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This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the email trail that led

to this man, accused of the Maddie

collar bomb attack. Police got

their suspect in the US, staying their suspect in the

with his ex-wife. We're there live.

Unions cry outrage as Qantas

survive. slashes 1,000 Aussie jobs to

Get that down! Get that down!

Tempers fray over Julia Gillard's carbon tax.

And the shops hoping to sell bigger

sizes to make profits grow.

Good evening. From Good evening. From Mosman to

Kentucky: the bomb hoax that

transfixed the world has taken a

dramatic turn. A 50-year-old Sydney

man has been arrested at a suburban

home in the United States, accused

of strapping a fake bomb around the

neck of teenager Madeleine Pulver.

We have reporters in key locations:

Louisville, Kentucky; on the

Central Coast where the suspect

owns a home, and in Mosman. owns a home, and in Mosman. We

begin with Simon Bouda.

This isn't the man - and the

suspect in one of the most higher

profile cases in history. A high-

powered and successful businessman,

Paul 'Doug' Peters Is accused of

terrorising Maddie Pulver. At about 4pm

4pm this afternoon Mr Peters was

arrested without incident. At the

home of his former wife. The arrest

was followed by a surge in the

suburb of Louisville. I a world

renowned case crashing into

suburban America. One resident wit

as the events. We looked outside as the events. We looked outside

and saw a SWAT team with machine-

guns, battle helmets, circling the

house. The suspect was surprised.

So too was his ex-wife. She had

nothing to say.

The arrest brought to an The arrest brought to an end a

complex investigation into an

elaborate extortion. Police

confirmed it was all about money.

The demands were... There were

financial demands made. They needed

to be some of follow-up contact and

further instructions would be further instructions would be given.

The police investigation moved

swiftly. They alleged he had been

in Sydney for nine weeks before you

break into the home on 3rd August.

On 8th August, five days after the

attack, he flew out of Australia

for the US. Police say he was not

identified as a suspect until the identified as a suspect until the

middle of last week, after he left

the country. NSW detectives have

worked closely with the FBI. On

Sunday, superintendent Luke Moore

flew to the US. This could not be

more removed from the Mosman

mansion. This home on the outskirts

centre of Louisville, Kentucky, now the

centre of a major investigation.

Paul 'Doug' Peters Lived and worked

both in the US and Australia. He

has a home on the Central Coast. I

am shocked. You cut someone's

anything, they are so nice. This is

what we know.:

Mr Peters is calmly the managing

director of a corporation, and

investment management firm. Police

circumstantial case against the claim they have a compelling

suspect. There are links between

the suspect and the the suspect and the family. However,

no direct links and that is still a

matter of investigation. Police

have not revealed a motive. Did he

targeted? know the family? Why were they

Madeleine's family admits there

will has been turned around. They

do not know why it happened. They do not know why it happened. They

made. are great for an arrest has been

In the space of two weeks, their

lives have changed for ever. It is

as if everyone knows their name and

their story and today, another

chapter. On behalf of many and the

entire family, we are enormously

relieved that an arrest has been

made in the US. Back in the family

caring home, no sign of Maddie, just

caring friends. She is in good

spirits. She's good. This has been

a baffling and frightening

experience. It has tested us all.

For 10 hours, many thought she had

a real bomb around her neck. Her

recollection of her attacker proved

crucial. The statement of crucial. The statement of the

victim has assisted us in the

resolution we have come this

morning. She was merely a pawn in

this elaborate extortion. The

alleged demands for money were

directed at her father. Bill Pulver

took no questions today, the all

important one came later when he

and his wife returned home. Have

you heard of this guide before? There

There is no relationship we are

conscious. We cannot speak in any

detail about him. A falling out? A

business deal gone wrong? That is

up to the police to establish. As

for the family, the arrest means no

more fear and that is a very good

thing. The kids will sleep more

easily at night and we all feel a little bit better.

little bit better.

Have the NSW Police spoken to Mr Peters yet?

Yes, they did this afternoon are

not long after his arrest.

