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if you saw one right now too. And I'm tipping they would be Hey, Kyle, don't worry about that. You've won $1,000. Congratulations. Well done, pal. Good stuff. Stay there, mate. in the hot seat. Kyle Rosewarne just won $1,000 Goodnight. Catch you next time right here. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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She's not remorseful.

Family anger as a child killer is

granted parole. New confusion over

the changes to speed cameras. A

dramatic rescue on a cliff face at

Bondi, how Julia Gillard had a foot

in mouth moment. And a mother's

pride as James Magnussen becomes

Australia's swimming super star.

This is Nine News.

Good evening. A mother who beat ler

6-year-old boy to death with a

hammer and a phone book has won an

early release from jail. Gunn-Britt

Ashfield has spent brother

Why will she be releaseed with a

year left to serve of her sentence?

The argument was if she tkphreetd

end of her sentence she had be able

to walk out of the gates and free

to do what she wanted. But if she's

released now on strict parole

conditions authorities for 12

months can monitor her whereabouts

and movements and encourage her to

continue counselling. That has

infuriated relatives. They want her

to spend as much time as possible

behind bars. They want laws changed

so authorities can monitor these

sorts of violent, serious offenders

in the long-term in the way the

authorities can monitor sex

offenders. They did not get the

result they wanted today. Ashfield

will walk out these gates some time

between August 12 and August 19 to

be reintegrated into a community, a

community that 18 years ago was

absolutely appalled by her actions.

Thank you. Just two days after

announcing its shutting down speed

cameras, the State Governments gone

into reverse. Three of the cameras

in Sydney's school zones will now

stay following community back lash.

This speed camera in Gymea isn't

destine Ford scrap heap after all.

Parents at one local school are

lobbying for it to stay. What would

you tell the Government?

We'd like to keep it for safety

reasons for the children. You need

to have to camera there. I can

understand in other areas why

they're taking them away but not

here. Roads Minister is willing to keep it.

To remain in place as a deterrent.

Frankly that's a sensible

suggestion that we're going to look

A they will remain turned off as

far as revenue raising. No fines,

just warning letters. In addition

to Gymea, there are three more

school zone cameras that could stay

including Merrylands West,

Parramatta, Woy Woy. This new found

flexibility over speed cameras

shows the Government is willing to

listen. At least here in guy gate

would be a popular move to keep the

camera. On the far north coast the

community of Clunes wants its

camera in the main street to stay.

The Government was scene to fruek

its snu online system of free

traffic updates to your smart phone

as an ap or Twitter and Facebook.

You can sigh all of the incident

that is are current at the moment.

Just don't do it while driving.

Five men had an incredible escape

when their car became wedged twon

two trees stopping it from plunging

off a cliff in Sydney's north T

Audi veered off the road and down

an Em bangment at Bobbin Head. Two

passengers were critically injured.

All five were taken to Royal North

Shore Hospital. Australian soldiers

have been part of an allied battle

to fight off a major Taliban

assault in Afghanistan. The enemy

killed at least 21 people when they

struck the town of Tarin Kowt in

southern Afghanistan right next

door to an Australian combat base

where Mark Burrows filed this

report. There were certainly

several hours of mayhem in the

township of Tarin Kowt just about

one or two kilometres from here the

main army base home to some 800

Australians. The Taliban launched a series of co-ordinated attacks

against four targets - the

governor's office, militia leader's

business, police station and a busy

intersecond in the middle of town.

The Taliban used suicide bombers,

car bombs and guns. In all some 21

people died and there were a number

of wounded. Including a local

Afghan journalist who works for the

BBC and occasionally ABC in

Australia. Also injured, 8US

service men. An Australian patrol

was called out of the base and they

helped evacuate those soldiers back

to the hospital here inside the

base. Despite the fact the

Australian Government is saying the

coalition forces have made great

gains in the countryside against

the Taliban, it seem it is

terrorist consist now strike these

heavily pop late areas and security

forces can do very little to stop them.

A Melbourne bikie has been arrested

after allegedly posting a Facebook

picture of a toddler brandishing a

loaded gun. Two bullets are clearly

visible in the chamber. Adam

Moutsopoulos will face court next

month on five different firearms

offences. A young man's been

rescued at north Bondi after

falling 6 metres down a steep rock

face. Paramedics abseilled down the

man believe to be in his 20s before

winching him to safety. He was

taken to St George Hospital in a

serious condition. Try as you might,

Tony Abbott can't shake off

suggestions of a rift with Turnbull

over climate change. He's told Mr

Turnbull to stick to his commune

kaipbgss portfolio, but the former

Liberal leader says he's ungaggable.

