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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today: More dual citizenship drama in the Senate. One Nation's Malcolm Roberts now in the spotlight over his eligibility. Chaos in the White House. President Trump's Chief of Staff and his new communications director in open warfare. A terrifying and horrific attack. 29 years jail for a Melbourne man who stabbed a woman to death just metres from her home. A this year's Archibald prize winner about to be unveiled. We'll bring you the announcement, shortly. Andrew Geoghegan with ABC news here. Federal Parliament's dual citizenship drama could ensnare another Senator. This time, One Nation's Malcolm Roberts. The Queensland Senator revealeded that he renounced his British citizenship, but only received confirmation from UK authorities after the last election. Our political reporter joins us from Parliament House in Canberra. So, Jane, the feeling is ambiguous over what Malcolm Roberts had to say about this.Malcolm Roberts was born in India to a Welsh father and an Australian mother and they moved to Australia when he was a child. For the past couple of weeks, as we've seen the dual citizenship revelations come to the surface, he's been under pressure to clear up his own citizenship. Last night, he gave an err view on -- an interview on Sky where he outlined it and said that before last year's election, he sent three emails to British authorities, firstly asking whether he was a British citizen, and if he was, requesting that that citizenship be renounced. He only received, according to him, confirmation in December that his British citizenship had been revoked, which was five months after the election. So if that's the case, he could well have been a dual citizen at the time of the election, and therefore, ineligible to run for Parliament. He's not releasing any of the documents. He insists he's followed the rules by talking all reasonable steps to renounce his British citizenship, but at this stage, the two big questions are - has he followed the proper process to renounce that citizenship? And was it renounced in time? So, what are we waiting on next? What's the next move?Well, we're waiting on him to release the documents to prove that he has, in fact, renounced his citizenship. But it will take a court challenge for this case to be tested.So the High Court would need it to be initiated by another party. So there are some suggestions that the Government is considering referring this to the High Court to clear up any questions about his eligibility and whether he has adhered to the rules that are set out in the constitution.What has the Government had to say about this?The Government has been pretty tight-lipped about this specific issue. Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Prime Minister, held a press conference a short time ago where he said that given what's happened with the resignations of Scott Ludlum and Larissa Waters and given the cloud that's hanging over Matt Cannavan, of course the story with him is that he says he unwittingly acquired Italian citizenship. So the High Court is going to look at his eligibility. Barnaby Joyce says everyone is now checking their citizenship status. And we are, to a certain extent, in unchartered legal territory here, because if an MP was born overseas, then it's a pretty simple check to see if they are, in fact, a dual citizen. But in the case of someone like Matt Cannavan, he was born in Australia. And because of his heritage, his bloodline was eligibility for Italian citizenship and there are other MPs in Parliament who could be in a similar situation. So the High Court will test Matt Cannavan's case, which will set a precedent. In the meantime, the Greens want an independent audit of every MP and Senator, but the major parties seem pretty lukewarm on that. So let's take a listen to what Barnaby Joyce had to say about that audit idea earlier.Without a shadow of a doubt, people are checking right now. The media is checking. Politicians are checking. Parties are checking. They're all in there checking out exactly what's going on. So to say that people are sitting back blindly and not taking note of this, they're not.The Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce there. Labor says it is not checking because it's already done the necessary checks, but Anthony Albanese this morning said that they have a very rigorous process when they go through the candidate nomination stage for potential politicians. This is what he had to say on Radio National this morning. We're careful. People have to present their birth certificates or have to produce, if they're born in another country, evidence at the time that they nominate. So we're very confident that no Labor member rrs Senators have issues. -- members or Senators have issues.Ambulance Albanese confirming that he believes that no Labor MPs will be the next to be caught up in the citizenship saga.Thank you. Yet another crisis is exploding in the White House. And once again, it's entirely of its own making. Donald Trump's Chief of Staff and his new communications director are in open warfare. The conflict is being played out on cable news, apparently with the knowledge and approval of the President. Ben Knight reports from Washington. Just five days after he joined the White House team, Anthony Scaramucci is blowing it apart. He's accused the Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, of leaking to the media, in a phone call to a cable News Breakfast show. I can speak for my own actions. He's going to need to speak for his own actions so if Reince Priebus wants to explain that, let him do that. His extraordinary public attack also spilled on to the pages of the New Yorker magazine where he used an expletive to describe Reince Priebus, calling him a paranoid schizophrenic, schizophrenic, and using obscene language to vent his disgust at the White House chief strategist. He also said, "They'll all be fired by me". Neither Reince me". Neither Reince Priebus nor Steve Bannon have comment. Anthony Scaramucci later tweeted:

