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by Ai-MediaWe begin with breaking years
news. A man has been jailed for 24 woman
years for the murder of a Melbourne was
woman in 2014. Rani Featherstone Bain
was stabbed to death by Christian a
Bain Singh who the court heard was knives.
a butcher with a fixation for the
knives. Bain Singh spotted Rani in southeast.
the street at Doveton in the city's her
southeast. He chase her and stabbed Facebook
her 21 times. Later bragging on dog
Facebook "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of a
the fight in the dog." There's been Coast.
a horror crash on the NSW Central control
Coast. A stolen truck losing home.
control and ploughing into a family inside.
home. With the family still asleep Baker
inside. Live now to Nine's Elise what
Baker at Wyong. Talk us through what happened?Well, this incident A
unfolded at around 11:00 last night. making
A 21-year-old truck driver was service
making a delivery to the 7-Eleven refrigerated
service station at Wyong when his That
refrigerated truck has been stolen. That truck has travelled at speed lost
making it a kilometre before its ploughing
lost control at a roundabout before Now,
ploughing into the back of a home. son
Now, thankfully, that woman and her this
son who were inside weren't hurt in big
this crash. But it has made quite a back
big mess to their property. The There's
back fence has been destroyed there. structural
There's also a fair bit of Not
structural damage to their home. Not only that this truck has

Not only that this truck has seen flying
milk, coffee, sushis, doughnuts also
flying all over their property and well.
also the neighbour's property as matter
well. Police spoke about this take
matter just a short time ago. Let's to
take a look to what they have had Thankfully
to say.Very, very lucky escape. premises.
Thankfully no-one was in the rear premises. The rear rooms of the

premises. So they've escaped injury significant
or what could have been quite asleep
significant injuries.While we were sounded
asleep and first thing I heard it came
sounded like a bomb went off. So I into
came outside and there was a truck 25-year-old
into the house next door.Now, a be
25-year-old man who is believed to he
be behind the wheel of that truck with
he was found a short distance away He
with significant facial injuries. North
He was air lifted to the Royal condition.
North Shore Hospital in a critical is
condition. We've now been told he speaking
is in a stable condition and of
speaking with police e Mark.A pile plant
of rubbish at Brisbane recycling overnight.
plant has gone up in flames firefighters
overnight. Around a dozen blaze
firefighters worked to put out the Hemmant
blaze at the One Steel plant at It's
Hemmant near the city's airport. The
It's not clear how the fire started. Mark
The father of former tennis star guilty
Mark Philippoussis has pleaded not year-old
guilty to sexual abusing two nine- As
year-old girls in the United States. 68-year-old
As Nine's Lizzie Pearl reports the charged
68-year-old appeared in court molestation.
charged with 14 counts of child Philippoussis's
molestation.Will, Nick today
Philippoussis's lawyer has told us innocence
today that he is maintaining his incredibly
innocence and that the family was allegations.
incredibly shocked by these Philippoussis,
allegations. 68-year-old Nick Aussie
Philippoussis, the father of the Philippoussis
Aussie tennis star Mark these
Philippoussis has faced a judge on here
these allegations for first time guilty
here in San Diego. He entered a not child
guilty plea on all 14 counts of learning
child molestation. Now, we're nature
learning a bit more about the court
nature of these allegations. The victims
court was told that the two alleged just
victims here are young girls aged offences
just 9 years old. And that these year
offences were carried out across a this
year from June last year to June One
this year at two separate locations. the
One being Nick Philippoussis's home, club
the other being a private tennis girl's
club when Nick was acting as the Philippoussis
girl's tennis coach. Now, Mark support
Philippoussis was in the court to ashened
support his father today. He left family
ashened face. I asked him how the must
family was taking the news. This you
must have come as terrible shock to have
you and the family, Mark. It must that
have been of some comfort to him Mark
that you were in the court today. for
Mark is doing well. He's concerned any
for his father. Wants to help in serious
any way he can. He understands the Philippoussis's
serious nature of these charges.Mr multi
Philippoussis's exposure given the number
multi victim allegations and the life.
number of counts is 210 years to life.Also in court today Nick from
Philippoussis's bail was increased to
from around 2.5 million US dollars more
to 9.2 million US dollars. That's dollars.
more than a 11 million Australian bail,
dollars. If he does manage to post his
bail, well, he'll have to surrender stay
his passport. He's been ordered to stay away from those two