Tony Abbott says they're colleagues

and have been mates since their uni

days but the climate has been

changing for years.

Our friendship has its ups and its downs.

Malcolm Turnbull again gave a less

than enthusiastic backing of the

coalition's direct action plan on

climate change saying he supports

it but only because it's party


That is our policy and that's the

considered opinion of the coalition

and that all of the shadow Ministry

support it. That's a condition of

being in the shadow cabinet. That's

the second time in a week Mr Turn

has angered cheeks on the battle

ground of climate change and Mr

colleague. Abbott moved to box in his

It's not his job to talk about the

whole range of policys is. It's his

job to talk about communications policy.

But it seems his shadow minister

hasn't received the message.

Wait a minute, nobody has gagged me.

I'm ungaggable. Beyond gaging.

While the coalition struggles to

speak with one voice, the Prime

Minister's rubbished claims she'd

gone silent in her carbon tax sale

and tried to show how the

Government can multi task.

Wayne Swan out with the minister

for communication releasing a new

national broadband net work site

and I'm -- I'm hire talking about

carbon pricing. We're able to walk

gum - sorry, chew gum - sorry, chew

gum and walk at the same time.

Now to breaking news, there's been

a 6.6 magnitude quake south of Fiji.

We understand at this early stage

there are no reports of any damage

and no tsunami warning. He's been

bimed as the fastest man in water.

James Magnussen makes history by

winning the 100 metre free style at

the world championships. No

Australian had ever done that

before. Now Magnussen wants Olympic

gold. It's that magic moment for a

mother and sopbl. He has just

baetden the best in the -- beaten

the best in the world and she's

there to celebrate it. How proud is mum?

Mum is so proud. Unbelievable

actually. Yes, I am just thrilled.

It was hugs all round - for the

coach. Then there was the medal and

of course the new title.

You know, really excited to be

called the fastest man in the world.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Definitely something I can get used

to. The 20-year-old introduced

himself to the swimming world in

the relay. Now it's a name they won't forget.

Show times for Magnussen.

The middle of the field after the

first 50, but his strength is his finish.

Magnussen the magnificent! He's

become the first Australian to win

this title! Oh, the need has been

superseded by the Missile!

Biggest thing for me was being able

to handle the pressure of the week

and maintain the confidence and

self-belief to get the job done tonight.

Back in his home town t headlines

and his achievement had his dad in awe.

Mentally he's tough, and he's got a

drive and a big heart and he pushes himself hard.

It is an incredible story. 18

months ago, he was an HSC student

doing a few laps at a local

swimming pool in Port Macquarie.

Then three weeks ago he was trying

to shake off knew moan ya. Now he's

a world champion and the plan to

beat at an Olympics in 12 months

time. (Australian national anthem plays.)

That would be wonderful to go to London.

A fresh wave of phone hacking

allegations is threatening

Murdoch's media Em peer. -- empire.

The scandal is spreading well

beyond Britain and Murdoch's

biographer claims his credibility

and his business play not survive.

For now, Rupert Murdoch is still in

the centre of his media empire but

as it begins to crumble his grip on

power is becoming increasingly shaky.

He has been the face of this

scandal, whatever he has said the

opposite has invariably turned out

to be true. At the end of the day,

credibility is your currency.

The latest claims, the mother of a

murdered 8-year-old girl was given

a phone by Rebekah Brooks, then

News of the World editor, and more

recently Murdoch's chief executive

in Britain. That phone was then

hacked by the paper.

There are going to be other victims

of crime and therefore the families

of victims of crime, not just

sports people and celebrities.

Morse drgdrg Piers Morgan who once

edited Nuriootpa and the mirror is

also accused of knowing act hacking

into celebrities phones. He's now

Fay mouse in his own right, first

as a judge on Britain's got talent

and now as King's successor on CNN.

Morgan denies any wrong doing.

I have never hack add phone, told

anybody to hack a phone or

published any story based on the

hack ofg a phone. The scandal has

spread to the US, with the FBI

ininquirying into claims victims of

9/11 phones have been hacked. That

could threaten Fox News. If that

goes it really could be the end game.