It's a stunning display of dysfunction, even for the Trump White House, which is already fighting fires on a number of different fronts from healthcare to the President's own feud with his Attorney-General over the Russia investigation. Donald Trump won't say if he plans to fire Jeff Sessions, who says he has no plans to quit.You've seen the President's criticism of you. Do you think it's fair?Well, it's kind of hurtful, but the President of the United States is a strong leader. He is determined to move this country in the direction he believes it needs to go to make us great again, and he has had a lot of criticisms and he's steadfastly determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our jobs, and that's what I intend to do.Republicans in Congress are warning the President not to go after Jeff Sessions, or special prosecutor Robert Mueller. If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay. Any effort to go after Robert Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.There were similar warnings before Donald Trump fired the FBI director James Comey, warnings the President ignored. Let's get more on this now. We're joined byPlanet America's John Baron.Hi.Every day we're getting something out of the White House as far as the controversy is concerned. It looks like we're witnessing the implosion of the presidency, but this has been going on for quite some time?Well, this chaotic environment around President Trump is not just a neophite president struggling to staff up an administration and run an administration, this is typical of the way that Donald Trump has run every office that he has had in Trump Tower. There is always this kind of internal fighting. What we're seeing now is this open warfare from within the ranks of the White House. You've got all of these characters, Anthony Scaramucci, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, a cast of characters, who are all competing for the favour of Donald Trump. That is by design. That is the way that he likes it. But what Donald Trump doesn't like is when guys like Anthony Scaramucci become the news, or guys like Reince Priebus or Steve Bannon become the news. He almost sacked Steve Bannon, who probably did more than anyone else to help Trump win the election last year, when Steve Bannon got on the cover of Time Magazine a couple of months ago. He nearly lost his job for just daring to take the spotlight.And we wunt forget Sean Spicer who became the news, so he lost his job.Sean Spicer will leave a big hole for the late night comedians and Saturday night live. But now Anthony Scaramucci is the White House communications director. A 53-year-old Wall Street financier, who used to raise money for Barack Obama, once supported Hillary Clinton, endorsed Scott Walker and Jeb Bush before endorsing Donald Trump after describing him as reckless and un-American. And now he suddenly finds himself, through sheer weight of flattery and his own bank balance, suddenly having this key communications role in the White House. He's never had a communications job in his life and we're learning this week, his communications skills with reporters leaves a lot to be desired.Yet, it appears that Anthony Scaramucci and Trump are as one, in that they want to disrupt, or at least, that's what Anthony Scaramucci says. He's there. Trump is there to disrupt and to get rid of the establishment. Yet, if you want to do that, you need those people to effect that change?What we've learned through Donald Trump in the Apprentice saying, You'reEn fired, he doesn't like saying you're fired. He wants people to like him a lot. Otherwise he would have sacked his Attorney-General Jeff Sessions this week, rather than referring to him as "weak" and "beleaguered". When it comes to Anthony Scaramucci, he's there to be the hitman, to knock off some of the people. Sean Spicer is gone. Spicer went because Anthony Scaramucci was appointed. Spicer said that he wouldn't work with Anthony Scaramucci as the communications director. Sean is gone. The next on the hit list is Reince Priebus. The Chief of Staff of Donald Trump. But with the interview that he gave, suspiciously late at night, after a fairly suspiciously long dinner.With some very colourful language.A lot of which we can't actually put on the ABC. But it is all there in print. Anthony Scaramucci has confirmed that he's not retracted this and he said, "My mistake was trusting a reporter". And the reporter said, "You never said that this is off the record". He's simply printing what Anthony Scaramucci said, which was scathing about Reince Priebus, about Steve Bannon. It's all very flattering of Donald Trump, but essentially saying that he's there to sack all of the leakers and if he can't find out the leakers, he'll sack everybody. This is scorched earth decision making that Anthony Scaramucci is showing here. Plus a pretty foul mouth. That may or may not go down well with Donald Trump. What we don't know is whether the President is thinking - this is exactly what I need or maybe thinking - this guy is in the news and I'm not. I might have to get rid of him now.As you mentioned there, thoughts, perhaps, that Trump may get rid of Jeff Sessions. As we just heard from Lindsay Graham, the Republican there, who said if that was to occur, holy hell would break out, to quote him, and it could be the end of the presidency.It gets into interesting legal areas. The history of this, of course, is that Jeff Sessions recuesed himself as Attorney-General for overseeing any investigations into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election because Jeff Sessions had misled the Senate during his confirmation process for being Attorney-General. He misled the Senate when he denied having any meetings himself with any Russian officials last year. Later it was revealed that he had at least two meetings with the then Russian ambassador to the United States. So he misled the Senate there. He was left with really no room but to recues himself after Donald Trump sacked James Comey, the head of the FBI, because as President Trump said himself, he didn't like the way that James Comey was handling the investigation into Russia. Donald Trump has been seething about the fact that Jeff Sessions is no longer a buffer between himself and the investigations into what Russia may have done to help get Donald Trump elected last year. And the extent to which the Trump campaign colluded with that. So, does he want to replace Jeff Sessions? He's done everything to help make Jeff Sessions resign this week, by belittling him publicly. Chances are he's trying to manoeuvre Jeff Sessions out in the next few weeks, but Jeff Sessions, who was a huge supporter of Donald Trump, is digging in his heels and saying - I'm not going to go. So how that particular stand-off plays out and how pressure being brought by former colleagues of Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate, like Lindsay Graham, that will be fascinating to see. Because this is a real strength of Donald Trump's strength. If he doesn't get his way, he doesn't get the Attorney-General he wants. If he's stuck with this guy, he's not going to like that.And it comes down to the support of the Republicans who obviously control