Superintendent Commander Luke Moore,

one of the main police and on the investigation, interviewed him for

some time

some time and then escorted him to

a jail cell downtown. He will be

appearing in court later on. That

interview, we do not know what was

contained in it by we know that and

remarks was part of the surge earlier this evening.

What happens now to discuss the

question make he will be taken to

the Federal Court where the

beginning of the extradition

process will start tomorrow. process will start tomorrow.

That could take some time but the

initial application will be heard -

and the provisional warrant will be

heard and the judge will be told

there are NSW detectives here that

Australia. I keen to take him back two or

From Kincumber Library. There does

seem to be a central close connection?

For in the Kincumber Library, it is For in the Kincumber Library, it is

where police got there first big

lead in the case. An email address

was access here. The same month

allegedly contained in the

extortionist letter which was

pinned to Maddie Pulver chest. They

believe this is the email account

of the alleged extortion has wanted

to contact him by. When to contact him by. When these in

our account was access here at the

library, police were able to

identify the suspect - the same man

arrested over this case. It is a 15

to 20 men at the drive to where

Paul Peters has had a home. It is

also close to where the Pulver

family have a holiday home.

When were the parents When were the parents told the news?

Throughout this whole process of

the police have had a liaison

officer working with the family.

Keeping them up-to-date as much as

possible. When the news came

through, the officer was with them

and I am told they were among the

first handful of people to be

informed about the arrest. It is

not clear if they knew the

investigation had switched to the

US but that said, as the Pulver

family mention, they are looking

forward to the best night's sleep in a fortnight.

They deserve that.

Qantas workers are calling it the

airline's duckers day - 1,000 jobs

to go and major operations moved

overseas. Qantas says a restructure

and a push into Asia at and a push into Asia at critical to

its long-term future. For more than

two years, Qantas international

aircraft had been burning money at

an unsustainable rate. Things will

not so change if they stay the same.

Something had to give antedate the

airline unveiled its new flightpath.

Our customers want to do business

with Asia and so do we. His Qantas losing its

losing its Australian identity?

With 1,000 Australian jobs lost, it

will take employers from overseas

and take on Jetstar Japan - a low-

cost airline and a new premium

airline. Having a kangaroo cull of

1,000 Australian jobs. Alan Joyce

is another accountant who knows the

cost of everything and the value cost of everything and the value of

nothing. The union is now

threatening legal action. It is

something we will all look at

together. The reaction in Canberra

a little bit more sympathetic. It

is in the National Interest to have

a strong Qantas. Alan Joyce needs

to be very aware that he does not

go down in history as a person who

trashed the Qantas and brand. Qantas says Qantas says the poor performance

internationally is straight in the

company into a financial hole.

Expensive front page ads were

taking out today, telling us they

still call Australia home. We need

people to understand what we're

doing. You cannot call Australia

home by putting ads in newspapers.

These plans are likely to cause more friction with more friction with Qantas pilots?

There has been a bitter dispute

brewing for months over pain

conditions over pilots' unions and

Qantas. 180 redundancies will be

made up of Qantas pilots and it

will inflame intentions. Questions

are also asked in Canberra for

calls for a proper government

scrutiny to see if this racetrack

show is in breach at of ownership

regulations. Some analysts a saying,

if successful, you will open up

more destinations and could mean cheaper fares.

Thank you. There was no escaping

the carbon tax in Canberra today.

The policy dominated debate inside

Parliament and saw tempers flare at

a large and noisy protest on the

lawns outside. Two opposition MPs

produced a birthday cake - lighting

the single candle for the benefit

of TV cameras. But Julia Gillard

wasn't celebrating, painfully aware

that today was the first

anniversary of her notorious broken

promise just days before last

year's federal election.

There will be no carbon tax under a

government I lead.

Protesters massed in front of

Parliament House, claiming the

government got back into office by

fraud and demanding another election immediately. election immediately.

Election now! Election now!

Tony Abbott arrived to a hero's welcome.

Tony! Tony! Tony!

This is the anniversary of the big

lie. Our job is to make the point that lies don't pay.

Embarrassed at the last anti-

carbon-tax rally in Canberra in

March, the opposition leader this time

time was careful to distance

himself from inflammatory placards.

