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(generated from captions) I'll lock in A. Five seconds. Give me an answer. Yes. A. A? A! A! (MISERABLY) Oh, A! It's Mickey Mouse! It was Mickey Mouse, was it? AUDIENCE: Oh! Ohh, Marg! for some reason. I had a feeling it was Donald Duck No. Rhyming slang but not the answer. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Never mind. Oh, Marg!

to the rooms anyway, OK? I tell you what, we'll get you down We'll bring Les to see the Pies. Oh, Les'd love that. Good on you, Marg. He'd love that. Thank you very much. That's better than $50,000. Margaret Vick just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. The

desperate hunt for a man and two

children after a woman's body is

found at San Aires. Fishermen tell

of their incredible survival after

a freezing night. The woman who

claims she is living in fear of

former MP it Belinda Neal. Why

Sydney's elderly art to stay to see their drivers test. Breaking their drivers test. Breaking news

on the future of rugby league Super

Great Wayne Bennett. There's been a

dramatic end to a police on this

afternoon in Sydney's west. It

began with the discovery of a

woman's body Edson Mary's and there

were grave fears the two young

children who were driven away by a

husband. 32-year-old man believed to be her

husband. Those children are now

safe. That's right. What we know is

that a 1-year-old and 3-year-old

boy were found, both of them were

found in Paul -- Porsche planned

this afternoon. Also found there

was the 32-year-old man who took

off with them in a sedan earlier

today. Police had grave fears for

their children so they are very

happy there they are saved. We believe believe that the two boys belonged

to the woman who was found dead

this morning and we also believe

that there is a connection between

the woman and the 32-year-old man

but we are not exactly sure, but we

will bring you up to speed with any

developments as they come to light.

A fisherman has told how he and two

mates survived for eight hours

clinging to a life buoy in Botany

Bay. The men were forced into the

freezing water when their boat sank,

make it. and feared they weren't going to

Eight hours clinging for life. It

was a moment Mark Bancs thought may

never come. Back on dry land and in

the arms of a mate.

I gave up four times in the water

cos I'm not a perfect swimmer, but

what kept me going was my wife and

the new born that's coming.

Mark's two friends Mohammad and

Amen also relieved to be safe hospital. Amen also relieved to be safe at

hospital. The three men were

fishing near Botany Bay, when they

heard a loud crack in the back of

their boat, and it began sinking.

It sunk pretty quick - took about

30-40 seconds. Just went shwoomed - straight down.

Struggling in the water, Mark

spotted a buoy in the distance. Not confident swimmers, they scrambled

against a strong current. It took

us a good 15 to 20 minutes before

we got to it.

we got to it.

With no sign of help, all three men

held on for the entire night. It

was scary, all wet, shivering, cold

windy - i thought we were not going

to make it. Mark says at least six

fishing boats passed them

throughout the night, but it wasn't

until a man in his dingy, spotted

the men and radioed for help.

We jumped up and started yelling help stop, help stop.

George Leggett was on board the

tugboat that came to their rescue. tugboat that came to their rescue.

They were very relieved to see us.

apparently. They'd been there all night

He survived, he told his story and

now it was time for Mark Bancs to

he's still alive. return to his family - the reason

John Della Bosca's former lover has

told Nine News she's living in fear,

after an alleged confrontation with

today the his wife Belinda Neal. But late

today the former Labor MP issued a

statement rejecting the accusations,

and promising to fight an AVO in court.

The former "other woman" Kate Neill

was in a bashful mood this morning

pyjamas. - caught doing the paper run in her

It's a police matter guys.

And her headline grabbing run-in

with a fiery ex-MP was certainly

not up for discussion.

Can you tell us, what Can you tell us, what did she do to you?

An hour later she re-emerged and

headed to her local coffee shop,

which yesterday was the scene of

the alleged confrontation.

