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(generated from captions) Anthony Scaramucci went on to television this morning to take his swipe at Reince Priebus, we had a meeting...OK, we'll just leave Ben Knight there because Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has begun a media conference in Tamworth.The hard work and diligence they have committed to, their jobs have delivered this to many in Tamworth. We're going of the provider, going to have the retail providers who will now come into play. And this is complicated stuff. I just want to thank the workers from the NBN, I want to thank the administration, I thank the taxpayer who has paid for it, and just show that we are getting this service and rolling it out throughout the city of Tamworth and New England and across our nation.The head of the NBN acknowledges some dissatisfaction on the network. Can you guarantee it will be without the problems experienced throughout the country? No, if you roll out a multiple billion dollar investment, this is close to $50 billion, this is rather complicated, and there are issues that will arise from time to time. It's not whether you have issue, it would be naive to say, well, it will happen without a glitch, it's how you manage it. That's like everything in life, and we got to - you got to not say that you are never going to have problems, it's how you manage them. I'm sure with the competency we have here, I'm sure we'll have people who are well and truly capable to get on top of those problems as quickly as possible.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)What the NBN can do for Tamworth is make sure that we further increase that movement of people from the cities to places such as Tamworth. We got a booming city. We're doing more up at Armidale, allows businesses to come into town and be able to avail themselves of that service. It assists decentralisation across our nation which is a key aspect of one of the key goals we have, or what I have, the National Party has, in Canberra. It answers the question that so many individuals and businesses ask - what access do you have to broad band? And if you're going to pay a million and a-and-a-half for a house in Sydney, and you come up here and buy one for 3, $400,000 and still get the same sort of services you get in Sydney, by, gosh, that makes thing attractive for moving to Tamworth. Don't they love it!Before you go... On citizenship, with so much uncertainty surrounding Senator Malcolm Roberts, will the Government seek to refer or any other Senators status to the High Court?Look, you have to abide by the constitution and people have to make sure that they check to - satisfy themselves that they have abided by the constitution when they're elected to Parliament. Malcolm Roberts, obviously, is a different case to Matt Canavan. Malcolm Roberts was born overseas, so he probably has reason to say, "I better check up on this." With Matt Canavan, what happened there, he wasn't born overseas, his mother wasn't born overseas. He never filled out a form and the one that was filled out was without his concept. So, um, I think he's an entirely different case to others. But, you know, I don't think any of these people do it with the sort of - with some form of maliciousness. I think in many instances, it's a mistake. Unfortunately mistakes still have to be dealt with and then that's what section 44 of the constitution is there for and section 64.Do you think there should be some sort of audit into citizenship with MPs?I'm certain everybody right now is checking that out to see whether if they're a citizen of Lesotho or Libya and making sure they're an Australian citizen.Has the Government made any attempts to clarify Senator Roberts' status? Look, these processes, he has to satisfy himself - obviously if we have a suspicion, we'll check it up, but to watch what Malcolm Roberts is up to, he's generally on television. Why did Bob Ryan doing all the legal research on Bob Day?I'm certain that the checks are happening right now. Without a shadow of doubt, people are check right now. The media is checking, politicians are checking, parties are checking, they're all in there checking out exactly what's going on. To say people are just sitting back blindly and not taking note of this, they're not. You can bet your life every party, politician, the opposition will be checking us, we'll be checking the opposition and the media will be checking all of us. Taking on these extra portfolios, do you think that will affect the times you can give to your electorate?No, I'm going to work harder, that's what I do. We want it so if something happens in a regional area, I want the National Party representing, the water resource, vitally important we look after that because the Murray Darling basin is in a regional area. Coalmines, iron ore mines, where are these mines? In regional areas. We got to make sure we look after them in the National Party, and I'll be doing that. And, yes, there's a lot of work, and I just - I just work harder. I have been doing back-to-back briefings, and I'm here in the electorate today, I'm not in Canberra, doing this today and I'll go flat out at this, and I - I don't intend to have this - I believe that Matt Canavan will be - the High Court will throw this out and say you are an Australian citizen, he can come back to work and we hand this stuff back. But in the meantime, it's business as usual. I think I'll - I'll be ready to take submissions to cabinet and I'm getting myself across it. I was a Senator for Queensland, so I got Northern Territory, I