Congress. Do we know how deep that support runs. We heard from John McCain and we know his views about Donald Trump. How much support is there for this Trump presidency among Republicans?Jeff Sessions was the only United States Senator to endorse Donald Trump during last year's primaries. He was the only one. Make no mistake. Even though congressional Republicans are trying to get what they can out of a notional Republican presidency in Donald Trump, they don't like the guy. He's not one of them. They feel as though Donald Trump hijacked their party's presidential nomination and then hijacked the presidency itself. We'll have to leave it there because we're going to take you to the Archibald Prize which is being announced at the moment.In it, his will states that the portrait is to be preferentially of some man or woman, distinguished in arts, letters, science or politics, pained by any artist resident in Australasian. Leanl, we received 822 entries -- ladies and gentlemen, we received 822 entries and the trustees, with the very able assistance of our two artist trustees, Ben Quilty and Ben condition kadim -- Kadim Aly, have them there in the back of the exhibition. This morning, we took it down to two and it took some some time wandering between the two wonderful paintings to decide who would be the winner of the 2017 Archibald Prize. Before announcing the winner, my trustees have asked me to highly commend the one we didn't choose, which is Jun Chen's portrait of Ray Hughes and I think that he deserves some applause as highly commendable. (APPLAUSE) Ladies and gentlemen, for the record, all of the trustees are happy with the decision I'm about to make. And I'm absolutely delighted to announce that the winner of the 2017 Archibald Prize in the amount of $100,000 is Mitch Cairns with his portrait, Agatha.

Hello. Um... Firstly, I'd just like to thank the trustees of the art gallery here. Michael Brandon at the gallery. The guides and installers. Yeah... Very, very much appreciative of being given the call. I'd like to thank close friends and family, to echo Joan. Artists need a lot of support and I do have that in spades, so I'd like to thank those, because they know who they are. And my colourist at the commercial gallery and I'd also like to thank, of course, Agatha, my beautiful partner, I love you very much. We congratulate Mitch. For those of you who don't know, the painting is just around the corner. Please do stay on and thank you for your interest in the Archibald and all of the other prizes today. So there we have it, the winner for the 2017 Archibald Prize is Mitch Cairns who is now $100,000 richer. That's the prize money that he gets. And as David Gonski just said there, 822 entries for this year. Whittled down to 43 finalists and they down to 43 finalists and they culled it to two. There we can see the winning portrait by Mitch Cairns. Culled to two. They found it very difficult but in the end, they chose Mitch Cairns' painting there. difficult but in the end, they chose
Mitch Cairns' painting there. The man who murdered Melbourne woman Rani Featherstone just metres from her home has been sentenced to 29 years in jail. Our reporter joins us now from the Victorian Supreme Court. Sarah, just take us through the case.Well, as you mentioned, Rani Featherstone was stabbed to death just near her home in Doveton in 2014. She was left to die in the street and it was another two years before her attacker, Christian Baine-Singh, was arrested and confessed to police over the killing. In sentencing him today, the judge said that he'd carried out a terrifying and horrific attack on a defenceless woman who was unarmed. And that she'd suffered a horrifying death at his hands. We did hear in court that on the day of the attack, Christian Baine-Singh returned home and he posted a message on Facebook that he later admitted to police was a way of him bragging, or boasting, about what he'd done. But the judge says he's since found religion and he's showing some good signs of rehabilitation. For that murder, Christian Baine-Singh has been sentenced to 24 years jail. But he's also been sentenced today for another attack that he carried out 11 days prior, where he broke into a man's home and attacked him in his bed whilst he was trying to rob the house. So he was sentenced for that as well today. All up, he will serve a minimum 22 years jail before he'll be eligible for parole.Do we know what the motive was in the killing? There was no motive, given, the judge said that he did no Rani Featherstone. That the two had had an argument prior to their altercation on the streets back in 2014. But he rejected any suggestion that she had instigated the fight that ensued. In fact, he also said that she wasn't the one that had been carrying the knife which had been suggested in court. We did hear that Christian Baine-Singh had started to attack her. She tried to run away and he chased her down and continued the attack, so she had tried to escape him. And she was left to die in the street, as we said. We've been told, like I said, that he's now turned to religion, but the judge did mention that it was his religion which prompted him to confess to police after his arrest. But did note, obviously, that that was years later.Thank you very much. London Police investigating the Grenfell Tower inferno say they have reasonable grounds to suspect corporate manslaughter was committed by a local council and tenensy organisation. At least 80 people died in the fire. Forensic officers are still inside Grenfell Tower, slowly picking through charred flats in an attempt to find the remains of all those who died. While outside, local councillors are battling to contain the simmering anger of survivors and overnight, they were told that their organisation is now at the heart of a massive criminal investigation. The community have been asking the police to carry on their criminal investigation, and all I can say is that I'm pleased that they're doing that. I'm pleased that they're starting and I will cooperate in any way I possibly can.In a surprisingly revealing letter, police declared members of the Chelsea and Kensington Council and the organisation that managed the tower will be questioned by detectives, because there are reasonable grounds to suspect that each organisation may have committed the offence of corporate manslaughter.Were you pressured by Number 10 to resign?A former long time council leader is thought likely to be among those interviewed, but the punishment for corporate manslaughter is a fine, not jail time. And residents want individuals to be prosecuted for gross negligence too.Let's see some action. Because that speaks