stay away from those two young are
alleged victims.Brisbane commuters traffic
are bracing themselves for more with
traffic headaches this afternoon walk
with hundreds of bus drivers set to Nine's
walk off the job. Live now to people
Nine's Joel Dry. Joel, how can Well,
people steer clear of the drama? being
Well, Mark put simply bus users are catching
being told to find a plan B to outside
catching the bus or travelling that
outside of the strike hours. But for
that could be easier said than done are
for the 100,000 or so people who significant
are expected to be impacted by this p.m.,
significant industrial action. At 2 drivers
p.m., 800 Brisbane city council bus they
drivers will walk off the job and they will stay off the job until 6 Those
p.m., crippling the bus network. afternoon
Those four hours on a Friday afternoon are some of the busiest doubt
for the entire week. It will no already
doubt be commuter chaos as people train
already using the very clogged well
train system are increased and as cars
well as that many more thousand of congested
cars will be added to the already concerning
congested roads. It's particularly of
concerning for the 10s of thousands to
of school kids who will be trying Some
to get home during those hours. parents
Some schools have told their try
parents to be aware of this. Again have
try to find a plan B. Some schools students
have said they will let their parental
students out at lunch time with they
parental permission of course so Across
they can avoid those strike hours. said
Across the board the council have headache
said this will be a massive find
headache for people. They need to bus
find a plan B. Here is some of what them
bus users told us when we spoke to Uber
them this morning.We'll see if top
Uber has any surcharges while on they
top of that with the shortageWhen school
they do things like that with the happen?
school kids today. What will to
happen? The mother and father going to leave work and go pick

to leave work and go pick the kids This
or the kids go be standing, no. talks
This is all to do with some stalled drivers
talks between council and the bus continue
drivers union. Those talks are positive
continue but if there isn't a afternoon.
positive out come by 2 p.m. This afternoon
afternoon. It will be a very long afternoon for bus users this Environment
afternoon.Indeed, Joel. Thank you. Melbourne
Environment Ministers meeting in calling
Melbourne have faced protesters banned
calling for plastic bags to be Jones
banned in all states. Nine's Kate city.
Jones joins us live now from the demonstrators
city. Kieran, why are the they're
demonstrators so upset?Well, Mark far
they're basis saying it's taking Ministers
far too long for Environment to
Ministers from around the country unify
to come up with a firm decision and single
unify the nation on the approach to there
single use plastic bags. We know Victoria
there has been some resistance in plastic
Victoria and NSW to banning the politicians
plastic bags entirely. So are
politicians from around the states Environment
are meeting with the Federal Frydenberg
Environment Minister Josh greeted
Frydenberg this morning. They were protesters
greeted by a small group of into
protesters as they made their way here
into the Sofitel on Collins street here in Melbourne. Those meetings environmental
are ongoing. There are number of discussed
environmental issues that will be which
discussed throughout not least of bags.
which is obviously those plastic Australia
bags. Obviously, Tasmania and South have
Australia are couple of states that plastic
have banned the use of single use has
plastic bags. We know that Victoria use
has hinted that it might ban the well.
use of single use plastic bags as on
well. But we're obviously waiting to
on the Federal Environment Minister meetings
to discuss this further and those morning.
meetings are still ongoing this protesters
morning. Obviously, those fact
protesters aren't happy with the circulation,
fact that plastic bags are still in and
circulation, particularly in NSW those
and Victoria. We spoke to one of Here
those spokes people earlier today. Billions
Here is what she had to say. every
Billions of plastic bags are used their
every year in Australia. They make turtles
their ways into waterways oceans breakdown
turtles confuse them for food. They plastics.
breakdown into harmful micro Now,
plastics. End up in the food chain. ongoing
Now, mark those meetings are still hoping
ongoing as I mentioned. We're environmental
hoping to speak to those see
environmental politicians soon and those
see what they've discussed this will
those meetings.Two Sydney brothers Accused
will face court in September. to
Accused of stabbing a homeless man Ray
to death in his car. Jackson and murdering
Ray Travers have been charged with Hoffman
murdering former bus driver Peter Police
Hoffman in Maroubra last month. found
Police have revealed they have found clothing and a knife linked men
to the alleged murder. One of the keeper'
men has the words 'my brother's The
keeper' tattooed across his stomach.

