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(generated from captions) dissatisfaction about that then, then there can be talk about some sort of federal inquiry. The Defence Minister Marise Payne has been speaking in Sydney. She's been at an event this morning talking about embracing diversity in the military, the Australian military. Let's take a listen. Surprise. Are you from the ABC? Yeah?Surprise me.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) comments yesterday, does the Government welcome news (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY).Well, these are matters in development. As I understand it, not yet operational. So we welcome very much the increased interest and potential participation of the roel Navy, the -- Royal Navy, the royal Air Force and UK army indeed. In this region, they're aware of its importance in terms of world stability, global stability and regional security. We have very productive talks with secretaries Fallon and Johnstone. I took Fallon to RAAF Richmond for capability inspection and breachings on the Joint Strike Fighter, on the Poseidon. We have so much in common and so much more to build upon that it is indeed very welcomed to me that the royal navy may find itself in our region more often.And secretary Johnson qualified his answer last night, so I suggest you get a transcript for that. I think it will help to put it in perspective for you.Is it too early Australia will want to be involved? We indicated we would like to engage more with the royal navy and the royal Air Force when they are engaging in activities in our region, we formally indicated that in our remarks yesterday. That would certainly be part of it.It is frustrating for you Beijing continues to (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)? We have said we call upon all claimants to cease militiarisation of the area. We take no sides in the disputes in the South China Sea. We, in fact, support the decision of the tribunal and expect the participants to support that decision. We, however, have also consistently re-enforced our support for freedom of - freedom of navigation in accordance with international law and we can't to do that. Any questions on defence force recruiting?Yes. Minister, being the first Minister for Defence as a female, are we doing anything specific to recruit females from the different languages and culture backgrounds?I think that's a really good question and I think you have seen some great examples here today on our videos and there are more to come of those, as I understand it. Vivien would be a good example. Wasn't a person in the room who wasn't touched by the fact that after we read the translation of her mother's words at the ends of that video, she said it was the first time she heard her mother say those things. That's a pretty powerful message about pride and about family and about the importance of leadership, and Vivien is a true leader. Some of the young women I have spoken to here this morning which are ADF candidates who have just been accepted. For example, a young woman who's about to go into Air Force intelligence, a young woman who's about to become a nursing office ner the army, from completely different backgrounds, completely different cultural backgrounds, they're driving home the message of the special efforts of work that we are doing to make sure that we have, as Minister Tehan said, in our national interest a workforce in the ADF that is culturely and linguistic diverse, that one which reflects the Australian community that it seeks to protect.Slightly different question - what is Australia's stance on the standard between the Asian giants India and China. Matters to be resolved according to international law and we don't take sides in these disputes but we will watch with interest as matters are resolved.You say the American military go in the opposite direction, Donald Trump saying no more transgender people in the military, what did you make of those?I think that's a matter for the US. We have our own rules and arrangements, but that's a matter for the United States.There have been an increasing number of culturally-diverse (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY).There's certainly has, but I might ask Minister Tehan to talk to that in more detail.Yes, there has been, but the reason we're here today is to make sure that that continues. We have seen people from various cultural backgrounds, very ethnic backgrounds, those of linguistic skills right across the nation coming into the ADF, but we need to see more of it, and that's what these ads are about. One of the things that we found through the research that we did, one of the inhibitors has been ensuring that the parents of those who are young Australians from cultural diverse backgrounds understand what can be offered and the skills they can get out of the ADF. So one of the key things the ads today are focusing is not only young Australians from multicultural backgrounds but also their parents, because the research shows that they have a huge influence on the decisions that they make.How exactly do they (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)Well, in a lot of those backgrounds, children look to their parents for guidance, there is a lot of respect for parental influence. So, therefore, these decisions are made not just by the individual themselves, they're made very much in a family setting. So that is what we have tried to portray here is that that will be part of the decision-making but also to give those parents a sense of this is what you can achieve career-wise by joining the ADF and I think those ads do that really, really well.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Absolutely. As I said in my speech, you know, I have seen it just in the last few days on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan what they're able to contribute, whether it be bringing science, technical, engineering or mathematical skills on what we do on operations or bringing linguistic skills on what we're doing in operations, right across the board, people can bring real input to our ADF, and that's what we're hoping to see more of.Senator, I thought you had a great line, you can't see it until you see it, what did you mean by that?Well, I mean, the best simulation, the best impetus for wanting to achieve something is to be able to look at it and say, "I would love to be able to do that." I would love to be able to do that. When I left the school I went to here in Burwood, I thought there was nothing in the world I couldn't do. My university gave that a bit of a robust knock around from time to time, but I still came out of that education institution with that view. 20 years in politics, it's great to have been able to take up the opportunity, the honour, of this particular role, but if you can see it, then it's so much easier to say, "I want to do that, and I could do that."Last question - do you think it's fair the defence force can have people with dual citizenship if not politicians?
(LAUGHTER) I think - I have spent a lot of time explaining this week I was born many years ago tomorrow at King George V hospital in Camperdown. My father was born in barrel hospital, by mother in Eastwood. It's one issue