louder than words and that will give a lot of people faith.I want to hear more. I want to hear more and more. More information. More updates. I've been waiting for seven weeks. Investigators are currently going through huge numbers of documents relating to the tower's resign and recent controversial refurbishment. It's a process likely to take until next year. So will the painstaking, heart breaking operation, to clear the tower room by room. Time now for finance news and we're joined by Rachel Pupazzoni. Rachel, Rio, having sold its coal assets in the Hunter Valley, we've got a bit more information on that.It's been an interesting development. Two companies were in a bidding war for the Hunter Valley coal assets owned by Rio Tinto. Yancol and Glencoal. So the two companies that were going head-to-head are looking like they'll be in a joint venture. So Yancol Australia will go in that joint venture. Last month, they won the bid to buy Rio Tinto's Hunter Valley's coal assets. And they were put into a trading halt yesterday. We can reveal that they'll end up with a 49% stake of the assets that it is buying for $1.14 billion US. Of course, the deal is conditional on approvals. The sale of the Hunter Valley coal assets owned by Rio is yet to go through. That will take about six months so a bit more complex to the deal as it goes ahead.OK, now, are we feeling sorry for Bill Gates today? He's no longer the world's richest man?It's interesting, because for a moment, he wasn't the world's richest man, according to Forbes, but he's back on top.Right!I know. It's a hard place to be in. But earlier, or overnight during the US Stock Exchange, the Amazon owner actually took the top spot as Forbes' richest man. That's because Amazon shares jumped by 1.6% at the start of trade. So he surpassed Bill Gates. Obviously everybody knows who he is, the developer of Microsoft. And he was put back in the top spot when the shares fell back. And people will be familiar with Amazon. It's making its way to Australia. Started life out as a book seller but everyone is talking about the Amazon effect and how that will impact all retailers in Australia.That's right, it's diversified into practically everything that we do online at least. And let's take a look at the share markets. The last day of the trading week. How is it looking?It's had a pretty good week, but today, it's not doing so well. It's lost a lot of the gains that it made earlier in the week F we have a look at the figures, we can see that the All Ordinaries is down more than 1% and just 18 companies are seeing positive growth on the ASX 200 today. That's 18 out of 200. It's down 1.25% this afternoon. Web jet has tumbleded afternoon. Web jet has tumbleded to a 22-month low falling as much as 8%. And A 2 milk is losing some of 8%. And A 2 milk is losing some of
the gains that it made yesterday.

The Australian dollar has done fairly well this week and surpassing 80 cents but come back off the gains. That's the latest from the business desk. Thank you very much. Let's check the sports news now. Shannon, we'll start with the NRL. There was a match last night. Not good news for the Bulldogs, but certainly better news for the Panthers.Yes, the win for the Panthers keeps them in touch with the top eight. They're still ninth. Mathematically in a slim chance to reach the top eight. You're right. The Bulldogs, their finals hope is over after they lost 16-8. It was 8-8 at half time but the next 40 minutes, the Panthers ran in two tries. The Tyrone Peachy try with ten ten minutes to go sealed the win. In the end, it was 16-8. It is their fourth win in a row for the Penrith Panthers. Just starting to gain momentum. Not so good for the Bulldogs. Their finals hopes have gone. But the Penrith panthers pick up an injury with Leilani Latu with a suspected broken jaw. That's not good news for him. The Bulldogs, Adam Elliot left the field but only with a suspected cork, so hopefully he'll be right for he'll be right for the remainder of the season. Four wins in a row. That's good news if you're a Panthers fan. Two games tonight as Round 21 continues. The 12th placed Warriors at xnt mount Smart Stadium. They'll need a win against the 4th placed Sharks. And in the other game, the Parramatta Eels have had a couple of good wins and they're going to need that momentum as they take on the third placed Broncos and they welcome back Darius Boyd.And the Dogs were expected to do better. And it puts more pressure on Des Hasler.It does. And Des has a brilliant record of taking his team into the final of the top eight. So this is a year where the club, as we know during the week, he fronted the board and he said that it was a rup teen check. Earlier this season, they did actually extend his contract, but he's under a bit of pressure and a lot of rumours are coming out about the players and I guess the mood at the moment. This is something that they're not used to - making the top eight.Let's switch to women's basketball and the Australian team has book add place in next year's World Cup.Great news and that's relief because they're playing in the Asian cup championship. They needed to win yesterday in the quarterfinal against North Korea which they did in the end. It was 81-48. And that win booked them a place along with 11 other countries who have already qualified for the World Cup in Spain next September. So a huge win there for them not only in terms of the tournament, but they're actually now going to comfortably go through to the World Cup. Alannah Smith top scored for Australia with 20 points and played against South Korea and Alannah Smith shone when they played in the opening match of the tournament scoring 15 points. It is the Asian women's Cup and let's hope that they continue through this tournament. Already great news that we will see them in the World Cup. And in swimming, the world swimming championships, the meet has wrapped. No, a couple of days to go.Still a couple of days to go. Alright. But they've obviously been doing well. Particularly the women. How are you rating the performance?It was the women again who added to the medal tally overnight. There was a performance where we just fell short and thought that we might not get a medal on day five, but it was the women in the 4 x 200 metre freestyle relay, and again, she popped up, Emma McKeon, who picked up her fifth medal of this meet in Budapest. Actual le equals the best ever medal performance from an Australian swimmer at a world titles so the Wollongong born swimmer is just having a phenomenal meet. Her fifth medal. Four silvers and one bronze. But the 4 x 200 metre freestyle, in the last final leg, they were really anchored well by Ariarne Titmus, a teenager in Australian swimming. So hopefully a huge performance for her and a future for her. ComRon McEvoy, the 2015 world title, he was relegated to 4th. Emily Seebohm was just outtouched for bronze in the 50 metre backstroke. So it was good news that the relay team picked up one medal. With three days left, Australia are 11th on the medal tally with seven medals and no golds yet. Still a few chances. Seebohm in the 200 metre. And Bronte Campbell. And Mack Horton in the freestyle. So hopefully in the next three days, we may be able to claim our inaugral gold in the swimming World Championships. Finally, the Matildas up against the USA in the start of their tournaments of nation. And Carrie Webb, the 7-time major champion is one stroke ahead after the opening round of the Scottish Open. A lot of sport happening. Particularly in women's sport.Thank you. A quick look at the weather now around the nation:

Still to come - taking the classroom outdoors to get closer to nature. These kids are getting their hands dirty as part of National Tree Day where over a million trees are expected to be planted. Show us your green thumbs, kids? ALL: Yea!More from this kitchen garden in Sydney later this hour. The top stories from ABC News - the One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts insists he hasn't breached the Constitution in regards to his citizenship status. Senator Roberts revealed he renounced his British citizenship before he nominated for Parliament, but wasn't confirmed until 5 months after the election. President Donald Trump's new communications Director has launched a vulgar attack against the White House Chief of Staff, challenging Reince Priebus over media leaks and calling him a paranoid schizophrenic. It comes after news organisation printed Anthony Scaramucci's publicly available financial disclosures online. He has also attacked senior White House aide Steve Bannon, later tweeting his regret for using colourful language. A man who murdered a 34-year-old woman just metres from her home in Melbourne has bnl sentenced to 29 years' jail. Rani Featherston's body was found in her street in 2014. She had been stabbed 21 times, but it was another two years before Christian Bain-Singh was arrested and confessed to the killing. Mitch Cairns has won the 2017 Archibald Prize for his portrait of his partner and fellow artist, agent that. The prize attracted more than 800 Ren tri-s, and there were 43 finalists. Their subjects included artist John Olsen, stage Director John Bell, Indigenous actor Jake Charles and TV personality Lisa Wilkinson. He has only been in the communications Director's job for 5 days, but Anthony Scaramucci has thrown the White House into further turmoil. He has directly challenged the White House Chief of Staff to declare he has not been leaking information. It comes after a journalist published Mr Scaramucci's publicly available financial disclosures online. The journalist has told CNN Mr Scaramucci called into question the story before launching an extraordinary tie ride on his White House colleagues.These are remarkable. People are at home, there are some words in here we're obviously not going to read, but he starts off with: He then channelled Priebus - he believed that Priebus leaked this to me, right, so he was channelling Priebus in this quote. He says, "Oh, Bill Shine." He is getting into the Heads of what Priebus believe. Excuse me, former Fox News executive. He says:

So, there was a little bit to unpack there, but basically he is saying that he believed this dinner he had last night with Fox News, John and the former Fox executive was leaked by Reince Priebus because Reince was paranoid that Scaramucci was bringing these folks into the White House without his knowledge. I should say that that is just wrong, Reince Priebus did not leak that information to me.I want you to read a few more quotes from this and he really hit you for not revealing who leaked the fact that there was a dinner. I don't know why he was so sensitive to the fact that this was coming out. It was going to come out, as you point out, in any case. Exactly.He didn't want you to share your confidential sources?He was really pushing on me and he said, "I asked these guys not to leak anything and they can't help themselves. " Appealing to my sense of patriotism. He said:

Tension, violence and confusion has marred the final stage of the election in Papua New Guinea. Public buildings have been set on fire in one city and there has been an alleged kidnapping attempt on a new MP in Port Moresby. Our PNG correspondent Eric reports. Certainly over the last week, the violence has intensified in the Highlands. Police were killed and assistant Returning Officer was shot in the city of Waibag, the capital of one of the Highlands' provinces and for the last few days the airport in Mount Hargan has been shot, woutd more than a quarter of the ballot boxes there being counted and last night things go the a lot worse in Mount Hargan, a centre of the Western Highlands region, public buildings being burnt down, the Treasury building reduced to ash. Shots fired consistently throughout the afternoon and yesterday and major highways in and out of Mount Hargan have been completely blocked. Certainly the fact that we've had deaths in Enge province and this extended in Mount Harrigan suggest that things have got a lot worse. A number of allegations about really serious irregularities in the counting process. There were certainly problems with the polging process and one of the most strident critics of the current Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has been former prime minister, Sir Kerry Miralta who has been running for his old seat in Port Moresby. His seat took three weeks to count, normally the first to be declared but when the Returning Officer went missing at various stages of the counting process, when the seat was finally declared, his victory was confirmed, election officials couldn't find the Returning Officer who is needed to sign the writ. They waited for several hours and then eventually the Governor-General appointed another officer to sign that writ and Sir Kerr are I was officially declared as being elected. A new MP who is a member of the National Alliance Party, a former governing party, now in opposition to the incumbent government, arriving at the arnt on a charter and allegedly a former government mm in his old seat attempting to kidnap him and drag him off to the government camp where the government MPs are involved in negotiation A violent scuffle caught on camera, one of the TV crews, so things are very tense in the final stages of this election.
