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(generated from captions) For $100,000, it was... ..Jack Johnson! You've won $100,000! Well done, mate. You've won 100,000 bucks. Phil Sutton just won $100,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Tonight, a multi-million dollar ice

bust, a top Aussie swimmer is

charged. Who is poisoning Sydney

dogs? Police fear kids could be

next. The Liberal candidate who

picked a fight with police.

Survival of the fittest, through

sharks and rough seas a fisherman

beats the odds. What Charlie Sheen

did next. A special message for his

boss. Good evening. We begin

tonight what story of riches and

luxury in Sydney's eastern suburbs

allegedly funded by a drug that

causes untold misery on our streets.

Police claim they have smashed an

ice distribution network, seizing

more than $4 million worth of the

drug, bags of cash and several

luxury cars. Police show off their

haul, bags full of ice, for

hospital staff and emergency wards

this is a nightmare drug but for

Sabba Yazadami ever Vaucluse police

say it brought him the high life. A

$2 million home, flash cars, a box-

load of money and he is unemployed.

We allegedly the 35-year-old is a

principal of this syndicate. They

claim 25-year-old Ayrton Dickey was

a key player, formerly from Perth

he was a swimmer competing at last

year's national titles. Like anyone

in custody for the first time, no

record, um, that is all I can say.

Like anyone would be. The alleged

drug syndicate had been the target

of a surveillance operation since

October 2009. Yesterday the

decision was made to shut it down

as police stopped an unsuspecting

the courier driver in The Rocks.

There was a safe containing 11kg of

ice. Officers raided a Vaucluse

apartment and uncovered $882,000 in

cash. At a Bondi unit they seized

drugs, money and a $250,000 Bentley

purchased a week ago and a Mercedes

Benz four-wheel drive. Trappings

which sounded alarm bells for

police. It is a trigger for us to

start to look at people that may be

involved in criminal activity.

Neither man applied for bail while

the supporters in the court were

left shield in their faces and

saying nothing. Dam yan is at The

Rocks where the drugs were seize $.

It must have been a shock for the

courier driver when police pulled

him over? Absolutely. Here he was

yesterday in The Rocks surround by

police and eventually told he was

carting millions worth of drugs.

Police insist he had no idea what

was on board and was simply on his

way to drop it off. While the

courier driver is in the clear

others may not be so forth national,

police have indicated it is highly

likely there will be further

arrests as they investigate this

drug cartel further interstate. A

frightening warning tonight for

parents and every Sydney pet owner.

Three dogs have been poisoned after

eating food left in a park. Police

fear children could also be at risk.

This is the last photo taken of 6

month old Bella. I want justice for

my dog and for whoever has done

this they could have done this the

child. The much-loved puppy was

dead in 10 minutes after eating a

piece of poison bread in a park

near her family home in earl wood.

She died in my homes there at the

front. This 20-year-old suffered

the same fate. She and her best

mate were being walked in the same

park yesterday, both had poison

bread They have murdered a member

of our family. Maggie was going

into this death seizure which is

like the worst thing you have ever

seen. The 13-year-old boxer was

sick but has survived. I'm just so

grateful because she is my best

friend. There were eight pieces of

blue bread scattered throughout the

park yesterday. If a child had

picked up and swallowed the bread

it is likely they would have died.

Yes it is a child playground so it

is very distressing for us this

substance is left around. Lizzy is

at the reserve where the dogs were

poisoned. Do police have any idea

whose is behind this? At the moment

they don't but they do want to

catch this person or persons before

they strike again. We can say that

yesterday officers came back to the

park here and picked up more pieces

of that blue substance-soaked bread.

They have been sent did the

laboratory for toxicology tests as

have the contents of the dogs

stomachs to work out what the

substance is but it has to be

something pretty nasty considering

how quickly it has killed the to

dogs. A prominent state Liberal

candidate in a marginal West Sydney

seat has been caught arguing with

police. He repeatedly refused to

listen as officers ordered him to

move his campaign truck off a

Granville street. This is the

Liberals Tony Issa who is having a

bad day, after picking a fight for

police for wanting him to move his

campaign truck I want the car move

$. You guys, I'm parked legally.

Simple. The reason t Premier was

opening the new tpwranville police

station. It set off the man who

wants to be the Member for

Granville. I cannot see why I have

to move the car. Tony Issa a former

Parramatta Lord Mayor did a U-turn

and tied to speed off. Not only

does that seem odd. What seems

stranger that is the Liberal

volunteers came up to ask me for my

all graph. Barry O'Farrell, was

your candidate being a goose? A

minor incident blown out of all

proportion, unacceptable behaviour

and that is what I will tell him.

Tony Issa's opponent is the Roads

Minister David Bartlett who is

accused by. The Opposition of

hanging onto a 93-page report in

the faulty mobile speed cameras.

That document will not be delivered

to. The Opposition until after the

election. Clearly there is a

massive cover-up going on here.

Whatever is in those reports would

be highly damaging and embarrassing

to the Government. Why else would

they move heaven and earth to delay

this information? They say every

fisherman has a tale to tell and

Andrew Mackay's is up there with

the best. Thrown from his boat he

swam for eight hours through rough

seas to make it back to dry land.

List odyssey be began at 11.30 when

he left Tweed Heads on the NSW

border. At 2pm he was swept from

his boat at Nine Mile Reef 5

kilometres off the coast. Eight

hours later Andrew made it ashore

at Fingal Headland. Exhausted and

covered in battle scars, Andrew

Wilson is a man with an incredible

will to live There was only ever

going to be one outcome. I was not

going to stop, soy just, yeah, kept

going. The 25-year-old was fishing

when a rogue wave washed him

overboard leaving him with a life-

or-death decision. He chose to swim.

Adrenaline and just sheer

determination. The ocean was

unrelenting. Andrew was stung by

blue bottles, bumped by a shark and

the current was incredibly strong.

I thought I will be able to stop

and float and get some energy back,

but every time I stopped even for

30 seconds I was taken back the sea.

Just to put this marathon in

perspective Andrew was fishing at

Nine Mile Reef and when he got into

trouble he thought he would aim for

Cook Island but ended up being

pummelled on the rocks at Fingal

Headland. When he finally reached

shore he stumbled up to this door.

He said he had fallen off his boat

an could I phone his Katie. Katie,

Andrew's fiancee was understandably

worried sick. I was the thought of

her that gave him strength when all

hope was gone. I'm really proud of

him. I'm really proud of him and so

glad he is home. No fishing

tonight? No fishing for a while.

Shadow Immigration Minister Scott

Morrison was back-tracking today

over his comments about the asylum-

seekers killed in the Christmas

Island shipwreck tragedy. Following

criticism from senior front bench

colleague Joe Hockey, Mr Morrison

conceded he was insensitive to

question the cost of their funerals

as families mourned. At Villawood

detention centre today relatives of

asylum-seekers drowned in the

December Christmas Island shipwreck

expressing gratitude to the

Government for allowing funerals

for eight of the victims to be held

in Sydney yesterday. And for flying other relatives from Christmas

Island to attend. Esay thank you

for that and we need a lot of

support. Thank you to the

Government. Thank you for our

journey and to everybody. On Syd

anyway radio a rare admission of

error from a politician. The timing

of my comments over the last 24

hours was insensitive and

inappropriate. As parents buried

children and children mourned

parents yesterday, Scott Morrison

criticised the cost and said the

funerals sudden have been held on

Christmas Island earning a rebuke

from Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey It

is a compassionate motion, have an

obligation to ensure we retain our

humanity. Tony Abbott praised his

immigration spokesman's error I

want to say Scott has shown lot of

guts this morning excepting he

might have gone a little too far

yesterday. But the Opposition

Leader had backed Mr Morrison's original comments. Mr Morrison and

Mr Abbott Have only conceded the

timing was a mistake. The substance

of their criticism stands and that

worries Liberal Party moderates,

though they are now closing ranks.

No split. We all love each other!

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

puts the costs of the charter

flight at about $300 tkhoud. --

$300,000. Italy's wayward Prime

Minister could soon be forced from

power over his links with a young

prostitue. He has been ordered to

stand trial for having sex with the

woman when she was legally under-

age. Meet Karima El Mahroug working

name Ruby. On the night in question

she was 17, Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi paid her $10,000. It was

the last straw for Italian women.

Around a million marched in 50

cities and towns three days ago declaring Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi shamed their country.

The 74-year-old Prime Minister has

now been ordered the face court in

and accused of under-age sex. There

is also an account ever abusing

Federal powers in a failed cover-up. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

says it is a case cooked up by

Italy's left-wingers. What is

happening here is exaggerated

against Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi. Here at Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Roman residence

the Prime Minister has been locked

in talks with his lawyers for most

of the day to try to figure tout

next move. Ruby denys having sex

with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi but confirms accepting

the cash. She was a G guest at one

of his notorious parties, the term

refers to after-dinner sex games.

The parties have inspired send-up

videos. Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi once boasted he never

paid for sex. He said it ruined the

thrill of the chase. But now he is

the quarry, one million Italian

women want his scalp. It is no help

that three lady judges will chair

his trial. Live from Rome. The

Italian Prime Minister is famous

for surviving all his polite

calling scandals. He is not looking

so good this time, is he? No, could

be tough to bounce back from this

one, Pete. Politically he is

finished with the female voters and

these charge its carry with them

some serious jail time. If he is

found guilty it is three years for

under-age sex charges u another 12

years for abusing power. Prime

Minister Silvio Berlusconi has

dodged some bullets in the past but

this could be tough to get around.

He is the highest-paid actor on

television an rates so well his

bosses would not dream of sacking

him. But Charlie Sheen seems

determined to remain on a collision

course with self-destruction and he

has the pedal for metal. Charlie

Sheen's last drug overdose just

over two weeks ago led the halt in

production of 'Two and a Half Men'.

Now it is a near state of war

between Charlie Sheen and the

show's producers. I want to get back

back to work. Get back to the

shofplt That is a message for Chuck

Lorre the show's creator who put a

buried message in the credits of

last night's episode seen here in

the US. He said "I live a healthy

life, I do not drink, smoke or do

drugs.". Only thing he did not

write was "Like Charlie Sheen does".

Last week he was videoed Last week he was videoed talking

about crack cocaine to the local

university baseball team. Stay off

the crack. Charlie Sheen is so

bored being off work, against all

advice he called into his favourite

radio show. Stay away government

the crack which I think is pretty

good advice. If you can manage it

socially go for it, but not a lot

of people can you know. Did you

think you could? Yeah, yeah, but

that blew up in my face. It is not

a message the network wants out

there. Even if Charlie's bosses let

him return to work the show's

season has already been cut short

by fur episodes. In the news ahead

- a warning to Sydney drivers to

watch out for carjackers. Plus, how

a Botox breakthrough is bringing

hope to acne sufferers. No goodbye

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'A Current Affair' tonight. A woman

has been beaten with a gun during

an attempted carjacking at

Strathfield. Two men followed her

as she drove her Mercedes Benz into

an underground car park last night.

She was then bashed over the head

and ordered to drive her car back

outside. But both offenders were

forced to flee when the car park

door would not known. It door would not known. It is best

known as an anti-aging treatment

but now Botox is being used to help

remove the scars of puberty. Acne

affects teenagers and young adults

and years later many remain scarred.

At 42 Ingrid Halverston is still

being treated for acne and the

scars from when she was a teenager

continue to haunt her. I will

normally either not be in a photo

or if a photo is being taken I will or if a photo is being taken I will

put my hand in front of my chin. It

is not cosmetic, it is very much a

medical disease. Photos are taken

of Ingrid Halverston's scars before

Botox injection. A anaesthetic

cream is then applied to take the

edge off the needle. Ingrid

Halverston receives six injections

along her skin an jaw where the

scars are prominent. If you

contract at muscle that is pulling

the scar apart you can understand

Botox may help to relax the area so

it does not have so much stress on

the scar tissue. Fillers are often

used afterwards to smooth tout skin.

These photos show the before and

after effects of Botox of another

patient what similar problem. Since

its introduction in 1999 Botox has

been used in virtually all

disciplines of medicine. It disciplines of medicine. It reduce

muscle spasmss with people with

cerebral palsy, can relieve

excessive sweating and in the US

regulators have approved it for

Connick migraine sufferers. It is a

highly bacterial form of poison.

The thought that thought that has

recorded only 40 cases of adverse

event, including vomiting and

fatigue. More than month later

Ingrid is thrilled with the outcome.

I'm really happy with the results.

It is actually better than I

expected. For more information on

Botox treatment for acne scars

follow the links on our web site.

Liz Hurley has flown the love nest

for London. After spending a week

with Shane Warne at his Melbourne

mansion. Shane Warne dropped mansion. Shane Warne dropped her

off at the airport .Witnesses say

it was not an emotional farewell.

It was Liz Hurley needed a bit of R

and R checking into the day spa.

Headlines emerged across the

tabloids on Sunday that Warrnambool

had sent illicit text to a porn

star. Manly rain trouble with the

law. We will have all the details

in a moment. What drives Benji to

be the best. An ugly end to a fiery

League season has not started yet

but one of the game's biggest stars

is already in strife with the law.

Joining me with the news is Danny.

What do you have? Anthony Watmare

has made an effort the turn his

life around but he has been caught

travelling 53 kilometres an hour

are hour over the speed limb on the

Warringah freeway. His P-plate

licence was suspended immediately.

The Manly club said they were aware

of his actions but were

disappointed. We all saw Todd

Carney's remarkable turnaround but

his old roommate was watching,

Bronx Goodwin. Bronx Goodwin is

using Todd Carney as his

inspiration has he tries to rebuild

his own career. Nightclub his own career. Nightclub drama

almost ensured that Bronx Goodwin's

special talent was going to go to

waste. Do you have something to

prove? No, I have something to

prove to myself. I made the

decision I want the play footy. It

has taken me three years to get

back to where I am. Was alcohol a

problem? The biggest problem. Being

a young kid u earning good money

and having to go to do. At the time

his husband mate in his husband mate in Canberra was

Todd Carney, a man who has since

turned his life around. Todd Carney

and I liveed together. We had

nowhere to go so we went out and

had a good time really. The success

of Todd Carney must inspire you in

a way? It does. Seeing him, how he

played last year, I sat back

thinking he can do it, I can do it.

Benji Marshall was an inspiration

the every player in the NRL and to

the masses of kids who want to be

just like him. After the season

finishing as the game's best player

he says he has no problem finding

inspiration. I'm harsh on myself.

If I have a poor game I'm filthy

for the next three or four days.

Marshall predict at big year for

one of his rivals. I think joor jar

will bounce back. There has been a

lot of scrutiny under him and I

think he is still the greatest

player in the game at the moment.

Anthony Mundine admits his career

could be on the line in his rematch

with Garth Wood. Mundine was

sensationally knocked out in the

fifth round of his first encounter

and the man knows he can not afford

another defeat. I'm not getting any

younger and this is the most - the

fight that I need to make sure that

I win. I know he will be hungry, he

is seeking revenge and I'm up for

it. The fight will be in Brisbane

in and. A major upset in soccer's

Champions League with English side

Tottenham Downing Italian

powerhouse AC Milan. Spurs took the

lead thanks to Peter Crouch while

the home side's blood boileded

after this spectacular goal was

disallowed for a foul. disallowed for a foul. AC Milan's

anger spilled over in the sideline.

The to sides will butt heads again

in a fortnight. The Italian Prime

Minister Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi owns AC Milan. Not

kicking a lot of goals. Got few

headaches. The share market closed

slightly lower and one Aussie

dollar is buying exactly $1 US.

Much Natalie is next with the the

weather and another cool and cloudy

summer day It was. We saw the odd

shower or two. More on the way. The

weather details next.

Coming up on WIN News... Katy Gallagher survives a censure Gallagher survives a censure motion

A workplace accident in Civic. And

new safety regulations.

Non-compliant caravan park Non-compliant caravan park resident

face eviction. Join me for all the details next.

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This morning in sunshine did not

hang around for long. On-shore east

wind bringing cloudy conditions. 27

the maximum in the city, 18-28 in

the west. The chart - a trough

across NSW bringing isolated storms

and heavy rain over and heavy rain over the interior.

We have tropical Cyclone Carlos

causing heavy rain an flash floods

in Darwin so widespread falls and

wind up to 100 kilometres per hour

across the Top End. Showers for

Brisbane, 30 and mainly fine

expected in Melbourne. For us

tomorrow a few scattered showers 22

to 29 in the city and 20 to 31 in

the West. Showers for the next few the West. Showers for the next few

days reaching 31 degrees across the

weekend and a cooler change down to

23 on Monday. Similar in our west,

35 for the weekend a fresh south-

east change, dropping temperatures

to 24 degrees on Monday. Natalie

thank you. That is Nine News for

this Wednesday. I hope you have a

good evening. From us all,

goodnight. Supertext captions by

Red Bee Media Australia

at Tonight ... Safety fears: A

worksite shut down after a second

industrial accident. Caravan park

residents given a deadline to fix residents given a deadline to fix u

their homes. And the Health Minister survives another attack over hospital waiting lists. Good

evening, I' m

evening, I' m Danielle Post. Every

year in Australia - two thousand

people die from accidents at

work.Today - a Canberra man is work.Today - a Canberra man is luck

he didn' t add to that figure -

after being partially buried in a

trench. It' s the same worksite -

where a man survived a severe fall.

Officials have shut down the site

over safety fears. It' s the second workplace accident on THIS