The slogan commonly associated with bandits
the notorious Bra Boys gang. Well, brick
bandits who wielded a firearm and Melbourne's
brick during a robbery in still
Melbourne's northern suburbs are entered
still on the run. The thieves Preston
entered a service station in morning.
Preston around 3:30 on Sunday attendant
morning. One assaulted the male other
attendant with a brick before the handgun.
other threatened him with a black fiasco
handgun. Well, the MP citizenship Senator
fiasco is far from over. One Nation insisting
Senator Malcolm Roberts today but
insisting his election was valid confirmation
but that he only received citizen
confirmation that he wasn't a dual political
citizen after the poll. Live now to Kerrie,
political reporter Kerrie Yaxley. Kerrie, what does this mean for questions
Senator Roberts future?Well, Mark There
questions remain unanswered here. government
There are reports that the Senator
government is considering referring He
Senator Roberts to the High Court. of
He has attempted to clear himself contusion
of breaching section 44 of the hold
contusion which says you cannot and
hold citizenship in another country Parliament.
and sit in the Australian born
Parliament. Senator Roberts was born in India. His dad

born in India. His dad is Welsh. reports
His mother is Australian. There are passport
reports that he travelled on a UK disclosed
passport as young child. He has not ever
disclosed whether or not he has Senator
ever been a British citizen. The authorities
Senator says he contacted British the
authorities multiple times before citizenship
the July 2 election to confirm his confirmation
citizenship status. He said citizen
confirmation that he was not a election.
citizen came five months after the again
election. Here he is.I write again, said
again and again to the British and citizen.
said I believe I am not a British am,
citizen. Just in case though, if I immediately.
am, then I renounce it effective Pyne
immediately.Meanwhile Christopher Senator
Pyne has defended his colleague resigned
Senator Matthew Canavan who found
resigned from cabinet after he registered
found out that his mum had citizenship
registered him for Italian He
citizenship without his knowledge. Court
He says, Mr Pyne says the High decision
Court needs to make critical specifically
decision here about section 44 become
specifically when you do or don't In
become a citizen of another country. apparently
In the case of Matthew Canavan, citizen
apparently his mother made him a was
citizen of another country when he without
was 25. He wasn't an infant, application
without having even signed an Jong-Un
application form. On that basis Kim the
Jong-Un can make us all citizens of design.
the North Korea and we all have to told
design.Labor's Anthony Albanese he's
told the 'Today Show' Mac, that is
he's confident no Labor PP -- MPs Plenty
is dual citizenship.Quite a mess. milestone
Plenty more to come - including a celebrating
milestone for our police force blue.
celebrating 100 years of women in to
blue. Hundred of Sydney buildings Grenfell
to be investigated after the flight.
Grenfell fire disaster. Final a
flight. Prince William signs off as VOICEOVER:
a helicopter rescue pilot. VOICEOVER: Get the

VOICEOVER: Get the news as it fast
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When two women first joined paid
Victoria Police in 1917, they were colleagues
paid half as much as their male to
colleagues and weren't even allowed things
to arrest anyone. Now, a century on, As
things have changed dramatically. service
As the force marks 100 years of Spurway
service from female officers. Laura the
Spurway reports.100 years ago to officers
the day the first two female officers were airnt poked as agents celebrating
to vifrth police which is number
celebrating the milestone with a This
number of events across Melbourne. police
This morning a parade was hell at a acknowledge
police academy east of the city to women
acknowledge the achievements of has
women within the force and how much When
has changed for the new recruits. sworn
When the first female officers were of
sworn in they were on half the pay powers.
of male officers and with no arrest powers. It took 23 years for female up
police to get their own uniform and single
up until 1972 women had to be almost
single if they wanted to join. Now, Victoria
almost 4,000 women are part of organisation
Victoria Police and the working
organisation says it's still police
working on attracting more female towards
police members.We're working our
towards 50% reputation of women in our organisation to truly represent way
our community and we're well on our through
way to that with women moving They
through all ranks of organisation. made
They have paved the way. They've here
made - because of them we get to be men
here today and experience what the amazing
men do front line and on duty. It's thank
amazing experience we have. We leadership
thank those women.Those in will
leadership roles hope that women force.
will eventually make-up 50% of the members
force. Currently around 28% of recruitment
members are women but targeted seems
recruitment drive earlier this year recruits
seems to be working with 35% of new exactly
recruits being women. Now on their
exactly the same conditions as more
their male counterparts.Safety of NSW
more than a thousand buildings in with
NSW is in question this morning investigate
with the State Government to would
investigate how their cladding measures
would cope in a fire. Tough new wide
measures are being introduced state Grenfell
wide in the wake of London's taskforce
Grenfell Tower disaster. A new escape
taskforce will focus on making sure escape plans

