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(generated from captions) It seems every day facing potential disaster. there's another region in Queensland the focus will be on St George And in the coming days in the south-west of the state. devastating floods It's a town still getting over which hit just 10 months ago. could be much greater But the threat this time around will reach a record peak above 14m. with predictions the Balonne River 80% of the town would be flooded. If that happens, is a proud resident of St George. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce He joins me now. How are things looking in your town?

Nat, it's looking alright at the

moment but we don't want 15 metres.

14 metres will cause major problems.

We just hope and pray it doesn't

happen. Everybody has been putting

their shoulder to the wheel, we have

been sandbagging yesterday, flat

out, in fact we just about ran out

of sandbags. I have been helping

people muster stock. People are

pitching in, you can see behind me

the levee banks in places as

from the town help each other out to the levee banks in places as people

try to do what can to avoid the

damage faup flood but some of the

economic damage is already there.

10s of millions of dollars in crop

loss, damage to the roads, now we

have weight restrictions on bridges

which is causing problems if the

produce we can get out. We just want to make sure we to make sure

to make sure we get through the

flood and get the economy back up

and running for as quickly as

possible, not just for this area but

for the whole of the nation.

Exactly, Barnaby, we have done lots

of stories on the towns people and

the city people and how their homes

are inundated. Those farmers, are

youing to them, it is a massive,

region? massive problem right across the

It is, Natalie, I, two days uzgo I

was helping one muster the sheep,

had to walk them through the water,

if the flood goes to 14 metres, they

are all dead and will drown. For the

crops, so much invested in cotton

crops, great crops, other

horticultural crops. They either go

under water and perish

under water and perish or are lost

or they get them off and can't move

them to the markets which means they

are also in trouble. We have got to

make sure we get the access to

finance to try to get the finance to try to get the crops

going again. Get the economy going

again and just like you in

have a hard look Rockhampton, Natalie, we have got to

have a hard look where there is the

capacity to build dams that would

mitigate the effect of the floods.

If we don't, what is happening here

mrp. will just happen again in the future mrp will just happen again in the future

Exact hraerbgs people have been

through floods right throughout the

region and now we are in the middle

of the wet season and it is going to

rain more. $

rain more. $bun 1 billion for the

crop losses I think they are saying,

how can you start to deal can it?

Natalie what they are worried about

is the bank manager, the

is the bank manager, the bank

manager turns up and says, "Listen, manager turns up and says, "

lady or mate, you are out of money

and off yor place and out ow luck."

We have got to make sure the vital

infrastructure, the human capital,

the people who own the places,

working on the places all those

people who have jobs and are paying

off their houses and paying off

their mortgages we got to make sure

we keep them employed. So after the

flood goes we have got a job, the

economy is up and runninging, the

coal industry where you are,

agriculture industry here, it keeps

the nation pering along. If we lose

sight of that or not, the banks will

shut the show down and we don't want

that. We have to make sure people

have access to finance to get their

places up and access to their houses

and in the future we build a dam so

instead of going through your

we can use it to generate power and instead of going through your house not cost us money.

That would be nice, I am sure people

would find it welcome news if we

could just sort it out. Thank you