New South Wales could be haying for a horror bushfire season. The Rural Fire Service is predicting an early start to the season as parts of the State continue to experience a prolonged dry spell. New South Wales Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers joins us from Wollongong. Rob Rogers, thanks for talking to us this afternoon. What are your areas of concern across the State at this point?Good afternoon. Look, there is a large part of New South Wales that hasn't had any meaningful rain between 6 and 8 weeks, so you're talking a long time since meaningful rain, a lot of the areas, so west of the ranges, certainly in the south as well, and even the Hunter and Sydney areas and Mid North Coast, so a lot of areas that haven't had meaningful rain and we're quite concerned about the underlying dryness to the point where you look at the weather experienced today and into the weekend, expecting rooally gusty winds, it's have he dry and we've had to cancel a lot of hazard reductions because we're concerned about our ability to keep them safe, so between us and National Parks, though have been deferred. Predicted rain next week and we have to see how much rain actually falls over what areas and see what effect that has, but that will delay this underlying dryness for a couple of weeks.So your most immediate concern is this weekend because as you say, gusty winds forecast, along with very unusually high temperatures?Yeah, absolutely. It is very unusual for this time of the year, these temperatures, and, yes, combined with those gusty winds and certainly theunder lying dryness in the fuel that's there right now is really concerning, and again, as I said, just wanting to get past next week with some rain that is predicted to fall, it is predicted to be dry for all of August, so obviously we'll return to those dry conditions very rapidly.I understand that the Rural Fire Service is considering bringing forward that official bushfire danger period earlier. When would that possibly start, in your view? Well, I guess, again, depending on what rain affects what areas, local areas will be are he viewing that on a week by week basis and we could see P- bushfire danger period introduced into some areas of the State some time in August, or the very least September. The statutory period is is 1 October, but we'll definitely have them in force well before that.I seem to recall it was 2013 when we saw similar conditions, in fact, some very bad fires obviously in the Blue Mountains in September, or October?Yeah, absolutely, and then just last season we had those horrendous fires out of the west of the State to the west of ka sill list and Dunedoo and we are fires around the Port Macquarie area, down to Queanbeyan, so he there has been a lot of quite extreme fire weather over the last few years, and obviously how dry it is now, we need to be very ready for that, try to get as much hazard reduction done before the onset of the season proper, but putting public safety number one.Rob, you mentioned the weather, gusty winds, high temperatures, plus the lack of rainfall, but as far as the fuel loads are concerned, what sort of concern do you have?Well, certainly that rain we had at the tail end of last summer and into early part of winter, that has produced quite a lot of fuel. That fuel is rapidly drying out and of course, particularly those areas, the grassland areas, that has a very dramatic effect, drying out on that grasp It just dies off and it is ready to burn, so I think the important take-home message for people here is the fact that the bushfire season is almost here. The preparation things we tell people to do each and every year, cleaning out your gutters, have a hose to reach around your home, have a bushfire survival plan, talk with your family about what you're going to do if a fire threatens, those things need to be brought forward and need to be done now.Rob Rogers, Deputy Commissioner with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, thanks very muchThanks. Good afternoon.A new survey reveals Australian business confidence is falling. Quarterly survey by Sen sis has found that confidence is down everywhere. David is the head of economics at Australian Research. He joins us from Sydney. How concerned are you about falling business confidence at this point?Not really, actually. When you look at this survey, yes, confidence is down, but still at a relatively elevated level, and if you look at other m esh sures of business confidence, they have been rising, so I'm not particularly concerned by this one survey. Obviously we have to shall paying attention to what's happening and what's emerging across industries and so on, but overall I think the story coming from this survey and other surveys is that business confidence, business conditions are actually at relatively elevated level, we are seeing jobs growth, we've seen business investment, so I think the outlook from the business side looks pretty healthy, actually.Yet, you say seeing jobs growth overall, the confidence is robust, but that's not translating into wage growth. Why is that?No, that's right, and I think what we're seeing obviously is that even though we've seen jobs growth in the last 4 months, the unemployment rate is still above what we would all think of as full employment, and when we think about underemployment, so the number of people who would like to work longer hours, that is elevated, so that active total under utilisation at a higher level and acting to dampen wages, and other things going on, such as lower wage inflations, technology, so on, which are keeping wages Grote at record lows currently.How does that affect consumer confidence because if people are not feeling as wealthy, they are less likely to spend, which has a ripple effect?That's right If we look at the consumer confidence index, that has been falling for most of this year, so a little bit of concern, but having said that, it is around average levels, so not at a particularly low