lived in Emerald at one stage, I can understand that section of the portfolio. I lived my whole life around mining and agricultural resources, so we're not starting from zero base here. I have been very aware what's been going through cabinet in any case, so I'm aware what Matt Canavan has been bringing into cabinet so I can pick up - the threads there pretty quickly. And we'll just - we'll just make it worgs work. That's - I'm sure there's a lot of people and a lot of other workplaces around Tamworth and the electorate, if someone gets sick or goes away, the work lands on somebody else's desk and they don't drop their bundle, they pick it unand make it work.Do you think (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY)Well, look, I will always be looking through the prism of - I always told people the prism I look through, the from time to time agricultural land and what is the effect on aquafers. There you go. There'll be other things I want to see happen. Like, coal seam gas in the Pilliga. That's not prime agricultural land, that's in a state forest, state national park. Things such as that should be moving along and getting that wealth moving, gas prices are too high in Sydney, we should be driving that agenda, getting that thing happening. Speaking of portfolios and water, the (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) condoning the water theft in the (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY).No trying to bring a sense of proportionality in this, there's 32,500 gigalitres is the catchment of the Murray Darling basin. Now 7,000 gigalitres go over the barrages of South Australia. Basically involved in lower lakes and ultimately as much as we can off the to the sea. What we're talking about in that program, there are other issues we have to address that, no doubt about it, but it's 160 is the total catchment of the Bowen darling of that section, and the part they're referring to, class A licences, is 10 gigalitres and talking about a theft of part there of which is an allegation, OK, an allegation of theft of part of 10. When someone like - I saw in South Australia, a press conference where they say this is going to affect fishing in the Coorong, what part of 10 is going to affect the 7,000 that arrives over 1,000km away? That just - that doesn't hold water. So you try to take the debate back to the reality of the numbers and say, yep, absolutely. If there's theft, it's theft. If you steal a cattle, sheep, car, or water, you're breaking the law and you're going to be hauled over the coals for it. Who are the people most likely affected by that? Not South Australia, the people next door, just roundly. And what is that areas called, New South Wales. What has New South Wales done? Well, they got an independent - they got an independent outside politics assessment of it, audit of it, the audit office has expanded their investigation of it. With all that happening, there's one person referred themselves to ICAC. So things are happening. And what we will do is make sure that that process goes forward and we're confident with that process and later on all the ministers come to the ministerial meeting in any case and if people are not satisfied, then that's the appropriate venue that you start saying, OK, if we need to go further we need to go further there. But, you know, what a - I believe that there was - all of a sudden there was this long bow drawn that people said, "Well, because a part of 10 might have been stolen here, it affects the 7,000 that's happening 1,000km away", I said, no, that in itself is misleading.Irrigate said your comments were inflammatory, do you disagree with that?I tried to just bring in - bring in a sense of balance and proportion by giving people the numbers. Now, there are two groups of people who want the basin plan to fail. There are people who want, you know, basically throw it out so they can use all the water for irrigation again and that's not going to happen. There's another group that want to throw it out because they want to start basically redesigning the numbers. So there's more buybacks. That causes harm. Look what Penny Wong did for Collaninbri. Peez theme are not leaving the town because they can't sell their house, just like in sections of Dirranbandi and I'm going to stand up for them. If other people find that offensive, well, I'll deal with it.Easy to talk about numbers, but theft and corruption is theft and corruption. (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) fairly... Dealt with by the police and ICAC is looking at some of these issues right now.(SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY). I'll leave that to the courts. Before the ALP, I was an accountants. Leave it to the appropriate venue that is dealing with it right now.What happens in the meantime?It's a police - if the police need to investigate it, they will.Any questions for NBN? We got Marcella here.Yeah.We'll leave that there for the moment. That was live from Tamworth. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce commenting there on the NBN and this citizenship issue and also the Murray Darling at the end there as well. So the development on the citizenship issue overnight is One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts said he tried to renounce his British citizenship but wasn't - that wasn't confirmed until after the election. Barnaby Joyce saying there that politicians have to abide by the constitution and that if the Government has a suspicion about the Malcolm Roberts' case, then it will be checked out. And Mr Joyce also