Witnesses have told us Belinda

Neill, who lives on the Central

Coast, a long way from Newtown, was

actually seated in this cafe

yesterday. And when she spotted her

husband's former mistress across

the road, she moved in and let fly,

swearing, calling her a prostitute and a whore. and a whore. A mobile phone camera

allegedly captured Belinda Neal in

full flight. Police later served

the former MP with an Apprehended

Violence Order. Kate Neill today

refused to discuss the matter on

camera. But she told me it was the

first time she's ever met Belinda

Neal. She described her as

irrational and threatening, and now

her life. only wants the Della Boscas out of

her life. Two years ago Belinda

Neal's then boss, Prime Minister

Rudd, ordered her to undergo an

did. anger management course. She never

Often people like this attribute

blame to others. They don't really

want to do the course.

Belinda Neal is now on notice -

she'll be locked up if she attempts

to make any further contact with

the 28 year old.

the 28 year old.

The timing of the scandal could not

have been worse for the Labor party,

which today unveiled its new look

frontbench. Reporter Kevin Wilde is

at state parliament and Kevin,

Labor is desperate for a fresh

start. A Rennie 6 in the front

bench as a new, nine of former

government ministers. John government ministers. John Roberts

sent's team is stale and recycled

and there are simply not enough of

them to go head-to-head with the

government. That was not his only

problem today. Sometimes you just

can't win especially when you are

the Opposition Leader. John

Robertson took his 15 member front

bench to Hurstville this afternoon.

That's seven short of the 22

government Ministers Barry

O'Farrell announced on Sunday.

O'Farrell announced on Sunday. I have selected smart, talented

people who are determined to win

back the trust of the people of NSW.

Labor. Among the key appointments for

It is great

It is great to be back and as the

leader has outlined, ailing team,

but ready to take the fight up to

Barry O'Farrell. Cherie Burton's

front bench return to cover the

Fair Trading and Healthy Lifestyle portfolios prompted the government

to go on the attack.

A woman who left the scene of an

accident unlawfully, a woman who

has been convicted of drink driving.

She's a young mum with 2 young kids

and she's earned a second chance. The

The first chance this team will get

to face the government in

Parliament will be the 3rd of May.

Fireworks are guaranteed.

A mother and her young child have

escaped from their crashed car just

moments before a semi-trailer

smashed into it on the Pacific

highway. The car ran off the

highway and into a tree near

Grafton this morning. When the

truck tried to avoid it - it jack

knifed and burst into flames.

knifed and burst into flames.

I got her off the road only about

two minutes before the truck come

through, we couldn't get her off

the road, she was just in shock wandering around.

The mother and her child, along

with the male truck driver - were

taken to hospital with minor injuries.


They're some of the safest drivers

in the community, but seniors are

facing an uphill battle to stay on

the road. Nine News has found a

huge number of elderly people are

refusing to sit the driving test,

because they claim it's

intimidating and unfair. 86 year

old Marie Mihell has been driving

for fifty-five years. Her licence

is her independence. What would you

do without it? Well walk.

do without it? Well walk. She has a

blemish-free traffic record - but

in the Government's eyes that means

nothing. Now she's over the age of

85, she must sit the controversial

older drivers' test every two years

- to prove she's safe on the road.

When I talk to the young ones here,

what they go through to get their

license is nothing compared to what

I went through. To keep mine - it was so gruelling.

Some say it's why so many older

drivers simply don't even bother

sitting the test. A Nine News Investigation has Investigation has found there's

been a sharp drop in the number of

applicants. From an average of

about 3,000 a month four years ago,

to a little over 1,000 a month last

year. Instead, they're taking out

modified licences - which means

they can only to drive within 10

kilometres of home.

We've got a flexible system to try

and keep people on the road - of

course we've got to balance that

against safety for themselves and others.

We get a lot of serious complaints

from older drivers they feel quite

intimidated by some of the testers and many of them and many of them now are giving up

the chance to go for their full

license and taking a restricted one

- that's really sad.

The common perception is that older

drivers are the most dangerous on

our roads - in fact there's no

evidence of that at all. The NRMA

says they make up 20% of the

motorists on our roads, but account

for only 15 percent of all crashes.