Some signs I agree with, some signs

I don't necessarily agree with.

There were angry scenes as rally

organisers remonstrated with a man

waving a banner they said was offensive. Ditch the Bitch!

Get that down. Get that down. Are

you assaulting me? We don't want to

be disrespectful. This is our Prime

Minister. She is not a witch. The opposition hammered the prime minister when parliament resumed

after a five-week winter break. If

she won't call an election, will

she at least apologise? You get

elected to this position to make

the tough decisions. Whenever the

election is held, guess who'll be a candidate?

candidate? One of the best known

faces at the rally. I will stand

for the federal election. It will

be Pauline Hanson's 7th tilt at an

election since 1988.

In the news ahead - the

heartbreaking twist to a fatal plane crash.

Why big is beautiful for Myer's Why big is beautiful for Myer's bottom line.

And what has Charlie Sheen all

revved up?

This cup's for you, complainers.

Thanks to you, we've changed to a richer, smoother blend. We're re-training our baristas so we've changed Corey... ..for Corey. And if you're still not satisfied, we'll replace your coffee for free.

This program is captioned live. A

medical charity flight has crashed

in bad weather killing a 15-year-

old girl and the volunteer pilot.

The teenager was heading home after

being treated for arthritis in

Melbourne. 11,300 flights are not a

single incident or me sad. It comes

as a devastating blow. The

teenager's mother was also on board

and is fighting for her life.

A huge drop in sales is forcing

retailers to think bigger to help

their bottom line. Many of the top

brands are changing the face of

fashion with plus size clothing on

show in Sydney today - catering to every budget.

There's a new fashion trend in

style. That's right - curves are

back. But if you ask these luscious

ladies - they've never been

unfashionable, retailers have just

failed to capitalise on curves. I

could be here for two hours and not

find anything. Its very difficult

there's not much out there. We went

shopping with size 20 mum, Katie.

And size 16 student, Tash. I've got

a challenge - $50 each and half an

hour. Hit the local shops and see

if you can find anything that fits.

It's no secret the big stores are

suffering at the register - with

the average Australian woman a size

16, I'ts not hard to see why. Couldn't find anything,

unfortunately. Nothing that fits?

Nothing that was stylish and fitted

me, no. Nothing for me either. The

economic squeeze is putting

pressure on retailers to find new

ways to lure customers. More and

more designers are heading down the

path to produce garments that plus

size women can wear. And they'll be

modelled by women who fit them.

Myer today picked 10 everyday

Aussie women to launch its new plus

size range on the catwalk at Sydney

Fashion Festival next week. We need

to have models that represent real

women. Big is beautiful and you can

do it no matter what size you are.

Charlie Sheen is back at work doing

what he does best dose - being

weird. He says he's rooting for the

man who is replacing him on a 'Two

and a Half Men'. Ashton - he looks

like a movie star, break comedic

timing, he has the whole package.

Charlie Sheen says he will be

watching the show to see what happens.

I'd love him. The knives are out

for the Dragons but we will tell

you why the reigning premiers can

still win the competition. Marcus

Ambrose Dodgers a mess for a breakthrough win.

This program is captioned live.

Wayne Bennett says he has no idea

why the Dragons are struggling so

badly but a former star says the

coach is a major problem.

Dragons fans shouldn't panic yet

though; history tells us Bennett

may also have the solution.

As far as the Dragons go, this is

the mother of all slumps - the

game's most consistent team is in

free fall. With the Storm next on

the menu, the players are looking

for more. I wouldn't say we have

lost the hunger, just need to gain

more hunger. Wayne Bennett has seen

it all before. When he was coaching

the Broncos in 2006, they won just

two games from nine starts at this

time of the season. With the

Dragons, history is virtually

repeating itself. But the good news

for Dragons fans - the Broncos won the competition that year.

Promoting his interim world title

fight next month - former Dragon

Anthony Mundine threw a none-too-

subtle jab at the Knights-bound

Dragons coach. Wayne's leaving next

year. They could be a bigger

problem. It is harder when you're

future -- when your future lies

elsewhere. Focus on the task at

hand. We've got confidence in Wayne.

Jamie Soward is being targeted but

not by those who should know. I

think that is ridiculous.

think that is ridiculous. Talk of

dropping him is foolish. If

something goes right, we will see a

different Jamie Soward. The

position he is him, Greg Eastwood

says he's ready to step up and take

on the enforcer role against Manly

this weekend, if Frank Pritchard

misses the game through suspension.

Pritchard was placed on report

during last night's 19-12 win

against the Sharks, for a careless

tackle and while Pritchard didn't

want to talk today, Eastwood says

he's ready to fill the void. The

game also featured an atomic wedgie,

the Bulldogs Jamal Idris finished

on top of that.

on top of that.

Former V8 Super Car driver Marcos

Ambrose has broken through for his

first win in the top NASCAR series

at Watkins Glen near New York.

The Australian really enjoyed the

moment and was lucky not to be

involved in this smash up late in

the race - bumps and bruises were

the only injuries. the only injuries.

It's not often Jennifer Hawkins is

upstaged at a photo shoot. But

today she played second fiddle to

Australian horse racing's greatest

prize. The Melbourne Cup stopped

off in Sydney as part of a world

tour which will end on the first

Tuesday in November, for the race

that stops a nation.

Mr Robbie Deans has had his

contract extended by two years

which is handy - coming up with which is handy - coming up with the World Cup.

After the break - we go back live

to Kentucky an the weather is next also.

News... Coming up on WIN News...

Thousands march on parliament - as

the spring sitting starts. And, uni

accommodation under the spotlight, st

students seeking answers. Join us for all the details next.

What's power to me? Getting one up on my mate. Like, a couple of days ago, I was just sitting down in the park and I get this text message from him and it says, "Your mum says hi." So then I saw this...the biggest dog in the park I could see and I took a photo of it, uploaded it on Facebook and tagged his girlfriend. Yeah, she's...not really talking to me at the moment.

We...we don't get along, anyway. Connect your way with Infinite calls, Infinite TXT and Infinite social networking on Vodafone Infinite. Power to you. Vodafone. The Federal Government admits electricity prices have recently risen by 40%. And the world's biggest carbon tax means even higher prices year after year. They must get carbon policy right before it's too late.

This program is captioned live.

How quickly can we expect in this

suspect Paul 'Doug' Peters To be

brought back two or Australia?

I think it could be some time

before we see him back in

Australian shores. A court will be

the beginning of the extradition

process. He is being held on a

provisional warrant. He could be

held here for 60 days without

charge. What will happen and during

that period, the strike force

detectives in charge of the case

will compile their brief of

evidence. That will be the case

against this particular suspect.

They will use that case as the

basis for the application to

extradite him back to Australia. It

will then be up to the judges here to decide.

It was a beautiful day to day -

Sony with a few clouds and might

wince. -- sunny. Rain to see me

tomorrow and has no over the Alps.

Country NSW will receive some of

the heaviest rain. Between 30 to 50

millimetres in some areas.

The sun will cloud up quickly by

lunchtime tomorrow. More rain is

expected on Thursday. The rest of

the week will be partly cloudy with

a few scattered showers. A few

showers across the weekend. In our

West, the rain will end on Thursday

afternoon. A few showers across the

weekend. Also some showers on

Monday before clearing up on Tuesday.

news in the Tonight ... Thousands news in the Tonight ... Thousands o

anti carbon tax protestors rally -

on the first sitting day of spring.

The ACT government to fight any The ACT government to fight any mov

to stamp out fees for to stamp out fees for internationa

students. And: the Greens question

Bimberi operations - after a tour Bimberi operations - after a tour o

international jails. Good evening,

I' m Danielle Post Thousands of

protestors from around Australia

have reiterated calls for an early

election, At a No Carbon Tax rally

outside Parliament House. It marks

one year since Prime Minister Julia

Gillard stated her Government would

not put a price on carbon. not put a price on carbon. Offensive signs degrading Julia Gillard overshadowed the last

protest in March. Today, they were