level, but it is lower or weaker than business confidence, so it does raise a concern. However, when we look at what happens historically, consumer sentiment doesn't pull down business confidence of That has usually been the case is that if businesses are reasonably optimistic and even in the Sen sis survey, they are still optimistic, then we see employment growth and employment growth is a key for consumer sentiment.One particular sector that is of concern is the retail sector. What's your outlook for that?When we look at retail, again we've seen this sort of retail sentiment being much weaker than overall business confidence for some time. . In other surveys, the NAB survey, for instance, sentiment in the retail sector has actually improved in the past couple of months, but it is true that retail confidence overall is generally weaker than elsewhere and that reflects both the overall pace of consumer spending, which is relatively soft, and also very fierce competition in that sector which is only going to intensify as we see more entrants arriving in Australia. So I think the outlook for retailers is going to be one of a very challenging environment over the next few years.David, let's turn our attention to the Aussie dollar. It is strengthening, certainly against the greenback. What challenge is that posing?Yes, you're right, the Aussie is up, up quite a lot for instance since the last time the RBA did its forecast, so how it impasse the RBA forecast will be interesting. In recent weeks, the outlook for the are. About. A, so a bit of excitement last week when the RBA brought in a mention of the neutral rate and the market misunderstood what the market was saying and there was reaction to that, but also seeing US dollar weakening because of what the Federal res are es is saying and obvious concerns around US politics so that combination has pushed the Aussie up. We're not particularly worried by it at the moment, we think is dampens the growth outlook a little bit, but things going the other way, so we think at this stage it is manageable, but if we saw a further rise and if it pushed into the 80s on a sustained basis, that would start to impact the outlook in a meaningful manner.Certainly got for importers, but not necessarily for exporters?Yes t has mixed impacts, good for some and bad for others.David Plate from ANZ, thanks for joining us.Thank you. The top stories from ABC News - One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts insists he hasn't breached the Constitution in regards to his citizenship status. US President Donald Trump's new communications Director has launched a vulgar attack against the White House Chief of Staff, challenging peeb Reince Priebus over media leaks and calling him a paranoid schizophrenic. And a man who murdered a Melbourne woman just metres from her home has been sentenced to 29 years in jail. Australian babies have been prescribed a concerning level. Antibiotics in their first year of life, some of the highest rates world. That is according to the Murdoch Research Institute. The survey found roughly half of a group of infants in Victoria were given antibiotics before they were 1-year-old. Dr Joins us from Melbourne. Thanks for talking to us. We know - it is well reported that particularly in Western nations, the overuse, the overprescription of antibiotics, but this may well come as a surprise that it's being prescribed for children under 1?Hi, Andrew, thank you. Yes, I think that's right. I think it's well recognised that high rates of antibiotics leading to high rates of antibiotics resistance and that has been well reported into the media. What's new about this study is that it is the first population-based study that has looked at hospital and parents-based records to try to determine why patients were receiving antibiotics and this is all in patients under the age of 1. 50% of children in this study received at least one prescription and at least one in 8 prescriptions received three prescriptions before the age of 1.Who is driving this? We know that concerned parents will go to the doctor and they want some relief for their infants. So is it the parents of the children that are asking for the antibiotics, or is it the doctors themselves?Yes, it is a really good question and it is very easy for everyone to blame everybody else. We live in quite a blame culture and it is easy for doctors to blame parentses, for parents to blame GPs, for GPs to blame hospitals, but everybody is to blame and everybody needs to take responsibility for reducing antibiotic prescribing vrlg It is very difficult for parents to really know whether their child who looks sick, has a viral infection, which is the vast majority for children 1 years old ,z and a bacterial infection and their children could be very sick. They need discussion time to explain the subtle differences convene viral and bacterial infections.Penn lope, what is the possible long-term implications for children in their first 12 months of life being prescribed antibiotics?One of the most reported implications is antibiotics resistance and this is a global health emergency and we know it's on the increase worldwide, we know it is on the increase in Australia, and it is something that is seen - used to be seen just in hospitals, but is now widespread within the community. I think probably less well-known about and really in the early stages of research are the effects of antibiotic exposure on the gut bacteria, the natural gut bacteria in infants, and how antibiotics might disrupt that, and then this can cause long-term associations with allergy and obesity as well as other chronic diseases.Do you as though perhaps it is the culture we live in at the moment, for a concerned parent, you want to cure, rather than try to manage any disease that a child may have?Yes, it is extremely difficult as a parent or a GP to see a child in front of you who looks sick and try to think about the long-term implications for that child or the broad