In 2007 the NSW Coalition promised

to scrap the controversial licence

test - now they're in government,

seniors hope they'll deliver on that promise.

If they're going to have on road testing like testing like this why restrict it

to 85 and over - it doesn't make

sense, it's discriminatory and it

really does need to go. Pressure is

building on the Defence Department

to hold an inquiry into allegations

of sexual abuse in its ranks.

In one of the latest claims, a

former air force cadet has told

Nine News she was raped by a

recruit, but no action was taken.

Haunted, on medication, and unable

to work for nearly 30 years. to work for nearly 30 years. Emboldened by recent publicity,

former air force cadet Tracy Marell

is going public about her rape by a

colleague, and betrayal by Defence.

There Iain Gray is what keeps me

going every day. Do they really

stop my life at 17. Claims are

mounting. Earlier this week a

teenage cadet spoke out after teenage cadet spoke out after a

colleague broadcast them having sex.

This prompted claims a sexual

assault at the academy put another

cadet in hospital. A third woman

says she was a victim there in 1989. cadet in hospital. A third woman says she was a victim there in 1989.

Another, filmed and assaulted in

2001. And an ex-sailor says he was

pack-raped 30 years ago. Experts say Defence must take pack-raped 30 years ago. Experts say Defence must take a strong

stand, or else: These behaviours will present themselves because of

that male culture and dominance and

secrecy. Lyndell Singe left the

army in the eighties.

I haven't opened this up for 30 years.

Because of constant bullying.

Continually harassed me, just to

ask or sex all the time, you're not

going to get promoted. The Defence

Force hasn't responded to the

latest allegations but insists it takes takes every claim seriously.

Politicians though, want a tougher

approach. Plainly, there does have

to be a very serious crackdown on this kind of completely unacceptable conduct.

Others are calling for perspective.

We don't want blight on the entire

force because of this association with isolated incidents.

It's become one of League's most intriguing mysteries, just where

will super coach Wayne Bennett be

next season? Most thought Brisbane,

but today the Broncos announced they were out they were out of the running.

League Reporter Danny Weidler joins

us now, and Danny you revealed last

week Bennett was leaning towards

Newcastle is that still the case?

My source says they end is still

leaning towards Newcastle. Nathan Tinkler will

Tinkler will offer up to $2 million

for Wayne Bennett which is huge

money. But Wayne Bennett has

maintained all along that his next

step is not about money. Are Souths

still in the running?

Good question, sitting behind me

right now is Shane Richardson and

Nicolas Packers, they have been in

discussions for the last hour. They

would be talking about this whole

situation. I tried to get

information out of Shane Richardson earlier

earlier and this is what he had to

say. Coaching developments today

with Anthony Griffin resign with

the Broncos, does that mean that

your Clarborough now a chance? No

comment. Wayne Bennett? No comment

at all. Lots of denials, I guess

they still would be in the running,

Russell Crowe against Nathan

Tinkler, nearly as good as a game Tinkler, nearly as good as a game

of footie. Three weeks out from the

Royal wedding and Kate Middleton's

family is discovering just how

uncomfortable life in the spotlight

can be. Her mother and sister claim

they've been hounded by

photographers, and are pleading

with them for some space. As the

royal nuptials draw nearer, the

media's appetite for new photos of

the bride to be and her relatives

is insatiable. Kate Middleton's

sister Pippa and her mother Carol

have complained of harassment from

some photographers on a recent

shopping trip to London.

shopping trip to London. The family

has passed on its concerns to the Press Complaints Commission.

It really is up to the integrity of

the editors of newspapers and news organisations organisations to decide whether

they're going to use the picture or


The photos can fetch more than

$150,000 in the UK. And it seems

the paparazzi are not the only ones cashing in. cashing in.

The Princess Catherine doll is now

for sale.