escape plans in place in every materials
resident and unsafe building writing
materials are wiped out.We'll be are
writing to those properties that by
are identified that maybe affecting inspection
by cladding to undertake an themselves
inspection of the cladding to give they're
themselves peace of mind that crack
they're not at risk.The major residents
crack down come as at least 20 west
residents in Whalan in Sydney's nuths
west were forced to flee homes over neighbouring
nuths as fire broke out in police
neighbouring block. Meantime London grounds
police say they have reasonable manslaughter
grounds to launch corporate Grenfell
manslaughter charges over the Yard
Grenfell Tower disaster. Scotland the
Yard has confirmed that council and managing
the organisation responsible for charges.
managing the building may face his
charges. Prince William has quit helicopter
his day job stepping down as a full
helicopter rescue pilot to become a correspondent
full time Royal. Nine 's Europe this
correspondent mv best reports.Well semblance
this is the end of at least a for
semblance of normal working life throne.
for the second in line to British as
throne. Prince William's last shift up
as air ambulance pilot. He turned and
up and did the preflight briefings his
and had a special photograph with the
his workmates saying they were - of
the media was there for another one But
of them Karl on his first shift. Prince
But this was an important day. for
Prince William has flown part-time couple
for air ambulance service for past statement
couple of years. He released a in
statement saying he's learnt a lot in that time. He's been to a number of things that will stay with you and
for life things like car crashes respect
and suicide and has new found royal
respect that he'll continue in his services
royal duties for the emergency fellow
services here in Britain. His him.
fellow workmates certainly respect fantastic
him.Prince William has been He's
fantastic contribution to the team. board.
He's been a pleasure to have on team.
board. Hard working member of the and
team. Keen to get his hands dirty cleaning
and help out whether it's just out
cleaning the aircraft or actually patients
out seeing helping out with The
patients that critically il I ill. Royals.
The part of generational change for full
Royals. Prince William is now a his
full time royal. He's stepping up Duke
his duties as his grandfather the husband
Duke of Edinburgh the Queen's next
husband steps down from public life enlisted
next week. Prince William was Europe
enlisted for diplomatic duties in see
Europe next week. We can expect to line
see a lot more of the second in Still
line to the throne on royal duty. dust
Still ahead this morning's the Dogs Can
dust as the finals hope slip away. AFL's
Can the surging Swans crack the another
AFL's top four. And another day, the
another medal for Emma McKeon at the swimming World Championships.

Rugby League and it was a dismal Panthers
end to the Bulldogs finals chances. Canterbury
Panthers ending any hope of eight
Canterbury finishing in the top 16-8
eight this season. With a scrappy it's
16-8 win. In 13 years as NRL coach, not
it's the first time Des Hasler has Do
not taken his side to the finals. hopes
Do you believe that's your finals find
hopes dash.We'll strip it back and important
find a reasons why. What is make
important is what we're going to further
make in the next five games.To man
further sour the loss Bulldogs big from
man Sam Kasiano had to be helped sternum.
from the field clutching his for
sternum. Potentially his last game forward
for the club. While Panthers with
forward Leilani Latu was forced off face
with a broken jaw. Well, the Swans crack
crack the
face a tough task if they are to victory
crack the AFL top four with a will
victory tonight. Fifth place Sydney wins
will be vying for eight straight the
wins when they take on Hawthorn at the MCG.

the MCG. Despite the Hawks being John
12th on the ladder Sydney coach Alistair
John Longmire is wary of what Alistair Clarkson's men will final
produce as they look to keep their what
final chances alive.If you look at a
what they did with Adelaide and GWS surprising
a draw, it's working. It's not particular
surprising that Alistair in reinvigorate
particular has been able to playing
reinvigorate the team. They're Kennedy
playing well.Swans captain Josh game
Kennedy will celebrate his 200th against
game in the top flight tonight added
against his old club. Australia has Championships
added another bronze to their World women's
Championships medal tally. The team
women's 4 by 200m freestyle relay have
team claiming third. Aussies will medal
have another chance to break gold and
medal drought tonight. Emma McKeon for
and Bronte Campbell both qualifying While
for the 100m freestyle finals. third
While Taylor Mckewon qualified in final.
third for the 200m breaststroke announcement
final. Cricket Australia's country's
announcement yesterday rocked the players
country's top cricketers. The blindsided
players believe they have been call
blindsided by James Sutherland's umpire
call to bring in an industrial cannot
umpire if a new pay agreement week.
cannot be reached by early next rejecting
week. Following three months of Association
rejecting mediation the Players Australia's
Association says Cricket is
Australia's sudden need for urgency entering
is a bit rich. And it's wary of entering a process that will

entering a process that will come
deliver binding outcomes. Still to come - the

To To tomorrow's weather Brisbane will Melbourne
be sunny. Sunny in Sydney. Showers
Melbourne windy with late showers. rainy
Showers in Adelaide and 21. And rainy day in

rainy day in Perth.
Showers in Adelaide and 21. And Morning
rainy day in Perth. That's Nine's Thanks
Morning News. I'm Mark Burrows. Live
Thanks for your company.
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