A cheetah has become a bit long in

the tooth literally. Look at this.

Vets at Taronga's Western Plains

Zoo had to operate on Moko-moto

after one of his lower molars

became too long and made a hole in

the roof of his mouth. The problem

was discovered during a routine

check up. Moko-moto is just 20

months old and is expected to maeb

a full recovery. In the news ahead,

the child birth danger doctors

still don't know how to beat. Must,

-- blus, why this pint sized Princess is

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Nearly 2000 pregnant women are

being recruited by Sydney doctor

who is are hoping to conquer one of

the dangers of the child birth.

Close to a million dollars is being

invested in the research to help

unborn babies have a better start

to life. Little Jai's early arrival

caused much anxiety for his parents.

I was scared for the baby.

Thank God everything turned out for the best.

At 34 weeks, Vesna's waters broke

which meant her baby was no longer

protected from infection while

insued the womb. Doctors had to

decide whether to induce the baby

or delay the delivery.

This dilemma really is one that

doctors agonise over, not only here

but throughout the world.

It's a delicate balancing act. If

the baby is sin deuceed early,

there's a risk it will face

breathing difficulties from

immature lungs. Feeding can also be

an issue. If doctors decide to wait,

the unborn child and mother are

exposed to infection, could even

lead to a still birth so the ris --

though the risk is small.

If we don't intervene it's not

uncommon for women to remain

pregnant nor days or weeks.

Pregnant women in NSW are being

recruited for a worldwide trial to

help doctors determine the safest

course of action. Up to 1800

bairbts are taking part. The

Federal Government is investing

nearly a million dollars in the

search for answers.

It is the world's largest study

that's addressing this.

Vesna was more than happy to

volunteer. She was advised to wait

when her waters broke, but Jai

arrived four days later weighing

just under two kilograms.

We were both over the moon. The

baby's healthy and no complications. Yeah, amazing.

Two days after Kerr arrived in

Sydney, movie star husband Orlando

Bloom has touched down to join his

sweetheart. Flank paid minder and

two police officers, the actor made

his way through the international

terminal, paparazzi snapping all

the way. Miranda is in town for the

moment for David Jones spring

summer fashion launch. There is

extremely tight security tonight

for the arrival of American child

beauty Queen eden wood. The star is

a guest at the controversial

universal Royal paegent being held

in Melbourne this weekend. From in-

- infants to adults, contestants

piled into this town hall wearing

their widest smiles.

Dressed up, having a good time and that's it really.

She's not got a fake tan. She's not

going to have any make up. She's

going to wear a pretty dress and

get up and do what a pretty girl


The event's arrival in Melbourne

have outraged many who claim it

sexualises childrenment

I think it's absolutely absurd. We

are having a children's vepblt.

Parents will be here with their kids.

11-year-old Taylor has come a long

way to compete. She got her

eyebrows waxed yesterday and being

preened hasn't been cheap.

Probably spent about 300 or 400

dollars on make up and stuff for

her and - yeah, entry fees. All up

it was about 2,000 dollars.

I think it's appalling. I wouldn't

want my child to be in such a

paegent. During's tomorrow's

competition police will step up

their patrols while protesters have

vowed to keep away,

Rain hail or shine, brupbg an

umbrella, we'll have plenty of fun

and hopefully be tackling this


Now to the world's cleanest and

probably luckiest kitten in the

whole world. Princess survived a

one hour wash psych until a front

loading machine. The pet made a

full recovery after several days at

the vet. Remarkably, Princess still

shows no fears of that machine

which might be a very big problem.

One very lucky cat. All the day's sports.

Great picture force you tonight. If

history is any guide tonight, --

guide, tonight's clash between

Manly and the Tigers will be a

feary -- firey one. Gould's preview

next. More on the record breaking

night in Shanghai, an Aussie motor

cross rider attempts a world first.

We'll show you how

Manly star Kieran Foran says

there's no way to count interest

brilliance of Benji Marshall but he

admits the Sea Eagles do need to

limit his impact if they're to win

tonight's game. Joining me from

Blue Tongue Stadium in Gosford is

Gould. Good evening. Is it a case

of stop MArtial Arts Centre for

Excellence at Marine Corps Base

Quantico and you stop the Tigers?

Well, plenty have try ad failed.

Benji Marshall is one of the stars

in this game Manly against the

Tigers. It should be an beauty

joined by Manly coach. Your team

going really well, nine of your

last 10.