implications across the community. So what we really need is to give parents education and support about the high rate of viral infections in young children, to give GPs support and time and resources to have the time to explain to families the differences between viral and back peerial infections and the fact that if you treat a viral infection with antibiotics, all you get is antibiotics side effects, they don't have any effect at all.And Dr Bryant, a recent article published in the medical journal, researchers looked at the fear of undertreatment has led to damaging overtreatment as far as antibiotics are concerned, and perhaps they're suggesting that we should - and this grows to the heart of whether you should actually complete a course of antibiotics. We're often told by doctors, quks make sure you complete the course." But they're suggesting perhaps you need to hit it harder and quicker? That was a very topical point because traditionally everybody, every parent will know that their doctor, hospital or GP has said, "You must finish the course of antibiotics." That is true if you are a bacterial infection, but if you have a viral infection, you must stop it as early use possible. Most ear infections and chft infections which are the vast majority of infect shunss in infats are caused by viruses and don't need antibiotics at all, so the current way that research is moving forward is to try to look specifically at these things. There isn't a good body of evidence to show that we should stop earlier, but that is certainly the research of interest at the moment.Thanks for joining us. Thousands of school students across the country are spending more time outside today for Schools Tree Day. It teaches kids about the importance of the great outdoors. Our reporter Johanna Nicholson has visited one of the Sydney schools that is taking part. There are some very keen green thumbs here at St Peter's Public School in Sydney.They've even got their very own kitchen garden. This year they are taking part in Schools Tree Day, and to tell us more about it, Costa Georgiadis is here. You are an ambassador for National Tree Day, what is that all aboutNational Tree day is an annual event, Schools Taronga Zoo Day on the Friday and National Tree day on the Sunday. 23 million trees have been planted over the years and this year the theme is, "Be inspired. It is our nature." I couldn't think of a better thing on Schools Tree Day to inspire our next generation, to get them connected to the importance of trees and how trees fit into their life in their day-to-day in terms of food and fibre and O'Farrelling, and then the beauty of art and all of the subjects that the kids do can be taught through being outside and connecting with nature.We've also got another ambassador here with us, Dirt Girl. What are you up to?We are getting ready to plant out this garden bed. So first we make a little hole, then we put our seedling in it, cover it up with dirt. It only takes a minute. Who is ready? ALL: Yes! .Let's get grubby.Costa, what are some of the benefits that kids can gain from spending time outdoors?Its a no-brainer. The health and wellbeing benefits are massive. Getting kids outside. The average Australian spends 90% of their time indoors and when you think about that from a kids' point of view, we need to get them out and get them connected to nature and the only way they will understand nature is by spending time in it. The wonderful thing with school gardens is they are around the kids, not just a grass Oval. There are places to plant, places to understand science, there is biodiversity, they can learn about the beneficial insects and the pollinating insects. They can understand the importance of the soil and growing soil and then that connects to food scraps and waste and growing compost. So there is science, there is art, there is biology - all of these disciplines are in the garden. They are in the environment around kids, and if we want them to protect the environment, if we want them to understand it, we have to get them involved with it.And what are some of the ways we can grow a passion, so to speak, in kids for the great outdoors?As parents, probably the best thing you can do is just get the kids active, go for walks, go to Botanic Gardens, go to a growers' market and walk through the familiar. Go out and join your local Landcare and spend some time planting there, or a walk along the beach front and pick up some papers. All of these activities get people and get kids particularly outdoors and active. It is fine to say, "Oh, they spend too much time on the screen," but we need to give them simple options and the easest one is get into it.Costa, thank you. This is all happening as part of National Tree Day this weekend where about 1 million trees are expected to be planted across the country. So let's see how the weather is looking for your weekend in the great outdoors. Here looking for your weekend in the
great outdoors. Here is Nate Byrne. Starting with the 15 the lite picture. Fairly cloud-free in the south of the country and the north is where it's all happening. One koltd front moving through the south-east and another moving through the south-west. Taking a look at the synoptics, Zhang rouse windy conditions to the south of Western Australia. For tomorrow, we'll see rain behind that system lingering as it continues to move to the south-east of the country. Now, those showers will be fairly light once it has passed through, but it is bringing warm conditions with northerlies ahead of the cold front, so tomorrow warm temperatures in the east of the country:

Thanks, Nate. Just before we go, a note for our viewers on ABC TV. From this weekend, you can watch our midday News bulletin on ABC TV as well as on the ABC News Channel, both Saturday and Sunday, meaning you can catch us 7 days a week. That is ABC News for now. I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks for joining us.

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