Britain's famous bride to be is

about to rival Barbie. The

resemblance? Well that's

questionable, at least the wardrobe

mimics Kate's style. Over in the US,

Life magazine has launched a book

which chronicles the couple's life

and includes rare photographs of

Kate in her youth. And in LA, a

giant wedding card is being signed

by locals and tourists to send to the couple after their the couple after their big day. But,

the most endearing gesture has to

be this. School children from the

shire where Kate grew up have

recorded a "celebration" song which

will be ready for the Royal wedding on April 29.

For more on the Royal Wedding, keep

watching Nine News and go to our website, where website, where we're counting down

to the big day. He might have a

face that could soften the hardest

of hearts. But don't be fooled -

Taronga Zoo's newest baby also has

a fiery attitude to match his

blazing coat. Born in December,

Sebar the red panda cub has just

started venturing out of his

nesting box. Zoo keepers say he's a

little shy with the crowds, and

night time is your best bet to catch

catch a glimpse. In the news ahead

- a gunmen's murderous rampage at

his former school.Looking at the

winning subject and pointed in this

year's Packers prize. And fighting

back - the cat that decided enough was enough.

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pay your insurance quarterly at no extra cost. Chat to Apia on 13 50 50.

This program is captioned live.

A man has gone to his old school in

Brazil armed with a gun, and shot

dead 11 students before killing himself. Security video shows

students escaping from the school, and briefly there's the and briefly there's the image of

the 23 year old gunman, as he

hunted for victims.

The terror came back in Japan last

night. A strong earthquake shook

the country, killing at least two

people and injuring more than 100.

The 7.1 quake prompted a new

tsunami alert, but this time, the

ocean stayed calm. It's four weeks since the giant earthquake, since the giant earthquake, which

killed at least 25,000 people.

Skateboarders in Christchurch are

making the most of the changed

landscape after the February

earthquake, turning the city into a

large skate park. This vision was

posted on YouTube and shows the

boarders leaping in and out of

cracks in the road. While the

tricks are risky, the film-maker

has justified the activity, saying

many skateparks were destroyed by the quake.

the quake. Given the huge

popularity of TV cooking shows, the

Packers' choice at this year's

Archibald Prize comes as no

surprise. A portrait of celebrity

chef Matt Moran took out the honour,

in a year where a record number of

entries are vying for the top prize.

Almost a century now, and the

competition started by newspaperman

JF Archibald is bigger, richer and more popular than ever.

more popular than ever.

90th anniversary and if Archibald

could know what he'd created - he'd

come in here today and be amazed.

Almost 1,000 entries this year, all

carefully stored and stacked and

hung by the Packers, who did they

pick the picture that they believe

should win. should win. Richard Fantauzzo's

portrait of celebrity chef Matt

Moran at work. He is always

surrounded by need, so I thought

that it was good. Everyone says

that it looks gruesome but that's

what I do every day. Chief Packer

Steve Peeters says it's a rolled

gold winner. In the past, your

choice has been the kiss of death?

Will be seen be an exception? Get Will be seen be an exception? Get

your money on. It could be used

time, his Heath Ledger came very

close last year. But the

competition this year is fierce,

from a huge pink authors, through

an entire cast of actors. Right

down to this tiny number. It is

called October. And now I do not

know why. So there they are, the 41 know why. So there they are, the 41

finalists in the nation's most

important art prize. We'll know the

winner by the end of next week -

and maybe, just maybe, this is the

year the packers' choice will get in for its chop.

Now to the cat that has been named

a Mike Tyson. He just wanted to be

left alone, but the dog, a boxer

himself, would not get the himself, would not get the message.

Four role of the site in the face,

the dog came back until finally the

Mondy delivered the knockout blow.

Sport is next, and it is Heritage

round in the rugby league. We

remember past greats as the current

stars add to the game's richest

three. It starts tonight, with the

Tigers taking on South Sydney at

the Sydney Football Stadium. the Sydney Football Stadium. And the

This program is captioned live.