Yeah, side's playing well at the

moment. Think we'll be in for a tough one tonight.

I love your young halves, going well.

Yeah, great match ups here. The way

Foran has been playing, playing

against his test team mate. So I

think both players will be vital to tonight's outcome.

I have known Tim sheens a long time.

I get the feeling this is a grand

final preparation for hem. -- them.

I think they're coming to get you. What do you think?

I think we tend to bring the best

out of sides. This is a real test.

I think it promises for a great

game and game of footy. I played

with Tim as well. Good on you.

Doing a great job at Manly, thank

you for joining us, running second in the competition against the

Tigers who are 7th. Bit of a

semifinal feel, later is the

Broncos and Sharks. Big night.

Thank you. The Panthers in other

league news left for Townsville

this morning with their season

hanging in the balance. Luke Lewis

will play and the coach Steve

Georgallis says talk of team

disharmony is off target.

Old saying with change comes

casualties. When you change a lot

of people don't like change.

It was a great and we are still

saluteing Magnussen's performance

but there was another big news item

at the world swimming championships.

Fears world records set in the

banned supersuits would never be

broken have not come to pass.

American Ryan Locktee tok the --

took the 200 individual metly to a

new level. He edged out Phelps

seting the first long course record

since 2009 and the Australian women

earned silver in the four by 200

metres free style relay. Told you

we had interesting pictures. Oftens

have dominated the best trick event

at the X games in Los Angeles. This

front flip by Strong was the first

ever event. He won the event ahead

of Cam Sinclair and Sheen shreen.

But Victorian Monea proved it's a

very fine line between success and

a painful landing. He was knocked

out attempting a similar stunt.

Literally eating dirt.

Not pretty at all. Thank you very

much for that. Finance news now t

stock market closed lower today,

the all ordinaries downs more than 38 points.

Next with the weather, it was a beautiful winter's day.

It was, increase in the use of force at Canberra' s juvenile jail. A look Canberra' s juvenile jail. A look a

the career of a retiring ACT the career of a retiring ACT judge

And, AFL celebrates one hundred

years in the region Join us for all the details next.

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Sydney enjoyed another gorgeous

winter's day today, blue skies,

sunshine and light winds. Reaching

a top of 20 in the city. A high

will clear most showers from the

east coast tomorrow whieing wheel a

weak frontal system will spread

scattered showers and storms. On

the rainfall map, looks pretty

clear for us tomorrow. The band of

rain for Adelaide, Melbourne,

Hobart and WA. Mostly fine for

Brisbane, 21, light rain and windy

for Melbourne, morning rain to

Adelaide, 19, showers in Perth, --

Perth, top of 19. It is looking

pretty good for us tomorrow after a

cool night, another sunny day is on

the way, expecting a top of 21 in

Penrith and 19 in the city with

north-westerly winds. See a

possible light shower on Sunday,

sunny Monday and Tuesday, 22

degrees, partly cloudy Wednesday

warming up to a top of 23 degrees

Thursday and mostly sunny fry. In

the west, possible light shower on

Sunday, 18 degrees. The temperature

also start to warm up. Sunny Monday,

22 degree, mostly sunny with a top

of 24 on Tuesday, Wednesday and

Thursday, and sunny and a tp of 22

degrees on Friday. The weekend is

here, so grab a copy of 'Best

Weekend Magazine' in tomorrow's

'Daily Telegraph'. Meet the guy

wh's got the nastiest role on the

stage, Eddie Perfect is playing

Mackie in a new show, part of a

Berlin Sydney event. Find out what

Stewart's got planned for his

upcoming tour of Australia or try

the 'Little Big Shots' -- little

big shots film festival films made

by kids for kids at the Opera House.

Some great weather is heading our

way. Enjoy your news in the Tonight ... A review

finds and increase in the use of

force at Canberra' s juvenile jail.

Nurses, go head to head with

politicians - angry over working

conditions. And: the ACT' s smiley

judge, calls it a day. Good judge, calls it a day. Good evening

I' m Danielle Post. Bimberi prides

itself on being human rights

compliant, but a new report raises

serious questions about the A-C-T'

youth detention centre. The Human

Rights watchdog has made hundreds Rights watchdog has made hundreds o

recommendations, following a six

month inquiry into claims of

violence, under staffing and a lack

of vision. The facilities at

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre might