in our west, down to

just 2 in Campbelltown.

A high just east of NSW keeping the

state mainly fine and mild over the

next few days. A few showers and

storms over South Australia

tomorrow. The west coast once again

picking up the heaviest falls -

some more wet weather on the way

for Perth:

A similar story for us tomorrow in

Sydney - morning fog clearing to a

mainly fine winter's day. North-

westerly winds should ease by the afternoon.

Pete. Natalie, thank you. That is

Nine News for this Thursday. I'm

Peter Overton. I hope you have a

good evening. From us all, goodnight.

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Tonight ... A victims family

distraught as a Canberra murderer distraught as a Canberra murderer i

sentenced to 16 years jail. A

needle and syringe exchange program

recommended for the ACT' s prison.

And: Choco-a-holics - a survey And: Choco-a-holics - a survey find

people prefer chocolate to beer.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post.

The mother of a Canberra woman

stabbed to death in two-thousand-and-eight, says her

murderer should spend more time

behind bars. Rebecca Anne Massey

wiped away a tear as she was

sentenced to sixteen-years jail. sentenced to sixteen-years jail. Th

judge telling the court her lack judge telling the court her lack o

remorse weighed on his decision. remorse weighed on his decision.

It was too much for Elizabeth

Booshand' s mother to bare. This