Heritage Round begins tonight, with

Souths taking on the Tigers at the

Sydney Football Stadium. Nine

Commentator Peter Sterling joins us

now, and Sterlo you've got one of

the Tigers' injured warriors with


That's right, up to six players on

the start-line who would

the start-line who would be in the

side if they were fit. A really

tough struggle, was the feeling

like? It's tough, but where beat,

six players, but we've got Gareth

Ellis back tonight, and a whole

host to come back within the

currying -- coming weeks. Robbie

Farah has been struggling with

green injury. Did he trained this

week? He did, and really well. Mentally

Mentally at Haddin last weekend he

is ready to go. You are on the

wrong side of the last meeting

between this Club and South, Robbie

Farah said it was his most

embarrassing loss of his life.

We're gonna move on and their new

players and hopefully they can get

out there and do the opposite

tonight. The get back as quick as

you can. A big double letter this evening.

evening. After this match we will

be going to Townsville for the Gold

Coast tightens against the North

Queensland Cowboys. Geoff Huegill's

world championship hopes are at the

mercy of selectors despite winning

his first national title in seven

years. Swimming in the hundred fly,

Skippy finished one tenth of a

second slower than the automatic

qualifying time. The Aussie team

will be announced tonight. It's

tipped Huegill will at least earn a place in the medley relay.

place in the medley relay. Geoff

Ogilvy leads the Australian charge

after the opening round of the US

Masters. Ogilvy fired a 3 under par

69 and is just 4 shots from the

lead, this shot at the par 3 16th

his highlight for the day. Northern

Ireland's Rory McIlroy was out

early and gave the field something

to chase posting a seven under 65.

He wasn't caught until Alvaro

Quiros birdied the 18th hole in the

final group of the day, to take a

share of the lead. I would love to

be there. We have all the rugby

league action. Jaynie is next with the weather.

They might be some rain this

weekend for. That's right, possibly on Coming up on WIN News... School security questioned after a violent

bashing at a high school. And,

finally, closure for the family, of

a Goulburn soldier who fought at a Goulburn soldier who fought at th

Battle of Fromelles. Join me next.

What if gravity didn't exist? If we could play around with up and down? Happily, Honda really thought about this and discovered gravity does exist, and it's jolly important too.

So rather than fighting Honda's automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control senses how inclines and declines behave and adjusts accordingly.

The Honda Civic hatch. What's next?

This program is This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. We

ended up with a beautiful day. Most

of the state will remain dry

tomorrow. There is based higher

slowly east. This fund should

arrive in Sydney on Sunday. The

forehead as it will affect

Melbourne and Hobart. It will bring rain and a

rain and a few showers. We are in

for a gorgeous day tomorrow, Sydney.

It will be 28 in the West and 26 in

the city. Sunday will still be warm

with 27. A front will arrive the city. Sunday will still be warm

with 27. A front will arrive in the

afternoon or evening. It will bring

roughly five or 10 millimetres of

rain. We should have few dry days

the school holidays. Tomorrow is

looking fantastic. Up to 28 degrees. Sunday

Sunday afternoon is when we are

expecting that rain and we could

get gusty wind as well. The weekend

is here, so grab a copy of this in

the Daily Telegraph. There is the

ultimate holiday guide to having

family find on a budget. Why not go

camping? We find some great spots

for a family escape. All bad a

bargain at the big garage sale on

Sunday. Perfect for those heading to Derby Day tomorrow,

to Derby Day tomorrow, staying normal weekend. to Derby Day tomorrow, staying normal weekend. You are on

maternity leave, we wish you all

the best. That is Friday nine years.

Thank you for being with

old male staff member from The

Tonight ... Parents question

security at a Canberra Highschool

after a violent assault. A hospital

staff member stood down after being

charged by police.And: the Goulburn

war hero, identified after being

buried for decades at Fromelles.

Good evening I' m Danielle Post,

Lyneham high school was placed in

lockdown yesterday after a violent

incident, in broad daylight. Two

girls have been charged with girls have been charged with assaul

- after punching teachers and - after punching teachers and othe

staff, with hundreds of students

watching. Security is being

questioned by parents, who say this

is an extreme case of bullying. is an extreme case of bullying. I